Fate of the Force: The Dark Resurgence: Chapter 4.

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Fate of the Force:  The Dark Resurgence: Chapter 4. Empty Fate of the Force: The Dark Resurgence: Chapter 4.

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Hours passed since Sum-Baki had contacted the Jedi Order and requested that the Order send a Jedi shuttle to transport the mystifying child and his would-be savior, Gar Thorin. During these long and mind-numbing hours, Gar had withstood the insults and anger of the scientist, Sar Badakua. Gar had expected the angry outburst, and true to the Code, he ignored him.

Gar had remained near the boy since he found him, he could not answer why he had done so, he had thought that perhaps he was guarding the specimen from the Nemodian and his ilk or that maybe he was waiting for the boy to awaken and go mad. But neither answer felt like the truth.

He found himself staring at the young boy, his face was round, filled with what Gar had heard humanoids call ‘baby-fat’, it was not overly fat, simply the face of a child of ten-twelve standard years; his midnight hair was a great contrast to the plain white blanket and pillow he slept on, an odd dark green streak – barely visible through his raven hair- gently fell in line with several of the other strands of hair that covered his forehead. Aside from that,the child was a perfect description of what a normal humanoid child look like. Was this for the specimen to stand out? Or was it merely a design oversight?

The door to the medical bay hissed open, Gar didn’t have to turn his head to know who it was; the presence was warm, reassuring and extremely powerful, it could only be one person.

“Hey” she greeted, Gar regarded her with a nod. “How are you feeling, Gar?”

“I’m fine, Sum-Baki” His stomach growled, Gar cursed his body’s betrayal silently as the Nautolan woman chuckled.

“Your friend there says otherwise” She said, pointing to his stomach. “Come on, let’s go get you something to eat and drink” Gar glanced at the boy. “Oh, come on! The guards can handle it, you need food, plus, we need to discuss the person that’s coming with the transport, remember?’

After a long moment of hesitation and a full minute of Sum-Baki tugging at his robe like child, Gar relented and left for the mess hall alongside Sum-Baki, but not before taking one last glance at the boy.


The Light, blinding and ever expanding, surrounded him.  In this place, matter, gravity, liquid and time held no form—no meaning, it was a place he had come to know as a sanctuary, his own personal haven. Here had felt a great many things. A fire extinguished, the darkness surrounding his home, a battle between dark and dark, the warmth of a fire. And then, he felt himself drown in a sea of new emotions, minds, feelings.  All things he couldn’t describe.

Then the darkness came.

It was not the darkness that he felt before, this time; he had felt himself hit something…hard. It had been a strange sensation to him, fresh and new, painful as well. For the first time in his life, the feeling that he had so often received in the past, was gone.

Until now.

Fear, anxiety, confusion, pain along with many other emotions and sensations flooded through him, it was as if a dam had been broken and a downpour of new feelings swallowed him whole.  He tossed and turned, clenching the blankets tightly as he did so.  His eye open, they were met by blinding light.

He looked around the room where he laid; it was plain and covered in white.  Pieces of medical equipment were all around him, a monitor silently beeping, the soft sound of dripping water joined the beeping noise. He examined his body, small tubes and needles were inserted into his veins, his body entire body felt numb, his head throbbed with pain, it was not a physical pain—at least not entirely .

His mind was flooded with an inexplicable and alien sensations, voices all spoke at once, shouting, angry, scared, sad and spiteful, the boy gripped his head tightly. The pain intensified.

He screamed.

Suddenly, the door to his room hissed open, two men, clad in red and black armor step inside, blaster rifles in hand.  The boy looked up to them and screamed as the pain passed through his entire body. One of the men slowly walked over to him, slowly reached out for the boy, hoping to reassure him.

The boy felt only pain, he thrust out his hand, the man stumbled backwards and nearly collided with his ally, who had rolled out of the way just in time. The second man took aim and shot. The boy covered his face with both hands, preparing for the worst, after moments of waiting; the boy tentatively opened his eyes and slowly brought his hands down. A green water-like wall stood in front of him. The man was too in awe of the mysterious obstruct too fire again, the child took advantage of the opportunity, ripped off the needles and tubes and sprang into a dash, moving as fast as he could.


