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Grand Master Mongooku took long purposeful steps as he walked towards the Zygerrian throne room, flanked by four squads of triumvirate soldiers. The Grand Master didn’t leave the Jedi Temple that much these days, but the situation definitely called for it this time.

Among the triumvirate soldiers stood the Zygerrian king, now a prisoner of the Galactic Federation Triumvirate. Ilu had captured him when the Triumvirate had first captured Zygerria, prior to it being almost immediately retaken by the Sith. Though the king would not share any valuable information about the Sith, there were other uses for him. One use in particular; a ransom. In exchange for their king, the Zygerrians had offered to release one and a half billion slaves to the Triumvirate.

This was simply an opportunity Mongooku could not afford to pass up. Those slaves were innocent victims, made out to be less than people. Slavery was at the heart of injustice, and if by releasing one slaver, Mongooku could free over a billion slaves, then he would take that choice in a heartbeat. He was here to ensure that the exchange was made smoothly and without a hitch.

He would’ve sent Ilu on this mission, but he didn’t think it would be fair to send him back here so soon after losing his apprentice. At this point however, there was nobody else Mongooku trusted to succeed at this mission. There were people being oppressed, and the Jedi had to be there to help in their time of crisis.

Despite the importance of the mission at hand, Mongooku could not help his mind drifting away to something else. Something far more important, perhaps even more important than the war itself. The prophecy. This Jedi born from the light. Since the dawn of the Galaxy itself, the Dark Side of the force loomed over it like a plague, leading to pain suffering and death wherever it went. Now for the first time in Galactic history, there was finally a chance to rid the Galaxy and the Force of its darkness forever. But Master Mongooku was far from content.

Mongooku ran his fingers along the necklace he wore around his neck. The necklace was a carved piece of japor ivory wood threaded with a string of jerba leather. This japor snippet had been made by Anakin Skywalker over two thousand years ago. Anakin Skywalker was the Chosen One, a man prophesied to bring balance to the force. He had given this very necklace to his wife, the very attachment that drew him to the Dark Side of the Force.

Skywalker did indeed destroy the Sith, but not before falling to the Dark Side and destroying the Jedi first. Though the phrasing of this prophecy was a bit less ambiguous than that of the Chosen One, a danger still loomed over the Galaxy that maybe something could go wrong along the way.

Mongooku had decided from the moment the Great Holocron reached out and spoke to him that he would do everything in his power to ensure the prophecy was fulfilled. He would find this child and train him in the ways of the force, so that one day, the Galaxy could finally be at peace. Until he found this boy however, all he could do was try and do what he could to guide the Galaxy towards a brighter future.

It was at this point that Mongooku and the Triumvirate squads began to set foot in the Zygerrian throne room, with the Zygerrian prime minister awaiting their arrival, flanked by several members of the Zygerrian guard.

“Prime Minister,” Master Mongooku began, effortlessly concealing the immense amount of disgust he felt just by being in this room with organized slavers. “Now that we are both here, we can begin the exchange.”

“Indeed,” the Prime Minister responded as the doors suddenly slammed shut behind them, with two black robed figures standing on either side of the now closed doorway. Almost immediately, a few more figures in black robes began to step out of the shadows and take up various positions around the room.

Mongooku watched as one of the hooded figures stepped forward and cast their robes to the side, revealing a red skinned female Zabrak in black armor. On her hips sat several lightsabers, each one of a different design and style. Mongooku quickly inferred that this was Darth Slazer, head of the Sith Sphere of Dueling.

“Your Triumvirate can take the slaves,” Slazer began in a shrill unyielding voice. “But we’re taking you.”

“Unwise, Sith. Most unwise,” the Grand Master began. “You have already lost this war and you don’t even know it. Surrender now, and you will find solace. Surrender now, and you will find peace.”

“Peace is a lie,” a voice hissed from behind the Grand Master’s escort. Mongooku turned around just in time to see a volatile storm of violet lightning engulf his escort, reducing the soldiers’ bodies to ash before they could even scream. It was then that the robed Sith who had unleashed the storm pulled back her hood, revealing the red face of a Sith Pureblood. “There is only passion.”

