Ominous: Book one, Know Fire

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Ominous: Book one, Know Fire

Post by Wildbantha88 on Sun Oct 26, 2014 12:06 am

For a millennia Order has ruled supreme over all,  but forever Disorder strives to conquer, and to shatter.

A phantasm stood in the dark, consumed by a fully black cloak. Shadows vibrated around him expelling an ominous hue. His hands were surrounded by fire and his eyes were a burning furnace. He let loose a laugh that echoes through the very souls of those who heard it, driving there feeble minds to a state of insanity. Then he raised his hands and lifted his gaze upwards and the inferno in his eyes and around his hands exploded outward, incinerating the heavens and causing the clouds to rain ash. Afterwards, in the wake of his power, he walked with undisputed confidence, stepping over the writhing flesh on his newly claimed world. Then on the highest mountain peak he stopped, opened his mouth, and spoke. And when he spoke the whole world heard his echoing voice. "Know, Fire."
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