“So, who is coming to replace us?” Gar asked as he sipped vigorously on his nutrient smoothie through his breath mask. Like all Kel Dor, Gar was unable to breathe normal air, as all oxygen was fatal to Kel Dor, barring their own native atmosphere or in rooms specially designed for them.

Sum-Baki chuckled at her friend’s lack of table etiquette and said. “I don’t know, Master Severin didn’t say anything regarding that, all she said was that, we should wait for the transport and keep a close eye on the child.” Sum-Baki took a swig of her fresh muja juice and gazed into her cup. “This boy.” She began. “The legacy of an old and mysterious race—evil and all powerful too. And he is all that remains of them.”

“Which makes it all the more important for us to bring the boy to Yavin.” Gar set his nutrient concoction down as he continued. “I sense that trouble will arise soon, Badakua and his ilk will not be pleased when I leave with the boy.”

Sum-Baki flashed a smile. “That’s never stopped you before has it, Master, Gar?”

Gar smiled behind his mask. “You know me too well, Master, Sum-Baki.”

Suddenly the alarm wailed through the air.

The two masters exchanged a quick glance, without a word, the two Jedi quickly left the room, running.


The boy ran fast, vaulting, twisting and sliding below and above anything that got in his way, the people that got in his way were quick to jump out of the way of the confused child. He paid them no attention, all he saw were blurs, his head felt as it were about to split open. The flood of emotions continued to pour through him. It was pure torture.

Voices, screams of pure fear, anger and darkness filled his ears; his eyes only saw flashes of death and darkness. A group of half a dozen armed men stood before him, they shouted something incomprehensible at him, a flash pain passed through him. The boy shook his head and thrust out both hands, in an instant, the men were shoved by an unseen force. The boy wasted no time; he leapt over the group of soldiers and dashed towards a long corridor.

From behind him, a green man with large purple eyes shouted at the men, just then bolts of fire sizzled through the air, grazing him more than once. He ignored the pain, ignored too, the blood that seeped from his hip down to his thighs, dampening his white body suit.

He continued to run, panting as he did so. He saw two figures heading directly for him, a strange green skinned woman and an alien man, he glanced behind him and saw the guards drawing near, he scanned the area around him, a large transparasteel window lay to his left, without giving it a second thought, he jumped through the window, the glass gave way, exploding into a thousand tiny pieces of glass.

He landed on his feat, the boy had remained unscathed. A green energy surrounded his body like an energy shield, the boy never stopped. He exploded into dash as blaster pinged past him.

Gar and Sum-Baki watched in awe, then immediately regained their senses as the Imperial Republic soldiers fired on the child. Sum-Baki gracefully somersaulted into the air, initiated her lightsaber mid flip and landed with the elegance of a dancer; she spun her lightsaber in front of her, what had once been a thin line of energy had become a cyclone of pure light. Dozens of blaster bolts met her blade, under different circumstances, she would have re-directed the blaster fire back at her opponents, but she couldn’t, not without risking the lives of the men who served under her.

She saw a blur of movement from the corner of her, she smiled.

Gar moved fast, his lightsaber igniting so fast that none of the men even had time to blink, with quick, precise and carefully calculated strikes; Gar had destroyed the barrels of their blasters in seconds, leaving only smoke in his wake.

Sar Badakua began to back away slowly, hoping to evade the man’s attention, but he found himself unable to move. Gar had frozen him in place without even so much as looking at him.

“S-Sir, you have our deepest apolo-“The captain immediately closed his mouth as the Kel Dor brought his hand up.

“You acted on the orders of man who has no authority over you” Gar spoke, calm and without anger. “You could have killed an innocent, living being. What do you have to say?”

“W-we were told that the boy had killed two of our men and overwhelmed the Jedi, we simply followed orders.” The man spoke unsteadily, even without the Force, Gar felt his nervousness.  His red blade deactivated. He turned to face the Captain and spoke.

“Keep the doctor here, I will return shortly.” The Captain merely nodded as Gar Force-leaped down to the hangar.  

