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Post by Wildbantha88 on Thu Oct 16, 2014 10:00 pm

"Fire! Destroy them now!" Inimicus roared the millisecond that his fleet entered the space over Felucia. His fleet was two times larger than Darth Necro's fleet and he had the element of surprise.

"Yes my lord. Firing now." The commander of the ship said and the black sky was filled with red streaks of laser fire.

"Focus your fire on The Decimator. I want you to blow it out of the damn sky!" Inimcus ordered impatiently. The commander obeyed after loosing a patient sigh.

"Your majesty," The commander said. "They rest of the fleet is speeding towards us on collision vectors. Perhaps it would be wise to destroy them first before they destroy us." He suggested.

Inimicus's face twisted in anger. Right there sat the Decimator and he had the means to destroy it but he also had the choice of saving thousands of imperial lives if he only let go of his obsession. "Your lives and the lives of all your soldiers mean nothing to me. If he wants to ram him ships into our own them lets ram ours right back. Order your ships to match his ships collision vectors." Inimicus ordered.

"My Lord! You are needlessly condemning countless imperial soldiers to die." The commander objected.

Inimicus turned to face him. "I can kill you a hundred different ways with out even lifting a finger, and you dare to question me?"

The commander opened his mouth to object but then thought better of it. He picked up his comns and relayed the orders.

"Now continue to focus fire on the Decimator." Inimicus said as the space around him began exploding with colliding ships and the force vibrated with hundreds of deaths. The lasers continued to smash into the Decimator, ripping up its thick armor and blasting holes in its hull. Slowly the ship began to turn.

"My lord they are prepairing to jump to hyperspace." The commander informed.

"Then map the same projectory and follow them!" Inimicus snapped impatiently.

"As you wish." The commander said. A few seconds later the crippled Decimator darted off into hypersapce.


The Decimator blinked into existence over the planet Melecurai. Smoke billowed from a dozen holes in the hull, and orange fire illuminated its sleek black surface.

Necros stood on the bridge of the ship. Though no words were spoken Necros could see the extent of the damage through the eyes of his minions, and he witnessed the fire ball first hand as the engine room exploded. Despite this he was calm and collected. He had planned his destination well.

Melecurai was a world on which the Jedi were building a new academy. And while he would find no allies on this world, neither would Inimicus.

Necros's entire crew was silent, as was he, the alarms were disabled because his crew had no need for one. Despite all this a single sound ululated throughout the bridge causing Necros a smidge of agitation. That sound was snoring.

During the initial assault Nad Talsek, who, as usual, was drunk, had been knocked unconscious and had slept during the entire battle. Necros gave the silent order to Darth Scalva to wake him up.

Scalva bent down and tapped the side of his face repeatedly. Upon achieving no results she smacked him as hard as she could. Necros winced as Nad's body was sent tumbling over the dozens of empty liquor bottles that he had just recently consumed.

Scalva walked over and picked Nad up by his shirt collar and prepared to smack him again. Nad's eyes shot open.

"Don't! Don't! I'm awake!" He pleaded, but Scalva had no intention of showing mercy this day.

Scalva's palm flew at Nad's face at the speed of light stopping only a few molecules short from his cheek. Scalva dropped Nad and stood up.

"Where are we? What's going on?" Nad asked.

"Should have let her hit you again." Necros mumbled under his breath, then out loud he said. " We are currently in a life or death fight with Inimicus, which you would know if you weren't sleeping off a bars worth of alcohol."

Nad cocked his head, listening. "Doesn't sound like a life or death battle."

Just then an explosion rocked The Decimator and streams of laser fire sizzled past the bridge. Using the last bit of control left in the ship Necros angled the Decimators nose towards the planets surface, more specifically, a very large city.

"Scalva grab Nad and do everything I do. NAD hold onto her tight!" Necros ordered.

"Don't have to tell me twice." Nad said slapping Scalva on her boney undead butt.

Scalva looked like she wanted to smack him again, but, to her credit, resisted. She picked him up into her arms.

