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Agent Jace stood outside of his space ship on a remote moon in the outer rim. He was a human of average height. His hair was golden and short and his eyes blue. A scar ran across his right cheek. He wore standard military personnel clothing, fitted with badges he had earned in service of the empire. Two guards stood to his right and left.

A ship landed in front of him and he was forced to raise his hand in order to shield his eyes. This ship would be carrying the man who had contacted him, the traitor Darth Necros. Jace had been a loyal servant to Necros's late master, Darth Batus, and many of the tasks he had done in his favor were less than loyal to the empire.

The ships ramp lowered and Darth Necros exited the ship along side an ugly and hideously deformed twi'lek and the bounty hunter Nad Talsek. Darth Necros was a human of average height. His hair was short and dark as the night. His eyes were a malicious yellow color. His face was handsome and unblemished aside from a few dark veins branching off from his eyes, an appearance many sith had come by. He wore standard apprentice robes but they were torn and tattered. As Necros stepped off the landing ramp all of Jaces guards began clutching at their throats. A moment later they fell to the ground, dead.

"There can be no witnesses to this meeting." Necros explained, as the frightening man stood before Jace. "This meeting never happened."

"I do trust my own men, my lord" Jace replied. Sith were so aggravating sometimes, they thought all there problems could be solved by killing and they didn't think twice to kill anyone.

"I don't." Necros said staring Jace in his own eyes with his evil yellow ones.

"Well, should we get down to business?" Jace said, unhinged by Necros sinister appearance.

"You were my masters loyal servant. Someone who could be relied on to get things done." Necros began, "I hope that we can have the same relationship as you and my master once did. And of course your credit account will see the benefits."

Jace pretended to ponder the offer for a bit, when in reality he had already made his choice. It was the only choice he could make if he wanted to live. He doubted he could just say "No" and walk away unharmed.

"I believe such a partnership could be beneficial to both parties." He finally replied, "And I would think its reasonable to assume that you already have something in mind that you wish for me to do."

"That is correct," Darth Necros's face split into a grin. Darth Necros then continued to explain the situation and what he wished Jace to do. He wanted Jace to set a trap where Darth Necros could confront Darth Inimicus where no one could interfere.

"I will see what I can do." Agant Jace replied, "I will contact you with all the information when the preparations are complete."

"See that you do." Necros said, walking back onto his ship and soaring off into the sky. Agent Jace stood there as the ship took off into the sky. He let out a long breath to dissipate the tension he had just felt. He then walked back onto his ship and took off into the sky, leaving his dead guards still laying in the dirt.

A month had past since Necros met with Agent Jace but still no reply. Necros was becoming impatient and traveled to a remote planet in the outer rim to train. Nad had become impatient after only a week of waiting. He left the ship to "get drunk and hit on women" as he had said before he left. Necros had changed from his old apprentice robes into some new ones from Darth Pheenoms little armory. He also picked out a green lightsaber shoto and began training against Scalva with it. He was in the middle of one of these training session when Chatter Box came shuffling down the ships ramp.

"Excuse me, sir!" The droid exclaimed loudly to be heard over the clashing of blades, the battle raged on. "Excuse me, sir!" He yelled this time louder. Necros sidestepped away from right in front of Chatter Box as Scalva brought her blade down where Necros used to be, narrowly missing the droid.

"Stop." Necros ordered Scalva. "What do you want Chatter Box?"

"Well, I would appreciate it if you stopped calling me Chatter Box." Necros gave the droid an unimpressed look. "Also, we just received a transition from Agent Jace. He said that the preparation are all complete, and that he would like to speak with you."

"Good, I will speak with Agent Jace. In the mean time, you contact Nad." Necros ordered, "Make sure he has plenty of time to sober up." He added on with a smile.

"Yes sir." The droid replied and scurried back onto the ship. Necros entered the ship as well, followed by Scalva. He walked over to the comstable and attempted to form a connection with Agent Jace. Before long a blue image of the agent was standing before him.

"The preparations are complete my lord." The agent said almost immediately. " I am sending you the time and location now."

"Does Inimicus expect anything?" Necros asked.

