Fate of the Force: The Dark Resurgence: Chapter 2

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Fate of the Force: The Dark Resurgence: Chapter 2 Empty Fate of the Force: The Dark Resurgence: Chapter 2

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Fate of the Force: The Dark Resurgence.

Note: Fight scenes are not my forte lol, Enjoy ^-^

Chapter 2.

Gar Thorin sat in a cool durasteel chair, his hands laid on top of each other, his eyes closed.  The force swirled all around him; he radiated a cool, blue aura – the typical sign of a Jedi.  Though one did not need to feel his aura to know that he was a Jedi knight; a sworn protector to the Galactic Imperial Republic and a peacekeeper. His clean and cool steel hilt was all one needed to see to know that he was a Jedi.  Across from him, sat his young Padawan, Maia, a young Echani female, her long white hair flowed loosely all the way down to her shoulders, a small braid extended from the snow-like locks – the indication of a Padawan-learner. Like her Master, Maia did not were the traditional Jedi robes, instead both Master and apprentice had chosen to wear the armor usually seen on Imperial Republic army members –like Gar, she too sat motionless, a picture perfect replica of her master.

“Something bothering you master” She said, less of a question and more of a fact.

Gar Chuckled, the sound of his laughter often felt menacing due to his breather mask. “You know me too well, Maia” he brought his right hand to his chin and placed his left hand below his right elbow. “This mission troubles me, Masters Ki-Lan, Sai-Fa and Ol-ac should have reported in already.”

Maia gave him a worried look, the three Jedi masters had gone down to the planet below to search for and apprehend the Jedi Weapons-master, Daak Vas, a Jedi master who had framed his Padawan for stealing multiple jedi and Sith artifacts from the temple, the Jedi had publicly disowned the unfortunate Padawan, but after an investigation lead by the Grandmaster Severin, the Council and the entire Jedi Order, had learned of the Jedi Master’s deceit, now they orbited the planet, Korriban, a planet strong in the Dark side of the force and the chosen hideout for the traitorous Master. The council had sent three of their finest and strongest warriors in order to apprehend the Jedi traitor and now, they were unresponsive to any of the hails Gar and his men had sent. Neither Gar nor Maia allowed themselves to speculate. The Jedi Weapons-master was a legendary swordsman; his skills were practically unrivaled within the order, he was a master of lightsaber combat. But that was not why Gar and Maia stayed silent. Daak had been Gar’s friend for years, despite being different species; the two men had considered themselves to be brothers and formed a close bond with one another. The thought of his closes friend falling to the Dark Side hurt Gar deeply. In spite of this, Gar had asked the council to send him and his Padawan along, in order to help the Masters apprehend Daak peacefully.

“Master..” Maia bit her lip, unsure if she should continue or drop the matter. The Padawan sighed and started again. “Master, if Daak has hurt the Masters, then we must go to the Planet’s surface and apprehend him ourselves!” She exclaimed, her bright blue orbs full of unwavering determination, an inextinguishable fire. She was his Padawan alright.

Gar said nothing, he couldn’t; he knew his Padawan was right, he knew that if the masters were hurt or worse, killed. Then he would have to fight his former master.  But his love for his old friend could not allow him to think of the worst case scenario.  “Perhaps it is the planet that is interfering with the communications array?” was all he said. His Padawan shook her head and groaned in frustration.

“No master, you know it’s not the planet!” Maia slammed her hands on the table, making the various cutlery jumped into the air and splatter their contents all over the table and floor. “A planet does not jam tracking signals, not unless it has radiation polluting its air or someone is actively jamming our signals!” Gar stayed silent. He knew there was nothing he could say, no excuse to save his friend, nothing. Maia stood up and walked away from him. “You can’t let yourself be blinded, Master” She whispered, her tone was regretful and filled with sorrow. “You told me that once.” Gar didn’t respond, he couldn’t even bare to look at his apprentice. He remained seated, motionless. He continued to search the force for an answer and he received it.

