Quest for Conquest RP: Character Creator.

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Quest for Conquest RP: Character Creator. Empty Quest for Conquest RP: Character Creator.

Post by Fated Xtasy on Tue Feb 03, 2015 8:42 pm

Before we can go on and create a character here are a couple of rules.

#1 - No God force users. You can be powerful, but super OP is really just pushing it. be reasonable.
#2 - Be original with your names, no Anakin or Obi-Wan Smith. Just..No.
#3 - Be open-minded, other people are here too and we're all coming together to basically write this huge fanfic, share ideas and be cooperative and conscious of what other people have to say.
#4 -You as the writer will be privy to knowledge your character does not have. You must act as though you do not have that knowledge. And if you are going ti make a move against someone else's character consult them first! You can't just write I WIN and be done with it

#5 - And lastly, have fun. enjoy the RP everyone. Very Happy

Short Bio:
Physical description:
Character type:( Sith, Jedi, Dark Jedi, pirate etc)
Lightsaber form(if Jedi)
Force Powers(if jedi)
Abilities(If non-force sensitive. Usually these abilities depend on race and your own preference)
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Quest for Conquest RP: Character Creator. Empty Re: Quest for Conquest RP: Character Creator.

Post by Wildbantha88 on Tue Feb 03, 2015 10:00 pm

Name : Jay Folrent

Age: 29

Race: Mandolorian

Gender: Male

Physical Description: He has short black hair and the build of a martial artist. His left arm is covered in tattoos.

Character type: Mandalorian/Soldier

Skills: He was taught how to fight since he was a young boy. Learning some Echani martial arts and becoming skilled with most guns that exist and even vibroblades.

Weapons: Mandalorian crush gauntlets, thermol detonators, concussion grenades, sonic grenades, cortosis vibroblade, duel blaster pistols, heavy blaster canon, built in wrist missile launchers, Mandalorian iron armor

Short Bio: Jay was Born and raised on Mandalore, Jay joined the military as soon as possible. He fought in a short civil war between his people resulting from a domestic dispute between Mandalorian politicians. Jay decided that the government was flawed and decided to do something about it.

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Quest for Conquest RP: Character Creator. Empty Re: Quest for Conquest RP: Character Creator.

Post by Emperordmb on Sat Feb 07, 2015 5:32 pm

Name: Arvon Kalcen (formerly Arlak'k)
Age: 32 physically, lived for 69 years total, born around 27,000 years ago
Race: Human (formerly Gree)
Gender: Male
Short Bio: Once a proud and force sensitive member of the Gree Enclave, Arlak'k was born in a period of time in which the Gree had been in conflict with the Kwa for thousands of years. In the last years of the war, the Gree had made a new ally. An individual who held no love for the Kwa and what their teachings represented. Arlak'k found himself captivated by their new ally, personally sacrificing several Kwa to appease her, and in return, their new ally had helped them all but crush the Kwa, and even helped protect them from the Rakatan Infinite Empire. After several months of alliance however, the ally of the Gree was vanquished and imprisoned by an alliance between the Kwa and a Killik hive. With the mysterious and entrancing ally of the Gree imprisoned, the Killiks broke ties with the Kwa, leaving both the Gree and the Kwa helpless before the might of the Infinite Empire. Unwilling to be a slave, Arlak'k encased himself in carbonite for tens of thousands of years. Upon unfreezing from the Carbonite, Arlak'k familiarized himself with the modern Galaxy and took the body of a human. Adopting the alias "Arvon Kalcen," the former Gree sets out on a path of anarchy, seeking to topple the Galactic Government, and reduce the Galaxy to a state of anarchy, in the hope that he can prepare it for the return of his race's mysterious ally.
Physical description: Slightly taller than average, short golden hair, fair skin, body of a 32 year old man.
Character type: Force Sensitive Anarchist
Weapon: 2 lightwhips, 2 shotos, and an array of explosives
Lightsaber form: Jar'kai
Force Powers: Telekinesis, telepathy, force lightning, illusions, a form of essence transfer.

Quest for Conquest RP: Character Creator. Dmb10
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Quest for Conquest RP: Character Creator. Empty Re: Quest for Conquest RP: Character Creator.

Post by Fated Xtasy on Sat Feb 07, 2015 5:43 pm

Name: Sera Bantani

Age: 26

Race: Dathomirian

Gender: Female

Short Bio: Born on Dathomir, Sera was brought up as a nightsister and delved in the magics of the force. She honed her skills in combat and in the force. becoming the strongest among the nightsisters. Her power grew and with it her ambition. She was deemed a threat and was banished. but not before she struck down the clan Mother and hundreds of her greatest warriors. Now the Nightsister seeking power, the nightsister finds two ancient holocron left by an old and powerful being. With it, she learns the secrets of the Force. among them. include the devastating Force drain and even more fearsome power. Together with the Holocron gatekeeper. The Nightsister sets out to put her plans in motion and aims to learn from the Holocron of the greatest Sith Lords to have ever lived, a dark sorceress and a master of betrayal.

Physical description: She has long red hair that flows down to her waist and a lean build. she has a rectangular mark tatooed across her eyes and forehead. Two thin symmetrical triangles on both sides of her cheeks. along with one bright green iris and a red one.

Character type: Force user.

Weapon: Lightwhip, Ichor Sword, Sniper Rifle and a lightsaber, black as night, with several intricate markings running down the hilt. It's color is Orange.

Lightsaber form: None. despite that she is regarded as the most skilled duelist among the Nightsisters

Force Abilities.

Force Lightning. Force Barrier. Force Valor. Telekinesis. Force Drain. Force Illusions and Nightsister magic.
Fated Xtasy
Fated Xtasy

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Quest for Conquest RP: Character Creator. Empty Re: Quest for Conquest RP: Character Creator.

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