Necros tensed, the fire if entering the atmosphere engulfed the ship. The fire receaded and the city grew closer. Necros shattered the bridge window with the Force and stabbled himself against the durasteel wall that was the wind. The city grew closer, and closer and closer.

"Now!" Necros shouted and jumped out of the bridge window.

Necros and Scalva began running down, on top of the ships hull, towards the nose of The Decimator. Lasor fire sized past from behind them and smoke attacked their eyes. Still they ran faster than missiles.

Ten meters from the tip of the ship and the ship began smashing into a sky scraper at a very strap angle. The ship wouldn't travel far. Necros jumped, smashing through the glass three stories above the point of the collision. Knowing the The Decimator would annihilate this building, he kept running, leaping from the far side of this building into another. This building rumbled as the Decimator shattered its base. Necros kept running even as the building crumbled around him. At the far end of the building there was no other building to leap into, still he jumped.

70 stories up Necros and Scalva jumped with nothing but the Force to slow their fall. Necros roared as he called heavily on the Force to surround all three of them in a Force bubble. He sensed the ground rising towards them. Then, smash!

Dust and debris clouded Necros's vision as he climbed out of meter deal crator they made. Scalva jumped out of the crater and set Nad down.

"Let's not do that again anytime soon." Nad said, shaking and pale faced.

They had landed in a garden inside a building. The Force felt distinct here. Strong in the light side. They had landed directly in the middle of the Jedi temple!

Necros saw the blue and green lines that were dozens of Jedi lightsabers before he saw the actual Jedi. Through the cloud of dust holding a green lightsaber, looking like a wraith out of a nightmare, stepped an aged Kel Dor.

"Gnost-Dural." Necros whispered in acknowledgement of the legendary Jedi who had been the end of hundreds of Sith over the course of the war. He had been fortunate to have never met the Jedi before, but there were several Jedi who were both hated and respected throughout the Sith empire. Gnost-Dural was one such Jedi.

"Lay down your arms and you will be spared, Sith." Gnosts deap gravely voice said, as he and the fourteen Jedi took ready battle stances.

Normally Necros would laugh but he sensed something, no, someone, sobering. A burning star of lightside energy radiating from a Jedi in this academy. Someone coming this way very quickly.

"It can't be." Necros muttered as his mind came to the only logical conclusion as to who it was. If his suspicion was correct, he would need to dispose of the Jedi in this room, especially Gnost-Dural.

"We are not here to kill you Jedi. This is not an invasion." Necros said cautiously.

"It doesn't look that way." Gnost said unwavering.

Necros cursed under his breath. The burning star was nearly blinding by now. He was almost out of time. But then he sensed something else, an equally bright star, but this one was not of the light side, and it was falling from the sky. Inimicus would be here any minute.

Just then a door at the far side of the garden that they stood in slide open and all of Necro's suspicions were confirmed. Like Gnost-Dural, Necros had never actually met Satele Shan, Grandmaster of the Jedi order, but, also like Gnost, she was instantly recognizable to almost any Sith in the galaxy. She took a ready stance at Gnost-Dural's side.

"A bold move to attack a Jedi academy with so few soldiers." Satele Shan said wearily. Necros knew she sensed Inimicus too, though she wouldn't know who it was like he did.

"I'm not attacking. I'm running, from him." Necros nodded to the sky at the swirlwind of rage that was growing steadily and ominously closer. "This is a personal conflict between me and him. While I am not here to kill any Jedi, he will butcher every single one of you."

"Sith like to lie." Gnost-Dural said.

"You don't have to believe me," Darth Necros said a bit frustrated, "I won't mourn your deaths." Necros held out his arm and the Jedi tensed, but he was creating a Force barrier. It was too late for them to run any more. They hadn't headed his warning and now they would pay the price. He suspected Satele would survive and perhaps Gnost would too, but the rest were doomed.

Inimicus hit the ground on the other side of the garden at terminal velocity and let loose a powerful Force shock wave as he did. A wave of Jedi bodies, torn and broken, smashed against his barrier.  Through the dust came charging two red lightfoolrs.

