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Darth Necros part part

Post by Wildbantha88 on Wed Sep 03, 2014 10:57 pm

Five Months later.

Darth Inimicus shifted his feet on the ground and aimed both tips of his lightsaber towards Darth Ayin. He charged in towards her, slashing powerfully at her with both blades. She gracefully ducked and swept at his ankles with her leg in one fluid motion. Inimicus moved his foot out of the way and twisted, riding the momentum he spun around and slashing at her again. Ayin twisted her saberstaff, catching one of his blades on either end, redirecting there moment against each other. Inimicus's arms twisted but he reacted just in time to prevent himself from cutting off his own hands. Using the move to his advantage he slashed with great momentum at Ayin. Instead of meeting his strength head on she chose speed and agility. As Inimicus swung at her she jumped over his blades and planted both her feet on his black metal chest plate, in one fluid motion she pushed off his chest and back flipped through the air, landing on her feat a few meters away. Inimicus didn't loose any momentum so by the time Ayin landed he was right on her again jabbing with one blade while slashing with the other. Ayin ducked low under both of his blades and swept with her lightsaber at his feet. This caught Inimicus off guard. Ayins lightsaber met his metal boot and she flipped him onto his back. She aimed a blade at his throat.

"Your footwork has improved greatly. So has your blade work, but your still predictable." She stated bluntly. She deactivated her lightsaber and attached it to her belt. Inimicus got up off the ground and did the same.

"I thought we were assigned to hunt down Darth Necros, so why are we still sitting here training on Dromund Kaas?" Inimicus sneered.

"Don't be a fool. Necros has disappeared into the reaches of space." Ayin crossed her arms. "Patience is required in this hunt. I do admire this Darth Necros for evading me for so long. But as soon as she shows his face again I will personally deliver his severed head to the dark counsel."

"I hate waiting." Inimicus said frustrated.

"Your impatience is why you will never defeat me." Ayin noted," You fight like the mighty Darth Malgus, if his brain was replaced by that of an Akk Dog." Inimicus clenched his fist in anger. Had the insult come from anyone else Inimicus would have pulled there head off with his bare hands. But he knew better than to attack Ayin. Over the last few months she had beaten and abused him into complete submission. For now he would play along and be her self assumed pet, but when the chance came he would break her, he would bring her to the brink of death and then push her to the other side.

"I will try to improve my lady." Inimicus bowed his head.

"See that you do." Ayins lips curved into a smile.


The three sith that were aboard the Decimator when Darth Necros took control now stood in front of Nad, there lightsabers activated. Nad activated the lightsaber connected to his arm with a thought and the three sith immediately charged at him. Folding his organic arm behind his back he braced himself for combat. All three sith moved superhumanly fast, but Nads arm moved faster. His reflexes enhanced by special implants allowed him to compete with the super human speed of force wielders. Nad manipulated his blade mainly with his elbow, as shown to him by Necros. This allowed for the fastest blade work possible. For the most exaggerated moves he would move his shoulder. His style was simplistic, unable to do complex manipulations of the lightsaber, but it was undeniable effective. As the three sith pressed on he blocked each attack, then gashed each one of there chests open. As soon as he landed each blow the sith stopped moving and just stood there.

"Well done!" Darth Necros applauded, waving his hand towards the undead sith. A green smoke formed over there wounds, mending there bodies. "Your naturally gifted at combat."

"Thank you." Nad said deactivating his lightsaber. " Those zombie sith are pretty tough. Not nearly as tough as Darth Scalva, just saying." Nad crossed his arms, "I miss that ugly girlfriend of yours." Necros was taken back by surprise.

"I thought you wanted to kill her for ripping off your arm." Necros remarked. Nad shook his head.

"No, me and zombie face are best buds. Its that blue witch that made her do it." Nads eye brows furrowed, "She is the one I want get my hands on, and I don't mean that in a good way. We should hunt her down."

"We don't need to hunt her down, she is hunting us. And very soon she will know exactly where we are." Necros smiled.

"How do you figure?"

"Because we are headed to Ratarek, and im going to do something there that will not go unnoticed by the Dark Counsil nor the Jedi." Necros sat down in his captains chair that he had installed on the bridge. "Im going to leave a permanent mark on the galaxy and show everyone that I, Darth Necros, am the true dark lord of the sith." Nad Talsek looked excited.

"What are we waiting for? Lets go." Darth Necros gave the silent command to his zombie slaves and the Decimator launched into hyperspace, directly towards Ratarek.