The hooded Sith began to activate their crimson bladed lightsabers, Slazer pulled out her standard lightsaber, and Malvot raised her staff as the air around her began to crackle with energy. The soldiers lucky enough to not be in the path of the storm jumped to their feat, and frantically whipped out their blasters.

Mongooku could feel the emotion charged in the room. Fear, anger, and hatred swirled around him in palpable waves, emanating from almost everyone in the room. Mongooku calmly activated the sapphire blade of his lightsaber and held it in a Niman ready stance. He was the perfect calm in the storm. A lone light in the darkness. A target for the advocates of oppression.

As soon as the first shot was fired, the entire room fell into sheer chaos. As the other Sith rushed to strike down the remaining soldiers, Slazer and Malvot set their eyes on Mongooku. Slazer immediately charged at Mongooku, forcing him to a retreat with a furious Form V offensive.

After taking a few steps back, Mongooku struck back at Slazer, and their blades locked together for a brief moment before Mongooku thrust out his free hand and sent her flying across the room.

Before the Zabrak could even hit the ground, a swirling storm of violet lightning flew towards Mongooku like a tsunami. Acting with perfect calm and clarity, the venerable Jedi raised his sapphire blade as a field of energy manifested around it like a shield, effortlessly catching and dissipating the bolts of lightning that failed to ground themselves on his blade.

Mongooku could feel Malvot’s rage boiling within her as her storm grew more and more fierce and powerful, but still, he effortlessly held the raging storm at bay. As Mongooku sensed Slazer starting to rise to her feet, he extended his left palm out towards Malvot as a field of energy sprung up in front of her. Her violet lightning bounced right off of the barrier and deflected back into her. She was powerful enough to contain some of the energy with tutaminus, but not all of it. The sorceress doubled over in pain as bolts of her lightning arced through her body.

Before she had a chance to rise, Mongooku thrust his hand out even further, catching her with a powerful wave of telekinetic power, sending her hurtling into the wall behind her. As Slazer, now back up on her feat, charged at Mongooku again, he moved his hand to the side in a sweeping motion sent Slazer’s body skidding across the floor into a nearby wall.

It was at this moment that Mongooku felt the presence of several Sith lords. The city was practically crawling with them. But there was one presence that stood out among them all. One that Mongooku had not felt in a long time.

Almost immediately, the Grand master thrust his free hand out towards the nearest wall, and watched it explode into millions of pieces of rubble. As he dashed out of his makeshift exit, Mongooku seized ahold of the various pieces of rubble and hurled them behind him, impaling several Sith warriors who were attempting to follow him.

As soon as Mongooku reached the outside of the building, he took off sprinting. He dashed in whatever direction was opposite that of the dark presence he felt. He had to do everything in his power to avoid that one singular presence coming for him. But he was not alone as he dashed through the city. He could sense Slazer and Malvot following closely behind him.

As Mongooku reached the outskirts of the city, a group of five Sith Lords tried to stop him, but he casually swung his arm around in a gesture and sent all of them flying through the air, with the closest one landing ten meters away from where he had originally been standing.

When he reached an intersection however, several Sith Lords poured out of the buildings and came at him from every side. He flung away every Sith on his left and right with telekinesis before settling into a highly aggressive Ataru sequence and cutting down the Sith Lords in front of him.

Unfortunately, this little skirmish had delayed him, and when he glanced back, he saw Malvot and Slazer rounding the corner, sprinting at him at full speed. As Mongooku continued to run, he felt Malvot gathering her energy behind him. When a searing bolt of lightning flew his way, Mongooku merely waved one of his arms, and a barrier materialized and intercepted it, effortlessly dissipating the lightning before it could even reach him.

His stride unbroken, Mongooku continued to sprint away from the city across the fields of Zygerria’s desert. He could sense the two Sith ladies still hot on his tail, and this time felt both of them gathering their energy. Still keeping up the same pace, Mongooku readied himself for another barrage of Sith lightning. This time however, Malvot skidded to a stop and slammed her staff into the ground.