“Captain, prep a ship for immediate landing, I’m heading down there” The Captain saluted her and left to make the preparations. Though she held no official rank like the Jedi masters or her own Master, she was Echani and regularly sparred with the men, she had earned their respect – much like her master, and because of this, the soldiers had regarded her as ‘Commander’

Maia checked her weapons, her blaster, the DL-18, a small, but reliable blaster pistol, though the Jedi’s preferred weapon was the lightsaber, Maia and a few other Jedi, also carried a Blaster pistol.  She inspected her suit; she wore the light and agile armor of the Infiltrator class trooper, providing moderate protection from blaster fire, vibro-blades, and other hazards that the user might come across. It came with an integrated stealth shield generator as well as an energy shield, adding to its adaptability - much like the young Echani, the suit was adaptable to any and all situations. But it was not invincible, it relied on stealth and guile to win fights, and the user had to be skilled in order to use the suit effectively. Maia took her lightsaber hilt in hand and ignited it, the silver blade came to life; its white glow illuminated the room and drew short gasps and whispers from the soldiers outside. A tap on the door way drew her attention. The captain stood tall and proud, he saluted the young Echani, a gesture that she returned.
“Commander, your ship is read for lift off, all that is left is the matter of which squad you wish to come with y-“Maia held her hand up and cut the man off before he could finish.

“That won’t be necessary, Captain, I will be heading down there alone” The Captain gazed at the young female, confusion was written all over his face, he stammered, but Maia refused to allow him to continue. “Captain, with all due respect, three of the order’s strongest Jed masters have not reported in, they could either be injured, pinned down or” She hesitated; her expression became one of pain. “Or dead, if these Jedi masters have fallen to this mad man, what makes you think your soldiers could beat him? I can’t let you send your men to their deaths!” Her expression soften and she allowed herself to chuckle “I’m thankful that you worry for me Captain, It means you’re starting to like me” She winked at the older man who merely raised an eyebrow

“Your recklessness worries me, Maia” He said sternly. “But given who your master is, I understand, Good luck kid and may the force be with you”

“It always is Bannik” She said as she entered her ship and, she began to enter the launch sequence when a voice called.

“Captain, you wound me” The voice said, Maia peaked from her ship and saw her master, his hand on his chest, teasing the Captain. “I’m not that reckless”

Bannik and Maia exchanged an amused glance. “Oh, forgive me master Jedi; I’m sure I’m confusing you with another Kel Dor with a penchant for blaster bolts” The young Padawan and Captain laughed.

“Laugh it up you two, but you forget that I have that ‘penchant’ for blaster fire because I always have to save your hides” Gar teased and then cleared his throat. “Captain, keep the comms open and a transport ship prepped, once we get down there, we might need an immediate pick up. “

“We?” Maia asked.

“Yes, we’re going down there” He studied his Padawan, they had been together for three years, together, they had taken on the worst kind of scum the galaxy could offer, they brought down crime lords, corrupt politicians, saved innocent civilians and were awarded with the respect of the Senater, Imperial Republic forces, Jedi Order and – most importantly, the respect of the people of the Imperial Republic. His Padawan had become powerful, her skill with the lightsaber was incredibly advanced for one so young and her strength in the force rivaled his own. He could not be more proud of his young apprentice. Once this is over, I will have to petition the Order to allow her to take the trials of the Jedi Knight. She is more than ready.


Gar shook his head and forced himself to focus. “Sorry, I was just thinking.” He cleared his throat and spoke. “Are you ready, Snow?”

“I’m always ready master” She smiled at him and jumped into her ship. He did the same. They started the launch sequence and left for the planet surface.


“Scanners show nothing on the planet surface, no enemy ships, no transport ships, nothing” Gar scanned the planet below through the tranparasteel. Like Maia had said, there was nothing.

