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Force Abilities:
Force Strength
Zannah seemed strong in the force to the Jedi, even when her power was lessened by her lending most of it to Darovit.
“She was young-only ten-but she was strong in the Force. And so Master Torr had let her come, too.”-POD

Darth Bane found Zannah’s strength in the force impressive when he found her.
“He guessed she was nine, maybe ten at the most. He could feel the power of the Force burning in her, fueled by grief and rage and hatred. Even if he hadn't sensed it, the broken Jedi at her feet gave mute testament to her abilities.”-POD

There was notable power in Zannah, even as an untrained ten year old.
“There was power in the child.”-ROT

Bane sees great potential in Zannah even as an untrained child.
“In Zannah, Bane had seen the potential for the successor he needed, but she had obviously seen something she wanted in him, too.”-ROT

Bane chose Zannah as an apprentice because of her strength in the force.
“However, it was neither her spirit nor her willingness that made her worthy of being his apprentice. The Dark Lord had chosen her for one reason, and one reason only. "You are strong in the Force," he explained, his voice still betraying no hint of emotion or the agony he endured.”-ROT

Bane could almost feel the heat of the Dark Side in Zannah when she was a child.
“He could sense the dark side building within her, growing in intensity until he could almost feel its heat.”-ROT

Bane tells Zannah she has the potential to surpass him.
“The girl's eyes opened wide. Then they narrowed as she focused intently on what he was saying. "You have the potential to surpass me," he continued.”-ROT

Zannah recognized Hetton as powerful, yet she knew his power was no match for her own.
“Zannah could feel the air crackle as the small man called upon the Force, gathering the energies of the dark side. His power was undeniable, yet as she felt it building she was confident his abilities would be no match for hers.”-ROT

Zannah had an incredible affinity for the force.
“She had embraced his lessons and had shown an incredible affinity for the Force.”-DOE

Zannah was powerful enough to be able to challenge Bane.
“Over the years Bane had tracked her progress carefully, and he could no longer say with certainty which one of them would survive a confrontation between them.”-DOE

Darth Zannah’s powers in the Dark Side were possibly greater than Bane’s own.
“Zannah was smart and cunning, and her powers in the dark side might be even greater than his own.”-DOE

Darth Zannah used a curse on Cyndra, forcing her to hallucinate all of her worst fears, driving her insane, and destroying her mind. The initial casting of the illusions took less than a second, and they grew perpetually worse and worse as they progressed.
“Weaving her ringers in a complex pattern in the air, she reached out with the Force and plunged deep inside the Chiss woman's mind to find her secret, most primal fears. Buried in her subconscious were nameless horrors: abominations and creatures of nightmare never meant to see the light of day. Drawing on the power of Sith sorcery, Zannah plucked them out and brought them to life one by one. The entire process took less than a second. In that time Cyndra had drawn her weapon, but instead of pointing it at Zannah she suddenly screamed and aimed it high in the air above her, firing wildly at demons conjured from her own mind that only she could see. The illusions grew more real and more terrifying the longer the spell continued, but Zannah had no intention of ending it yet. The Chiss shrieked and threw her weapon to the ground. She flung her head wildly from side to side, covering it with her arms and screaming "No!" over and over before collapsing on the floor. Weeping and sobbing, she curled up into a tight little ball, still muttering "No, no, no..." Everyone else in the room was staring at her in horror and bewilderment. Some of the guards took a step back, afraid they might somehow become infected by her madness. Zannah could have ended it then, dispelling the illusion and allowing Cyndra to fall into unconsciousness. She would wake hours later with only the most basic recollection of what had happened, her mind instinctively recoiling from the memories of what it had witnessed. Or Zannah could push the illusion even farther, driving her victim to the edge of insanity and beyond. An image of the Chiss romantically entangled with Kel sprang unbidden to her mind-and Zannah pushed. Cyndra's cries of terror became animal howls as her sanity was ripped apart by the ghastly visions. Her hands scratched and clawed at her own eyes, tearing them out. Blood poured down her cheeks, but even blindness couldn't save her from the nightmares crawling through what was left of her mind. Her howls stopped as her body went into seizure; her mouth foamed as her limbs convulsed wildly on the floor. Then, with a final bloodcurdling shriek, she fell suddenly limp and lay still. Her conscious mind completely and irrevocably obliterated, her catatonic body was now nothing more than an empty shell. The body shivered once, and Zannah knew that somewhere in the deepest core of Cyndra's subconscious a small part of her still existed, silently screaming, trapped forever with the horrors inside her own mind.”-ROT