As the Decimator flew through hyperspace Darth Necros gathered the darkside around the entire ship. The war between the jedi and sith was currently being fought on Ratarek. Battles breeded death, and chaos. Necros was coming to transform that death and chaos.

The Decimator emerged from hyperspace. Lazers zipped through the starfilled sky above the green planet Ratarek. The sith capital ships were beating back the republic ships, it appeared that the republic was loosing this battle. The Decimator flew in towards the battle but no one opened fire on it, because no one knew they were there. Necros had shrouded the ship in the same manner as Darth Batus had shrouded himself to avoid the Tuk'ata.

Necros closed his eyes and pulled from the dark power resonating from within the Decimator. He began gathering its energy together. Darth Necros released the energy he built up in the same manner as he did on the bridge of the Decimator, only this time amplified indefinably by the power within the Decimator. The dark power sprung from his ship, seeping into every ship over Ratarek. Every living thing onboard both the republic and sith ships were overcome by the darkside. It seeped into there bodies and began to snuff out there life. Not even the sith or jedi onboard the ships would be able to resist the magnitude of this power. Necros could not physically hear the screams of every living being on the ships, be he could sense there pain through the force. Seconds later they were all dead. No longer needing to hide the Decimator he gathered the energy he used to shroud the ship and used it to cast a reanimation spell on a massive scale. All the living things he had just kill brought back to life under Darth Necros control. He normally would never have been able to use such powers to that magnitude but aboard the Decimator, Necros was nothing shot than a god of the dark side. The battle over Ratarek had lasted hours but Necros had come and won it in a mere minutes. And now he had a fleet of sith and republic ships under his command.

"Prepare a shuttle." He ordered. "We are going to the planets surface."

King Garagen sat on his thrown on the planet Ratarek. Overhead the space battle suddenly ceased. The jedi tasked his protection suddenly closed his eyes and shook his head. The younger jedi fell to her knees, tears springing from her eyes.

"What is wrong? What happened?" Garagen asked.

"Master, all that death." The young jedi cried. The jedi master put his hand on her shoulder to comfort her.

"I know padawan it is overwhelming." The master spoke softly, "But we must pull ourselves together and protect the king. Can you do that for me?" The padawan nodded and whipped her tears with the sleeve of her robe then stood up. The jedi master turned to King Garagen.

"There is a sith lord coming this way and fast. We have no where else to go but we wil do our best to protect you." The jedi master said.

"That is all I can ask for." Garagen replied.

"Master, this sith lord...." The padawan began to say.

"I know, " The master finished for her. "Who ever it is, is extremely powerful."


Darth Necros drop ship landed directly in front of the palace. The front gate were large and expensive looking doors. In front of them were a dozen republic soldiers all aiming there weapons at Necros. Nad and the three undead sith unloaded from the drop ship and it took back off into the sky. The soldiers got more tense as Necros walked towards them.

"Stop right there!" One of the soldiers shouted. Necros replied by activating his lightsaber. All the republic soldier opened fire. Necros deflected the bolts with ease. Nad blocked the blaster bolts with his shoto and returned fire with the blaster in his other hand. Four soldiers dropped quickly. The undead sith charged in and finished the rest of within seconds. Necros walked up to the gate and pushed it open. Inside were dozens more guards, two jedi with there lightsabers activated and King Garagen sitting on his thrown. Necros walked forward with quick strides, followed by Nad and the undead sith. All the troops opened fire within a few seconds. Necros and all his companions quickened into a sprint blocking blaster fire as they ran. Nad and the undead sith meet the soldiers and began slaughtering them, while Necros engaged the jedi master and padawan. Both took offensive roles trying to push Necros back. The master was quit skilled with the lightsaber but the padawan was easy to deal with. Necros blocked and deflected strikes from both opponents then began swinging back with powerful strikes. Both the master and padawan were pushed into a retreat across the floor. Necros amplified his strength with the force making it harder for them to defend against. The padawan caved under the pressure. Necros knocked her lightsaber from her hand and sent it skidding across the floor. The master swung at Necros at the same moment, forcing him to block and preventing him from striking the padawan down. Necros blocked with his left hand and extended his right hand at the same time. Lightning shot from his hand and consumed the padawan, ending her life instantly. The masters face contorted as he tried to hide the loss he was feeling. Pathetic. He should have embraced the pain instead of hiding it. Transformed that pain into anger and struck with the furry of the darkside. Instead his face remain calm. Necros kicked him in the stomach, sending him stumbling backwards three paces. The Necros lunged forward. The jedi master didn't recover in time. Necros lightsaber pierced the masters heart and ended his life.

