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Nad sat in the booth with his blaster setting on the table. He was a human with dark black hair that fell down to his shoulders. His eyes were green and his face handsome. Necros sat down on the opposite side of the booth but Scalva stood at the edge of the table.

"Uh does the lady sit?" Nad asked, motioning with his gun towards Scalva.

"Sit." Necros ordered. She took a seat.

"Got your own little lil pet there, huh?" Nad bursting out laughing. Necros didn't make a noise and his loud laughter quickly died down. "Whats your lady friends problem anyways?" He asked leaning close to Necros face. "Why doesn't she show her face?" He asked since Scalva had her face hidden well within her deep hood. She slowly leaned forward revealing her corpse like face to Nad. "Woah!" Nad exclaimed jumping back with surprise, "You know, you should probably have a doctor take a look at what going on with all, this." He said waving his hand in front of his own face to indicate that he was talking about hers. Necros shot Nad a look. Nad cleared his throat and became more professional

"I came here because I have a job for you." Necros explained the entire plan to Nad.

"So this plan of yours is pretty risky but it just might work." He replied. "You know, usually I am the one doing the dangerous stuff, what gives?"

"We only need you to do your job. Leave the killing to us." Necros responded.

"Alright." Nad said with a disappointed look on his face. "Lets just talk price and we have got a deal." After settling on a price Nad leaned back in the booth and crossed his feet on the table. "How does it feel to be an associate to the scum of the galaxy?" He said and flashed a sarcastic smile.


Darth Necros and Scalva walked through the streets of Dromund Kaas. Hidden in deep hoods they were nearly unrecognizable. As they passed citizens Necros reached out in the force to influence there minds. After a few minutes a large crowd of angry citizens were gathering outside of a tall tower. Necro and Scalva made there way into the middle of the crowd. A few of the citizens that Necro had gathered were growing violent, and guards holding blasters formed up outside of tower ordering the crowd to disperse. Little did they know that this crowd was being controlled by one mind, Necros's mind, and Necros wasn't going any where. Necros closed his eyes, silently ordering the crowd to attack. The crowd launched into a frenzy, attacking the armed guards and beating them to death as Darth Necros and Scalva walked into the tower unopposed.

Inside the tower were more guards and some sith rushing to the scene of the riot that Necros had just engineered. Necros nodded at Scalva who immediately sprung into action. Blaster fire ripped past her as she charged towards them a blur of motion. Two of the guards were dispatched in a single slash of her blade. A sith lunged at her face, she deflected the blade to the side, grabbing the sith by his neck and sticking her lightsaber through the back of his mouth. Two more sith charged at her, one curving his blade in an arch that would cleave off her arm on the other swinging at her mid section. Scalva jumped over the sith, grabbing each of them by the back of there heads and smashing them into each other. The sith fell to the ground with shattered skulls. More guards emerged behind her, laying down a spray of fire. She ran at them with amazing spead. One second later they were all laying on the floor dead.

Necros and Scalva finally reached an elevator. One long elevator ride later the door swung open, revealing the top room of the tower. Inside that room stood a procession of sith. One of them being Darth Inimicus.

Chapter 15

Darth Necros and Scalva stepped into the room on the top floor of the tower, and let there cloaks fall to the ground. The room was round with glass windows instead of walls. The elevator they had just ridden up was in the center of the room. This was an observation room and right now they were observing the riot Darth Necros had forced into creation.

There were three high ranking officers in the room as well as six different sith lord. Necros recognized two of them. One was Darth Valadus, a renowned sith lord. He was known for being one of the most powerful sith in the entire empire. He was a Sith Pureblood. His face was stern but plush, and his eyes had a maliciousness look about them. Three extraordinarily long appendages fell from each side of his mouth onto his chest. He wore a vibrant sleeveless robes, the color of red and blue with streaks of gold. On each of his biceps were golden bands decorated with images of krayt dragons. His hands were black and cracked. Many believed they got this way because of his overwhelming strength in force lightning, others believe they were just burned in a battle. What ever the case Necros knew he was powerful, a true force to be reckoned with.