Zannah drove Sarro Xaj mad with her spell when provided with the opening provided by a simple glance.
“The big man hesitated, casting a quick glance over toward the others to see what had happened. Seizing the opportunity, Zannah's fingers flickered in strange patterns as she unleashed her Sith sorcery at her foe. His eyes went wide and he stumbled away from her, his lightsaber swinging wildly at the air around him as he was beset on all sides by imaginary demons. Flailing in half-mad terror at the invisible monsters, he ignored Zannah as she swooped in and ended his life with one long, diagonal stroke across his muscular chest.”-ROT

Darth Zannah drove her cousin insane with her illusions.
“An unwanted vision of the pitiful creature she had turned Darovit into flashed through her mind. She remembered him huddled in the corner, quivering in terror. He clutched the handle of a lightsaber against his chest, his only defense against the horrors and nightmares he saw crawling toward him from every corner.”-ROT

Darth Zannah could casually and easily rip the minds of her enemies apart with her spells.
“From ancient texts she had learned to twist and torment the thoughts of her enemies. She could make them see nightmares as reality; she could cause their deepest fears to manifest as demons of the psyche. She could, and had, rip the minds of her enemies apart with a simple thought and a gesture.”-DOE

Darth Zannah casually knocked Set Harth into a coma with a watered down mental attack spell.
“With Set, however, she did not intend to destroy him completely. Instead she enveloped him in a cloud of utter despair and hopelessness. She reached into the innermost recesses of his mind and wrapped it in the nothingness of the void. Set's eyes went blank, his jaw hung slack, and his lightsaber slipped from nerveless fingers. He slowly slumped to the ground, his eyes closing and his body trembling slightly as he curled up into a fetal position.”-DOE

Darth Zannah’s illusions brought Bane to his knees screaming before he was able to overcome it.
“Zannah's assault began as a sharp pain in his skull, like a hot knife stabbing directly into his brain before carving down to slice the two hemispheres in half. Then the knife exploded, sending a million burning shards in every direction. Each one burrowed into his subconscious, seeking out buried fears and nightmares only to rip them free and haul them to the surface. Bane let out a scream and dropped to his knees. When he stood up the sky was thick with a swarm of flying horrors. Their wings were torn and ragged, leather flaps of skin hanging from exposed bone. Their bodies were small and malformed, their twisted legs ending in long, sharp talons. Their flesh was a sickly yellow: the same color as the faces of the miners who had died on Apatros after being trapped in a gas-filled chamber. Their features were inhuman, but their burning eyes were unmistakable: each creature was staring at him with the hate-filled gaze of his abusive father. As one, they swooped down on him, their mouths screeching out a cry that sounded like his father's name: hurst, hurst, hurst! Swinging his lightsaber wildly at the demon flock, Bane crouched low to the ground, his free hand coming up to cover his face and ward off the talons clawing at his eyes. As the swarm enveloped him, he caught a glimpse of Zannah standing a few meters away, her face frozen in a mask of intense concentration.”-DOE

Zannah levitated as a child with no training in the Force.
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-Jedi vs. Sith

Zannah snapped the necks of two Jedi without any training in the Force.
“Instinctively, she lashed out at him. She didn't know how she did it; it wasn't even a conscious thought. She only knew he had shot her friend. He had killed Laa! “What's the mat-" His voice was cut short as she snapped his neck with the Force. The eyes of his companion went wide in horror, but before he could do anything else she had broken his neck, too.”-POD
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-Jedi vs. Sith

As a child without any training, Zannah utilizes a focused telekinetic strike at Bane’s foot, demonstrating impressive precision and power.
“He felt a sudden surge of power rushing toward him, concentrated on the heel of his left foot as she tried to trip him up to slow him down. Bane had braced himself for some kind of reaction the moment he'd turned his back on her. He'd pushed her to the edge; he'd have been disappointed if she had done nothing. But he'd been expecting a broader, more basic assault-a wave of dark side energy meant to hurl him to the ground. A focused strike against a single heel was much more subtle. It showed intelligence and cunning, and though he was ready for it, the strength of her attack still surprised him.”-ROT

