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The Nothing. Empty The Nothing.

Post by Fated Xtasy on Thu Oct 23, 2014 1:08 am

This just something i came up with today(literally,I made this story up as wrote it), it's random, weird and it probably makes no sense, but i wanted to try out the first person writing style and do a fight scene without swords/lightsabers and i was bored. This took an hour, so forgive me for any grammar problems. thanks and enjoy

The Nothing:

Darkness surrounds me, I hide it well, smiles and small laughs, my friends and family are none the wiser. It is not as difficult as I thought it was going to be, but then again I never really ‘thought” about I was doing - about faking my happiness. They’ve been through enough, they have more important thing to deal with than me, I was angry, but in time I grew to accept that I am nothing…

The darkness intensifies whenever I fail, my parents call me a failure and I believe them, I do not cry, I do becoming enraged, no instead, I understand, their insults mean nothing to me, they do not mean it, they are stressed, they love me. It hurts me, but I understand that they need to vent their frustrations and if am that target then I will gladly accept the role even should it pain me. They leave and I am left alone in my room, crying.

“Sparrow, are you alright child?” The maid asks me, cupping my teary cheek, her eyes show sympathy, she makes the darkness go away, it weakens around her. She continues to stroke my cheek and looks at me with her steel gray eyes, my heart pounds, my cheeks turn a shade of red and I turn away to hide my embarrassment. She chuckles and forces me to face her. “Are you alright little wing?”

I allow myself a few minutes to compose myself and then I answer her, my voices comes out all too childish for my liking. “I am fine, I suppose, given the circumstances” I smile and give her fake laugh, but she knows me too well and she remains unconvinced , she kisses me gently on my forehead and then proceeds to my rooms door, leaving me alone with my thoughts.


The events of today pass without any trouble; I do my best to be a good child in school, though I have no friends, my studies keep me busy.

“The square root of 906.01…” I tap my pencil and wait for the answer to come to me, it doesn’t take more than 10 seconds and I finally speak my answer aloud in a low whisper. “30.1” I don’t write it down, I’ve done countless of times, Algebra, Calculus, Statistics all of them, I’ve finished, but I keep doing it. Sometimes my parents ask me why? I lie and tell them I want to keep my mathematical skills sharp, but in reality I do it because it’s the only time when I can hear music, I keep the headphones on and nothing else matters, only my work and the music. It’s enthralling…. It’s ecstasy to me

but study time ends very soon. And I am forced to “play”

I hate playing, the children can never win, I am faster, stronger and better than them.


Three years pass and I am now fourteen

The boy strikes at me hard, he draws on the dark energy and brings his right upward, extending it
towards me, a ball of blue energy flies from his hands and hits me in my chest,  I stagger backwards and inspect the scorch mark that the energy left in its wake. The damage is minimal. I gather my own energy, the darkness around me intensifies; I close my hands and make them form a fist, calling the darkness to me, I run at the boy, the energy from my hands cackling and leaving marks in my tracks, the boy extends his hands and sends out a shockwave of energy that shakes the very ground, I roll out of the way just in time and slam my fist on the ground, releasing the dark energy that I held in my hand, the ground quakes, stronger than it had when the boy released his shockwave, the energy surges through the ground and snakes towards him, he barely rolls out of the way in time, the energy reached his original position and it forms a giant spike of dark matter. The boy ignores it and unleashes a volley of blue energy on me. I dodge them all, rolling, ducking, jumping, cart wheeling and back flipping; I’m too fast for him. The boy lets out an annoyed grunt and gathers energy in his hands and lets loose a lasso of energy, it takes hold me, gripping me tightly, I can feel my ribs breaking, my lungs seconds away from exploding, I call on the darkness, drawing on its energies and I let it explode outwards, breaking his grip.

I am angry.

I let out a shout of anger and gather dark energies in my hand, I lunge at him, my fist covered with darkness and lightning, he smirks and lets loose a blast of blue energy, it hits my shoulder, blood gashes and I hiss in pain, but I keep going, charging at him. My pace quickens, my feet are leaving tracks on the metal floor, denting them with each step I take. His eyes widen, My mind races and I realize what I am about to do, I abandon my old plan and instead of hitting him my dark power, I vault into the air and let loose a spinning kick that hits him directly on his chin, the boy falls to the ground. I win. I always win.


“Why did you back-out?” My mother says, I block her out, tending to my wound. “Do you know how many people come here to see you go crazy?’ My father asks me, I know all too well why people come here; they come to see me fight, to see me kill and given to the darkness. I don’t answer him

she’s angry, she brings her hand up to hit me, but I effortlessly block her and stare directly into her blue eyes. “I am not a monster Father” My voice strains me, it hurts to speak, but I continue anyway. “I will not given to it, if you try to make me, I will destroy you, I will make your nightmares a reality and filet you with my mind, if you so much as try anything I will smear the walls with you mother and I will show YOU two, how much of a monster I can truly become”

Years passed and I still live with the darkness, but I no longer fear it, the maid, she was the light, my balance. I live on, destroying those that follow the same path of my parents. I am something; I have abandoned my name and my life. But I will never forget it, the pain brought lessons, molding me into something greater. I am something more.
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