"No he is completely unaware of the situation. You should have no problem catching him off guard." Agent Jace said. " I would like to request that you don't contact me on this frequency again. You have to understand that going against the Dark Counsel is very dangerous and precautions must be taken." Necros nodded in agreement. " I wish you the best of luck." Agent Jace recited then immediately cut off communications.

Necros looked over the information. Inimicus would be visiting a small research station above the planet Agamar. The research station would house maybe two armed guards but the rest would be defenseless researchers and scientists. Necros would arrive a few hours before Inimicus, and would kill him once and for all. Necros smiled, finally he would have his revenge.


The research station came into view. It was a small metal elongated tube with rounded ends. Nad had joined them again and, amazingly, was sober. As the ship approached the research station Necros felt the dark side emanating from the research station. Something was wrong, had Inimicus reached the station ahead of time? No, this power was far beyond Inimicus, this was different entirely and it sent chills down Necros's spine. As there ship docked the feeling only grew. Necros clenched his fist was a Dark Counsel master waiting for him?

Necros, Scalva, and Nad all exited the ship. Nad had a serious look about his face with his blaster drawn. Even without the force he must felt something was wrong as well. They walked through the hallway of the station on high alert, the dark side growing stronger with every step. He opened the door to the main lab. Inside were dozens of armed guards and a hooded figure talking to the blue avatar of Agent Jace on a comstable. He had lead them into a trap! The cloaked figure was the apex of the power Necros had felt.

The cloaked figure turned around, and lowered its hood. It was a chiss woman.

chapter 18

All the guards in the room pointed there blasters at Darth Necros and his companions. Nad pointed his blaster back as Necros and Scalva activated there lightsabers.

"Ah, you have arrived." Agent Jace spoke from the safety of the comstable. "As you can see there has been a slight change of plan." He said motioning to all the guards in the room.

"You just made a grave mistake." Necros let his voice go deep and threatening.

"Actually, going along with your insignificant ploy for revenge would have been the mistake." Jace corrected. " You see, the Dark Counsel learned of all the things I did while serving under Darth Batus and they graciously offered me a chance at redemption, your death."

"I am going to kill you." Necros said menacingly.

"I highly doubt that." Jace said, "I will now leave you in more than capable hands." The coms ended and Jace faded.

Necros turned his attention to the chiss standing before him. Her hair was black and she had a black line tattooed across her eyes. He didn't need Darth Batus's knowledge to know who she was. Her name is Darth Ayin, one of the Dark Counsels most deadly and trusted assassins. If the Dark Counsel had sent her to kill him, then he knew they were not messing around.

"You have been a difficult assignment," Darth Ayin spoke, "Most of my targets don't last longer than a couple of days." She pulled the long lightsaber hilt from her belt into her hand and activated it. A red line sprung from either end of it. " But now, its time for your head to removed from your body."

"Scalva, protect Nad until all the guards are dead, then help me engage her." Necros whispered to Scalva so that Ayin couldn't here.

"Attack him!" Ayin yelled and the room erupted in blaster fire.

Scalva jumped in front of Nad who pressed his back against hers, using her as cover. He popped out of cover and fired three shots, three guards died. Scalvas body jerked as she got hit with blaster fire. She held out her hand and sent lightning flying into a few of the guards. They erupted into screams, and then a few seconds later fell silent as they died. Nad popped out from behind her again rolling a thermal detonator across the floor towards a group of guards. The explosion rocked the room with a deafening sound. Nad rolled out from behind Scalva and darted sideways across the room, firing his blaster as he did. A few more guards fell, there were only a few left. A guard close to Nad pulled out a vibroblade and charged at him. He sidestepped as the guard lunged at him, attempting to impale him. He twisted around behind the guard, grabbing his sword arm, and pushing on the guards elbow until it snapped and the guard dropped the blade. He wrapped his left arm around the guards neck spun them both around to face the remaining guards. Only two guards were left, while he had engaged the guard Scalva had launched into a frenzy. The two guards fired at Nad but the bolts crashed into the guard Nad was holding in front of him. Nad reached his blaster around the guard and fired two shots, the remaining guards died.

