Darht Necros I just Parted

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Darht Necros I just Parted

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Sweat dripped from the tips of Tyvans black hair onto the red sand of Korriban, he adjusted his footing in the sand and positioned his training blade into a defensive pose. His breath came in deep raspy gasps and his muscles quivered from exhaustion. His whole body looked weak and ready to crumble with the exception of his eyes that were burning yellow with anger. They trained steadily on the Zabrak standing across from him who was poised to launch another assault. Rubac, is the zabraks name, he had a full head of horns. His red skin was interrupted by a thick black line that rand down the middle of his face with lines breaking off of it and zigzagging across the rest of his face. Both Tyvan and Rubac were the apprentice to the powerful sith lord Darth Batus, who stood to the side watching the duel. Batus had hand picked Rubac and Tyvan to be his apprentices nearly two years ago and had explained that at the end of our apprenticeship one of them would be dead and the other would be given the title of Darth and become a full fledged sith. That time was nearly coming and Rubac was more powerful than Tyvan in every category.

Rubac lunged forward, darting across the sand to make his final assault on his weary prey. Tyvan braced himself to meet the opponent head on. Just as Rubac was about to rain down upon him the zabrak leaped into the air and soared over his head. Rubac landed behind Tyvan and began raining strikes at his nemesis. Tyvan spun around just in time, barely managing to deflect the first blow. The next strikes were to much and he was unable to block them all. Rubacs training blade hit his left should with a painful crack, he felt a split second of intense pain, then his arm went numb. A kick to the stomach knocked the air out of his lungs and knocked him to the ground then a powerful knee was pressed painfully down onto his throat.

"Let me kill him," Rubacs eyes stared up at there master, "I have proven that I am the superior. Let me end his life and grant me the title of Darth"
Darth Batus pale sunken features contorted under his heavy hood as he contemplated the request.

"Now is not the time." He finally replied.

Rubracs fist clenched in anger and he pressed his knee more vigorously onto his victim throat.
"How many times must I defeat this pitiful whelp until it is time?" He shouted, "Its been months since he has beaten me in any form of contest and yet you still allow this weakling to live!"

Batus gave no response, his answer stood firm. Batus turned and walked away. Rubacs emanated with rage, he pressed his knee down so hard onto Tyvans throat that he feared he may crush it entirely.
"Mark my words whelp," His voice nearly shaking from anger, "when he finally does let me kill you, I will gut you like a Womp Rat"

Rubac released his knee and stormed off. Tyvan rolled over in the sand, coughing up blood and gasping for air. After few minutes of gasping for breath his breathing returned to an unhealthy wheezing sound. Mustering all the strength he had left he used his one working arm to push himself up into a kneeling position. He looked around, his vision was blurred and the world spun. Gathering the darkside inside of him he strengthened his leg muscles and forces himself to stand. He wobbled and nearly fell but managed to keep his footing. Holding his dangling arm he began staggering back inside the academy, he didn't even notice the other student snickering as he stumbled his depleted body back to his room. He limped over to his bed and toppled onto the soft mattress, giving himself over to unconsciousness.

Chapter 2

Tyvan walked through the halls of the academy towards his masters quarters. A few days had past since the last duel with Rubac. His left arm was moveable and is throat was no longer sore. Training had continued as usual although Rubacs murderous gazes had only grown even more intense. Tyvan had just been summoned to his master quarters, which wasn't out of the ordinary, but he still had no idea why. He paused for a second to take a deep breath outside his masters door. Although he had been in his master presence countless time before, he never felt comfortable when he was. There was something eerie about his master that made all the student uneasy, almost as if fear itself was being exhaled from his lungs. Tyvan finally stepped into his quarters and took a bow.

"Welcome apprentice." Darth Batus greeted in his deep raspy voice.

"I was told you summoned me." Tyvan folded his hands behind his back and stood respectfully before his master who was sitting behind a giant desk mulling over scrolls and texts.

"I did, I did" His master looked up from his reading at his apprentice, pushed back his chair and stood up. Batus was very tall. Tyvan, however, was only of normal height but Batus stood a head taller than everyone else. Batus was also old, or at least he looked it, his face was narrow and his features were sunken. Although you wouldn't notice since his head was always covered by a heavy hood, his skin was a sickly white color and veins covered his face, the dark side had not been kind to him physically. His eyes were bright yellow and they shone like two blazing stars piercing the very soul of what ever being he lay his eyes on.