As a child without any training, Zannah disintegrated her cousin’s arm.
“Just as she had done when she had broken the necks of the unfortunate Jedi who had accidentally killed her friend, the girl unleashed a wave of unstoppable dark side energy. She acted on pure instinct, drawing on her natural affinity for the Force with no forethought, preparation, or even training. It happened so quickly Bane never even had a chance to put up his guard . . . but the attack wasn't directed at him. The right hand of the boy she had called Tomcat-her cousin and childhood friend-disintegrated. With a mere thought she obliterated everything below his wrist: flesh, bone and tendon vanished in a bloody explosion, leaving only a ragged stump.”-ROT
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-Jedi vs. Sith

Zannah is capable of force choke.
“Zannah reached back with the Force, wrapping it around his windpipe. And slowly she began to squeeze. Darovit fell to his knees, his hands flying up to his throat as his oxygen was cut off.”-ROT

Darth Zannah could telekinetically apply pressure to one's internal organs in a way that made them feel pain that few had ever experienced.
“She reached out with the Force and picked Caleb up. His feet dangled only a few centimeters off the floor, yet his head brushed against the shack's low, slanted roof. She began to squeeze, applying pressure directly to his internal organs, slowly crushing them as she inflicted an agonizing pain few beings had ever experienced. She was careful to leave his lungs alone, however-allowing him enough air to breath and speak.”-ROT

Darth Zannah unleashed a telekinetic wave of thunderous force which slammed Darth Bane into the wall (though he had been distracted), and destroyed Lucia’s body by slamming it into several walls.
“But before he could unleash it he was hit by a wall of thunderous force rolling out from a corridor to his left. Instinctively he threw up a defensive shield, absorbing the blow. Despite this, he was slammed against the opposite wall, knocking the breath from his lungs. Lucia was not so fortunate. Unable to call upon the Force to protect herself, she was sent careering down the corridor, flipping and twisting. Her skull smashed against the stone half a dozen times as her body ricocheted off the walls and ceiling, reducing it to a bloody, misshapen mess. Her corpse finally tumbled to a stop thirty meters away where the hall made an abrupt ninety-degree turn.”-DOE

Other Sorcery
Zannah could utilize an aura of insignificance to remain unnoticed.
“She had also wrapped herself in a faint aura of insignificance, an illusion of the dark side that allowed her to hide in plain sight when she ventured out in public. It wouldn't shield her from the eyes of anyone looking for her, but as long as she didn't draw attention to herself she would remain unnoticed and unremembered by the vast majority of weak-minded common folk.”-ROT

Zannah could use a false light side aura to trick the Jedi into thinking she was one of their own.
“The only way the plan would work was if she could use the power of Sith sorcery to mask her strength while simultaneously projecting an aura of light-side energy. It was a complicated spell, one she had never tried before. It required a balance of strength and delicacy, and she had practiced it continuously in the weeks leading up to her departure.

The illusion she projected of being an apprentice of the light side had served her well so far, but now she was face-to-face with a Jedi Master. If she made even the slightest mistake, all was lost.

With another bow, Zannah turned and left his room, more confident in her mission than ever. If she could fool Master Barra, chief librarian of the Jedi Archives, into believing she was Nalia Adollu, she knew she could fool anyone.”-ROT

Zannah was capable of concealing her presence from three Jedi in order to stab Raskta Lsu from behind, even though Jedi Battle Meditation was effecting the area.
“Zannah rushed to her Master's aid, coming up silently behind the Jedi. Her presence hidden by her spell of concealment, they never sensed her coming. She struck the Echani down first, thrusting her blade forward so that it pierced the Jedi's back and ran her through. The Echani cried out and slumped forward, dropping at Zannah's feet.”-ROT

Zannah concealed herself and Darth Bane from a party of fourteen Jedi.
“And he never sensed the apprentice and her unconscious Master, masked by Sith sorcery, hiding silently in the cellar just below his feet.”-ROT

