The Afterian Child

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The Afterian Child Empty The Afterian Child

Post by Wildbantha88 on Wed Sep 03, 2014 12:34 am

Susan lay in a hospital bed. She bore the tattoos of the Aftral clan. The Aftral clan were servants to the Brocklon clan. Many centuries ago the superior Brocklon clan had conquered the Aftral clan and forced them into slaver. The Brocklon clan were savages, rapes and murder were a common occurrence. The Aftral clan had no chance against the Brocklon clan, save one.

Just a decade after the Brocklon clan had conquered the Aftral clan a great Aftralian profit for told of that a child would be born. That child would free the Aftral clan and raise them to glory once more. That child now lay in Susans arms, her son, the for told Afterian.

The child cooed and smiled up at his mother and she smiled back. He was more than one miracle. For 15 years Susan had been sterol. She yearned for a child more than anything else but was unable to have any. But now she not only had a son, but the legendary Afterian. She gently kissed her son on the forehead. Her miracle baby that she loved oh so dearly.

Just then the door burst open and an angry looking young man stormed hurriedly into the room. He marched over to the bed and yanked the Afterian child from Susans arms. With an angry growl he threw the baby up in the air, and as the baby was pulled back down to the ground by gravity, he swung his foot. The baby let loose a high pitched screech as the young mans foot connected with its face and propelled it against the wall.

Susan looked at the young man in utter horror and shock unable to summon words, or any noise for that matter. The angry young man looked at her huffing.

"What?" He said. "Didn't you ever hear of the expression 'Im so angry I could punt a baby'?"

Susan swallowed. "N-no."

"Well that's a thing, and I am pissed!"
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