“Let’s head down to the surface”

The twin ships swayed down onto the planet’s atmosphere, it was a desolate planet, where once it had been the home to the greatest of Sith lords, now it was little more than a barren wasteland, housing the tombs of long dead Sith masters. Long ago, in a time before Gar, before Severin and Luke Skywalker himself, the planet had been strong in the force, its seductive and forbidden power tempted all who dared to step foot on it, but now, the dark side was a mere whisper. The darkness that had once swirled around the planet like a fierce storm was now a breeze. Gar wondered what the reason for this was, Korriban was incredibly strong in the force, had masters sealed away its power? Or were the Sith of legends waiting for someone worthy? More importantly was this person Daak?

“Master!” Maia called out. “Master, the comms channel is being scrambled, are communications to the ship are cut off!”

“This must be what stopped the masters from contacting us, but that doesn’t explain why they didn’t just return to-“Laser fire streamed from the ground below. Gar forced the ship to roll out of the way of the fire, Maia did the same. “Take evasive maneuvers”

“Oh no master, I was planning on them shooting me down!” She replied as she took hold of the clutch and barrel rolled out of the way of the cannon fire just in time. “I can’t get a clear shot!”

“Neither can I, Stay focused and-“An explosion roared, smoke and fire began to engulf Gar’s ship, The Kel Dor attempted to guide the Ship away from the cannons, but the ship’s navigation console had been damaged along with his port-side engine. “I’m hit!” He said, his tone calm, but underneath he was panicking, with lightning fast reflexes, Gar quickly punched in the codes to open the entrance to his ship and leapt out just as it crashed into the ground, the cannon whirred and took aim at the Jedi Knight, firing a barrage of destructive laser fire, Gar used the force to augment his speed and evaded the deadly fire, he vaulted behind a rock for cover and activated his portable communicator.

“Master! Hold on, I’m coming to help”

“No, Maia, head for the building, I’ll hold them off” The Cannon fire pounded at his miserable cover, within moments, the rock would completely disintegrate and he would have to deal with the Cannons aggressively. Knowing full well what his Padawan was going to say, he continued. “The cannons are distracted on me, you this opportunity to head into the compound and find the masters.”  No response came, the rock began to crack; he had mere seconds. “Make me proud, I’ll join you soon, I promise”

“I understand master” Maia’s ship flew around the cannons, from her ship she could see the holes the turrets had made with their blasts. May the force be with you master, stay alive.

Gar drew his saber, his make-shift cover would not stand for much longer; he drew on the force and jumped over the giant rock, making himself a clear target. One of the cannons took aim and fired, an endless flood of fire came at him, he dodged the fire, jumping, twisting, turning and rolling out of the way; the Cannon stopped abruptly.  It must be out of juice, good, this’ll make it easy. He thought to himself, Dashing towards the cannon, Gar took hold of his blade and intended to slice the cannon right down the middle, but its sister cannon had already finished recharging and fired at him, thanks to his force augmented senses, Gar saw through the tactic and just barely avoided the fire. He cursed under his breath as he sprinted from place to place, evading the cannon fire.  Suddenly the cannon stopped its relentless attack and powered down to recharge. Seizing the opportunity, Gar darted towards the two cannons, moving so fast that a normal being would only see a blur of blue and brown.

He took note of what the Cannon had done previously and instead of attacking the vulnerable turret, he sent his lightsaber flying at the second cannon, the lightsaber was little more than a blue smear as it flew to meet its destination, still charging, Gar leapt high and gathered all of the force energy he could muster in his hand, energy materialized in his hand, small bits of flickering energy fell from it. Gar came crashing down upon the giant turret with his fist. The force surged from his fist, forcing the Durasteel of the turret to bend and groan, the blow had destroyed the very core of the Turret and forced it to explode from the inside out, to his left he saw a shower of fire and explosions, his lightsaber had connected with its intended target.

“Well, that was fun” He told himself as he leapt down onto the grown and took hold of his hilt.