An echo Darth Zannah’s spell of concealment she casted in 990 BBY was powerful enough to violently disrupt the Huntress’s visions.
“When she tried to pierce the veil something pushed back, snapping her out of her meditative trance and severing her connection with the past. She fell to her knees with a cry of anguish, clutching at her temples, her mind reeling. Serra was at her side in an instant, crouching over her. "What happened? What did you see?" The Huntress didn't speak right away. She had heard of this happening to others, but she'd never experienced it herself. It wasn't the images of Caleb's gruesome death that had caused her to recoil. It had been sorcery, Sith magic. A spell of concealment had hidden the Sith Lord and the young woman from the Jedi who had discovered the healer's body. The memories still carried the echo of the spell upon them; even after a decade it had been potent enough to momentarily overwhelm her. How can one individual command such power?”-DOE

Darth Zannah learned how to unleash the Dark Side in ways Bane never could’ve imagined.
“During her apprenticeship, Bane had encouraged her in her studies of the magical arts. He had given her ancient texts filled with arcane rituals, urging her to expand her knowledge and push the boundaries of her talent. He had directed her training so that she could achieve her full potential. But he did not realize just how far she had come. In addition to the tomes her Master had provided, Zannah had sought out her own sources of hidden Sith knowledge over the years. Practicing in secret, she had progressed far beyond Bane's expectations, learning new spells to unleash the dark side in ways he had never even imagined.”-DOE

Using Ambria’s nexus, Darth Zannah summoned unstoppable tendrils of pure Dark Side energy.
“Again she opened herself up to the dark side. This time, however, she didn't attack Bane directly. Instead, she let it flow through her, drawing it from the soil and stone of Ambria itself. She called to power buried for centuries, summoning it up to the surface in wispy tendrils of dark smoke snaking up from the sand. The thin tendrils crawled along the ground, reaching for one another, twining themselves together into writhing tentacles each several meters long. Then, in response to her unspoken command, the tentacles rose up and lashed out at her foe. Bane saw the strange black mist crawling across the dirt and knew this was no illusion. Somehow Zannah had given substance and corporeality to the dark side, transforming it into half a dozen shadowy, serpent-like minions rising up from the ground. Suddenly the tendrils flew at him. He slashed out with his lightsaber to chop the closest one in half, but the blade simply passed through the black mist with no effect. Bane threw himself to the side, but the tip of the tentacle still brushed against his left shoulder. The material of his clothes melted away as if it had been splashed with acid. A chunk of flesh beneath simply dissolved, and Bane screamed in agony. Once, orbalisks had fused themselves to his body with a burning chemical compound so intense it had nearly driven him mad. Ten years ago they had been removed when Bane's flesh had been literally cooked by a concentrated blast of his own violet lightning. During her interrogation, Serra had pumped him full of a drug that had felt like it was eating him alive from the inside. But the excruciating pain he felt from the mere touch of the dark side tendril was unlike anything Bane had ever experienced before. The damage was far from life threatening, but it nearly sent Bane into shock. He fell hard to the ground, his jaw slack and his eyes rolling back into his head. His mind was reeling from the brief contact. The pain radiated through every nerve in his body, but what he felt went far beyond any mere physical sensation. It was not the raw heat of the dark side but rather the empty chill of the void itself spreading through him. It touched every synapse in his mind, it clawed at the core of his spirit. In that instant he tasted utter annihilation, and felt the true horror of absolute nothingness. Somehow he managed to stay conscious, and when the next tentacle coiled in he was able to scramble to his feet and roll out of the way. His wounded shoulder was still throbbing, but the hollow darkness that had threatened to overwhelm him had faded, allowing him to ignore the pain. The tendrils were massing for another assault, moving faster as Zannah fed them with a steady stream of power. Bane unleashed violet lightning from his fingers, but when the bolts struck the sinewy black forms they were absorbed with no apparent effect. They were made of pure dark side energy, and there was no way he could harm them. That left him with only one option-kill Zannah before the tentacles killed him. He unleashed another lightning blast at his apprentice. She caught the incoming bolts with her lightsaber, rendering them harmless. But her reactions were a fraction slower than normal, and Bane knew it was more than just her injured ribs. The effort to keep the tendrils animated was pushing Zannah's ability to draw on the Force to its limits, leaving her vulnerable in other areas. Lightsaber in hand, Bane charged toward her. The tendrils flew to intercept him, but Bane ducked, jumped, and dodged, weaving his way under, over, and around them as he bore down on Zannah. She brought her lightsaber up to defend against his attack, but without the full power of the Force behind them her movements were awkward and clumsy. She parried the blow, but didn't react fast enough as Bane dropped down and took her feet out from under her with a sweep of his leg. As she fell he twisted the handle of his lightsaber so that his blade caught one of hers, wrenching the hilt from her grasp and sending her weapon flying across the camp. With his foe unarmed and helpless at his feet Bane brought his arm down for the coup de grace, only to have it intercepted mid-swing by one of the dark side tendrils. It wrapped itself around the elbow. Skin, muscle, sinew and bone dissolved instantaneously, severing the limb. His disembodied forearm and fist tumbled harmlessly to the ground, his lightsaber flicking off as the hilt slid from his suddenly nerveless fingers. The Dark Lord didn't scream this time; the pain was so intense it left him mute as he collapsed to the ground.”-DOE