The other sith he recognized was Darth Inimicus, his hated enemy and the reason Necros was here. Inimicus looked different from when he last saw him. Instead of the apprentice robes he now wore heavy armor that was as black as the midnight sky. Small black spikes covered every inch of his arms up to his shoulder which each sported three larger spikes. Instead of a training blade he now had a lightsaber attached to each of his hips. He looked bigger and even more imposing than usual. Necros imagined that he must look like nothing in his plane sith robes compared to this imposing monster. But looks were deceiving because in the force Necros was the true monster.

The four other sith in the room all wore identical light plated black armor across there chest. There legs were encompassed in black robes. This was the signature look for Darth Valadus elite core. Each of them would be highly trained in martial arts, as this was what they were renowned for. They were far better swordsmen than the average sith and battle hardened. Each had multiple jedi kills to there name.

"And this must be the whelp you talk so fondly about, Inimicus." Darth Valadus remarked as everyone in the room turned there attention away from the chaos outside to there new guests.

"I'm glad to hear you talk about me to your friends." Necros said with a smile. Inimicus clenched his fist.

"You never should have come here you pathetic slim, because now there will be no one to stop me from spilling your guts onto the floor!" Inimcus shouted, clearly over come by a fit of rage.

"I would be careful if I were you. "Valadus cautioned, "This 'Darth Necros' is not the same person you trained with. The Dark Counsel has ordered..." His words were cut off by Inimicus.

"The Dark Counsel can go to hell. Im going to cut this whelp into a million pieces and feed him to an Akk Dog!" Inimicus seethed as he activated both of his lightsabers.

"Scalva, kill everyone in this room except Inimicus," Necros ordered as everyone else in the room activated there lightsabers, "He is mine."

Scalva and Inimicus both leaped into action at the same time. Scalva summersaulted across the room cutting down the three officers in one swift stroke. Dark Valadus's elite guards swarmed her. Darth Valadus stood back waiting for an opportunity to catch her by surprise. She lashed out at each of them with powerful strokes, they blocked successfully. Scalva changed her tactics, instead of wild slashes went to brutalize the opposition she launched into a barrage of quick random cuts and slashes. The change of tactic caught one of the guards by surprised. Scalva grabbed him by the throat with one hand while blocking one of the guards blades and threw him at the other two. She immediately jumped over there heads as they stumbled over there compatriot. With one swift stroke they both fell over dead. Scalva stepped on the guards neck that she had thrown at them, ending his life. Scalva was about to kill the remaining guard but was forced to block as Darth Valadus joined the fray, swinging at her head.

Darth Inimicus fell upon Necros like a ferocious beast. His attacks rained down in quick succession and Necros found it difficult to defend against. Inimicus had been a formidable swordsman before, but with the addition of an extra blade he was even more terrifying. Inimicus swung masterfully at Necros head but Necros rolled out of the way. All Inimicus met was the elevator door. Necros sent a few strings of lightning into Inimicus's knee before he could raise his blades to defend himself. Inimicus roared in pain and Necros charged in taking the offensive. He swung with power and precision to his blows but each was successfully deflected away. Inimicus counter attacked suddenly, taking Necros by surprise. He tried to spin out of the way but he was to slow. The tip of Inimicus's lightsaber slashed through his right side. Necros seized up in pain, and was sent flying across the room by a force push. He smacked into the thick glass causing it to crack.

Two blades swung at Scalvas head simultaneously. She raised her blade catching Darth Valadus's lightsaber and caught the guards arm with her hand. She squeezed until his arm snapped and he dropped the blade. She kicked Darth Valadus in the stomach sending him flying backwards across the room. She plunged her now freed blade into the guards heart. The guards body didn't even hit the ground by the time she began darting across the room at Darth Valadus. Valadus raised his hands filling the air with static as lightning coursed from his hands into Darth Scalva. Scalvas charge slowed but didn't stop. Her skin melted away and her armor seemed to explode from the impacted of Valadus's powerful lightning. She brought her blade down on Darth Valadus who tried evading the strike. Scalvas blade still sliced through his right arm as Scalva stumbled past him. Valadus screaked in pain, but recovered in time to grab Scalva around the neck with the force and fling her against the thick glass wall.