Gar saw Sum-Baki on hunched over, speaking calmly to the child that hid behind a pair of cargo crates. Around her the Force gathered; Gar felt her using it to calm the child. “Come out. “She spoke softly. “No one is going to hurt you, I promise.” The boy came out from in-between the crates, he was careful, examining the Jedi and the hangar itself. He winced and screamed in pain. Sum-Baki reached for the boy and pulled him toward, she held the boy in a tight, yet soft embrace. It seemed to calm him. Through the Force, the Jedi master felt the boy’s pain, physically he was grazed and perhaps in need of an antiseptic, but his pain was mental. She pushed the child away slightly and looked directly into his brown—almost red—eyes. She lifted her hand up, extended her index finger and gently placed it on the whimpering child’s forehead.

His eyes widened, pupils constricted, the boy fell into Sum-Baki’s arms limp and unconscious. Just then, a commotion came from behind them.

Badakua Before Gar or Sum-Baki could even react, something whirred through the air, met with flesh and returned to the owners hand, leaving a sizzling stump and a dismembered hand in its wake.

“Insolence!” A voice, commanding and arrogant said. “Only a fool would attacka a Jedi!” Sum-Baki and Gar turned to where the voice had come from. A Gungan, clad in extravagant robes stood holding an orange colored shoto lightsaber in his hand and a violet, almost pink saber in his left. It was Jedi Master, Carth’Agi, a Jedi archaeologist and scientist. One of the Order’s most well-known Diplomats and Scientists. Far and wide, Carth’Agi was regarded as the Political Jedi and was one of—if not the most—predominant Jedi advisor within the Imperial Republic senate. Carth’Agi had been a major backer of the Jedi placement within the order, something that disturbed both Gar and Sum-Baki.

“Gar, Sum-Baki. ” The Gungan master started, his sabers deactivated. “Mesa is surprised at how yousa allowed such an unimposing opponent get the better of yousa” The tiniest of smirks formed on his large mouth. Since their youth, Carth’Agi had held a certain disdain for the Masters, it went far beyond the normal friendly rivalry that was sometimes bred within the Jed Temple. Gar, even at the tender age of ten, had risen above of it and sought solace in the code. Though, he could not say the same for his friend and fellow master. He probed his friend’s mind and could not help but smile. Ugh, I just wanna punch the Gungan in the face, jugular or perhaps rip his testi— she stopped abruptly as she heard the voice of Gar in her head.No emotion. She glanced at the child in her arms, resting peacefully for once.  She drew him closer to her.

I know. she responded telepathically. Despite how Sum-Baki felt about the gungan, she wouldn’t give him the satisfaction of a reaction. Bastard can go straight to the pits Felucia and get fondled by a Sarlaac! Gar showed no signs of emotions. He bowed respectfully at the political Jedi and said. “Thank you, for your assistance. Master, Carth’Agi” Sum-Baki followed Gar’s lead and inclined her head at the gungan. “We leave this station, in your capable hands. “ The two masters turned and entered their spacious shuttle.

“It will take us a while to make the preparations. I will have to go speak directly with the Commanding officer and explain the situation to him” Gar said.

His friend merely sighed and spoke. “I don’t think I could persuade you to maybe use the Mind trick on him?” Gar nodded firmly. “Didn’t think so. Right, well. You take care of that. I’ll watch over our little guest here.”  Gar left without a word. Typical She thought to herself.  She glanced down at the boy she cradled in her arms and felt an odd dampness in her hand. Blood.

Without wasting time, Sum-Baki laid the boy in the Medical bay bed. She stared at the boy for a long moment, brushing her hand against his cheek and hair. She shook her head and turned her attention to the boy’s wound. The fabric of his suit was soaked with blood. She expertly removed the stained fabric by cutting it, there she saw his wound. It looked as if it had been slashed by a Vibrosword, it was a deep cut. Sum-Baki was surprised that the boy had not cried when he felt the pain. She drew on the force around her, the stars, Gar, the ship itself and placed both of her hands on the young boy’s wound. Her hands emitted a bright blue light, in an instant; the blood around the wounded area was gone. She was far from done. Her hands turned hot, smoking almost then cold, soothing and relaxing. After two hours of repeating the process. The wound and any trace of it, was gone.