Satele Shan's double bladed lightsaber ignited once more as well as three green lightsabers. Three? Satele had managed to save three of her fellow Jedi, Gnost-Dural was among them.

Inimicus charged in and engaged all four Jedi. The fool! Even he stood little chance against both Satele Shan and Gnost-Dural. The time for mercy was over, Necros would save him just this once in order to end him himself. Necros ignited his lightsaber and joined the Frey. Scalva and Nad followed suit.

The Jedi sensed the attack from behind. Gnost-Dural and the two Jedi turned to face the new opponents, while Satele and Inimicus were dead locked in a ferocious battle. Necros was unlucky enough to be facing Gnost-Dural, if the stories of his skill were true then this battle would be a tough one. Even as their blades clashed for a third time, Necros knew, the stories were true.

Necros took the offensive, battering against Gnost-Dural with vicious power attacks, but the Jedi Master raised an unbreakable wall of defense. Then, just like that, Gnost-Dural switched from what was clearly Soresu to Ataru. The Kel Dor flipped and spun in a perfect, and deadly, execution of the martial art. Necros was forces to raise his own Soresu wall, but doubted it to be as effective as the one he'd just witnessed. Gnost-Dural must have shortly realized that it would take great effort to bring Necros down and instead switched to a less exhausting form. Necros spun back wards an assumed a ready posture.

The opponents, in the brief reprieve, regarded each other with knowing eyes, each silently acknowledging the others skill. But in that moment Necros sensed death. Scalva had slain her Jedi for and now was leaping towards Satele. Gnost-Dural sensed it to but dared not take his eyes off Necros. Scalvas blade nearly grazed Satele, who jumped straight up into the air. Satele balled her hands together, fingers interlocked, as she came down. Necros felt the resulting shockwave. Felt himself go flying back, and then, blackness.


"Master Satele," The Kel Dor called, "I advise that we take the Sith's advice. This is a battle between them, we needn't fight the Sith's battles."

Nad barely saw the Jedi named Satele nod, or the two Jedi running away, he was to busy being amazed that he was alive. Right as the shock wave went off, the Jedi who Nad was fighting lost concentration, and Nad was all too happy to use his last millisecond alive to put a blaster bolt in his neck. But the shock wave that by all rights should have turned him into a human jigsaw puzzle had only ruffled his hair a bit. Then Nad saw Necros laying unconscious against the far wall, at least he hoped he was only unconscious. He knew what had happened. Necros had used the Force to save Nad from instant death at his own expense. Nad never had a friend before and he never expected that he would owe his life to a Sith. If and when Necros woke up, Nad would tell him how grateful he was.

On the other side of the now destroyed garden rubble moved.

"Oh no." Nad mumbled as the realization struck him. "Babe, I hope you're ready to fight." He said to Scalva who had green smoke mending a million wounds. Nad aimed his blaster and activated the lightsaber on his arm, beside him Scalva, who was as good as new, took a ready stance. Inimicus stood up amongst the rubble and he looked more angery than ever.

"I'm going to skin you both and then I'm going to skin everyone else on this blasted planet!" Inimicus bellowed, and Nad nearly soiled himself.

Inimicus charged at the duo, his lightsabers kicking up sparks as they scraped across the ground. Nad fired twice then spun left, Scalva raised her blade to provide defense. Inimicus swatted the bolts aside and brought both blades down on Scalva. They blade locked, perfectly matched in strength. Nad shot three times at Inimicus's side forcing him to break the blade lock to block. Inimicus swept wide at Nads head, but Nad roled under, popping to his feet and firing another volley of shots. Scalva attacked Inimicus at the same time. He used one blade to deflect the bolts and the other to repel Scalva, but on bolt got through and hit him on the shoulder.

Inimicus roared in anger and lifted a hand towards Nad. Nad didn't feel the pain initially. But he heard a painful crunch. When he looked down at his hand the reality sunk in. Where his organic hand used to be was now an incoherent mess of broken bone, torn muscle, and warped metal. Nad bit his lip, nearly falling to tears as the pain sunk in. But as the pain set in so did an unsettling cool headedness. Nad assumed a fighting stance with his lightsaber and held his now useless lump close to his chest.

