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Post by Wildbantha88 on Wed Sep 03, 2014 10:59 pm

The landing ramp lowered and Darth Necros stepped off his ship into a large hanger. He was on the sith capital ship named "The Decimator". It had abnormally thick armor so it could withstand more punishment than most ships but in every other regard it was just like any other. Necros walked through the hanger and into the hall. As he moved through the hall he past dozens of sith soldiers and officers all loyal to the Dark Council and the Emperor. None of them payed him any attention. Necros was shrouded in the dark side just like Darth Batus when he walked through the pack of tuk'ata. But he was not walking among mindless animals, he was walking among trained sentient creatures and they were much harder to fool. He moved without fear though for before landing he probed the ship with the force and only detected three force wielders on board, they were the only ones he was sure that could see through his cloak, and all three were on the bridge. Coincidently, exactly where he was going.

Two soldiers boarded an elevator and pressed the button that would lead them to the bridge. Necros stepped into the elevator before the doors could close. As the elevator rose the two soldiers chatted to each other about there plans the next time they got a day off, blissfully unaware of Necros standing inches away from them. The door opened and Necros immediately stepped out into the bridge before the two soldiers could bump into him. The bridge was full of captains and engineers stationed at every control panel and screen, none of them aware of the sith that just entered the room. Standing infront of the giant window at the very front of the bridge, over looking the stars, stood three sith lords and one other man. The reason Necros was here, Agent Jace. He had come here because he believed he was safe from Necros here after he had heard of his escape. The fool. The three sith lord turned around all three aware of his presence. Necros didn't bother trying to fool them with his cloak, it would never work. He instead gathered the energy that he had been using to shroud himself into his hand and released it into the air in a powerful attack. Magic crackled through the air and every one in the room, with the exception for Agent Jace, fell to the ground screaming and clutching there heads. Two of the sith fell over as well but one merely dropped to his knees and shook his head. Necros pushed harder, using the collective energy he overcame everyone's will and ravaged there bodies and ended there lives with sith magic. The one siths will, however, stood strong and he was slowly standing to his feet as he overcame Necros magic. Necros didn't bother pushing harder to try and overcome this sith, he called off the assault and reanimated the two sith that had succumbed to his power. Obeying a silent command from there new master they plunged there lightsabers through the third sith before he could completely come too. The two sith then grabbed Agent Jace each by one arm and dragged him helplessly over to Darth Necros.

"What the hell are you?" Jace looked up at Necros from his knees in fear.

"I am a monster of the force, and you were foolish enough to make me angery." Necros towered over the helpless traitor with spite in his eyes. "And now you will suffer."

"Please, don't kill me!" Agent Jace was actually crying. "I'm begging you, show mercy!" Necros looked the man coldly in the eyes.

"Mercy is for the weak." Necros pressed his hand against the mans chest and called heavily on the force. It collected in his body, building up, and then he forced the power through his arm and out of his hand in the form of lightning. The lightning shot straight into Agent Jace's body and began boiling him alive. Agent Jace's head flew back and his mouth open as if to let out a scream but no sound was made. Red boils sequentially rose up on his flesh and then receded. Necros's arm and hand trembled with intense pain but he knew it was only a fraction of the pain Jace was feeling on every inch of his body. Necros pushed harder, the boils became bigger and more rose. Jaces flesh look like it was boiling water. Necros pushed even harder, he wanted this man to suffer dearly. The boils began to pop as they sprung forth, spraying blood in every direction. Chunks of flesh began to fall from Jace's body. Necros didn't let go, even though Jace's body was beyond repair and as soon as he let go Jace would die, he held on. Blood covered Necros and spilled all over the floor, and then finally, Necros released and the unrecognizable corpse of Agent Jace fell to the ground in a smoking heap of charred flesh.

Necros palm was raw and bleeding and his entire right arm shook uncontrollably. He ignored the agony rushing through his arm and hand and made his way to the front of the bridge. There he knelt down in a meditative position and began to chant.