"Some of the other masters say," Darth Batus rounded his desk and positioned himself in front of his apprentice as he talked' "that I have been too lenient on you." He paused for a second. "They believe that I should let Rubac kill you and name him a full fledged sith." Darth Batus stood towering over Tyvan.

Tyvan opened his mouth to reply but he was cut off by his master. "This may be true too an extent, Rubac does posses greater martial skill and has a more advanced command of the force than you do, but you have your own merits as well. Rubac is a great warrior who will make an excellent soldier to throw at the enemy but he lacks ambition. I sense far greater potential in you than I do in him. You are much smarter and far more cunning, where as he would be just another pawn to throw away you would be a far more dangerous sith."

Tyvan filled with pride, praise from any master was hard to come by and, especially from such a stern master as Batus.

"This is why," Batus continued, " I have refused to allow him to kill you thus far. But I have nearly reached the end of my rope. I cannot prolong your death for much longer and soon I will be forced to submit to Rubacs blood lusting urges." Tyvan swallowed at the sound of that. "But I am giving you one last opportunity. The Dark Counsel has recently discovered a lone tomb far out in the dessert. They wish for me to send one of my apprentices along with two other apprentices into the dessert to investigate the tomb. Darth Scalva will be leading this expedition. Primarily I would have chosen my strongest apprentice for this mission but I wish to give you the chance to prove yourself. The desserts of Korribans are dangerous and Sith Tombs are even more lethal. The likelihood that you will come back is slim but if by chance you do survive, I will name you a sith in Rubacs stead. Prepare yourself apprentice, Darth Scalva is waiting for you at the speeder port."

"Thank you master." Tyvan bowed deeply. He didn't know what to feel, fear for the possibility that he may die, or joy that he may actually become a true sith. Had he not been given this opportunity Rubac would have killed him sooner or latter.

"You are dismissed." Batus waved his hand toward the door, "Oh, and be carefull, Rubac has been eves dropping on this entire conversation." He added on with a sly smile as Tyvan was about to leave. Tyvan nodded and exited the door.

Chapter 3

As soon as Tyvan stepped outside of the door he was flung against the wall with an elbow pressed to his throat. Rubac looked more enraged than usual.

"You better hope you die on this mission whelp," Rubac snarled, " because dying from thirst or being torn apart by some wild beast will be a much kinder death than the one I will deliver, if you return to this academy alive!"

With that being said, Rubac released him and stormed off. If I return im going to crush the life from your body with my bare hands, Tyvan thought to himself. He then straightened his robes and began to make his way to the speeder port.

Upon reaching the speeder port he lay his eyes on an especially attractive twi'lek. Her lekku were covered in multi colored beads and her face was soft and attractive. She was also wearing heavy armor with two identicle lightsabers attached to her hip. He knew that was Darth Scalva. He had heard about her before. She was a master at lightsaber combat and powerful dark sider. She had a bubbly attitude and because of this she gained peoples trust very easily. But her cheerfulness was just a front, she would betray your trust just as easily as she had earned it.

"You must be Darth Batus's weakling apprentice I have been hearing about. We were almost going to leave with out ya" She teased with her hands on her hips. "Here, your going to need this if your want to actually survive." She said as she plucked a lightsaber from his belt and handed it to him.

Tyvan had never held an actual light saber before, he looked it over. It was a sturdy weapon, the only notable difference between it and a regular lightsaber was that its hilt was about six centimeters longer than normal. It was likely built by Darth Scalva herself. He activated the blade, its crimson blade hummed in front of his face like a void of red rage.

"Its yours now. Just try to take care of it, okay?" Darth Scalva said with a wink.

"I will." Tyvan deactivated the blade and attached the lightsaber to his belt.

"Now, gather around y'all." Darth Scalva addressed all three of them. "Our mission is to explore this tomb and bring back any notable texts or holocrons. There are reports of a large Tuk'ata horde in that area so we may be in for a bit of a fight. Now I don't want to have to carry the weight of any of you newbies so if you fall behind or get injured in any major way, you will be left to die. Understood?" All three apprentices nodded. "Alrighty, pile on in." She said as she opened up the speeder door.

