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Assassination Scean

Post by Wildbantha88 on Tue Oct 21, 2014 10:29 pm

John Wortsman drove up a long windy lane to the big mansion of Governor Donovan Fraskell.  He stepped out of his shining blue Chrysler and handed the keys to a valle. At the entrance to the house a guard asked him for his invitation, he handed it to him politely and walked inside.

   The inside of the house as full of hundreds of well dressed people. John exchanged a few smiles and greetings with a few that he recognised as he made his way over to the snack table. He picked up three squares of cheese and surveyed the room while he slowly downed them.

   This room was one of the largest in the mansion. There were beautiful flowers in each of the four corners and at the far end was a red stage, embroidered with red, white, and blue ribbons. The room was also crowded as, apparently, Governor Fraskell has a lot of friends. John turned back to the snacks, looking over the cheeses, cakes, and cookies when he felt the butt end of someones closed fist pressed tightly against his back.

   “You came.” The person said. “I hope you came prepared.”

   John swallowed, sweat forming at the edges of his neck. “I did, and i'm ready. You just give the word.”

   “One minute into the Governor's speech.” The voice said.” Don’t disappoint.”

John nodded and felt the hand leaving his back. He quickly spun around but whoever it was had already disappeared, mingling into the giant crowd. John turned back to the table of food but found that his appetite had vanished.

   What seemed like an eternity later, even though in reality it was only about five minutes, someone tapped on the microphone on stage and everyone turned their attention to the stage. John recognised the person as Fraskells campaign manager.

   “Ladies and gentlemen,” The campaign manager said a few kind words about Fraskell and told a small joke that elicited a rumble of chuckles from the crowd, but John wasn’t paying attention, he was looking for whoever it was that was blackmailing him into doing this. He had no luck, everyone here looked completely ordinary, for a group of rich elitist that is. “ without further ado, I give you Governor, soon to be Senator, Fraskell!” John forced himself to smile and clap.

   “Good evening.” Governor Fraskell started and continued to give a speak but again John zoned out, mentally counting in his head. 1,2,3.. The numbers went past too fast. 58, 59, 60. John felt his whole body go numb as he reached the number. He slowly went for his pocket but hesitated. No, I have too. Or else he will...John didn’t want to think about what Yokai would do, he reached for the inside of his coat pocket and pulled out a small gun. He held the gun straight up into the air and fired three times.


   Brian, slowly moved through the crowd towards the stage as Governor Fraskell started to give his speech. He kept mental note of the time as the Governor spoke. Soon it became a minute, but nothing happened. Had John backed out? If so he would need to think of a new way to accomplish his goal and quickly. No sooner had he begun to start brainstorming ideas than three gun shots could be heard.

   Everyone gasped, a few people ducked to the floor and covered their heads, but most people ran in a mad frenzy for the exits. Fraskels guards quickly grabbed him and stepped in his way to form a human shield while the others converged on the gunman, John. Brian made his face go white and joined the mad frenzy running for the exits. The gunshots were just a distraction that caused a reaction, the exact reaction he had hoped for.

   As he ran he converged on his true target, Frank Patroni, the owner of a large chain of banks, a millionaire, and a very influential man who was planning on donating an extremely large amount of money to Fraskels campaign. Brian ran putting on the face of a man in shock, his stare blank, his face gastly white. As he ran he pushed people out of his way and slowly caught up tp Frank. He pushed a woman down with his right hand and came up beside Frank. He balled his hand into a fist and swung it backwards as he ran past Frank. At the last second before the back of his fist came in contact with Franks chest, a dagger, pitch black with a uniquely large blade that looked like a butchers meat cleaver only with a sharp point, materialised in his hand from thin air. The blade slammed into Franks chest and then, as if it hadn't existed in the first place, vaporized into thin air. Brian continued to run in the same manner in which he had been, even as Frank Patroni fell over dead behind him. Using the screaming crowd as cover he disappeared into the night with another flawless assassination to his name, or rather not his name, but to the name that everyone knew him as; the legendary Yokai.
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