As he chanted the dark side gathered around him. It engulfed him and consumed him, filling the air with a cold uneasy feeling that would make any other creatures spine crawl. Necros felt the dark side swirling around him, he sensed the near infinite power just at the edge of his fingertips. Then he tapped into the power, he felt his body lift off the ground. He condensed the power swirling around him into a shadowy black ball of pure dark side energy between his hands. In that moment he felt like a true monster, a terror out of horror stories that would only be told around camp fire, for he held the dark side in between his hands, it was his servant and he was its master. Then the ball released a pulse of energy that swept through the ship. Necros continued to chant. A few seconds later another pulse and then another, this one coming faster than the last. The pulses released more rapidly with each and every pump of the dark heart that Necros held in his hand. Soon the pulses came with only a millisecond in between and then energy flew from the ball in a constant wave, engulfing the ship in darkness. As the energy released the ball shrank in his hands until there was nothing left. Necros's body began to descend back to the floor, he put his feet down onto the floor and stood there for a second with his eyes closed. The air was thick with the dark side, its energy ran through every inch of the ship. Its very walls were now infused with the dark side. The Decimator was no longer just a sith battle ship, it was now a war machine of the force, a nexus of the dark side. On board Necros sensed no more life from any of the crew members, everyone had been warped into a drone that no longer breathed or thought, a servant of Necros. Only one other living thing other than Necros was on the ship. Necros opened his eyes and smiled.


Nad opened his eyes in a flash. He was in a white room on a white bed with two silver droids hovering over him. He jumped up onto his feet and punched one of the droids in the face with his right arm. He didn't feel the cold metal as his fist connected with the droids metal shell, he didn't feel sharp pain of broken bones in his hand. The droids face dented inwards and it fell to the ground buzzing and whirling as sparks flew from its joints and then it fell silent. Nad looked at his hand and it all dawned on him. Scalva tearing off his arm, Necros dragging him to safety, and these droids must have fitted him with a cybernetic arm. The arm looked just like his real one had, it looked and moved like a real arm, but it wasn't his arm. It was fake. Nad clenched his fist and started pulling at the covering that made the arm look like a real one, revealing the wires and gadgets beneath. The other medical droid pleaded with him to stop but he ignored the droid completely. This arm wasn't his arm, it was just a peace of machinery. He stared at the wires in his new arm. He swallowed, and stood up.

This arm was a piece of technology and it was a part of him now. Just like his blaster was a part of his hand. Technology could be a weapon and so could this arm. Marched through the hallways of the ship, passing dozens of sith military dressed men and woman whos faces were pale white and eyes dark black. He didn't bother to ask, with these sith around nothing could surprise him. Plus he had more important things to worry about. As long as none of them got in his way. Following the hallways he finally came to the hanger, and there it was, the interceptor class ship Necros had probably flew in on. He marched onto the ship, pushing past Chatter Box, and right to Darth Pheenoms weapons locker. He opened it up and snatched out the green shoto lightsaberhe had seen Necros practice with. He then sat down at the workbench and started tinkering with his arm.

An hour and a half later Nad was done with his work. His new arm no longer looked like his real arm, it was now thicker and shiny. Attached to the back of his wrist was the shoto lightsaber, encased by glistening silver metal. He installed the wiring so that he could activate the lightsaber on command with out moving any part of his body. Also while working on his arm he took the liberty of upgrading the arms strength and speed. It wasn't an arm to use for everyday life anymore, it was a weapon and he would treat it as such. Satisfied with his handy work he stood up and pulled his blaster with his left hand while activating the lightsaber on the back of his right hand. He gave the blade a few swings then shut it off and began making his way to the bridge, no doubt that Necros would be there.


Necros sat meditating on the force on the bridge. The power that surrounded the ship was intense. The energy created by the ritual made him feel empowered. The door slid open and he sensed Nad walk in. He opened his eyes and stood up. He was taken back and surprised to see Nad sporting a silvery metallic metal arm.

"It looks like you are ready to start earning credits again." Necros remarked.

"Earning credits and getting hot twi'lek girlfriends." Nad teased. Necros chuckled but then his expression became more serious.

"After all that happened I doubt you would want to stick around here any more, so if you want you can go back to your old life of collecting bounties." Necros paused. " And you can take my ship as compensation."

"Oh no," Nad shook his head, "Your not getting rid of me that easily. I have lost to much to just walk away from this all. " He said looking down at his metallic arm, then his face split into a grin. "Besides with all these ugly people walking around this ship, you need at least one good looking person aboard." Necros chuckled.

