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Post by Emperordmb on Mon Dec 29, 2014 6:01 pm

As per her force abilities, it is reasonable to assume she would develop a high level of competence with telekinesis. She would also certainly expand upon her talents with precognition, perhaps opening some other sense based force abilities, such as perhaps shatterpoint. She'd also work on her force suppression technique which could perhaps lead her to other control techniques in the force, such as perhaps tutaminis.

As per her fighting style, I'd assume it would be Juyo. She seems ferocious enough to be an ideal Juyo practitioner. It would also make logical sense for her to wield Juyo, as wielding an unpredictable style when being able to predict your opponent's every move would provide an enormous advantage in combat.

Her armament I assume would include a lightsaber, but it also seems likely that her arsenal would include plenty of other unorthodox weapons she has familiarized herself with in her time as "The Huntress" It would also make her even more unpredictable against predictable opponents and allow her identity as a Sith Lord to remain unnoticed.

As per how she killed Zannah I'd assume it was in a fair fight. She seemed to pick up on the Rule of Two and Bane's principles really quickly, even throwing an apprentice out later on for said tenants, so I doubt pussying out would be her style. A fair fight seems even more likely for her when considering she could wait until she knows she's powerful enough to win, using her precog to determine this. She also seems perfectly specced to take Zannah down. Her precog and force suppression have got to be very effective against fighting a sorcerer class opponent, for whom surprises and force abilities are their bread and butter. Cognus, being able to handle Zannah's sorcery in this manner would go for the kill in bladed combat. Given my speculations on her style and armament, she would be a very unpredictable fighter, making her harder for Zannah's soresu to defend against. Cognus's precognition would allow her to eventually find an opening and kill Zannah with it.

As per her role in the Grand Plan I see it as very likely that she would do plenty to control the economy and various businesses given her advanced precognition and visions of the future.

This is my speculation on Cognus so far, and I'm curious to hear what you all think about it. I personally think I did a very decent job of it.

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