In the few seconds Nad had spent in shock, Scalva had been fighting furiously with Inimicus, and loosing. But now Nad was joining the fray and he had every intent on killing Inimicus. Nad lunged at Inimicus and launched into an assault. Something he never got used to is how fast duels were. His reaction time had been enhanced to compete with Force wielders but Inimicus was still fast by any standards that Nad had ever seen. With Both Scalva and Nad pushing the offensive Inimicus's lightsabers seemed to fade in and out of existence as he blocked the rain storm of attacks. He was fast, yes, but he was being pushed back. Inimicus was loosing.

"Enough!" Inimicus shouted. Before Nad knew what had happened he was flying backwards.

Scalva and Nad were struggling to their feet as Inimicus charged. Time seemed to slow. Inimicus was roaring as ran. He looked akin to a nightmare. He swung his lightsabers as one straight at Scalva's neck and her head went  flying. Inimicus was running at Nad full speed now, both lightsabers like twin fangs ready to kill. Nad used his last breath to utter the worst curse he know in huttesse. He saw a flash of red, felt a bite of heat, and all his senses went dead.    


The first thing Necros saw as he came to was Nad Talsek crumble to the ground. It took him a moment to register that he was dead even though he felt the awefull truth scream through the Force. His hatred burned like never before. Necros slowly got to his feet.

"The time has come Necros." Inimicus said, "The time has come to truly see who is worthy to bare the title of Darth." Inimicus paused and glanced at the corpses of Necros's closest friends. " They fought well, you know. But in the end they were just beasts to be butchered. Just like you are."

"Beasts?" Necros managed a fake laugh. " I heard you are the Emperors beast now. " Necros felt the surge of anger from Inimicus through the Force. "But you are right, brother. It is time. It is time for me to lay waist to the greatest blight of my life, to snuff out the light of weakness in my heart and to introduce you to your grave. This rivalry ends today. One way or another, one of us will fall, one of us will stand. The Traitor or the Dog!" Necros let his lips curve up into a coy smile.

"I will shred you to pieces!" Inimicus roared in anger and leapt at Necros.

Inimicus fell on Necros like a angery Rancor, his twin blades cut brilliant arcs of red through the air. Necros worked hard to block them all. Inimicus was fast and excruciatingly strong. However, the knowledge that Necros had assimilated from his old masters mind now settled perfectly in his mind, and he could wield any lightsaber form as well as his master. Necros blocked a downward swipe and locked his blade against Inimicus's two, but his adversary was so strong that he felt his feet sliding back wards a few inches, a few feet. He summoned the Force to bolster his strength like never before. He stopped sliding, the stone floor around his feet cracked, and Necros flung Inimicus's arms out wide with an effort of brute force.

Now Necros took the offensive. He let loose a rapid flurry of Juyo, ducked under a counter attack, and let loose a barrage of Djem so. Inimicus danced backwards, his guard, like his anger, was unwavering. But at last Inimicus was backed against the wall and his defensive tactic of blocking while dancing backwards was impaired. It took minutes of brutal battery but in the end Necros landed a blow, I light inch long graze on Inimicus's right cheek. The only damage the strike did was wound his foes pride.

Inimicus opened his mouth as if to yell but only terrible power was unleashed. Power unlike Necros had ever felt. In a millisecond Necros found himself pinned against the opposite wall of the destroyed garden, Inimicus was still screaming and the rubble on the ground was being whipped up by the torrential wind. The durrasteal around Necros began to crack and give. He wondered what would give first, the wall or his own Force shield.

Then the scream ended. Necros's ears rung, his body shook and ached with pain. He felt to his knees and saw Inimicus in the same position. Slowly the adversaries both stood to their feet.

"How are you alive?" Inimicus asked through gasps of breath. But before Necros could answer the deep seated rage in the bottom on Inimicus's soul took charge once more and all his fatigue was forgotten. "Die!" He screamed and ran at Necros, leaving his lightsaber. Apparently he intended to finish this with his own bare hands.