"It looks like you made some enhancements to your arm." Necros pointed out. Nad activated the green blade and began examining it.

"I plan on cutting up that witch responsible for taking my arm." Nad sneered.

"Well if your series about this, we can have you mindlessly running around like a wild bantha." Necros stated, "Your going to need to know how to use that thing, which means, i'm going to train you."

"Does that mean I have to cancel my date with this beautiful lady?" Nad joked putting his arm around one of the female zombies on board the bridge. The zombie shrugged Nad off.

"It looks like she's not interested in you." Necros teased. "Now let the training begin."


Darth Ayin knelt in the center of the Dark Counsel chambers, with Darth Scalva stood next to her. The eyes of the Dark Counsel masters looming upon them.

"Kneel" She hissed, and Scalva abruptly obeyed. Ayin finished her bow and rose, Scalva stayed kneeling. "Get up!" Ayin barked, Scalva complied. Silence consumed the room for a second that seemed to linger for an eternity.

"What is this creature you have brought before us?" Darth Mortis broke the silence. "Why have you not brought us the body of Darth Necros?"

"My lords, I beg your forgiveness. My target escaped before I could land the killing blow."

"Escaped!" This time Darth Ravage was the one to speak, "How is this possible? Surely he has not grown stronger than our most trusted assassin."

"Maybe she is growing weak. Perhaps our faith in her is misplaced." Another counsel master suggested.

Ayin shook her head. "My skills are just as sharp as ever."

"Then explain to us how he managed to escape." Darth Ravage leaned forward in his seat.

"He has companions that got in the way. The bounty hunter Nad Talsek being one of them, but he has been dealt with."

"So Nad Talsek is dead then?" Darth Mortis questioned.

"No, but this beast here ripped his arm off." Ayin gestured to Scalva.

"Ah yes." This time it Darth Marr spoke, " I have been curious about this 'beast' as you call it. I cannot sense its presence in the force"

"I notice this too." Darth Mortis added, "Its almost as if its completely dead."

"That is because this beast is dead" Ayin said "What stands before you is the dead body of Darth Scalva!" Whispers simmered through the room.

"How is that possible? Darth Scalva was a very powerful sith, for Necros to have done this to her, he must be immensely powerful." Darth Ravage furrowed his brow.

"She was the other companion that got in my way. He transformed her into a weapon." Ayin explained, "She is a brutish combatant that lacks true skill, but she was a surprise that will catch you unprepared. If you don't recognize this in time, she will kill you with out mercy. She nearly ended me due to this ex-factor."

"I am intrigued," Darth Marr sat forward in his high throne like chair. " What is this surprise that could nearly kill one of the best duelist in the empire?"

"She feels nothing, no pain, no remorse, no hesitation." Ayin paused. "And she is nearly unkillable."

"What do you mean by 'unkillable'?" Darth Ravage questioned. Ayin replied by putting her lightsaber against Scalvas chest and activating it. Scalva didn't even flinch as she was impaled. The room filled with gasps and whispers. Ayin deactivated the lightsaber. "Heal!" She barked. The hole in Scalvas chest filled with a green smoke and then a few seconds later disappeared.

"Impossible!" Darth Mortis exclaimed in amassment.

"She is only a shell, she must obey her master. Right now I am her master but I am afraid that will change the next time Necros encounters her. I was able to gain control of her but Necros has a connection to her mind. I cannot keep her from her true master."

"You have done well," Darth Marr said rising to his feet. "You failed to bring us Necros body but instead you brought us a powerful weapon." Darth Mortis and Ravage also rose to there feet and began walking towards Ayin. She tensed up. "Darth Necros will fall in time, but Darth Scalva will help us strike fear into the hearts of our enemy." All three sith lords stood around Darth Scalva now, " And Darth Necros will never have her back again, because the Dark Counsil is her true master now!" Each one of them lay a hand on Scalvas head, the power of the dark side gathered in the center of the room, embodied by the three sith. Darth Scalvas body jolted as the Dark Counsel masters raised mental barriers in Scalvas mind. A few seconds later they released. " She is yours now Ayin, use her to bring down Darth Necros before he can cause any more trouble."