The speeder ride was long and noisy. The apprentices were chatting it up with Darth Scalva, evidently lulled in by her cheery attitude and good looks. She exerted the right amount of flirting and made the right facial expression at the right time and the other two apprentices were hooked. Tyvan knew better, though. He had heard stories of her betrayals. Men declaring there love for her just to be met by a sudden lightsaber in the back, and people sharing there greatest secrets just to have her either steel it or use it to manipulate them. Tyvan just kept his mouth shut and let the fools believe that she could be trusted. He would prove that he was no fool, and that he was worthy of being a sith. Then he would crush Rubac.

The speeder landed about a mile away from the tombs entrance. It was un able to land any closer because the tomb lay at the end of a long canyon, with tall rock walls towering on either side. Tyvan reached out with the force, he sensed a lot of life in that canyon. Probably the Tuk'ata that lived near the tomb.

"Okay, everyone stay behind me." Darth Scalva ordered. "And be on your guard, there supposed to be hundreds of Tuk'ata in this canyon. We don't want one of ya getting snatched up." She smiled.

Tyvan fell in line after Scalva and the two apprentices followed him. As he followed the twi'lek he made not that her hand was always hovering over her lightsaber. He tuned out the foolish apprentices behind him who were whispering to themselves about Darth Scalva, more loudly than they realized.
Tyvan and Scalva were both on high alert. A small rock came tumbling down the side of the canyon and they both looked up to see a Tuk'ata following them from above, though the apprentices failed to notice. A second latter a few more small pebbles rolled down the other side of the canyon and three more Tuk'ata could be seen watching from afar, although more were surely present. Darth Scalva slowed her pace until she was walking along side Tyvan.

"Do you trust me?" She asked suddenly.

"No, why?" Tyvan responded.

"Good." She remark, "These Tuk'ata are going to attack sooner or later and these two bumbling fools are dead weight. When they do attack, stay on my tail and leave those two for the Tuk'ata to snack on."

"You really do live up to your reputation." Tyvan mussed. "Those two are head over heals for you."

Darth Scalva only smiled in response. The tombs entrance was coming into view up ahead. It was a stone arch way with two stone statues with there swords crossed above the arch. They statues were worn and cracked. They appeared to have been there for ages. The door was closed but a simple control panel was on the right hand side of the door. Who evers tomb this had probably drawn the Tuk'ata here to be the security system, since the tomb was apparently very easily accessible. All a being had to do was reach the door, but the Tuk,ata were there to ensure that never happened.

"There it is!" one of the apprentices shouted excitedly. His voice echoes off the walls of the canyon with amplified volume. What followed were the sounds of hungry beasts as scores of Tuk'ata poured out from behind every rock. They swarmed like insects towards the group.

"Fool!" Darth Scalva hissed at the apprentice.

She shot out her arm and sent the two apprentices hurling a few meters back. They would never get back up in time to make it to the door. The Tuk'ata would overrun them. Scalva had just doomed there bones to be the chew toys of a hundred Tuk'ata. Her blade was activated in an instant and she took off running with shocking speed. Tyvan activated his lightsaber as well and took off after her. Even while calling on the force he struggled to keep up with her but if he failed to do so he would end up as the apprentices. Tuk'ata started to hit the ground in front of Scalva, snarling with sharp teeth. A hundred Tuk'ata swarmed behind them forming a vicious stamped of sharp teeth and claws. She lowered her shoulder and plowed the first Tuk'ata over without loosing any momentum. She summersaulted over two more Tuk'ata, slashing them both as she soured over them. When she landed she held out her hand and sent currents of lightning into the large group Tuk'ata before her. All the Tuk'ata dropped instantly. One of the beasts pounced from the side of canyon at her face. She held up her hand in response. The Tuk'ata hit the side of the canyon with a yelp. She was nearly at the door, just one more Tuk'ata and she would be inside the tomb. Tyvan wouldn't allow that. If she got inside the tomb he would be a dead man. She would use him for what ever purpose she pleased and then kill him. He knew her, she was conniving and although he admired her for that he knew she would be the end of him.

She pressed the control panel with the force and raised her lightsaber over her head ready to bring it down on the last Tuk'ata. Tyvan reached out with the force causing the Tuk'ata to trip. Scalva brought her blade down but the creature hit her feet. She stumbled, loosing much momentum and nearly toppling forward. Tyvan jumped off her back, planting her into the sand and sending him sailing through the doorway into the tomb. Scalva looked up at him from the dirt, her soft eyes now burning with hatred.
"I will kill you!" Darth Scalva yelled. Tyvan responded by closing the door and leaving the Tuk'ata to eat there supper.