“Hold, you are trespassing” a robotic voice came from behind him, Gar turned to face the voice and found half a dozen armed droids staring at him. Things are never easy are they?

Maia moved quickly through the compound, the place looked more like a castle than an actual combat facility; all around her were ancient inscription of what she could only assume were sith texts. No doubt they held secrets of ancient and terrible magic. She halted her advance and put her back to the wall, staying as still as possible, Guard-droids passed through, Maia could have easily crushed these droids or she could have decimated them with an electro discharge grenade, but her mission required stealth and guile. Exposing herself would end in her death. The droids passed through in moment, Maia sighed in relief. She scanned the area around her until she was satisfied that it was all clear and then, she continued forward.

Using the force, she stretched her senses out, searching for the force signatures of the Jedi masters, moments passed and then, she found them, they radiated a strong aura, it was almost impossible to ignore. I guess they heard all the fuss She mused. No jedi would project their aura so strongly, not unless they wanted to be found or if they were warning their fellow Jedi. Maia hoped it was the former.

Maia moved hastily, but carefully, hiding whenever the guards were near her position, despite her suit’s specialty in infiltration, against droids equipped an Anti-Stealth visor, it was completely useless. She thanked the force for her master’s distraction, without it, she would have been caught a long time ago.
Maia felt the Jedi Masters close by, her senses and the aura they emitted, had lead her to a small detention facility. The energy shields of the cages were activated, three guards stood near the control panel. Ah kriff! So much for stealth, it’s time to get aggressive.

Maia activated her stealth generator and snuck towards the control panel, the guards remained motionless, staring at the wall panels as they were a thing of great importance.  Maia drew on the force and deactivated her stealth generator, before the droids could even react, Maia struck the first droid directly on the head with an open palm strike, denting the head and breaking the droids neck and ending its life, the other two turned to meet her attack, but despite their superior processing power, they moved to slow for her, she quickly took hold of one of the droid’s hand and shattered the metallic arm with her elbow, the droid sputtered and roared in pain, moving with lightning fast reflexes, born from years of Echani and Jedi training. Maia quickly took a two handed hold on the droid and threw it at the third and final droid with incredible force, the droids collided, metal was bent, limbs shattered. Maia had won.

The young Padawan turned her attention to the wall panel. She expertly hacked the console and shut the force cages down. “Well done, Padawan Maia” A voice said. “You have truly come far from your days under my tutelage” Maia smirked and faced the Jedi that praised her, it was the Master, Ki Lan a physically imposing Togruta male who stood at six feet tall, the man was renowned for his unique long hilted lightsaber and for his strength and brutal training sessions, before she became Gar Thorin’s Padawan, she – along with so many other Padawans, trained for hours under the master, learning several martial arts under the daunting man. Behind Ki-Lan stood two more figures, Jedi Master Ol-Ac, a Chiss male and the Blademaster of the order, while not as physically imposing as Ki-Lan, Olac was a man with a natural talent with the sword and his strength in the force was considerable. Next to them stood the youngest of the three, Jedi master, Sai-Fa, a small Chalactan male, unlike the other two, Sai-Fa was not a incredibly talented swordsmen, though he was an adept duelist, his true power came from his mastery of the Battle Meditation ability and knowledge of the force. The two men thanked her quietly.

“Masters, what happened here?” Maia inquired.

Ki Lan sighed and let his arms collapse to his sides. “We were ambushed, our long range scanners picked up an anomaly “he gestured all around him, referring to the facility. “We came to investigate after our search in the Valley ended in failure and” He sighed again. “We were caught off guard, are ship’s shields were disabled and we were knocked unconscious – Captured”

“It is good you came when you did Padawan” Olac said, the man had clearly suffered the worst in the crash. He noticed Maia eyeing him with concern. “I am fine Padawan, Just a little sore” He flashed the young Echani a reassuring smile. A gesture she returned.

“Masters, have you spoken with or seen master Daak?’

