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"I'm extremely sorry sir, but you are no allowed on this ship." The droid tried to explain, "My owner would be furious."

"I am your owner now." Darth Necros stated as he pushed past the droid, and made his way to the cockpit.

"A new owner?" The droid kept its pace with Necros, "I had no idea I had displeased Lord Pheenom. But that still doesn't explain why your on his ship."

"I own this ship too." Darth Necros replied as he sat down at the controls and began powering everything up.

"That is preposterous!" The droid explained, "This ship was Lord Pheenoms pride and joy. I can't imagine any reason why he would sell it, he would rather die than part with it. You are clearly not telling the truth, so I'm going to have to ask you to leave before he deactivates me."

"What makes you think he sold it to me?" Necros turned around in the pilots seat to flash a grin at the droid.

"Your stealing it!" The droid shouted in disgust, "Well then I guess that means your stealing me too. I didn't think Lord Pheenom was that displeased with me over the incident with the toi-" The droids words were cut off by it falling to the ground as the ship lifted off the flour and shot out of the hanger.

"Well that was quiet rude." The droid remarked after getting back up to it feat.

"I didn't want you going off on a rant. "Darth Necros teased. "Now sit down and shut up. This is going to be dangerous sneaking past the sith fleet without getting blasted."

"There going to be shooting at us?" The droid exclaimed in astonishment, "You can steal a ship and get shot down by the sith fleet, if it pleases you. But you didn't need to bring me along to get blasted blown up with you."

The Droid continued to spew an unending string of verbal exclamations of disgust but Necros tuned him out. The fleet was growing bigger and bigger in the cockpit window. It wouldn't be long before Pheenom made contact with the fleet and told them who was on the ship. Necros only hoped they made it past the fleet before he did. Necros typed in hyperspace coordinates a while so that they could be activated as soon as the fleet was behind them. They were now flying between two capital ships. If they were spotted now, they would be reduced to space debris within a mater of seconds. Necros held his breath, as the ships slowly moved past them. They were almost there, just a little more to go. Necros pressed the hyper drive and left the danger of Korriban behind them.


Darth Pheenom struggled to get to his feet. His chest burned with pain from the gash left by Darth Necros lightsaber. He limped over to a comlink and hailed the sith fleet.

"Darth Batus's apprentice just stole my ship and is fleeing Korriban." He tried to explain as fast as he could.

"Darth Inimicus isn't even in this sector sir." The Fleet commander explained.

"Not Darth Inimicus you blasted fool!" Pheenom shouted in a fit of rage brought to him by impatience. "The one that was assumed dead investigating some tomb. He's calling himself Darth Necros now."

"Roger that." The Fleet Commander replied, apparently used to having others loose there temper around him.

"And please try and get my ship back in one piece." Pheenom added on pinching the bridge of his nose.

"We'll do our best." The Fleet Commander replied professionally. Moments later he replied, "It appears that this, Darth Necros, has already fled into hyperspace."

"Blasted!" Darth Pheenom smashed his fists into the table.

"We're extremely sorry sir." The Fleet Commander said just before cutting of connection. Darth Pheenom felt like he was about to burst. Not only did that spiteful little rat walk into his hanger all smug like, nearly kill him, and made of with his ship, but he had gotten away with it. If there were any guards left alive he would have killed them just to vent frustration. Darth Pheenoms thoughts were interrupted by a shadowy figure entering his hanger.

"Are you here to steal my dignity?" Pheenom shouted clearly still in a fit of rage, "Because that's about all that I have got left!"

The figure was that of a slender woman. A black hood shrouded her face, and her shapely body was encompassed by black fabric. Her legs were covered in tight black pants and flaps of robe fell from the front and back of her waist to her toes. She racefully walked over the bodies of Pheenoms dead guards as she made her way over to him. As she came closer, Pheenom could see the face of a beautiful Chiss. Her skin was a healthy bright blue color but her irises looked like small pools of blood. Surrounding her eyes were black tattoos that ran as a thin solid line across her eyes and the upper part of her nose , but came to a point on either side of her face. Darth Pheenoms rage was overpowered by fear, he knew who she was.

"W-what are you doing here?" He asked through stuttered words.

"Im here for Darth Batus's apprentice" The chiss said in a calm voice.