Almost immediately, a dark mist rose up from the ground several feet in front of the Grand Master and began to twist and warp itself into serpentine tendrils of shadow. Recognizing the spell, Mongooku quickly slowed down to a halt. He turned around just in time to see Slazer soaring through the air above him, before she landed ten meters behind him.

Mongooku pivoted his body and glanced from side to side. He was now pinned between the two Sith as they closed in on them. “Give it up Jedi!,” Slazer cried out. “There’s nowhere left for you to run. Stand and face us!”

Glancing at both of his adversaries, Mongooku responded, “So be it.”

As soon as the words had left his mouth, Mongooku quickly spun around and charged at Slazer, opening up with an extremely aggressive flurry of Ataru maneuvers, catching Slazer off guard with his sudden aggression. As the blade in his right hand clashed with Slazer’s, he held out his left arm behind him, forming another barrier to intercept Malvot's storm of Sith lightning.

Just as Slazer had adapted to Mongooku’s assault, the Grand Master thrust his left hand forward, lifting Slazer off of her feet with a sudden burst of telekinetic energy. Concurrently, he also swung his lightsaber behind his body, intercepting the barrage of lightning with his sapphire blade before pivoting his body around to face Malvot.

Casting Malvot’s lightning to the side with a flick of his blade, Mongooku extended his left arm in Malvot’s direction, and the Sith lady began to slide across the ground on her knees, barely able to keep herself from collapsing from the sheer force of the Grand Master’s attack. Malvot began to gasp heavily, the very air violently forced out of her lungs by the brute force of the Jedi’s powerful blast.

When the Grand Master turned around, Slazer was already upon him. She unleashed a savage barrage on Mongooku with dual blades as he quickly gave ground under her assault. Mongooku could recognize the forms Juyo, Jar’kai, Djem So, and Makashi, all blended together in Slazer’s relentless assault. Her blade work was almost perfect, but that did not make her his equal.

With one hand still clenched tightly around his saber, he brought his arms together. Then without a moment’s hesitation, he threw his arms out to his sides, splaying the fingers on his left hand apart. This time, the blademaster found herself propelled through the air at a far greater velocity than she could’ve ever imagined as the wave swept her across the plains of the desert, before violently depositing her twenty meters away from her target.

Mongooku could sense an inhuman amount of rage and anger emanating from Malvot as she somehow amplified her emotions tenfold. With a loud crack, Malvot jammed the tip of her staff into the ground. Almost immediately, the ground beneath Mongooku began to tremor and crack apart, as several spectral creatures and made their way out of the abyss. Dark shadowy tendrils of pure dark side energy arose from the ground.

Glancing around himself, the Grand Master found himself surrounded by several spectral images. All of them were monsters one would expect to see in their worst nightmares. Serpentine tendrils clawed their way out of the cracks in the ground and began to grow and shift around.

Mongooku closed his eyes, took a deep breath, and let a perfect calm overtake him. He felt at peace as the monstrosities of Malvot’s design began to close in around him. Right when he opened his eyes and exhaled, he knew exactly what to do.

Mongooku let the light side of the force flow through him, and channeled it out of his very fingertips. Rays of golden light shot forth from his hands and illuminated the landscape. As Mongooku twirled around with both arms outstretched, the shadowy tendrils and spectral monstrosities all melted away before his light.

As the last of the light and darkness faded away, a mob of Sith joined in the fray, surrounding the Grand Master from all conceivable angles, but keeping their distance. Mongooku felt all of them gathering their power, and tapping into their innermost rage and hatred. Then, without warning, they made their move.

In one unanimous motion, the Sith charged at the Grand Master, swinging their lightsabers at him with one hand while sending torrents of lightning in his direction with the other. Malvot too joined in, and contributed her own mighty barrage of Sith lightning to the electrical behemoth that threatened to consume Mongooku. Slazer also charged over in his direction, frantically swinging a lightwhip and a saberstaff at him.