This time, Master Sai-Fa spoke softly. “No, we were unconscious for a great period time, the droids took our weapons and left us here” The young Jedi master closed his eyes, Maia felt him draw on the force, searching for…something – Someone. “I still sense his presence here” He said.

“Good, let us find our weapons and arrest this Traitor” Ki-Lan said with a crack of his knuckles.
“And where are our weapons Ki-Lan?” Master Olac questioned.

“In the armory of course!” Ki-Lan and Maia both answered. The two jedi exchanged an amused glance and laughed. “Lead the way, Maia, we’re right behind you”

Maia did as her former teacher told her to do. She lead the Jedi masters out of the detention block and searched for the Armory, Maia thought she would have had to spend hours searching for the Armory, but luckily, it was only a few corridors away, the Jedi snuck past the droids, concealing themselves and the sounds they made with the force. After a few near misses, they arrived at the armory and to their surprise, it was unguarded. Perhaps Daak did not think that anyone would get this far Maia thought to herself and shrugged and continued to walk slowly towards the door. She pressed the small door panel and it opened with hiss. She took hold of her lightsaber hilt and took a defensive stance; there was no one in sight. She turned back to the Masters and waved them over. “It’s clear!” She whispered.

The masters scurried towards the Padawan and quickly began to search for their blades, combat equipment and medical supplies. They found only their blades.

“Blast!” Ki-Lan cursed. “All of our equipment must have been damaged in the crash landing”  

“Too bad droids don’t have any use for bacta or medpacks huh?” Olac said dryly. “But we got what we came for, we should head out and search for Daak, his force signature is feint – a whisper almost, finding him will prove difficult, let’s move!” Maia and the masters sprinted out of the armory, astonishingly, not a droid was in sight. I got a bad feeling about this. Maia thought to herself. The group came to halt at the middle of a grand and lavish corridor, all around them were portraits of beautiful men and women of various species, vases and many other beautiful ornaments adorned the room.

“Alright, Maia, you take the east corridor, the droids will be there in strength so Sai-Fai will go with you.” Ki-Lan turned to Olac and continued. “Olac, you’ll head to the jamming tower, I want you to destroy it and send out a signal for evac.” The three Jedi nodded.

“What about you master?” Maia asked.

“I will find Daak”

“Find me?” A new voice asked – the group turned to face it -it as Daak, the jedi traitor, he strode with all the elegance of a noblemen, he exuded an aura of power and cool-headedness, he wore an extravagant looking chest-plate and even more beautifully adorned robes underneath, his arms were crossed over his chest, his hair tightly kept in a short tail, showing off his handsome human features.  He stopped his pace at fifteen meters, two droids - more advanced than the ones Maia had destroyed, followed him.
“Why do you need to find me, when I am right here Master, Ki-Lan?”

The masters brought force their blades and ignited them, the sun-colored blade of Ki-Lan was the first to be ignited, followed by the Azure glow of the master Sai-Fa’s blade and the amethyst shine of Olac’s blade. Maia kept her hilt holstered and took hold of her Blaster.

“By Order of the Galactic Imperial Republic and the decree of the Jedi Order, We herby place you under arrest for stealing restricted level Holocrons from the Jedi temple, the attempted murder of Jedi Masters and for treason against the Republic, what do you have to say, Master Daak?” Ki-Lan said with contempt, he – like Gar Thorin, had considered Daak to be a friend, this treachery had come as a shock to him, but he excepted his duty and vowed to bring Daak to justice – by any means necessary.

“You insolent fool!” Daak Sneered, suddenly the calm and elegance he projected was gone and in its place was a powerful dark energy. “You’re idle threats mean nothing to me, I am stronger than ever” his hilt flew into his hand, the blade ignited - yellow and unstable. He flourished his blade. “Stronger than you!” his eyes went from brown to a sickly yellow – The Dark Side.

