Guy arguing Sepheroth vs Vader but doesnt know shit about Vader

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Guy arguing Sepheroth vs Vader but doesnt know shit about Vader Empty Guy arguing Sepheroth vs Vader but doesnt know shit about Vader

Post by Wildbantha88 on Mon Oct 27, 2014 9:39 pm

Sephiroth cuts buildings apart, Vader throws them at people. Need I remind you Vader could also cut them. The difference is he doesn't want to nor does he need to. Vader's armor can block a lightsaber blade, standard steel can't cut it. Thats all the masamune is made of. His armor protects him completely. This is assuming vader doesn't block it either. His armor is also aided by force shields. I wouldn't be surprised if Vader could tank a fucking nuke type weapon.
I said he can, and thats only from a large distance away, at any relatively nearby distance all he has to is think about it. I'm not sure how Vader couldn't picture who he is anyway however since its a death battle and he can physically see him standing likely a short distance away from him.
Right thats what maybe 30 opponents at once max with any sort of skill? Vader took on hundreds of Jedi, a rather large number all at the same time. A sizable chunk being Jedi masters. Everybody in shinra fears sephiroth. Most people in the entire galaxy fear vader.
No I didn't underestimate him because of that, its because of that loss that I know he isn't as good as hes made out to be. He lost to some punk with no real training when hes supposed to be this master of unparallelled skill. Not once, not twice, but three times at least that I can remember off the top of my head. Once in the nibelhiem reactor when cloud hadn't even been touched by life stream yet and was a normal human being, again at the end of the original ff7, and again at the end of advent children. Once I could pass off as a fluke but thrice? Oh no he just not as good as hes made out to be.

Now let me put it this way with Vader, hes only ever lost twice while using the name Vader that I can again remember off the top of my head. Once to his master right not long after beginning to use his new title, and again to his son who was stronger in the force than he was that had tapped into anger for a brief moment and defeated him. Only opponents of comparable strength or of greater strength have defeated him or even come close to doing that in the canon.

Honestly all Vader has to do to win is pick up sephiroth with the force bend masamune with the force into an unusable shape, and then choke out sephi in mid air. He could also just pick him up and toss his lightsaber at him either decapitating him, cutting him in half in some manner, or impaling him on it.
Vader's strength in the force is what has him so set in this fight.
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