Both Necros and Scalva hit the glass at the same time. Scalvas flesh was raw and red, her grey skin had been melted away by Valadus's lightning and her armor was in tatters. Smoke rose from her body. She struggled at the invisible hand around her throat, not out of necessity to breath, but so that she could fulfill her masters command and kill Darth Valadus. Darth Inimicus stood next to Darth Valadus, who held his newly maimed arm close to his chest.

"I once knew Darth Scalva," He said through clenched teeth, "She was such a respectable sith, but it seems you have made her even deadlier. How you got the better of her I do not know, but such a feat requires congratulations."

"Don't compliment that pathetic worm!" Inimicus yelled at his master, "Hes about as threatening as a wild bantha."

"Its a shame, "Darth Valadus continued paying no mind to Inimicus, "That I am going to have to kill both of you. How ever pathetic you may have been before, you truly have become powerful."

"You have no idea." Necros replied in a deep voice with a sinister smile. He clenched his bloody hand, that he was holding his side with, into a fist and sent magic through out the room. The dead sith in the room slowly got to there feet behind Inimicus and Valadus.

"Watch out!" Inimicus shouted but it was to late. Two lightsabers plunged through Valadus's chest. Inimicus spun around slashing the newly reanimated corpses. He was brutal but efficient. Two seconds later they were all dead again. The elevator door dinged and slid open. Guards unloaded into the room behind Inimicus. Apparently the fight at the top of the tower drew more attention than the riot at the base.

"Look around, there is no Darth Batus to save you this time whelp." Darth Inimicus said, "You have been a plague in my life for far to long. In this room my word is the law. I am free to make you endure any torment that my mind can muster up. I will make you scream. I will make you squeal. I will make you cry drops of blood before I grant you the mercy of death." Darth Inimicus voice was almost shaking with anger.

"Not this time." Necros replied clutching his side. The sound of a ships engines rose up behind him and blinding light shot through the window. Inimicus and all the guards shielded there eyes. The window behind Scalva and Necros shattered as a ramp was lowered into the room. "That's our ride." Necros said to Scalva.

They both boarded the ship and flew off into the sky

chapter 16

"Blast!" Necros shouted after slamming his fist against the wall of the ship.

"Oh my!" Chatter Box sounded exasperated, "Your injured quite badly! You should go lay down and let me treat your wound. You know this kind of thing wouldn't happen if you didn't lead such a destructive life style. I can only imagine..." Darth Necros turned the droid off before he could finish his little rant.

"So I take it that the assassination attempt didn't go so smoothly?" Nad said nodding at Necros bleeding side, after spinning around in the pilots chair.

"That rampaging mongrel still draws breath." Necros said with a scowl.

"You might want to get that looked at before you, you know, bleed to death." Nad said looking at his bleeding side. "Just a gut feeling."

"I will be fine." Necros responded, paying no mind to the bad pun. He walked out to the main room of the ship where Scalva was kneeling, surrounded by green smoke. Necros knelt down beside her and began repairing his body as well. Nad leaned against the entrance to the cockpit.

"Well we could just try again. Of course you would have to pay me again, " Nad said examining his fingernails, "But I assure I am well worth the price. If not for my blaster shooting skills, then I am for my good looks." Nad flashed an unconvincing smile.

"Actually, your right." Necros said without opening his eyes. " We will never be able to get to Inimicus again on Dromund Kaas, but we have an alternative. Inimicus wont stay on Dromund Kaas for very long so we just need to lure him into a trap when he leaves. And I think I know just the person who can help."
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