Chapter 5

Tyvan stood by the door and listened for a few moments after closing the door. At first he heard the hum of a lightsaber but that was soon downed out by snarling and then the sound of combat. He heard whimpers and yelps. He heard Scalva scream then something smash against the door. Tyvan smashed the control panel just to be safe.

Tyvan turned his back on the sound of commotion outside to the tomb that lie before him. All that he could see was what the glow of his lightsaber revealed, which wasn't very much. It was a plane stone hallway with no decorations or designs. He closed his eyes, calling on the force to probe the way into the unseen. A face filled with malice flashed in his mind, bearing yellow teeth and ferocious red eyes. Tyvans eyes shot open as fear raced through his entire body. He stepped back and fell to the ground. Crackling laughter erupted around him but no one was present.

"Don't worry." A deep menacing voice chuckled, " I wont kill you. Yet"

"Where are you?" A frightened Tyvan replied.

"This way." The voice replied and door at the end of the hallway that Tyvan couldn't see before started glowing blue.

Tyvan slowly got up. He took one slow step towards the door then another, and another. He finally reached the door and the voice spoke again.

"Good, now go inside." The voice was loud and deafening.

Chills ran down Tyvans back, he was too afraid to disobey. When he opened the door he nearly had to step back as the dark side seemed to pour out of the room. A Pau'an stood in the center of the room, his eyes were blazing red and he was shrouded within an ever shifting black cloud of smoke. Light black armor encompassed his chest and shoulders. His right arm was clawed and covered in grey fur. As the smoke moved along his arm it changed from furry to green and scaly and then onto soft and pink. Looking at him with his eyes sent sharp blades of fear piercing through Tyvans body. Looking at him through the force he was a giant void of anger and power. The Pau'an smiled at Tyvan through yellow teeth.

"Welcome my new apprentice!" The voice that Tyvan had heard now boomed from this beings mouth. The Pau'an lifted his now black arm towards Tyvan and the door behind him slammed shut, trapping Tyvan alone in the room with the sith spirit.

Tyvan was trapped. Fear took hold of him despite his attempts to fight it back.

"Who are you?" Tyvan blurted out.

"I am the mighty Darth Ferox. You are wise to fear me ." the spirit smiled.

"Is this your tomb?" Tyvan pressed on.

"This is the resting place for my body, and the house off all my secrets. I saw how you dealt with my Tuk'ata guardians, and the one named Darth Scalva. I am most impressed with you, Tyvan." Ferox said in a booming voice.

"How do you know my name?" Tyvan continued to interrogate.

"Your mind is nearly transparent to me. I know your name, I know why you were sent here, and I know of your hatred for the one named Rubac." Darth Ferox chuckled.

Just the mention of his name sent surges of anger coursing through Tyvans veins.

"Then you know I will do anything to destroy him." Just the mention of his name sent surges of anger coursing through Tyvans veins.

"Yes, I do. Your determination is valuable." Ferox noted. He seemed to ponder for a while then continued, "Your master saw the potential within you but he was unwilling to teach you how to achieve it. Instead he hoped fruitlessly that you would learn on your own. He could have morphed you into a powerful weapon but instead he foolishly allowed you to stumble on your own. You must abandon your old master and swear your allegiance to a new one, to me."

Darth Ferox was right. All this time Darth Batus stood by and prolonged his suffering by refusing to let Rubac kill him, but he didn't teach him how to grow stronger. He was pitiful master who crafted pitiful sith. If Tyvan returned to the academy now he would only be crushed by Rubac before he could be declared a sith. And even if by some fluke Tyvan defeated Rubac, some other enemy would arise and end his pathetic existence. No Tyvan was no fool he would not continue to be weak, he would become more powerful than Rubac, more powerful than Batus, even more powerful than the sith spirit that stood before him.

"You are weak now but I see a monster in you that is just waiting to be released. In the sith only the strong survive. Unless you release that monster you will be crushed under the boots of your rivals." Ferox explain.

"Teach me how to unleash the monster, master." Tyvan knelt down and bowed before Darth Ferox.