Ki-Lan moved first, his blade striking in a slashing arc aimed for Daak’s head, but the Weapons-master expected this, quickly parried the blow and jabbed at the Togruta’s abdomen, Ki-Lan brought his blade to meet each of the strikes, successfully blocking them, but not without difficulty. Daak was a master of the lightsaber, each of his strikes were deadly, précised and unrelenting.  Ki-Lan would not be able to beat him alone. Daak knew the weakness of his favored form, sensing his friends danger, Olac joined the fray, the master leapt into the air and brought held his blade in a downward strike, Olac parried another of Ki-Lans powerful blows and spun away from the blade of Master Olac, the two masters engaged him, moving as one, countering one another’s weaknesses and amplifying their strengths, the two warriors were in perfect synch, when one moved to attack low, the other would attack low, each attack was flowed into rhythm as if It were a dance, but despite that. Daak still did not waver, once he noticed of their strategy, he had switched from Makashi to the third form of traditional lightsaber combat – Soresu, with it, his defense was unbreakable, despite their best efforts, Ki-Lan and Olac could not penetrate his defense. All Maia could was watch as the Masters fought him.

Maia felt Master Sai Fa draw on the force, the Master moved in a blur and charged at Daak, he feinted low and attacked high, angling a crosscut at the Fallen Jedi’s throat, but Daak had seen it coming and sidestepped out of the blades reach, while simultaneously warding off the assault from the other two masters. Maia saw him smile, his eyes showed only insanity and darkness as his blade locked with Orange and Purple. Sai-Fa sought to seize the opportunity and charged once again, his blade ready to strike Daak from behind, the master sliced at the man’s back with a diagonal strike, but his blade met only air – Daak had ended the deadlock and flipped into the air before the master could land a deadly blow. Daak extended his hand and took hold of the many Sith daggers that were sprawled on table with the force, using the force he unleashed a barrage of blades upon the Masters, Maia quickly rolled out of the way while the masters deflected the blades with their sabers, she took aim and fired a volley of blaster fire at Daak, he deflected the fire effortlessly, but the moment had ended his concentration and his barrage of daggers, but Maia had not been fast enough, she heard a grunt as the blades dropped to the floor, she turned to see its origin. “Sai-Fa!” Maia darted towards the Chalactan Master.

“I’ll be fine” he assured her as he pulled with of the bloodied daggers from his shoulder. Blood covered his tunic and robes. Maia turned to Ki-Lan and Olac, the masters stared at her for a brief momen, nodded and charged Daak Again, this time, they moved faster, stronger and with fierce determination. Daak’s eyes were bloodshot, insanity and darkness still poured from them. Daak parried another of Li-Kan’s blows and extended his hand – palm out, a blast of energy sent the Togruta master flying backwards and into the metal wall.  Olac took a two handed grip of his long hilt and struck downward, Daak brought his blade to meet Olac’s own, just as the Chiss had expected, taking advantage of the opening, Olac  unleashed a devastating force augmented kick that sent the Fallen Jedi flying and onto his back. “Surrender!” He ordered. His amethyst blade pointed at the Traitor.