Force Defenses
Zannah shielded herself and Laa from the huge ass force storm on Ruusan, and then the Thought Bomb without any training.
“The fires had killed most of the other bouncers. The survivors had all gone mad. All except Laa. Somehow Rain had saved her. She'd used the Force, shielding them both from the burning death and destruction, though she wasn't quite sure how she'd done it. It had just sort of .. . happened. Now she and Laa had nobody left but each other.”-POD
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-Jedi vs. Sith

Zannah shielded herself against a powerful force throw from Bane, and though she was thrown back, the shield prevented her bones from being completely shattered by the blow.
“Bane hit her with a powerful Force throw, sending her hurtling backward. Only the barrier she had instinctively thrown up at the last second to shield herself saved her bones from being shattered by the concussive force of the impact.”-ROT

Zannah shielded herself from an explosion from a demolition charge that brought down tons of rock around her.
"She recognized it as the casing of a demolition charge just in time to throw herself backward, using the Force to shield herself from the worst of the explosion. She was thrown clear as the entire wall blew out, sending huge chunks of stone spewing into the passage. The ceiling was shredded, tearing loose massive blocks that tumbled to the ground. Choking on the cloud of dust and smoke, Zannah picked herself up. The passage in front of her was completely blocked by rubble and debris from the blast. She could feel Bane on the other side of the rocks; he had survived the blast, just as she had. But now they were separated by tons of impassable stone."-DOE

As a child without any training, Zannah could sense that the Jedi were nearby.
Darth Zannah Respect Thread Screen14
-Jedi vs. Sith

Zannah could sense a camp of people before they came into sight, as a child without any training.
“Less attuned to the subtle nuances of the Force than her Master, it had taken her longer to sense the danger. But given her lack of training, the fact that she had noticed anything at all was testament to her abilities.”-POD

As an untrained child, Zannah could feel the fear emanating from Wend.
“She could actually sense the fear emanating from him.”-ROT

Zannah’s precognition allowed her to view thousands of different possibilities of the next few seconds in a fight, and allowed her to anticipate and react to her opponent’s moves before they even happened.
“In her mind the next few seconds played out in a thousand different scenarios, each unique in its specific details, each a vision of a possible future glimpsed through the power of the Force. The sheer number of possibilities could be overwhelming, but Bane had trained her well. Instinctively, she collapsed the matrix of probabilities into the most likely outcomes, effectively allowing her to anticipate and react to her opponent's next move even before it happened.”-DOE

Zannah subtly manipulated the minds of those in a separatist movement.
“Zannah preferred a more subtle and insidious approach. Instead of using the Force to bend them to her will, she was gently prodding their collective psyche, pushing their thought patterns to make them more emotional, more aggressive. By itself the process was useless, but combined with persuasive words to further stir the blood, the effects could be more powerful-and more permanent-than the brute force of simple mind control.”-ROT

As an untrained child, Zannah subconsciously transmitted all of her force power to Darovit.
"Do you remember when we were kids? Everyone thought I was so strong in the Force, and nobody believed you had any power at all." She didn't answer, but she did remember. As children Darovit was the one who could levitate objects, and bat away fruit tossed into the air with a stick while blindfolded. Her own powers hadn't manifested until she found herself alone on Ruusan. "I didn't realize it then, Zannah, but the power I showed, all those tricks I did-that wasn't me, it was you! Even as kids you knew how badly I wanted to be a Jedi, and you wanted to help me. So you channeled your own power through me, allowing me to do all those things." "That's not how I remember it," she said coldly."You didn't do it on purpose," Darovit explained. "The bond we shared was so strong, and you cared about me so much, that your subconscious took over." "That's the stupidest theory I've ever heard." Zannah snorted, still staring straight ahead. "Is it? Think about it, Zannah. After we lost you on Ruusan, it was like my powers disappeared. That's why I failed as a Jedi and as a Sith. My power is weak. That's why I survived the thought bomb when all the Sith and Jedi around me were destroyed by its power. It only affected those with a strong affinity for the Force. And what about you? You have so much power. Why do you think it took so long to show itself? You were always channeling it through me.”-ROT

