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Post by Emperordmb on Mon Dec 29, 2014 6:18 pm

I'm going to speculate on gender first so that it will be easier to refer to Nox later on in my post. I think Darth Nox is a girl. A girl would better fit with the seductive and subtle nature of the dark side. I don't take class trailers as canon, however in the sith inquisitor trailer, the inquisitor's voice has a seductive purr that just screams this is Darth Fucking Nox! Nox has also been quite sassy at times with the slapping away of Thanaton's lightning, the arm crossing, the head shaking, the subtle arm movements when forcing Thanaton to his knees, and the backhand lightning slap. Overall Nox fits better as a female and female fits better for this class. As I have now speculated Darth Nox to be a female, I will use feminine pronouns from this point on.

As per her race, I think Nox was either a Sith Pureblood or a Human. There's the fact that Nox's ascension to the Dark Council happened rather smoothly despite her only being a Lord, and given the Dark Council's speciesism, this means that Nox almost certainly was either a Human or Sith Pureblood. Nox was however a slave at the beginning of her life, which rules out Sith Pureblood as a likely possibility, while her smooth promotion to the Dark Council rules out everything but Human and Sith Pureblood as likely possibilities. This suggests that Nox was most likely a Human

As per her class I think she is most likely a Sith Sorceress. Given the fact that she straight up faced Thanaton and dominated him with her power means that she was likely the power specced sorcerer rather than the stealth specced assassin. She also delved into many rituals such as force walk and assisting Zash with hers. What is perhaps the icing on the cake is her becoming the leader of the sphere of ancient knowledge which better fits a Sorcerer than an assassin.

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