"I will," Darth Ferox chuckled, "But for now, we have a visitor."

Darth Ferox spirit faded from in front of him, then a moment later the door behind him was knocked off its hinges and flung across the room. Tyvan just barely rolled out of the way. Tyvans eyes widened, his training would have to wait. A bleeding, battered, and enraged Darth Scalva burst into the room, her lightsaber burning red in her hand and hate burning ferociously in her very soul.

Chapter 6

Tyvan barely had time to activate his own lightsaber by the time Scalva was upon him. Despite her injuries and exhaustion she was still blindingly fast and her strikes hit with incredible precision. Tyvan blocked the flurry of strikes, then counter attacked with a broad stroke at her midsection. His retaliation was met with a boot to the chest that send him hurling through the air, he dropped his lightsaber in the process. Just as Tyvan hit the ground, Scalva was already half way across the room and bringing her blade down on to where Tyvan lay. Tyvan pushed of off the wall with the force which sent him rolling sideways across the floor into Scalvas feet. She tripped and fell, hitting her head on the wall. Tyvan jumped backwards to the opposite side of the room, recalling his blade unto his hand, while assuming a defensive posture. He finally had time to examine his opponent.

The Tuk'ata really did a number on her. She had a large bleeding scratch across her left cheek. The rest of her face was full of purple bruises. The majority of the beads that had once covered her lekku were now missing. Her heavy armor was also drenched in her blood and the blood of the Tuk'ata she slaughtered. On her left arm a large chunk of armor was missing and raw torn flesh was now exposed. Scratches and bite marks also covered her legs which were far less protected by her armor. Scalva had earned his respect both as a manipulator and a survivalist. Had she attacked him under normal circumstances Tyvan would have been laying on the ground dead by now. But these were not normal circumstances, she was exhausted, enraged, and delusional from the loss of blood. That being said she was still a frightening opponent, and Tyvan would have to work hard if he was going to bring her down.

Scalva jumped across the room at Tyvan, bringing her blade down with tremendous force. Tyvan met blow with his lightsaber and then danced away from Scalva. This only seemed to enrage her even more. She unleashed a sudden burst of repetitive stabs and quick slashes. Tyvan was forced to work hard to defect them all but by some miracle he managed. Scalvas frustration was only growing. Tyvan decided to feed this by gloating her.

"The great Darth Scalva can't even kill a weakling apprentice, the other sith would mock you if they ever found out." Tyvan teased.

"Shut up and die!" She screamed, swinging her lightsaber at his neck.

Tyvan ducked and swung at her feet, forcing her to back step. She responded by digging her knee into his jaw. Tyvan tasted blood but this time was not sent flying across the room. She was tiring out. Tyvan back up and again assumed the defensive. She cross cut powerfully at his chest but Tyvan jumped backwards. She screamed and again launched into a random assault of stabs and small cuts. This time Tyvan had little trouble deflecting them. She raised her lightsaber over her head to bring it down on him, but Tyvan acted before she could. He raised his hand and sent a current of lightning into her face, blinding her, and sending her stumbling backwards. Tyvan charged forward and plunged his lightsaber into his dazed opponents heart. Her angry expression turned to one of shock, as she embraced her last moment of life.

Tyvan deactivated his lightsaber and knelt down, meditating on the dark side to rejuvenate his body. His muscles quivered and his chest and jaw throbbed. His jaw would be fine but a few of his ribs were cracked and broken. Darth Ferox again appeared surrounded in dark smoke.

"Congratulations, my new apprentice." He said with a sly smile. "Your straining begins now." He held up his hands and the walls on every side of the room fell away, revealing hundreds of books, and scrolls. "Behold, my library!"

"What's behind there?" Tyvan asked pointing to a small section of the wall that did not fall away.

"Behind there lies the legacy to my power." Ferox stated, "It must be earned. For now divulge yourself into the knowledge that lies within my texts and grow ever more powerful in the dark side."

"I will," Tyvan replied, "And then I will make everyone who ever questioned me tremble!"

Tyvan picked out a book and began to read.