Martial Skill:
Darth Zannah defended herself against a bloodlusted Orbalisk Bane for a short amount of time.
“She fell into a defensive posture as she so often had during their training sessions. But this was no drill, and her Master came at her with a speed and ferocity she had never faced before. Giving in to his orbalisk-fueled bloodrage, he was like a wild animal, raining savage blows down on her from all angles, the strikes coming so fast it seemed as if he wielded a dozen blades at the same time. Zannah fell into a full retreat, desperately giving ground beneath the overwhelming assault.

She ducked under a horizontal cut from his lightsaber, only to catch a heavy boot in her ribs. She rolled with the kick, narrowly avoiding the return cut of his blade. She parried a sharp descending blow, gathered her feet under her, and launched herself backward, flipping ten meters clear.

She scrambled to her feet and twirled her lightsaber before her, creating what she hoped would be an impenetrable wall of defense. Instead of trying to pierce her guard, Bane leapt high in the air and came down almost right on top of her. She deftly parried his blade, redirecting it to the side as she spun away to keep his body from slamming into her. But Bane caught her on the chin with his elbow as she turned, the blow snapping her head back. Her body went limp, her weapon dropped from her nerveless fingers, and she crumpled to the ground.”-ROT

Darth Zannah was able to easily ward off the attacks of Sarro Xaj and Johun Othone at the same time.
“Yet as long as Zannah kept her blade spinning to hold its momentum, she was able to ward off both their attacks easily using whirling parries”-ROT

Zannah’s defenses were an impassable wall of blades.
“Zannah noted all this from behind the impassable wall of her spinning twin blades, content to play a completely passive role in the encounter.”-ROT

Darth Zannah’s defense was virtually impenetrable.
“the sequence of moves that were the foundation of her virtually impenetrable style.”-ROT

Darth Zannah easily defended against Set Harth’s multilayered assault.
“With the Force he picked up a bronze bust on the side of the room and hurled it toward her left flank. At the same time, he dived forward into a somersault that brought him close enough to strike at her right side as he tumbled past her. Zannah easily repelled both threats, her spinning blades slicing the bust in half even as she pivoted just enough so that Set's weapon missed her hip by less than a centimeter.”-DOE

Darth Zannah almost casually repelled Set Harth’s assault which came from every conceivable angle.
“His fury allowed him to call upon the dark side, making him even more dangerous as he unleashed his next series of attacks. Leaping high in the air, crouching low to the ground, lunging forward, springing back, spinning, twisting, and twirling, he came at her from every conceivable angle in a relentless barrage meant to overwhelm her defenses, only to have Zannah turn his efforts back with a cool, almost casual, efficiency.”-DOE

Zannah was capable of easily defending against Harth’s assault, demonstrating her mastery of Soresu and her penchant for manipulating the momentum of her opponents.
“At Bane's urging, she had become an expert in the defensive sequences of the Soresu form. It was simple for her to parry, redirect, or evade her opponent's blows by using Set's own momentum against him, easily keeping the Dark Jedi at bay.”-DOE

Darth Zannah’s defense was virtually impenetrable.
“Her lightsaber style was built on a foundation of parries and counterstrikes, hiding behind her virtually impenetrable defense while waiting for her opponent to make a mistake.”-DOE

Darth Zannah managed to defend against Bane’s initial onslaught.
“He opened with a series of two-handed overhead chops, using his great height to bring his blade hacking down at her from above. She easily blocked each blow, but the momentum of the crushing impact caused her to stagger back, throwing her off balance. She recovered quickly, however, spinning out of the way when he followed up with a low, looping swipe meant to hew her off at the knees. She retaliated with a quick jab with the tip of one of her blades toward Bane's face, but he ducked his head to the side and came back with a wide-arcing, single-handed slash at chest level. Zannah intercepted his blade with one of her own, angling her weapon so that the momentum of Bane's attack was redirected downward, sending the tip of his lightsaber into the dirt. This should have exposed him to a counterthrust, but he was already reacting to her move, driving his entire body forward into Zannah's before she could bring her weapon up. His weight slammed into her, knocking her back as Bane snapped his neck forward. Zannah threw her head back just in time, and the head-butt that would have smashed her face glanced off her chin instead. Scrambling to stay on her feet, Zannah raised her weapon back up, spinning the handle so that the twirling blades formed a defensive wall that repelled Bane's next half a dozen blows.”-DOE