“Surrender?” he repeated. He chuckled and then broke into a maniacal fit of laughter. “No, I will not surrender, but I will destroy you!” He screamed and brought both of his hands up in front of him. Olac felt him fall deeper into the dark-side, before he could even react, lightning shot from Daak’s hands and struck him; his body convulsed, twisted and flew across the corridor. Olac laid there unconscious, his body smoked. Maia and Sai Fa, charged, Maia loosed several blaster bolts at the man, hoping to give Sai-Fai a fighting chance against Daak, It did not work. Daak deflected the bolts and sent her stumbling backwards with a force-shove, Sai-Fa stood in front of him. The two locked their gazes and charged one another.  Daak switched from Soresu to Ataru, the most acrobatic and aggressive of all forms, he flipped into the air and attacked low, Sai-Fa jumped over his blow and answered with a downward strike of his own, Daak blocked it, leapt over Sai-Fa and struck with a crosscut, Sai Fa barely blocked the blow, he still could feel the heat radiating from the blade near his brow. “You are skilled, Master Sai Fa” Daak said as he struck again, his blade colliding with Sai-Fa’s own. “But not that skilled” Daak called the blade of Olac to his hand and ignited it, the blade tore right through Sai-Fa’s stomach, destroying his innards and piercing through his robes. The master’s mouth gasped. His lightsaber deactivated and fell to the floor alongside its deceased master. Ki-Lan pushed himself to his feet, he saw the body of his fellow master and comrade on the floor, blood covered his tunic. Sadness and remorse washed over him, like the seas of Manaan that kissed the edges of the beach. He called his blade to his hand and pressed the second button next the activation switch, another blade at the end of his hilt extended.  Daak smirked.

“You will not leave here today” Ki-Lan said

“Oh I will, but you will not” Daak Responded and leapt at the man. Daak moved with the ferocity of Juyo, striking with pure power and aggression, Ki-Lan could barely keep up, his blows were clumsy and weak. Fatigue had finally settled in, still, the togruta Master parried everything, sweat dripped from his brow, he was at his breaking point and Daak knew it, their blades connected , sparks showered from the collision, then disengaged. Ki-Lan breathed heavily, he struck at Daak with an awkward downwards strike of his double-blade, Daak twirled out of the way, positioned himself behind his opponent’s exposed back and unleashed a surge of lightning. Ki-Lan’s body contorted, the dark power burned his flesh, Ki-Lan screamed in pain, he tried to form a force barrier and protect himself, but the damage was done. his hilt fell to the floor, the Master had suffered wounds before, but never had he felt such dark energy , he continue to scream and maintain the weak barrier.

Maia awoke, messaging her head, her hair felt sticky and wet, Maia turned to see her master suspended in the air, dark energy cocooned him, to his side she saw Sai-Fa, her deep-blue eyes widened. Maia jumped to her feat and used the force to send Daak stumbling backwards, his crazed eyes were filled with confusion. Maia gave him no time to recuperate. The Padawan leapt high and struck low, she had hoped the master would think she aimed to decapitate him and leave his lower guard exposed, he did as her senses predicted, the master reacted with a high guard and ignored his defense, Maia struck his feat, but was met with air, the master had just barely jumped out of the way, but her senses had already showed her a glimpse of what was to come, the Master struck down at her hard with both blades, Maia back-flipped out of the way swiftly and landed on her knees, her eyes closed, her chest heaving.

Out frustration, Daak shrieked and unleashed a stream of lightning bolts on the Padwan, Maia instinctively, brought her blade In-front of her, the lightning slammed into the blade, enveloping it in a blue web of power, Maia struggled to keep the surge of power at bay, for the first time in her life, her senses had no way out of the situation, she would die. The lightning intensified, the power forced the smooth hilt to fly out of her hand, pain to shot through her, searing her flesh and overloading her suits energy shields. She was helpless and in pain, so much pain. She screamed in agony, there was nothing she could, no one to save her, no one to protect her. She had failed.

“That’s enough Daak!” The familiar voice of her Master and friend – Gar Thorin, brought her renewed hope. Daak smiled at him, it sent shivers down her spine. “I said drop her!” her master shouted, she could feel his anger. She knew Daak could feel it too. The lightning assault ended and was replaced by an invisible grip at her throat, Maia held her hands at her throat, she struggled, but the grip was too strong. “Daak, don’t do this, this isn’t you!” Gar cried. “Let her go and stand trial, you know that is the Jedi way!”

“The Jedi way? You mean the way of a coward? The way of a fool? Gar the Jedi do not understand the power that they have!” Daak countered “Look at what I have done with their greatest and most talented! Look at what I have achieved by studying the ancient Holocrons that they hid from us!”

