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Post by Emperordmb on Mon Dec 29, 2014 6:24 pm

As per his force abilities, I believe Obi-wan became more focused on the force in his later years, learning how to become a force ghost in this exile. I am going to base much of my speculation for this on Kenobi's capabilities in TFU: Ultimate Sith Edition. He appears to be talented in force valor, being able to use it to the point where he can defend against Vader's blows despite his age. TFU: USE implies that he can augment his speed to the point where he can dash at opponents. He also at one point appears to use telekinetic force behind a stab with his lightsaber. The most interesting ability he uses in the Ultimate Sith Edition is a mental attack that disorients his opponents. Though the TFU dark side path is non-canon, Obi-wan's studies in the force on Tatooine would facilitate an increased level of harmony with the force allowing him to use force valor to increase his speed at strength to such levels as depicted in TFU: USE, something somewhat reaffirmed by his confrontation with Vader. His mental attack admittedly has not seen prominence in any actual canon, but consider his studies on Tatooine. Such studies would definitely increase his spiritual connection with the force and thus his mental state would be more attuned to the force as well. Such a mental state would open up an array of mental abilities, most of them likely being internal given his focus, however such a mental attack as demonstrated in TFU: USE is something I could very well see him doing. As per his telekinesis, I'd say his telekinetic defense has significantly improved if his final fight with Vader is any implication. Vader never TK'd him, and while I took notice of the fact that no TK was attempted, I also considered that as a matter of "Vader wouldn't expect that to work." Of course Kenobi has also learned how to apply sound mimicry. And as we all know Kenobi can become a force ghost after death.

Although his dueling capabilities have atrophied to an extent, he still remains a very capable duelist. His application of Soresu remains rather unchanged, as despite his atrophy in skill he remains "the master of Soresu." His defense is still strong enough to hold off Vader for a little while, which is a great feat. What I think would change the most in his dueling skillset would be his offense. In his physical prime Obi-wan's offense consisted of Ataru, and the martial art of Tae-Jitsu. As per Ataru, Obi-wan appears to lack the physical capability for Ataru's elaborate acrobatics to be practical in combat. Thus he appears to utilize a more grounded version of Ataru that doesn't incorporate the styles trademark acrobatics, but still holds true to Ataru's fast paced attack sequences. As per Tae-Jitsu, it's core principles may provide Kenobi with certain things such as balance and physical control, any of its moves are pretty much rendered obsolete due to Kenobi's physical condition. I do notice some possible incorporation of Form V in Kenobi's technique as well, given his quick and immediate counter attacks against Vader as well as his deft footwork. This is something that plays off of Kenobi's Soresu mastery quite nicely considering that Soresu's main function is to defend and wait for an opening, and such reactive bladework associated with Form V would help one exploit such openings. This is a point supported by TFU: USE when you fight Kenobi. If you try and best him through bladework he will capably block your attacks, and if you slip up for a moment, he will unleash a flurry of attacks on you. So basically, I think Obi-wan applies the defensive applications of Form III, the counter-responses and footwork of Form V, the fast paced attack sequences of Form IV, and the physical disciplines of Tae-Jitsu.

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