Darth Zannah’s fighting style was nearly impenetrable and allowed her to defend against Bane’s devastating attacks.
“Bane pressed the action with a devastating, complex combination of attacks, but Zannah was able to intercept, parry, or deflect each one. Her defensive style was simple, but performed correctly it was nearly impenetrable.”-DOE

Darth Zannah managed to defend against and survive Bane’s onslaught after falling on the ground.
“Bane was on her in an instant, his lightsaber slashing viciously, his heavy boots kicking and stomping at her prone body. Zannah thrashed and twisted on the ground, her lightsaber flailing desperately to parry Bane's blade. She felt a sharp crack as the toe of his boot caught her in the ribs, but she rolled with the impact and managed to end up back on her feet. Her vision was blurred with stars, pain shooting through her left side with each gasp as she tried to catch her breath. Bane didn't let up, coming at her with a frenetic assault. The next few seconds were a blur as Zannah relied purely on instincts honed over twenty years to parry the wave of blows, miraculously keeping him from landing a lethal strike. Zannah threw herself into a back handspring, flipping head over heels three times in quick succession just to put some space between her and Bane.”-DOE

Zannah was skilled enough to be able to easily dispatch Johun Othone with an offensive sequence.
“Were it not for the big man's brilliance, she would have quickly switched to an aggressive sequence and easily dispatched the smaller man.”-ROT

Sarro Xaj had to use defensive techniques in his fight with Zannah to prevent her counterattacks from killing him.
“In contrast, the man before her, massive though he was, would still die if her blades caught him. He had to guard against her counterattacks, his style less aggressive so he didn't leave himself vulnerable.”-ROT

Zannah could’ve killed Set Harth over a dozen times in their duel.
“In their short encounter, she was presented with at least a dozen opportunities to land a lethal blow to the silver-haired man.”-DOE

Darth Zannah easily disarmed Set Harth.
“When he moved back in, she twisted her lightsaber in a sharp, unorthodox move, hooking one of her blades onto his and wrenching the weapon from his hand.”-DOE

Tactical Ingenuity
Darth Zannah was smart enough to put herself in a position that gave her an environmental advantage,
“Before they could engage her, she backpedaled toward one of the corners, stopping several meters from the intersection of the two walls. This allowed her to protect her flanks, but still left enough space for her to duck, dodge, and evade the weapons of her enemies.”-ROT

Zannah was smart enough to play her opponents against each other.
“There was a brief instant when she saw an opening-but rather than choose to kill the man with the green lightsaber she let him live, knowing he was a greater hindrance to his allies than he was to her.”-ROT

Zannah was smart enough to leave one of her opponents alive, even though she could’ve killed him, because he was disrupting his partner’s far more effective fighting style.
“Were it not for the smaller man's mediocrity, her defensive talents would have been pushed to the very limits by her more skilled opponent. The arrangement suited Zannah just fine, allowing her to play them off against each other.”-ROT

Zannah was skilled at putting information together.
“Zannah had always been able to grasp bits of information and put them together into something meaningful.”-DOE

Darth Zannah recognized Bane's efforts to use the environment against her and devised a plot to defeat him, though Bane outstrategized her in the end.
"She was being driven back in a slow retreat, and she realized he was herding her toward the shuttles, hoping to pin her against the metal hull with no place to go. Zannah was content to play along, taking quick, careful steps backward over the soft, sandy terrain as she began to gather her power. The key was subtlety. She couldn't let Bane sense what she was doing or he would launch into another wild flurry of attacks, forcing her to focus all her energy on keeping him at bay. She had to give him the illusion he was controlling the action, when in fact she was only a few seconds away from unleashing a burst of dark side sorcery that would rip his mind apart."-DOE