She sagged back in her chair, exhausted from the healing trance. The technique was as ancient as the Jedi Order; to heal another was incredibly taxing on the Healer, especially when the wound required great caution. Despite all Jedi being trained in the healing arts, she had honed her ability to near perfection even as a Padawan. Yet, even she was still vulnerable to the mental fatigue that came with the constant use of the force.  

“We’ve been cleared for takeoff.” Gar said from behind her. Sum-Baki nearly jumped out of her seat when she heard Gar’s voice. “How is the boy?”

Sum-Baki slouched back into her chair and said. “He’s fine.”

“Have you determined what made him act out?” Gar asked.

Sum-Baki straightened in her chair and turned around to face the Kel Dor. Her face turned serious. “I’m not entirely sure. Physically, he’s perfectly fine—aside from the scrapes and the wound, of course.”

“Could it be a mental issue?” Sum-Baki looked confused for a moment. “He was only recently “birthed. “No doubt the process was… frightening for the boy.” Sum-Baki nodded in agreement.

“Yeah, but I feel something more than fear, something….else.”

“Pain.” Gar finished for her.

“Exactly, something deep inside his mind is hurting him. Like you said, he was just recently awoken.” She breathed in heavily. “I’ll have to meld with him” Gar began to interrupt. “He’s in pain, Gar. We can’t bring him before the Council like this. He needs help!” She pleaded.

After a long moment of silence. Gar nodded.


To meld with a conscious mind—another living being—was difficult, the ability was first created to bring strong and capable force users together; they could hear one another’s thoughts, see what they see and even feel what they feel in rare cases. In those cases however, all of the beings consented to the meld and did not erect any of their usual mental defenses. This, of course, was different.

She had already seen the boy use the Force, for all she knew his mental defenses could be extremely powerful. Then there was the fact that the boy felt only fear and anger, his body and mind would react on instinct to her mental intrusion. In addition his mind could be distorted and utterly broken, if she merged with him, she herself would be lost in his mind for a very, very long time.

Cool, no pressure, just like always. She thought to herself, grateful to her friend for leaving her alone. After moments of hesitation, she drew on the force, it answered her call and came rushing like a raging typhoon. She allowed her power to gather all around her, within minutes, the force encompassed the room with its energies, all around her small objects levitated. The Force was alive.

She shifted her focus to the boy as the Force lifted him a few inches above the bed. His Force connection was average—below average. Yet the Force flowed so freely through the boy, Sum-Baki gently probed his mind. Let me in. she projected, but she received no answer or backlash. Drawing heavily on the Force, Sum-Baki imagined the weaves of the force that intertwined all living beings, the thing that bound them, a network of pure life and energy.  If she could focus, if she could feel and see the person in front of her, she could easily find them within this great hive of Force sensitive beings, such was the gift that Living Force had granted her.  Essentially, her power allowed her to ‘join’ minds with other Jedi and Force users, granting her and her allies a high level of synchronicity with one another.

But that was not all the Mind meld granted.  

For all its advantages, the drawback of the Mind meld was one that threatened the very sanctity of the Jedi Code. When one joins with another, their minds become united; all thoughts and emotions are shared. All feelings were shared. This was the reason why the Jedi solemnly used the technique; the intimacy developed between two beings could force them to violate the Code. And the Jedi were not willing to take such a risk. Good thing I’m not a Master then.

Finally, she saw his force connection, his web and mind. She gently pushed her essence within him, she gasped silently at the lack of resistance. The boy’s mind had welcomed her almost. It had amazed her, but not as much as the sight before her. She stood in a white room, large and ever expanding.

“What are you doing here?” A voice asked in Selkath.

Sum-Baki quickly turned to face the voice. Her eyes quickly laid on a tiny figure with hair as black as space, a tiny—barely visible—strand of dark green hair flowed loosely in the wind. It was the boy. His body was surrounded in a blinding light, save for his head. It was as if he were a spirit of the Force. But Sum-Baki expected this, when beings merge, in their minds they see each other bare, as if they were holographic mannequins.

“I’m not here to hurt you.” She said slowly. “I sense that you’re hurting, I want to help”

The boy slowly nodded. “You can’t help me, the voices are always speaking. They hurt me, my head.” He said wearily. “You don’t know what it feels like!” He cried. Now Sum-Baki understood.

