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Post by Emperordmb on Mon Dec 29, 2014 6:24 pm

As per his force powers it's reasonable to assume that he wielded the same powers of bodily control and augmentation as his fellow Matukai though to a higher extent. This makes him quite impressive physically, though not to the extent that he could stomp council members. Physically he might be around Grievous level. It's also reasonable to assume that such a high ranking member of a force affiliated organization that he maintained a reasonable level of competence with telekinesis though his skills in this area and other external applications of the force are relatively undeveloped given the Matukai's specialization on the physical body as they made their bodies the primary focus of their force abilities.

As per his armament he almost certainly wielded the wan-shen like his fellow Matukai as well as their fucking robes and shit.

As per his fighting style he likely wielded some sort of Matukai martial art which likely combined the use of wan-shens and hand to hand combat.

So all in all he's alright, but he's really no better than Grievous based on what we know, so he should probably avoid gungans.

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