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Hero of Tython Speculation Empty Hero of Tython Speculation

Post by Emperordmb on Mon Dec 29, 2014 6:17 pm

I'm going to speculate on gender first so that it will be easier to refer to the Hero later on in my post. I think the Hero of Tython is a guy. First of all there's the fact that the Hero was powering through Vitiate's FLS and holding back his lightning later on, which requires a lot of physical strength which guys are typically superior in due to having more hormones such as adrenaline or testosterone. There's also the fact that Hero of Tython sounds more masculine a title than feminine. As I have now speculated the Hero of Tython to be a male, I will use masculine pronouns from this point on.

As per his race there's a few we can quickly rule out. First of all Twi'lek has the least human appearance of all of them and the Hero never runs across any discrimination so that one's off the table. Miraluka is also off the table as he visually observes the devastation of Uphrades. Mirialan also seems unlikely as they seem more consular-like and specced more for flexibility and agility rather than strength. Human and Zabrak are the two most likely, though I'm leaning Zabrak for their physical strength and their typical determination and belief that nothing is truly impossible, which fits perfectly with the Hero of Tython for his belief that anyone can be redeemed.

As per his class I'm thinking Jedi Guardian. Though I personally think he'd be cooler as a sentinel, he needs the strength specialization and the two handed grip to hold off lightning of Vitiate's caliber. Because of this it is very likely that he is a guardian and not a sentinel.

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