As soon as Ayin gave the order to attack she leaped through the air, bringing her blade down on Necros. Necros blocked the attack. She followed up with a stab at Necros's belly, he barely parried the attack. She then launched into a swift frenzy of strikes, hitting with one end of her lightsaber and then immediately after, the other. Necros could barely keep up, she was faster and much better trained, he was forced into a retreat as he just barely blocked every strike from his masterful opponent. She then swung at his feet, he barely jumped over her blade. She raised her hand and sent him flying painfully against the metal bulkhead only three meters away. Necros used the force to soften the blow but it still knocked the air from his lungs and sent pain shooting through his back. She swung at his midsection but Necros jumped over the blade, pushing off of the wall, he launched himself over Ayin onto the other side of the room. Just as he landed an explosion rocked the room. A few guards turned to engage him but they died within seconds. Ayin charged across the large room in a split second, engaging Necros again. She swung at his head, he ducked under the blade. She followed up by swinging low, nearly cutting him in half. He jumped back out of the way and unleashed a quick stream of lightning. The lightning met her blade with no effect and she kicked him in the chin, flinging him onto his back. She raised her blade to bring it down through his heart, but she stopped short as she was forced to block a barrage of blaster bolts shot by Nad. All the guards in the room were dead and now it was three against one.

Necros was on his feet again and he swung at Ayins head. She caught his blade with one of her own and initiated a blade lock. Nad fired a few more shots but she took one of her hands off of the hilt of her lightsaber and caught the bolts. She then unleashed a quick stream of lightning that engulfed Nad and flung him across the room where he lay incapacitated. Scalva joined the fight, swinging at Ayin while she was still in a blade lock. Ayin simply jumped backwards and that attack missed. Necros and Scalva both pushed the offensive but Ayin began spinning her blade with amazing speed, deflecting the attacks from both Necros and Scalva. Necros augmented his speed to as far as he could but the effort did nothing to Ayins defensive wall. Suddenly Ayin jumped into the air, unexpectedly kicking both Necros and Scalva in the face as she hurled over them. As she landed she drove the one end of her lightsaber through Scalvas body and with her other hand she sent currents of lighting slamming into Necros. Necros was hurled across the room landing right next to Nad who was beginning to come too.

Scalva used Ayins attempted finishing strike as an opening to kill Ayin. Ayin was to fast though and jumped backwards across the room. She landed and held out her hand, summoning the lightsaber to her hand that was still resting in Scalvas chest. Scalva charged at Ayin but alone she was no match for Ayin. Ayin blocked the blade and spun her own weapon in a way the force Scalvas ligthsaber out of her hand. Scalva swung with her fists at Ayin but she simply dodged the strikes. She deactivated her lightsaber and grabbed Scalvas head with both hand looking her straight in the eyes. Ayins red irises seemed to consume her entire eye as she looked into Scalvas. Ayins deep blood red eyes stared straight into Scalvas dead cloudy white eyes.

"You are mine now." Ayin said and released. Scalva stood there unmoving.

Nad was on his feet with his blaster in hand. He ran across the room firing a consistant stream of bolts at Ayin, who activated her lightsaber and back up as she deflected the bolts.

"Kill him." Ayin yelled at Scalva as Nad ran past the still frozen in place zombie. As soon as the order was given Scalvas hand snapped up grabbing Nab by his right bicep. Her grip was so tight that his arm snapped from the pressure. She put her other hand on Nads shoulder and began to pull. Nad erupted into a scream of intense pain as Scalvas pulled on his arm, her face giving the same dead expression as ever. Tendons tore and bones snapped as Scalva mercilessly pulled. The tearing sound was drowned out by Nads screams of agony as his right arm came free of his shoulder. His hand flew up to his right shoulder, clutching it as his cloths became soaked in his own blood. Scalva stood over him, holding his arm in her hand.

