Krei-Trayus.(Explaining a new lightsaber form)

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Krei-Trayus.(Explaining a new lightsaber form)

Post by Fated Xtasy on Wed Sep 03, 2014 5:43 pm

So, here i want to delve into something i created while i was thinking of interesting concepts for my new fanfiction series - The Fate Of The Force(title subject to change)

Krei-Trayus. A new lightsaber form, created by the Jedi Order's Grandmaster and Battlemaster of a different time and named after a long dead grey jedi master, the form requires great mastery of all lightsaber forms as well as great discipline and years of practice of lightsaber combat in order to fully master it. Why? well, you will understand in this next section.

The form is heavily and entirely reliant on the Telekinetic aspects on the force. Why? because the form is not one wielded by hand(s) it is a form wielded purely with the force - telekinetic fencing, the form require mastery of all lightsaber forms and discipline in the art of Telekinesis, this so the user is extremely accurate, defensive, aggressive, Wild, Unpredictable, ferocious and above all Balanced. The form is extremely difficult to master, with only the Grandmaster, Her second in command and the battlemaster, being the only known practitioners of the form.

Training in this form is extremely difficult and slow at best, the masters of the order have prohibited the teaching of this form to all Padawan - save for those they deem worthy and mature enough to handle the power and strain this form can and will bring
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