“Yes, I do.” She responded firmly. “I can help you, but you need to let me, you need to listen to me.” The boy hesitated. “Listen to me, it’s quiet right now. The voices can’t hurt you, but they’ll return unless you let me help. Okay?”

The hesitated for a brief moment and then relented, nodding slowly.  Sum-Baki extended her arms towards him, beckoning him to come to her, the boy complied. She held knelt down to his level and looked directly into his eyes. “I want you feel everything around you, not just in here, but out there too. Call on it and let it flow through you.” The boy began to speak, but Sum-Baki cut him off. “Don’t talk, feel it. Don’t think about can’t or can, just do.” She smiled at him.

The boy closed his eyes, feeling the force around him and allowing it to flow through him. He winced, but continued. The Force passed through him weakly, but it was enough. Sum-Baki drew on the force and joined her power with his. Their power combined, becoming a gentle wave of the Force.

“Now, I want you to stay still” The boy nodded. Slowly, Sum-Baki gathered the force around her and held the boy in an embrace. Around them, the Force swirled like a soft breeze, enveloping them in its power. The two emitted a white light and suddenly, the flash of light was gone.
“What was that?” He asked in the all too familiar tone of an amazed child. His hair had turned white, his eyes were now turquoise. The change went as suddenly as it came. He was back to his normal self.

“It’s something …special.” She said as she rustled the young boy’s hair. “Maybe one day you’ll learn.”  The boy giggled.

“Are you going?” His eyes seemed sad. Lonely. She thought to herself.

“Yes, for a little while, but I’ll be back.” She placed a gentle, slim hand on his shoulder. “I’ll be there when you wake up.” She said with a smile. “For now, rest. There won’t be any voices hurting anytime soon. I promise.” The boy flashed a toothy grin.


Gar stood behind the door to the small Medical bay, he could feel the Force moving with great effort and power behind it. In an instant, the Force returned to normal, all he felt was Sum-Baki’s Force signature, powerful and gentle and the meager signature of the boy. He entered the room and saw his friend drenched in sweat.

She twisted her neck and fell backwards in her chair, staring at her fellow Master lazily. “Remind me to pack an extra pair of robes next time.”

“Will do” Gar responded, smiling behind his mask. He extended his hand and pulled Sum-Baki up from the chair. “How did it go?” He asked, holding his friend steady as he did so.

“It was… an experience to say the least.” Gar lead his friend to the crew quarters of the ship and laid her down gently on one of the beds. “The boy is incredibly sensitive to the Force, Gar. I think that.” She hesitated for a moment then continued. “I think that the boy felt everything that happened on that station, given the fog around it, I’d wager that his senses were dulled and when you ‘birthed’ him. He got overwhelmed by everything he felt. I’ve never seen someone so sensitive to the Force, literally.”

“That is indeed strange and probable; the Order will be highly interested in hearing about this.”

“How long till we reach Yavin?” Sum-Baki asked.

“No more than three-perhaps four hours, perhaps. You rest; the melding process must have exhausted you greatly. And.” He began, chuckling slightly at his friend’s eyebrow raise. “And, you still have the council to deal with, remember?”

Gar felt a strange disturbance in the force; his hand went for his Lightsaber hilt. But before he could react, a powerful wave of energy sent him backwards and caused him to hit the ground hard. For a moment he was dumbfounded and slowly, he grinned as the door to the crew quarters closed.

Perhaps, I shouldn’t tease her as much. Gar thought to himself as he massaged his cranium. These retaliations have become more and more painful with each year.


The moon of under Iziz shined brightly in the cover of darkness, dimly lit lanterns paled in comparison to the beauty of the moon. Hundreds of beings human, twi’lek, gran and of many, many more races and cultures passed by with their children and spouses. Many of them marveled at what the stores in the Merchant quarter had to offer.  All of them completely oblivious to the hooded figure atop the roof of one of the tallest building, immersed in the shadows of the night.