Necros came too just as Nads arm came free of his body. The sounds of his screams were the only sound that could be heard in the room. Necros sent magic though out the room, the dead guards slowly rose to there feet, then stampeded towards Sclava and Ayin. Scalva was tackled by a horde of reanimated corpses. Controlling two of his new minions, they pulled the screaming Nad over to Necros. The zombies would never kill either Ayin or Scalva but they would buy them enough time to escape. Necros used the force to augment his strength. He picked up Nad and darted down the hallway towards the hanger. Necros set Nad down on the couch in the main room of the starship and rushed into the cockpit.

The starship flew out of the hanger carrying the still screaming Nad, and leaving Darth Scalva and Ayin behind.

chapter 19

Necros sat in the pilots seat and screamed with anger and frustration. Your so damn blind! He howled in his mind. He stood up and stormed out into the main room where Nad now lay unconscious from either blood loss or trauma. Chatter Box was hurriedly applying bandages in an attempt to stop the bleeding. Necros marched past them in a fit of anger like a raging storm. He began parading back and forth, his mind was like a raging fire. I'm so stupid He repeated in his thoughts. His mind was growing more painful and his vision was beginning to blur. So arrogant! So foolish! He howled in his mind, ignoring the fact that his muscles were weakening and his ear were ringing. He fell to his knees, Chatter Box was moving towards him and saying something but Necros couldn't hear him. His muscles quivered as though he were being held down by some invisible force. All of his surroundings became consumed by a black smoke that formed a bubble around him. The ringing stopped and his vision regained its clarity.

"Yes you are." A deep echoing voice erupted from every direction and the black smoke around him began to swirl. "Foolish indeed." Necros was to stunned to talk. The invisible weight on his body surged harder every time the voice spoke. "Foolish to believe that you had truly slain the mighty Darth Ferox!" Necros eyes widened in fear. This couldn't be possible, he destroyed his spirit back in the tomb. But no, he sensed it. It was the unmistakable presence of Darth Ferox. The dark hole that Ferox's spirit created in the force now surrounded Necros in the bubble of black smoke around him.

"You are supposed to be dead, how are you here?" Laughter erupted at the conclusion of the question, and the smoke contracted and retracted like a pair of lungs.

"I am dead, physically. But in the force I have never been more alive. You thought you destroyed me in the tomb but even with the stone you failed to even hurt me." The smoke shook with every word spoken.

"Why did you pretend to be dead?" Necros managed to lift his head from under the great weight on him. "Why allow me to waist the legacy to your power if you knew it would all be in vain?" Ferox again bellowed in laughter.

"That petty stone was not the legacy to my power, you are." The smoke seamed to be closing in closer to Necros, "You are the living embodiment of all my life's work. You must become the ultimate sorcerer, then and only then will you realize fully what that means. I said that you would unleash a monster and you will. But that time has not yet come, you have still much to learn."

"But I know all of your spells." Necros replied.

"Foolish boy!" Ferox barked and red lightning flashed in the black smoke. "Knowing a few spells does not make you the ultimate sorcerer. You simple toy with the dark side. But to reach your goal, you must become one with it. You must prove that you are the master of the arcane." The smoke was only inches away from him now and the weight upon him was so great that he felt that he might be crushed under the pressure. "When you do we will speak again."

The smoke around him retreated away in a sudden rush and the force that weighed Necros down disappeared. Chatter Box was still moving towards him, finishing the sentence he had started before the whole things happened.

"Are you okay, sir? You don't look very well." Chatter Box moved in to assist Necros get up. Apparently Necros was the only one who experienced Feroxs spirit.

"Im fine." Necros said pushing the droids hands off of him and getting up himself.

"Look at that poor man laying over there." The droid said gesturing to Nad. "And now you can't even stand on your own two feet. This is all just evidence that you need to stop leading such a destructive life style. I would say that next you might get one of us killed but the absence of that frightening twi'lek leads me to believe that you already have." The droids hand moved up to its mouth as a frightening thought dawned on it. "Next it might be me! Oh please drop me off at the nearest space port, I want off this ship!" Necros walked past the droid, back into the cockpit. He sat down in the pilots seat and started typing in coordinates. "Where are we going now?" The droid questioned.

"To find Agent Jace." Necros answered, a new determination in his bright yellow eyes
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