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Post by Emperordmb on Mon Dec 29, 2014 6:19 pm

I'm going to speculate on gender first so that it will be easier to refer to Barsen'thor later on in my post. I think Barsen'thor is a girl. A girl would better fit with the stereotypical healer role Barsen'thor has been placed in, using the shielding technique on victims of the Dark Plague. I also already gave the Hero a male designation so a female designation for Barsen'thor would make more sense for the sake of diversity. As I have now speculated Barsen'thor to be a female, I will use feminine pronouns from this point on.

As per her race, I think Barsen'thor was most likely a Mirialan. Mirialans as a species had a high number of force sensitives and practiced their own primitive religious understanding of the force. A perfect fit for a force specced Jedi.

As per her class, this was one of the tougher ones to figure out to be perfectly honest. Her shielding technique and great telekinetic strength suggest that she is a Sage, while her defeating the First Son in a duel in a cave suggests that she is a Shadow. However given that I already gave the knowledge/power force specced position to Nox, it seems much more fitting to give the stealth/combat specced position to Barsen'thor.

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