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Darth Marr Speculation Empty Darth Marr Speculation

Post by Emperordmb on Mon Dec 29, 2014 6:15 pm

As per his force abilities, Darth Marr ascended to the Dark Council in his early twenties and held his spot for forty years while maintaining a leadership role amongst the other Dark Councilors, so this implies a great strength in the force. Darth Marr demonstrated force lightning lethal to a Sith Lord during his first couple of years on the Dark Council which shows that force lightning is in his repertoire as well as suggesting that he had decades to improve his power in this area. It's also almost certain that his telekinetic abilities were highly advanced, and given his Juggernaut like appearance it is likely he was talented with force choke.

As per his fighting style, given his bulky appearance and heavy battle armor, it's likely he specialized in Djem So. Given the fact that he possessed Tulak Hord's lightsaber (a legendary Sith duelist), it's also very likely that he was skilled with a blade.

Darth Marr possessed Tulak Hord's lightsaber as well as heavy battle armor and given his appearance I suspect he implemented some cybernetics into his body for augmentation purposes.

As per how he claimed his position and held it for as long as he did, I'd say he got on their by virtue of being very powerful, badass, and intimidating, as he ascended at a fairly early age and despite this managed to hold his seat for forty years while maintaining a leadership role. It's safe to say that his reputation also helps out quite a bit in maintaining control.

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Post by Sinious on Thu May 07, 2015 6:24 am

He is also extremely fast. IIRC, he f**ks with his apprentice's mind by being too fast.
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