"Yes my masters." Ayin bowed.

"And one more thing. We know of the rivalry between Darth Necros and Darth Inimicus. And we have just heard news that Necros has stolen one of our command ships and disappeared into space." Darth Marr explained in his voice that belittled all before him, "Therefor to draw him to you. You will be traveling with Darth Inimicus. He is now apart of this assignment." Darth Marr stood over Ayin like a towering colossus." That is all."

"Yes my lords" Ayin bowed. "Come along dog!" She ordered. As she walked out of the room she clenched he fist in anger. How dare they insult me by assigning me to a lesser! Her she screamed in her thoughts out of anger.


Inimicus stood in the main hall of the sith academy on Korriban. Students buzzed around him, scurrying off to the next lesson or secret plot in a desperate attempt to stay alive. Inimicus was glad not to be apart of that anymore. He never believed that he would ever be over come, not by Necros. But he never believed that Necros would still be alive even after he was made a Darth. Darth Ayin finnaly was seen maing her way down the long stair case from the second floor. Her cession with the Dark Counsel must have just ended. Hate radiated from her like steam from boiling water. This made Inimicus smile. Ayin stormed towards him.

"Your Darth Inimicus?" She asked abruptly.

"Yea I am." Ayin crossed her arms as she looked him from head to toe.

"Heavy armor, two lightsabers." She noted, "Just like I thought. The Dark Counsel assigned me to someone who is only going to get in my way." Anger erupted inside Inimicus like a volcano.

"Hey!" He yelled grabbing ahold of Ayin by the coller of her robe. "I am twice as strong as Necros is! And I don't like being assigned to you either. That welp is my kill not yours!" The students stopped what they were doing to watch what was going on.

"He is my target," Ayin hissed "My kill!" She put her hand against Inimicus's stomach and sent a burst of lightning coursing through him. He released her and stumbled back a few steps, falling to his knees. The students around them looked impressed. The rage inside Inimicus only grew. She dared embarrass him, in front of students no less!

He leaped forward activating both his lightsabers and bringing them both down towards her head. She activated her double bladed lightsaber in a flash and caught both his blades with one of hers. She swung at his belly with her other side, Inimicus jumped backwards just in time. Planting both feet firmly in the ground he lauched himself straight towards her, swinging with both blades at her throat. She spun her lightsaber, deflecting both his blades with ease. She then put the other blade of her lightsaber right next to his throat. Inimicus dropped his lightsabers reluctantly.

"Your clumsy and unskilled." She remarked. "Now kneel."

"I will never kneel!" He spat on Ayins feet. Her eyes darkened with anger. Quickly spinning her lightsaber she cut Inimicus across the chest, slicing straight through his armor. His pride hurt more than his body, knowing that the students were all watching these events unfold.

"Kneel you brute or else I swear on the Emperors name I will kill you." Ayin voice nearly trembled as she spoke. Inimicus never felt more hatred for anyone in his life before, not for Batus or any of the masters or even Darth Necros. He made a mental vow that he would kill both Necros and Ayin and then he fell to his knees and bowed his head. "Good boy." The edges of Ayins mouth rose ever so slightly. Then she knelt down infront of him and pinched his chin between two of her fingers, and looked him dead in the eyes. "The only reason I didn't kill you right here and now is that the Dark Counsel is already uneasy that I didn't kill Necros already. So I am forced to play there game. This is how this is going to work. You will listen to me from now on. You will do as I say and you will follow my every command. If you don't, I will not hesitate to kill you." Inimicus sneered at Ayin. " And I am going to train you, so that you can actually be useful to me. From now on I own you. Just like I own that beast over there." Ayin said nodding in the direction of the emotionless slave known as Darth Scalva." Is that understood?" Inimicus didn't respond. Ayin slapped him across the face. " I said. Is that understood?" Inimicus wished he could reach out and snap her neck right now.

"Yes." Inimicus said lowly. "That is understood." Ayin smiled and stood up.

"Now rise." She ordered, Inimicus reluctantly obeyed. The students erupted into cheers and laughter. Inimicus clenched his fist. "I hate you." He growled at Ayin.

"Like wise" She replied

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