Necros felt the Force rally inside his finger tips, felt the orgasmic tingle of power that always accompanied the conjuring of lightning, and saw its brilliant blue light shoot out of his hands and watched it consume Inimicus. Inimicus stumbled forward two steps then fell to his knees. For all the power of his lightning and all it did was bring him to his knees. Necros could turn a rancor to ash with his lightning but apparently couldn't kill Inimicus. Necros continued the stream in hopes that Inimicus would wither and die. Instead Inimicus raised a hand, slowly, shakily, and a tunnel of invisible power split through the streams of lightning and smashed Necros against the wall again.

Only when Necros fell to his knees again did he realize how battered and broken he truly was. More of his ribs were broken than not, his skin was ripped and he was bleeding profusely. Inimicus was equely as battered and for a second Necros believed that this battle would end in both their deaths. Wearily the two rose to their feet once more.

"This is the end." Necros said and he unleashed one last attack. Inimicus fell to his knees once more, clutching his head and screaming at the immense effort it took to keep Necros out of his mind. Necros slowly stepped forward, eyes closed, hand extended, as his mental power clashed against Inimicus's psychic defenses.

"You will suffer." Necros said, stepping forward slowly. His hand came to rest on Inimicus's forehead. "And then you will die." Necros said as Inimicus's defenses crumbled and he siezed his mind.

Inimicus's screams turned from those of effort to those of torment. Necros cast a massive mental assault, bringing forth the memories of any pain Inimicus felt in his life time, however big or small. He brought them to the forefront of his mind and amplified the memory of them ten fold, and then, he tricked Inimicus's mind into believing that he felt them all at once. Horror filled the Zabraks face and tears flowed from his eyes. He screamed like a baby fresh out of its mother's womb and Necros never felt happier. The scream carried on for a full minute before it degradated into laughter. A wild, mad, hysterical laughter. Inimicus siezed Necros by the head and lifted his head up to his ear.

"You win, brother." Inimicus whispered and then fell silent.

Though the spell carried on Inimicus lay on the ground grinning. Whether he had gone completely mad or he was now numb to the pain didn't matter. Necros ended the spell. Inimicus lay there smiling, unmoving. Necros summoned a lightsaber to his hand and put it to Inimicus head.

"Don't." A small voice said. Necros hardly recognized it this calm. " You've beaten him, there is no more reason for blood shed."

"What would you do with him." Necros asked, turning to see Satele Shan, Gnost-Dural must have gone to help the wounded. Satele had a finger across her bottom lip and her face was pale as the moon. She looked shocked, unsettled, and frightened by what she'd just witnessed. Though he face betrayed her true feelings her voice did not.

"We would try to heal him, if we can, erase his memories and train him as a Jedi." She answered.

Necros didn't move for a long time. Then he stood up. "Turning him into a Jedi is a fate worse than death." Necros said and began to walk away.

Satele quickly grabbed his arm as he passed, she still looked like a frightened child. "Why do you do what you do? I mean, you do such terrible things and you live your life in such hatredcand anger and negativity. Why, why would you choose such a path?"

Necros looked the GrandMaster of the Jedi Order in the eyes and told her the truth. " I don't even know any more." Necros bowed his head in respect to her but she was still to shocked to return the gesture. Necros only made it a few more steps before she called after him. "We could train you as a Jedi to. You don't need to walk that path forever."

Necros didn't turn to face her. "I would make a bad Jedi." He said and he knew it to be true.


Necros sat on board his new ship. He floated over the shining city planet of Corruscant. He had been wondering what he would do now. The Dark council would foolishly send more assassins after him, that was inevitable. But before him loomed the jewel of the republic and a single word sat heavily on his mind. Necropolis. The goal of an ancient Necromancer to turn an entire planet undead. Necros sat looking at the planet considering for a long time.

"Nah." He said finally, and locked in cordinants at a random selection. He didn't know what he would do now, or where he would go, but right then he didn't really care.

The end
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