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Five months past since Tyvan began his tutelage under Darth Ferox. In those past months his power had grown immensely. Darth Ferox had once been a pioneer in sith magik and alchemy, with a special interest in mutation spells. Tyvan only assumed that his ever mutating arm was the result of a failed attempt to internalize one of his spells. Tyvan learned many of these spells but his interest lay else where. Tyvan devoted most of his time into necromancy, an area that his master had experimented in with impressive results. He took full advantage of his masters presence, allowing him to demonstrate how to properly say chants and wield powers. As his understanding of the greater arcane arts grew, so did his connection to the dark side of the force. No longer was he an unimpressive apprentice, now he was becoming a monster of the dark side.

Tyvan used the Tuk'ata guarding the tomb as his test subjects. He would dominate there minds to lead them into the tomb. Then he would slay them and raise them from the dead. At first it took all his focus to raise a single corpse for even a short amount of time, but he quickly improved. He was now able to raise multiple corpses at a time, with out the need of complex hand gestures or spoken chants, and he could keep them animated for unprecedented amounts of time with very little effort.

Not only did his arcane arts improve but all of his more basic powers gained magnitude as he delved ever deeper into the dark side. His telepathic and force lightning grew especially more powerful. He was able to dominate the minds of Tuk'ata with ease, bending them to do his bidding. He was becoming the monster Ferox said he could become, he was powerful and confident.

"Im ready to earn the legacy of your power." Tyvans spoke with his eyes shut in as he communed with the dark side.

"To earn my legacy you must pass a trial. You must slay a ferocious beast, I cant guarantee that you will survive." Darth Ferox voice boomed from every direction.

"I am ready, master." Tyvan repeated.

"That remains to be seen." Feroxs voice crackled.

The last remaining slab of stone came crashing to the ground with a deafening smack. Tyvan opened his yellow eyes to see that the stone had been covering up a staircase, leading down deep into the black. Tyvan arose and began to descend the long staircase. Upon reaching the bottom of the staircase he entered a room. As he entered the room torches began igniting with fire, filling the room with light. The door behind Tyvan slammed shut and he was left alone standing face to face with a monstrous creature.

The monster looked as though it had originally been a rancor but it had been twisted into something else entirely. It was much taller than a rancor. Its sharp teeth were so huge that its mouth couldn't shut completely around them. Its claws were oversized and curved. Its body looked strong and healthy despite it not having a meal in centuries. But by far the most unsettling thing about it was its third eye positioned right in the middle of its forehead. It was not the eye of a rancor but that of a reptile, and it was looking straight at Tyvan.

The beast roared and charged at Tyvan who held out his hands and sent currents of lightning flying into its body. The monster was stopped in its tracks and roared in pain. After a few seconds the monster slowly continued its advance. Tyvan called more deeply on the force to empower his lightning. The monster struggled to keep its footing but ultimately fell to the ground. It dug its knuckles into the ground in an attempt to push itself up. The creature was on its feet again and only a few meters away from Tyvan. Tyvan mustered up all the hate that he felt for Rubac to empower his lightning. With one final surge of intense lightning the monstrosity fell to the dirt. It moaned for a few seconds before the force left its body. Tyvans hands shook in the moments after. It had taken all of his effort to topple the mighty beast.

Tyvan stepped over the dead monsters body, across the room to a pedistool with a small red stone resting upon it. Attached to the stone was a leather strap clearly designed to fit around someone hand.

"Is this the legacy to your power master?" Tyvan questioned as he examined the smooth stone in his hand.

"Yes, it is the Terentatek Stone. Named after the three beasts I sacrificed for the ritual in which it was forged. It is a powerful artifact that amplifies the powers of the dark side." Ferox explained.

Tyvan fastened the strap around the back of his hand so that the stone pressed tightly to his palm.

"With the retrieval of that stone you have proven you are worthy of completing your training and being named a sith." Ferox voice boomed. "What shall your sith name be?"

Tyvan clutched his fist tightly around the stone as the dead monsters body began to get up.

"I am Darth Necros!" Tyvan declared. The dead monster now looming behind him.

Chapter 8

Darth Necros sat meditating in the main chamber of the tomb. Reaching out in the force he sensed the millions of dark signatures resonating from all of the acolytes and sith lords scattered across the planet. Some were weaker than others, but he ignored most of them. He was searching for a certain one. He began blocking out hundreds at a time, eliminating the ones he wasn't looking for until he finally pin pointed the one he was chasing after. The force signature shined brightly in his mind. He traced where it was directly on the planet. His eyes flashed open with angry malice. Darth Batus was making his way towards the tomb.

