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Emperor Vitiate Analysis Empty Emperor Vitiate Analysis

Post by Sinious on Tue Oct 14, 2014 4:17 am

I've decided to provide a different approach on Vitiate because he is possibly the main antagonist of the entire TOR era and we can't have proper debates on him because there are certain inaccuracies and different depictions of this character.

Vitiate was a prodigious sith and how powerful he would've become without rituals is a mystery but it is known that he surpassed every sith before him with Natemha. He is one of the characters that causes a lot of trouble to debate about. Ignore the nexus trolls and focus on the debates between wiser members and you'll realize that the most serious problem with him is not the unknown magnitude of the nexus amp but the context lacking feats of his. This causes a lot of problems because his context lacking feats seem almost impossible to pull off and he does not perform the same way onscreen(in SWTOR).

Vitiate's main and proven combat accomplishments are dominating a powerful force user as Revan with his lightning and stomping a very strong jedi strike team with his FLS. However, the Sith Emperor that we've been hearing about all these years prior to SWTOR was depicted as even more superior to common sith. So that hypothetical version of Vitiate is worth analyzing.

He is known to have killed 11 members of the dark council with a single, sudden attack. This suggests that he has reached such a power of level that he could summon unimaginably powerful force energies that could wipe out large groups of strong individuals:

"It remains a mystery how the Emperor learned of his council's treachery. He allowed their plan to play out, but when they gathered to confront the Emperor, his punishment was swift and devastating. Eleven members of the Dark Council died in a sudden flash on the steps of the Citadel. The last member Darth Lokess, disappeared forever, though for some centuries some claimed her screams could be heard from the bowels of the Citadel.
A new council was immediately appointed to replace the traitors. The Emperor had made his point: his will was absolute, and none would oppose him."

The second destruction of the dark council is also worthy of respect . Emperor sent all his Imperial Guards to kill 3 DC members that were involved in the plot directly. Again, it is clearly stated that he murdered them all 9 council members by himself:

"The files you showed me listed five current members of the Dark Council plotting against him," Meetra said, looking to clarify. "Are you saying the Emperor's Guard wiped out all five in the space of a single day?"

"I said he killed them all," Scourge replied. "All twelve members of the Dark Council—even those who weren't part of the conspiracy. He wanted to send a message no one would ever forget."

"How is that possible?" Revan asked. "He attacked a dozen of the most powerful Sith Lords in their seats of power simultaneously? How many troops does he have?"

"The Imperial Guard were only unleashed on Nyriss and two others. The Emperor must have assumed they were the ones least likely to answer his summons. The other nine were called together in the hours before the attack to meet with the Emperor at his citadel. None of them left alive."

He defeated 2 champions of the jedi(Revan and Alek) order without a fight:

"As they drew closer to the throne room, Revan’s thoughts drifted back to his last confrontation with the Emperor. In all his battles, he had never faced an enemy with that kind of power. The dark side had radiated from him in palpable waves, his physical shell barely able to contain the crackling energy.
In their last meeting he had overwhelmed Revan completely; it wasn’t even fair to call it a battle."

As for what we see from him onscreen; his main combat ability appears to be the variations of force lightning. His AOE FLS was enough to defeat HoT, Kira, Braga, Sedoru and Leeha Narezz; his concentrated lightning went through Revan's force aura and crushed his defenses rather quickly. Revan was a master of force lightning and he was exceptionally strong in the force. Realizing that Vitiate was about to cast force lightning at him, he charged his defenses up and prepared himself for the incoming attack with everything he got. This is a very important detail because Vitiate did not sucker punch Revan. Revan was actually waiting for it and it was a fair interaction of force energies. Usually a single lightning attack takes out an enemy only when the defender is surprised by the attack like Revan did to Vitiate or Sidious to Yoda in ROTS.

However, the most intriguing aspects of this Sith Emperor legend is not his brutal devastation but how he appears in the eyes of other dark side users and of course, his oratory. A few examples from the Revan novel:

"And for the first time in his life, Scourge set eyes upon the Emperor. The figure before him appeared unremarkable. The Emperor was clad in unadorned black robes, the raised hood effectively hiding his face. Yet Scourge could feel the power of the dark side emanating from him with such intensity that it caused a faint rippling of the air."