No blade or lightning managed to reach Mongooku’s body however. A luminous barrier surrounded Mongooku, absorbing every fork of lightning sent his way, and stopping all lightsaber blades dead in their tracks before they could come within a meter of his body. Mongooku was breathing heavily now and sweating profusely. The effort of sustaining such a barrier was quickly exhausting him.

Just when it looked like he was out of options, he heard the engines of a ship flying over head, and glanced up. A Jedi shuttle was headed his way. Also headed his way however was the dark presence he felt earlier.

As cracks began to form in Mongooku’s barrier, he drew his arms close to his body, and then thrust them out as hard as he could. Instantaneously, dozens of Sith were sent flying through the air away from the Grand Master. Even Malvot herself was knocked to the ground by his repulse.

Now fifty meters directly above him, the Jedi shuttle slowed to a halt in midair. Before any of the Sith could get back up, Mongooku crouched down, placed one hand on the ground, and summoned all of his remaining strength, and channeled it upwards with all of his might. The very ground itself shook as the Grand Master’s body sprang off of it and hurtled towards the shuttle. Mongooku felt his body accelerating quickly, and within three seconds of leaping up into the air, Mongooku had reached the shuttle.

He landed on the landing ramp, crawled into the shuttle, and collapsed to the ground in exhaustion as the cargo hatch closed behind him.

“Looks like things didn’t go as planned,” Mongooku heard a familiar voice speak out from the pilot seat.

“That would be a bit of an understatement Nalaniel,” the Grand Master responded as the ship flew up towards the edges of the atmosphere.

“That was quite the army of Sith you were dealing with there,” Nalaniel observed with her real arms folded over her chest as her telekinetic arms managed the controls.

After catching his breath, Mongooku rose to his feet and said, “had you taken any longer to arrive, I would’ve had Darth Odious on my hands as well.”

The Grand Master couldn’t help but sense a flicker of pain and fear in Nalaniel when he spoke that name aloud. A long lost memory Nalaniel was hoping to leave behind was made manifest every time somebody mentioned the Dark Lord of the Sith. Fully aware of her past history with the Dark Lord, Mongooku decided to kindly drop the subject then and there.

Resisting the powerful urge to sleep, the venerable Jedi master dropped to his knees, and began to meditate. And when he did, he felt a reassurance. The child born of the light will emerge into the Galaxy. Soon…


His soldiers asleep in the barracks, Dylan stepped outside into the night. The cool nighttime air of Innamorta swept over him in a soothing breeze. The sky was dark, and the only illumination was that of far off stars glistening in the void of space. As Dylan stared out into the night sky, a certain level of relaxation swept over him. For some reason, he found the night strangely beautiful beyond measure.

“So what are you doing out here tonight,” Dylan heard from his left as he turned around to face Shorya standing in the doorway, walking over to him. “Shouldn’t you be sleeping?”

“I don’t like sleeping,” Dylan replied. “Whenever I try to go to sleep I just feel like there’s something else I’d rather be doing.”

“Like what?” Shorya asked, puzzled.

“Just about anything,” Dylan responded as he stared into her eyes, seeing the light of the stars perfectly reflected in them. “So what brings you out here?”

“Nightmares,” Shorya responded after a brief moment of silence.

“About the massacre at the coastal base?” Dylan asked. Now it was his turn to be the puzzled one.

“No,” Shorya answered. “Not that.” There was an awkward silence as neither of them said a word for about half a minute.

“Well,” Dylan said breaking the silence. “If you need somebody to talk to about it, I’m always here for you.”

“Fine,” Shorya sighed. “I had a dream that I was screaming as Lightor soldiers dragged me away. And as they pulled my body across the ground, I saw…”


“I saw you lying on the ground motionless, with a gaping hole in your chest.”

At this point, there was an even more awkward silence that overcame the two. Dylan hated to see Shorya upset, but despite his best intentions, he could not help but feel a little satisfied that she cared about him that much.