Just the way I like it. She thought to herself.  She searched through the slow moving crowd for her prey. Unlike other Hunters, she required no droids or scanning equipment, she worked only with her instincts, instincts that had never failed her before. It took her mere seconds to find her Bounty.

A short, twitchy, blue skinned Twi’lek male stood out. His eyes scanned the area in front, behind and all around him. So he knows? Interesting. The Twi’lek could not have stood out more, he wore the clothes of a noblemen, a wine colored shirt riddled with golden streaks and pants to match. His jewels also caught her eye. “The stupid ones are always the easiest prey. “ She said aloud with a slight giggle.

She leapt to the next building, and the next, and the next, until her prey stopped in front of a plain door. No real security system aside from an old busted camera, no guard. And no control console. Her brows narrowed. Guess this isn’t going to be as easy as I thought. This place is a fortress.
The Twi’lek man knocked thrice paused and then proceeded to knocked six more times. The door opened with whine. A woman greeted him with an emotionless nod, roughly pulled him inside and closed the door loudly.

“Aw, sith spit!” She groaned loudly and stomped her foot on the roof of the building, a large dent was left in the wake of her foot.  “Fine” she said allowed and jumped to the next rooftop. No one’s going to stop me. She assured herself as she touched down on the roof. Especially not some Zeltron shutta! She reached into her utility belt and pulled out a small disk shaped contraption. A beautifully crafted weapon designed by one of her closest allies. Basically, the disk worked as a basic detonator or C4 bomb, with many notable differences. Where others would explode loudly, this weapon would detonate silently, leaving the victim of broken entry none the wiser.  Its small size was also something to be valued, allowing for multiple charges to be carried and, in a pitch. They could work as useful thrown weapons. She placed the small explosive on the knob of the door and waited patiently. In just three seconds, the charge detonated and the door was open. She peaked inside and saw two Bothans standing guard. As agile as a viper, she slipped inside without making a single noise and closed the door gently. In any other given situation, she would have knocked the two men unconscious, but unfortunately, she barely had any idea where she was going. The only thing she could do was follow them. She felt the men begin to turn, she didn’t hesitate. She quietly leapt into the air and held herself up by using the tubing. The men left to tend to their duties, completely unaware of her presence.

She jumped down and landed on her feet silently. She thought about following the two bothan men, but decided against it. They were most likely hired guns for show, a decoy to throw her or any other Hunter off his scent. Good, this means the real security around him is light. She thought to herself, grinning slightly.

Without thinking, she headed opposite direction of the two men, mutely moving through the entire complex. Like she suspected, the security here was light. No motion sensors, no giant Wookiee bodyguard, No cameras or alarms. It was too quiet.

She closed her eyes, all around her the living beings became red beacons, pulsing with life. Machinery was gray and dull. She did not feel anything out of the ordinary. She stretched out, focused on her prey. He was twenty meters away from her. Immediately she devoted her entire attention to the room where her prey was hiding. She frowned, annoyed.

Unlike the other door, this was required a password and seemed to be triggered by a motion sensor. A mute charge would not work here. She searched her utility belt and pulled out a hacking module. Without wasting any more time, she hastily plugged the hacking module to the wall pad. She didn’t have to do anything as the hacking module worked fast to bypass the password by hacking into its internal security archive, retrieving the password one letter at a time. Within moments, a confirmation beep came from the wall pad.

She yanked her blaster pistol from its holster, set to stun, turned the safety off and entered slowly.

“Ah, Ecdysiast!” The man started, keeping his glued on the holoscreen as he spoke in his native language. “I am happy that you were able to guide me here, without you, I would not have been able to survive” He paused momentarily and sipped on a neon green concoction.  “Can’t say the same for you men, eh? Poor bastards never saw it coming. Good thing they were expendable!” He laughed loudly. “I was surprised at your ruthlessness, killing thirty of your men and so many more civilians! Ha! All this just to keep that shutta away!” He continued laughing.

She aimed her DBM-211 pistol lower, right in between his legs. Her weapon was art, a Double Barrel Magnum pistol, one of the finest and most versatile of pistols. The pistol could be switched from a normal pistol setting, to a fully automatic. The DBM pistols all came in a cool steel color; this one, however, was black with blue neon lines covering it. It was gorgeousness and gorgeousity made flesh.