Necros looked around. All the soldier were already dead and two of the undead sith already grabbed King Garagen and drug him off the thrown.

"Please don't kill me." King Garagen begged, " I have a fa...." His words were cut short by Necros breaking his neck with the force. Necros walked over his dead body and climbed onto his new thrown.

"So, what happens now?" Nad asked holstering his gun. Necros smiled at him.

"We just made our move now its time to wait for the Dark Counsil to make there own." Necros said. "Go celebrate, get drunk. We are living in a palace now." Nads face light up into a huge grin.

"You are the best sith lord ever." He said and ran off into the palace to find some booze.

The next Day

Darth Ayin gracefully walked into the middle of the Dark Council chamber, followed by her two pets, Darth Scalva and Darth Inimicus. She instinctively took a knee.

"Kneel!" She hissed and both her pets obeyed. "Why have you summoned us here my masters?"

"You have probably heard of the recent events that unfolded on Ratarek." Darth Marr spoke, "In light of this recent unfolding of events, it would appear that Darth Necros is far more powerful than what we originally assumed." As soon as these words were spoken Ayin sensed a sudden rush of anger emanating from Inimicus. She quickly turned her head towards him. He was opening his mouth to let out a slur of angry curses and threats.

"Don't you dare." She said quietly yet still threatening. Inimicus shut his mouth but the anger lingered.

"We cannot let that traitor go unpunished!" Darth Ravage said. Darth Marr nodded in his direction.

"Yes, but we cannot afford to send in an invasion force. The result would end in the death of our men, and the expansion of his army. This is why we have decided that a covert operation is the best choice." Darth Marr paused, "You three have been chosen to carry out this mission."

"You will sneak past his fleet and assassinate him. Hopefully this will kill all of his, "Zombies". "Darth Mortis explained, "If this is not the case, then we can still send in a fleet to finish them off with out concern of our troops being turned into them."

"Are your orders clear?" Asked Darth Marr.

"Yes my lords." Ayin said.

"Good, you are dismissed." Darth Marr said and waved a hand lazily towards them. They all got up and began walking out of the chambers. As they were leaving Darth Ravage interjected once more.

"And this time if you bring us back anything less than his dead body, we wont be so forgiving." Darth Ayin stopped.

"This time, Necros will die. This I swear." She said and exited the Dark Council chamber.


"Oh my!" Chatter Box exclaimed, throwing his hands over his head and scurrying behind a pillar for cover. "Your a mad man!"

"Oh c'mon Mr. Metal Man, hold still." Nad barely managed to say, shakily pointing his blaster at the pillar Chatter Box stood cowering behind. "I wont hit ya I promise."

"Your drunk!" Chatter Box exclaimed as he stuck its head out from behind the pillar. Nad fired a shot. The bolt grazed the top of Chatter Box's head, leaving a small black line. The droid ducked behind cover again in horror.

"Im not that drunk." Nad churled then hiccupped.

"Your very drunk!" Chatter Box retorted. "I find that to be one of your primary flaws. You are not working at you maximum capacity when you consume so much alcohol. If you weren't so much of a drunk you might even do so incredibly great things. But seeing as how...." Chatter Box's rant was cut short by a blaster being pressed up against his head.

"I found you, Mr. Metal man." Nad said between hiccups. Chatter Box threw its hands up in the air and took of running as fast as he could, screaming in horror in his metallic voice. Nad fired shots after the droid. Some of them nearly hitting the droid but ultimately the all burnt holes in the walls and floor, and with his last shot a window shattered. Nad flinched at the sound of the glass breaking. "If you would just hold still that wouldn't happen." Nad called after the droid. He raised his shaky arm once again in the direction of the droid, taking time to aim. "I got you now." He said under his breath and squeezed the trigger. Instead of a blaster bolt flying out of the gun, the gun flew sideways out of Nads hand. "Huh?" He said and looked over to see Darth Necros standing there holding the gun. "Hey that's mine!"

"Its time for you to sober up." Darth Necros said. "I suspect the Dark Council will make there move shortly."

"Oh c'mon your sithlyness." Nad smiled, "Just one more drink."

"No," Necros said sternly, "I need you sober, so no more drinks."

"Awe, "Nad frowned, "Your the worst sith ever!"
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