"The Emperor was no longer a member of the Sith species; his power and immortality had transformed him into a being unique in the galaxy. When he spoke of life and death, it had far deeper meaning than the mere physical existence of the lesser beings that served him."

"There was something strange about the Emperor’s voice. It didn’t sound like the voice of a single being. It had an unusual echo and resonance, almost as if a great multitude were speaking his words in perfect symphony."

His dialogue:

     “Keep Lord Scourge in custody until this matter is settled,” the Emperor intoned.
     “Forgive me, Lord Emperor,” Scourge said, speaking quickly but trying to keep his tone humble. “But Nyriss is expecting my return. If I am absent, she will grow suspicious.”
     The Emperor’s dark eyes seemed to flicker with annoyance, and Scourge feared he had gone too far. The best he could hope for as punishment for his insolence would be a quick and relatively painless death.
     However, when the Emperor spoke again it was not to pass judgment on him.
     “You are bold to speak to me in this way,” he stated. “And because you are right, I will reward your initiative … this time. When Nyriss falls, you will be first in line for her seat on the Dark Council.”
     “Thank you, Lord Emperor,” Scourge said with a bow.
     “If your information proves false, however,” the Emperor added, “you will suffer a fate more terrible than anything you can imagine.”
     As he spoke, the dark circles of his eyes seemed to fill with a swirling red mist, and for a brief instant the Emperor gave Scourge a glimpse of his true self.
     Scourge cried out in anguish as the Emperor’s mind brushed against his, then he collapsed to the floor, shaking like a child. The touch lasted less than a second, but in that time he witnessed indescribable horrors that dwarfed anything the dark side could conjure even in his worst nightmares. And beneath the formless terrors lurked the unbearable Void, the pure emptiness of total annihilation."

"These petty conflicts mean nothing. The concerns of this galaxy are meaningless. Once I ascend, all will be tranquil in this galaxy. It is my promise to you. Now, strike!"

"Misdirected passion, such a waste... An infantile display, Tol Braga. Reckless pride limned by self-righteousness. You are master of nothing."

"You have no secrets from me. You stand there because I allow it, because I do not fear."

"You are mine. Servants. Slaves. Weapons. And you will obey…"

"You harness immense power, but you lack the purity of will to direct it."

"My life spans millennia. Legions have risen to test me… My ascendance is inevitable. A day, a year, a millennium—it matters not. I hold the patience of stone and the will of stars. Your striving is insignificant. Let your death be the same."

"I will not be contained. I cannot be redeemed. Death is all that remains, and you will not kill me... I will not be your trophy. If I must die, I choose how—and everything dies with me."

Another remarkable concept of this evil being is his way of communicating with his servants. It appears as if he doesn't even have to talk to them. He seems to have direct connection to all of them through his telepathic powers as he could casually summon them without calling out to them and he was capable of reaching out to them with the force no matter how far they are out in the galaxy.

Vitiate is a mastermind and he is very cautious. He doesn't like to risk himself at all and is usually hesitant to face his enemies personally. He was able to foresee treachery of his servants and the maneuvers of his enemies which is why it was almost impossible to surprise him during his reign. He was always prepared for his enemies and he due to his immense energy of the force could charge his powers so well that he could even annihilate entire dark councils. In this sense, his ascendance was indeed inevitable. This is why I personally believe that the force intervened and caused Scourge to see through the Emperor's mind so that he who is believed to be very loyal would trick him and give his enemies a chance to catch him off guard when he is vulnerable.

The whole goal of this thread is to create a common perspective on the Emperor to place, debate and understand him better. So to conclude, I think the most common agreement would/should be that in a gladiator type match where absolutely no mental/force preparations can occur, Vitiate would not be able to casually cast force attacks that are powerful enough to destroy a dark council. However, his showings in SWTOR is definitely not his limits and he is a force titan that hasn't been surpassed yet in the TOR mythos. Thinking that FLS is his only powerful attack would also be a misassumption. He has already proven to be a unique applicant of the force as he can duplicate himself, apply intense TP, TK down the Dark Temple(while weakened and lethally wounded) and he has very powerful force defenses/barriers. Also, his 1400 years of sith studies and sorcery suggests that he has great knowledge of the force and the dark side usage. So, I think he is actually somewhere between his SWTOR incarnation and his "sith god" incarnation.

What do you guys think? If there are parts that you disagree with, I'd like to know and perhaps we can reach a more healthier perspective on this matter.
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