She set the blaster to silencer mode and spoke. “There’s a bounty on your little blue ass, Ay’ellis” The Twi’lek jumped out of his seat and faced her. “And I intend to collect.” She grinned.

“What? Y-you can’t do this!” He composed himself and continued. “I am a very important business man. You can’t take me into custody. And even if you do, my contacts will get me out in months, perhaps weeks and your efforts would end up being little more than wasted time. Why not join me instead Huntress? I could make you a very rich woman?”

She said nothing.

“Fine! Sacrifice your life for a worthless cause. You’ll be living this place with a few blaster bolts through your body and in a body bag!” He shouted.

She smiled, with her cowl covering the upper half of her face, it made her look terrifying. “You’re right about something. Someone will be leaving with a few holes drilled through them, but it won’t be me.” She shot him directly in between the knees. He screamed in pain, tears fell from HIS eyes as the skin and mass from that area was completely vaporized. “Nighty, night.” She shot him in the head and did so thirteen more times for good measure.  The huntress bent over the dead man’s body, reached into his pockets and took out a data-disk. There’s my baby

Suddenly, she twisted her body and back-flipped behind the couch the now dead Twi’lek had sat on. Two vibrodaggers hit the wall behind her; both were aimed at her heart.

Her adversary clapped slowly. “Well done. Very impressive, I did not think someone would figure out my little plot.” The woman stepped out from the shadows, she was a beautiful Zeltron woman, her purple hair was cut short, curling at the tips and just barely grazing her neck. She wore a loose fitting black jacket that covered her upper torso; a top covered her brilliant chest. Shorts that went inches above the knee and high knee boots were all that protected and covered her lower region. Two heavily modified blaster pistols were strapped to her legs; a single, black hilted sword lay strapped to her back. She was as beautiful as she was deadly. “However, my sweet. I am afraid your little show will not go unpunished.” The Zeltron woman smiled. “Now, fork over the data-disk and I’ll allow you call your friends and loved ones, to say goodbye.”

“What a kind offer from such a kind being.” The Huntress said sweetly. “But, I’m afraid I’m going to have to reject you, shutta!” Just then, the huntress pulled out her DBM pistol, set it on automatic and fired a volley of blaster bolts at the Zeltron, who had just barely managed to dodge and seek cover. Without skipping a beat, the Huntress tossed two of the mute charges at the Zeltron and ran as they exploded behind her.  

Just then, the two Bothan men appeared along with three other guards. All of them held repeater blasters. All of them fired. They were fast, but she was faster. She leapt into the air and twisted her body to evade the downpour of blaster fire; she landed safely behind a crate, reloaded her pistol and came out of her cover, gun blazing.

To her, time moved slowly as if stopping simply for her benefit. She saw the deadly rays of blaster fire as she jumped out cover and evaded them as they came. She dropped to the ground and slid towards the two Bothan men, she fired her weapon and blasted them countless of times in the chest, head and abdomen. They tumbled over.

As her slide came to a stop, she lifted herself up from the ground with a flip and sprang into a hand-spring, expertly dodging each bolt that came for her. She dropped into a split, switched her weapon to the semi-automatic mode and fired three times. Each bolt met its target, all of which fell over, dead.

She didn’t stop to revel in her victory, instead she continued running, but her instincts told her to stop. She listened and twirled around just in time to dodge an incoming sonic detonator. The small bomb exploded, but the Zeltron woman knew she hadn’t hit her mark and continued to charge, firing her blasters relentlessly. The Huntress knew she wouldn’t be able to escape her, not without having half of the Iziz security force and royal guard on her. So she charged.

The Zeltron was taken aback by the sudden change in tactics, it was enough. The Huntress leapt high, landed behind her adversary and pulled her legs out from under the Zeltron with a sweep kick. The Zeltron recovered quickly, jumping back on her hands and thrusting out with kick that struck the Huntress square in the jaw. Giving her enough time to draw her dark hilted sword and slash at her. The Huntress was quick to react; she dodged the attack clumsily, kicked her foe away and unveiled her own Vibroblades. One in a standard grip, the other in the reverse grip.