"He stole my ship and escaped the from Korriban just a minute ago." Pheenom explained after swallowing hard.

The chiss looked around, "He killed all these guards but he didn't kill you?"

"There were two of them. It was him and a really ugly twi'lek. The twi'lek killed all my guards while me and him fought."

"That still doesn't explain why your alive" The Chiss voice grew ominous, as she stepped right up next to him, her red eyes glared straight into his very soul.

"He gave me a message for the Dark Counsel." Pheenom said franticly, "He said his name is now Darth Necros, and that he is Dark Lord of the Sith now."

The chiss's eyes became consumed by the color of her red irises, and Darth Pheenom found it impossible to move. Tears began to crawl down his face as the chiss put one hand over his mouth and the other on the back of his head.

"I will deliver the message to the Dark Counsel for you, as well as tales of your weakness." The chiss whispered quietly into his ear. Darth Pheenoms neck twisted and he succumbed to death

The blue tunnel of hyperspace encompassed the Fury-Class Interceptor like a protective shell. Darth Necros finally turned his attention to the blabbering droid who was going off on a tangent, something including fried circuits. Necros pinched the bridge of his nose.

"Shutup and tell me your name." Necros interrupted the ongoing speech.

"I am IR-13, personal service and maintenance droid to Lord Pheenom. My tasks include.." He was again interrupted by Necros.

"Your not Lord Pheenoms droid any more, your mine." Necros corrected.

"And who exactly are you?" IR-13 questioned.

"I'm Darth Necros." He grinned, "And to celebrate your good fortune of falling into my hands I'm going to give you a new name."

"A new name? I'm sorry my Lord but I am quiet happy with my current name, and I would hardly call being kidnapped good fortune." IR-13 began, "In fact it is quiet the opposite. I don't believe your thinking straight, sir. Perhaps if you were to just lay down for a while you might start speaking more sensibly."

"You really are a talkative one aren't you." Necro remarked, "Oh, I know. We will call you Chatter Box."

"Chatter Box!" IR-13 exclaimed, flabbergasted, "Now that is just demeaning. "

Necros turned his attention away from the droid, to the comstable. He began pressing buttons until a button finally flashed green. He turned away from the comstable to Darth Scalva, who was mending her dead flesh of the blaster wounds. Her cloths were torn and tattered, the blaster fire had reduced them to rags. He went into the storage room and found a stash of luxurious cloths, perfumes, and other valuables. Darth Pheenom sure enjoyed luxury. He walked over to a metal locker and opened it. Necros smiled. Inside were armors fit for a sith and lightsabers from Darth Pheenoms kills. He may have been unconventional but he was still a semi-respectable sith. Necros picked out a set of light military armor and tossed it on the floor in front of Scalva.

"Put this on." He ordered, he knew she wouldn't care that her cloths were practically rags, he hadn't programmed her to care. But while this armor wasn't lightsaber resistant, it would at least hold up stronger than her basic fabric. Necros turned and walked back to the cockpit followed by Chatter Box and began altering the course.

"If you don't mind sir, where are we going?" Chatter Box asked.

"Nar Shaddaa. We have a bounty hunter to hire." Necros replied.


Darth Necros and Darth Scalva walked through the slums of Nar Shaddaa covered in dark hoods. The planet sure lived up to is reputation as being a festering planet full of the worst scum in the galaxy. Most people would feel unsafe knowing that any moment a delusional or bloodthirsty criminal might kill you for no reason at all, or worse. But Necros felt more at home on here than any where else. Almost everyone on this planet was a criminal, and criminals breaded death. Necros thrived off death. But anything he might do on this planet took back seat, he was here to meet the bounty hunter Nad Talsek, one of Darth Batus's tools. Batus had many tools and many of them would be fitting for the task at hand but Necros saw something in Nad that his master didn't. Nad could be morphed into a trust worthy servant. Sure like all bounty hunters he was just in it for the money, but he wasn't deprived of loyalty like most bounty hunters were, and that would be something Necros would feed on until Nad was his enforcer, much like Scalva.
Darth Necros stood in front of the cantina named The Wild Bantha. This was where he was to meet Nad Talsek. He entered the cantina and made his way over to the bounty hunter who was sitting in a booth in the corner of the cantina.

"Hello, my lord." Nad flashed a cheery smile, and took a sip of his drink.
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