Miscellaneous Dueling
Darth Zannah had spent thousands of hours training in the forms of lightsaber combat.
“Bane had taught her to rely on instinct, guided by the Force and honed by thousands of hours' training in the martial forms.”-DOE

Darth Zannah was a far greater duelist than Set Harth.
“In only the first few moments of battle she had already evaluated her opponent, noting his speed, agility, and technique. Set was good. Very good. But Zannah also knew without any doubt that she was much, much better.”-DOE

Unarmed Combat
Darth Zannah scored a hard kick on Set Harth’s back while they dueled.
“For good measure she kicked him hard in the back as he rolled past, a blow meant not to disable him, but to goad him on to further aggression.”-DOE

Darth Zannah kicked Set Harth’s feet out from under him in their duel, sending him sprawling.
“When he was a step slow in retreating after one of his thrusts, she kicked his feet out from under him and sent him sprawling to the floor, only to back away and let him get to his feet again.”-DOE

Darth Zannah kicked Set Harth in the face hard enough to make him bleed a lot.
“Zannah stepped forward and snapped her foot straight up, catching Set under the chin. He staggered back howling in pain while a string of unintelligible profanities spewed from his mouth, along with a spatter of blood. "Do you yield?" Zannah asked. His only response was to spit a gob of blood onto the expensive carpet at his feet and rush forward once more.”-DOE

Darth Zannah was capable of surviving grappling with Bane.
“She ducked out of the way, lashing out with a kick as he landed behind her. Bane spun, grabbed her ankle, and wrenched the boot to the side, trying to snap the bone. Zannah rolled with the violent motion, her entire body spinning along a horizontal plane.”-DOE

Physical Capabilities:
Zannah utilized force augmentation with no training as a child to keep up with Bane on their march across Ruusan, while starving.
“Behind him he felt Zannah gather the Force once more. This time, however, the girl directed it inward, using it to refresh and rejuvenate her exhausted limbs. She sprang up and scurried after him, moving almost effortlessly at a full run. He quickened his pace as his apprentice fell into step beside him, easily able to keep up now that she was propelled by the awesome power of the Force.”-ROT

Zannah uses force augmentation as a child without any training to run superhumanly fast, while starving.
“At first that hadn't mattered: She'd used her newfound talents in the Force to propel herself along, running so fast that the world passed by her in a blur of wind and color.”-ROT

Zannah whipped out her lightsaber, activated it, and unleashed two fatal strikes against two people before their facial expressions even had a chance to change.
“Zannah answered by whipping out her lightsaber handle and igniting the red three-quarter-length blades protruding from each end. She moved with the blinding speed of the Force, her first vicious slash severing Pommat's outstretched arm at the elbow and carving a lethal furrow across his chest while the second cleanly removed Quano's head from his body. Both were dead before they even had a chance to register an expression of surprise.”-DOE

Darth Zannah could infuse her entire body with the force to run so fast her hair streamed out behind her.
“Her entire body was infused with the Force, her legs propelling her along so fast the wind caused her hair to stream out behind her.”-DOE

Darth Zannah could dodge lightning.
"As she gathered herself to charge, Bane fired off another bolt of lightning. She ducked to the side and it whizzed past her ear, striking the wall and sending up a shower of dust and stone flecks."-DOE

Darth Zannah observed and analyzed the trajectory of lightning and it's implications, threw herself backwards, and threw up a Force barrier in less time that the lightning itself took to travel the distance (she started observing after the lightning had been fired off, and finished observing, threw herself back and erected a Force shield before the lightning struck its target).
"Despite missing her the first time, Bane followed it up with another blast on the exact same trajectory. Turning her head to follow the course of the misguided bolt, Zannah saw where the first had hit the wall. The stone had been disintegrated in a fist-sized hole, revealing something that looked like bright red plastic beneath it. She recognized it as the casing of a demolition charge just in time to throw herself backward, using the Force to shield herself from the worst of the explosion. She was thrown clear as the entire wall blew out, sending huge chunks of stone spewing into the passage. The ceiling was shredded, tearing loose massive blocks that tumbled to the ground."-DOE

Zannah had a lean athletic build.
“In this particular instance she had donned a loose black cloak that covered her from head to toe, obscuring her lean, athletic figure.”-ROT

Zannah had the physicality of a gymnast.
“Of average height, she had the figure of a gymnast: lean, lithe, and strong.”-DOE

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