“You’re good, girl. But I’m simply better” she said as she attacked with a series powerful chops, each sent shudders through the Huntress’ bones. “See?” she asked as the two gazed fiercely into each other’s eyes. “You’re a pathetic excuse for a swordsman; here I thought I was going to be impressed.”  The Zeltron slashed at the Huntress’ throat, she quickly brought her blade up to meet the blow and retaliated with a crosscut aimed for the Zeltron’s stomach, her foe broke off their engagement and jumped back to evade the cross cut. The moment had cost her. The Huntress charged, leapt into the air and struck the Zeltron in the stomach with flying kick that sent the woman back-flipping into the hard ground. The Huntress prepared herself to deal the death blow, but the Zeltron woman surprised her with a sweep kick that knocked her on the ground. Both women lay on the floor, staring at each other with a deep, deep hatred that blocked everything else.

They slowly got on their feet and grasped their respective weapons. They circled around one another cautiously. “You’re good, perhaps I misjudged you.” The Zeltron admitted. “I won’t make that same mistake twice!” She attacked relentless, slashing, thrusting and chopping with great physical strength. The Huntress couldn’t help but be amazed by it as she parried the woman’s blows and met her blades.

Frustrated, the Huntress attacked, slashing diagonally at the Zeltron’s throat with her left blade and thrusting with her right with incredible speed. The Zeltron barely blocked the blows. Despite her strength, she was completely vulnerable to the Huntress’ superior speed and reflexes. But at this rate, neither would win anytime soon. Damn it! I’ve got to end this quickly. the Huntress thought to herself.

“Ataru’s drawback is incredibly hazardous, as a fighting a style, it relies heavily on the use of the body as a weapon, arms, legs and perhaps even the head , are all often used in Ataru. This is its strength as well as its weakness. Because of the employment of the entire body within its attack sequences, Form IV will more often than not, tire the user faster than the battle would tire a user of say, Djem So or Juyo. It is for this reason that you must be aware of your enemy’s strength and weaknesses; even an untrained combatant can mimic our seven forms, perhaps even combine them. They are unpredictable and they know it. Be prepared and adjust your style accordingly when the situation calls for it. “

The words of her Jedi Master came to her as clear as the light of day. She quickly analyzed her opponent’s style, brutal, wild and erratic all backed up by pure, uncontrollable strength.  Djem So.

Or at least something close to Djem So. Her style was unrefined, sloppy in her footwork and too stationary for the Huntress’s tastes. Yet for all of her flaws, her grounded style and stamina would be the death of the Huntress. Once again the words of her master echoed in her head.

“Remember your training, focus on what is around you, not just in front of you. These things will one day save your life, Leeyana.”

She examined her surroundings, railings, stairs, tubes and the bodies of dead men were around them. A terrifying smile appeared on her face. She charged forward feinted an attack with her blade and unleashed a spinning heel kick that struck the Zeltron on the Jaw. Continuing with her momentum, Leeyana ran, took hold of a tube, used it to whirl her body around and struck her foe with a powerful kick. The Zeltron fell to her knees; blood trickled from her nose and mouth. Her body-at least the parts that were visible-was bruised and bleeding. Leeyana walked over to her helpless foe, her expression emotionless

“Y-you … you’ve won.” The Zeltron spat. “Go ahead, kill me! It is the way it must be!”

Leeyana stared at the woman, expressionlessly. “What is your name?”

“Ecdysiast.” The words seemed to be painful for her to say. “End me.” She repeated. “I would have killed you without a second thought.”

Oh I know. Leeyana thought to herself, Ecdysiast had fought with the intention to kill. The Zeltron only spoke of what Leeyana already knew. Despite that she would not-could not kill this woman. She silently cursed her teachers for this and made her mind up.

“I will not kill you, prey.” She spoke in a low tone, almost a whisper. Her boot came up from the ground and struck the Zeltron at the back of her head, leaving her unconscious. “Not today, at least.” Leeyana smiled. “After all, someone needs to take the fall for this mess.”

Before the security force could even input the correct code to open the door, Leeyana jumped out of the nearest window and disappeared into the night, leaving no trace linking her to the battle. She had become a shadow, a ghost.[/i][/i]
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