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Tulak Hord Speculation Empty Tulak Hord Speculation

Post by Emperordmb on Mon Dec 29, 2014 6:10 pm

As per his force abilities, it was said that Tulak Hord pulled a ship around 300 meters long down from the sky. It is unknown whether he did it of his own power, with assistance from other Sith Lords, with the use of artifacts, with the use of rituals, etc, but either way it demonstrates a high level of skill and mastery with Telekinesis. It is also likely that Tulak Hord was familiar and skilled with rituals given the ritual Darth Zash attempts.

As per his fighting style, given that this was earlier in the lightsaber's history I'm not sure all of the lightsaber forms had been discovered yet, so it's likely his form of choice was one of the earlier forms. Given this and his reputation as a duelist and lightsaber master, it's likely his form of choice was Makashi, the most dueling-centric of the seven forms and the second form created. This fits his reputation as a duelist as well as how relatively ancient he was. It is likely however that he compensated for Makashi's weakness against blaster wielding opponents given his reputation on the battle field.

Tulak Hord's armament obviously included a lightsaber which was eventually found by Darth Marr. It's also likely he adorned and used many dark side artifacts given how Zash collects these artifacts to attempt her ritual.

As per his master's death I'd think he killed him to rise to power, or he died fighting the Jedi (assuming Tulak Hord had a master).

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