“I only see a man who abandoned his Padawan, who forced a child to leave the order because of his lust for power, I see a traitor who craves power because he does not have any!” Gar shouted. “How do you justify betraying your Padawan?  How do you justify leaving that Padawan all alone in the galaxy!”

Daak screamed and formed a fist of his hand, Maia’s neck snapped; her arms collapsed to her sides, through the force Gar felt her heart stop. She was dead. Without a second thought Daak tossed her body away as if it were a doll.

“No!”  Gar drew on the force and unleashed a wave of energy, the blast ripped the metal from the walls and shook the very building itself, the blast shook Daak to his core, it should have sent him flying and perhaps even shattered his bones, but he shielded himself with the force, before he could even breath, Gar was on him, striking at him with the unmatched ferocity, The blows of the Kel Dor sent shudders all over his body, the force was guiding his weapon, his was an unmatched offensive, the perfect blend of ferocity, strength  and precision backed by incredible speed, Daak backpedalled, barely blocking the brutal strikes of his former friend. Daak’s mastery of the blade was not match for Gar, the force seemed to ooze from the Kel Dor; he radiated a blinding blue aura, the force flowed through him, guiding his blade. With a sweep of his blade, Gar took the right hand of his former friend clean off, Daak winced in pain, but showed no other signs of backing off, he continued to stay on the defensive, barely blocking Gar’s crosscut, Gar took a two handed grip of his blade met Daak’s yellow blade with his own, the raw strength of the blow forced the lightsaber hilt out of the Human’s hand. Daak fell to his knees; his tunic was drenched in sweat. Gar pointed his blade at Daak, the human was unfazed at the blade’s close proximity to his neck, he grinned at the Kel Dor.

“You won’t kill me, it’s not the Jedi way” He mocked. “How does it feel Gar? To know that I – your Padwan’s killer, will continue to live?” Daak chuckled. “You were a poor teacher old friend, she was a weakling; I only regret I did not have more fun with her and Master Fa, oh well, their mutilated corpses will have to – “ Two blades struck his torso – the blades of Gar and Maia, his armor and robe were easily pierced by the blade, ruining his innards – his heart. Daak gasped. “What…how? No this isn’t..how?”

“That was for Maia” Gar cried and then rushed to Maia’s side, a foolish attempt, he knew she was dead, he had felt her die through their bond. He hugged his fallen apprentice. “I am so sorry, Maia, I didn’t want this, please forgive me, I didn’t.. I couldn’t” Gar could not find the words. He simply lay there, holding her body, crying.  The rustling of robes forced him to look up. It was Master, Sai-Fa.  Only, Gar didn’t feel the light aura of a master, he felt the cold touch of the dark Side. “Sai-Fa?”

“You killed me,  Gar Thorin. I died because of your foolishness!” The Master screamed. Gar felt Maia’s body move under him, her eyes opened, like Sai-Fa, she did not exude the Aura of a Jedi, but rather, darkness flew from her. “Your padawan died because of your failure as a teacher”

“You killed me master” Maia cried. “What did I do to deserve death? Didn’t you care for me?”

“No, I didn't!” He screamed, his hands covering his eyes, he did not want to see; he couldn't. “I didn't kill you! It was Daak!” The world around him turned to smoke, darkness engulfed the world. The voices kept accusing him, haunting him.”I did not fail you!”

Gar awoke in his bed, his night-robes drenched in cold sweat, chest heaving, he called his lightsaber to his hand and ignited the blade. Suddenly relief washed over him.  Remembered where he was and deactivated the blade. His door slid open. The commanding officer entered the room and stared at Gar.
“Well, it looks like you’re awake.”  The commander cleared his throat and began. “We've reached the coordinates, Master Jedi. Master Sum-Baki, is waiting on the bridge for you.”

“Thank you commander, I will be there momentarily” With that, the Officer left Gar to change. Why must the past keep haunting me? He asked himself, sighed and left for the bridge
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