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Post by Emperordmb on Mon Dec 29, 2014 6:07 pm

As per his force abilities, it is reasonable to assume he would develop a high level of competence with telekinesis, as of course someone who posed a significant threat to Plagueis must've had at the very least a strong Telekinetic defense. He also possessed the ability to levitate himself using the force. Plagueis also sensed him preparing to unleash a force storm, so lightning related abilities certainly fall under his lapel.

As per his fighting style, Venamis was stated to know multiple forms, mixing and switching between them while dueling Plagueis. I think I can pick out the styles that he is likely familiar with. First of all, he was stated to be an expert in Plagueis's own style, which I personally believe to be Niman based on his distaste for dueling and frequent incorporation of force based attacks in his fighting style, so I believe Niman is one of the styles Venamis knows. Another style that would seem to be in his repertoire is Makashi, as he is noted to fight with precision and accuracy, utilizes a shiim strike, and the fact that this is supported by his Bith physiology. Ataru also seems to be a style he is familiar with as at one point in their duel he is described as "twirling his surprisingly limber body" and at another he leaps into the trees. With talent in Niman and Ataru as well as being ambidextrous, it is very likely that Venamis is also familiar with Jar'kai. One of the unorthodox forms he seems to have skill in would be Trispzest, as he fights at one point while levitating in the air. This fighting style also contains elements of Juyo, which could likely be another form he has under his belt given his ferocious fast paced offensive. So in short he appears to be familiar with Forms II, IV, VI, VII, Jar'kai and the less conventional Trispzest.

His armament of course includes his lightsaber, which is noted to have a hilt made of crimson wood. It is likely he also had a second lightsaber or a shoto for training purposes given that he has what I speculate to be familiarity with Jar'kai. And of course he almost certainly doesn't utilize sonic weaponry given his species vulnerability to it.

As per his role in the Grand Plan I think it's very obvious. Venamis was meant to replace Plagueis. Plagueis often disagreed with Tenebrous on many things, Tenebrous expressed doubt in Plagueis, and Plagueis didn't become the Sith Lord Tenebrous wanted him to be. Then of course there's also the fact that Tenebrous apparently gave orders for him to kill Plagueis.

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