“Well I’m still here and alive right now, and I’m about to take a short little walk around the base if you’d like to come with me,” Dylan said, quickly changing the subject and attempting to comfort her at the same time.

“Sure,” Shorya replied, accepting his invitation. “I’d be happy to come with you.”

The two began to walk underneath the dim lights of the base as the cool nighttime air brushed past her skin. Dylan loved watching Shorya’s hair blow in the wind. Something about the way it flowed around just mesmerized him.

“So what are your parents like?” Shorya asked.

“Hmmm” Dylan said, thinking for a moment before responding. “We haven’t seen each other too much lately. Me being the leader of this squad, and my parents being the King, Queen, and heads of the Council, we’ve all been a bit busy lately.”

Shorya nodded in understanding.

“Still though,” Dylan continued. “They’ve been there whenever I needed them, and they always tell me that I’m going to make a great ruler one day. Among their other duties, they still found the time to raise me, and teach me about the things I’ll need to know for when I become the King and Head of the Council.”

“They sound like good people,” Shorya replied. “Do you think you could ever introduce me to them?”

Dylan stopped walking for a second and started to think. He didn’t know why, but something about the thought of his parents meeting Shorya made him strangely uncomfortable. He quickly dismissed the thought as unreasonable and suggested, “My birthday is coming up in a couple of months. Maybe you can meet my parents at the party.”

“I’d like that,” Shorya responded.

A doubtful thought passed through Dylan’s mind, one that had passed through his mind numerous times in the past few years. He wasn’t quite sure if he wanted to talk about it though.

“Hey,” Dylan said uncertainly.

“What?” Shorya replied, with a curious tone of voice.

Oh well, Dylan thought to himself. I guess I have no choice now.

“Could I share something with you?” Dylan inquired.

“Of course,” Shorya responded. “What is it?”

“Well, it’s just that…” Dylan began. “I’m not sure how I feel about becoming the Shadikill King or the Head of the Council of Alliance. Sometimes I feel completely content with it, and actually eagerly anticipate it. But other times, I wonder if I’ll ever be good enough to fulfill both of those roles. If I actually have what it takes to rule an entire nation and the Council of Alliance at the same time. It’s a doubt that seems to come and go every so often. Yet for some reason, other times, I just can’t quite shake the feeling that I’m meant for something even greater than this, but I can’t even begin to imagine what that could possibly be, or if I’m some sort of conceited spoiled brat who wants even more than to be the most powerful man in the history of this planet.”

“I think I understand,” Shorya spoke up after a brief pause.

“You do?!” Dylan asked with a certain twinkle in his eye.

“Yeah,” she continued. “All your life, you’ve been told that you were born to be the most powerful man in all of Innamortan history. I know you Dylan. You are one of the most persistent, headstrong, bold people I know.”

“Thanks… I think?” Dylan responded, slightly confused.

“I’m just saying that whenever you set your mind to something, you’ll stop at nothing to achieve it,” Shorya continued. “With everyone telling you about the importance of your future, you are trying very hard to live up to that, and in doing so, you are unsure of whether or not you will live up to everyone else’s expectations, and whether or not all of your effort constitutes something greater than what people have told you you can be.”

Shorya stopped taking for a brief moment as Dylan thought about what she had just told him.

“And for what it’s worth,” Shorya continued as she placed a hand on Dylan’s shoulder. “I think you are going to make a great King one day, as well as a great Head of the Council.”

Dylan smiled before exclaiming, “It never ceases to amaze me how you can sometimes tell me more about myself than I can!”

The two of them stopped walking, and laid down on the ground next to each other. A comfortable silence swept over the two as they stared up into the night sky, watching the beauty of the stars unfold above them. They shared a soft repose as they laid side by side, in perfect harmony with each other.

After a few minutes, Dylan rolled over to face Shorya and broke the silence. “So,” he began to ask with a wide grin on his face, “what do you think of my amazing announcer voice?”

Shorya smiled back at him sweetly. “It’s one of the funniest things I’ve ever heard in my life.”

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