Darth Batus stood at the entrance to a long canyon. Somewhere in that canyon he sensed a massive power. He had informed the Dark Counsel that he believed someone had survived the expedition into the tomb and that person had taken what ever knowledge resided there for themselves. The Dark Counsel had been aware of the growing power coming from that area. They had also said that were these suspicions confirmed true, who ever was hording the knowledge was now a traitor to the sith and should be executed. But no sith were sent to investigate since the mission was deemed 'To Dangerous'. So Darth Batus had come on his own accord. He knew the growing power was Tyvan, he could sense it.

Darth Batus began the long walk into the canyon. He was well aware of the rumors of Tuk'ata and so he stayed on high alert. At a point where turning back was no longer an option the rumors were confirmed true. Large Tuk'ata baring razor sharp teeth began to emerge from the rocks and crevices. Scores of them pored into the canyon floor blocking his advance and escape. Darth Batus closes his eyes and began shrouding himself in the dark side. The Tuk'ata looked confused. Darth Batus began walking forward again, right through the thick horde of Tuk'ata that had, just a minute ago, gathered to rip him apart. But none of the Tuk'ata made a move at him, or even acknowledged that he was there, because in there minds he didn't even exist.

As Darth Batus reached the end of the canyon he started to pass the bodies of dead Tuk'ata. The signs of combat were all around him. Tuk'ata mangled bodies lay crumpled in every direction, he assumed these were killed by powerful force pushes. Other Tuk'ata were clearly killed by the lightsaber, they were gashed open, stabbed, or cleaved in two. Who ever had struggled against these Tuk'ata had put up an impressive display of power. Batus finally reached the entrance to the tomb. The dark side resonated from this place, he opened the door and went inside.

Darth Necros was no longer kneeling when Darth Batus entered the main chamber of the tomb. His old master was powerful indeed. Necros had thought the Tuk'ata would rip him apart but his old master had simply walked right through them. Necros glared at Darth Batus who stood before him, he was still as imposing as ever.

"So my suspicions are confirmed," His old master spoke first, "You have taken the knowledge you found here as your own."

"And now I am stronger than ever. " Grinned up at his master. "You sent me on this mission to prove that I am worthy of being a sith, and that's exactly what I have done."

"I didn't expect this, though. All you were to do was return alive and you would have been named sith."

"Rubac would have killed me if I returned!" Necros shot back.

"His name is no longer Rubac. He is now Darth Inimicus." Batus corrected.

"You named him a Darth?!" Anger burned inside Necros like a wild fire.

"I was forced too. You were presumed dead, I had no other option." Batus replied calmly.

Necros should have expected this, but he couldn't help being enraged by it. Rubac, now Darth Inimicus, was his pinnacle of Necros spite, he was a blight in Necros life, an error in the Force that Necros would correct.

"Come with me back to the academy Tyvan. I am close to the Dark Counsel, I can plead your case too them. You can still be named a Darth and be a leader in the Sith Empire." Darth Batus pleaded.

Necros surrounded the dark side of the Force around him. "My name is no longer Tyvan. I am Darth Necros, and I AM a sith!"

Darth Necros unleashed currents of lightning at his old master. Batus activated his lightsaber and absorbed the currents. Darth Batus then sent a wave of power hurling at Necros. Necros smashed against the other side of the room. Lightning enveloped Necros sending searing pain through his entire body. Necros dropped too his hands and knees under the power of his old masters lightning.

"I really wish it hadn't come to this," Batus voice could barely be heard over the crackling of lightning, "you had so much potential. If only you had let me teach you."

Darth Necros didn't respond with words. He simply raised his right hand, which had the Terrentatek Stone resting in its palm. The stones color began to darken, as though a black liquid had spilled inside of it, as Darth Necros channeled energy through it. The pain faded as all the lightning Batus let loose was absorbed into the stone. Necros stood up an slowly advanced across the room towards his old master. Batus backed up slowly, his eyes widening with fear. Darth Necros overpowered him with force, pushing him to his knees. Necros pressed the now black stone onto Darth Batus's forehead.

"I don't need you to teach me!" He snarled and then began his assault on his old masters mind.

Power surged out of Necros, amplified massively by the power of the Terentatek Stone. Darth Batus eyes rolled back into his head as Darth Necros attempted a power that Darth Ferox had explained to be extremely dangerous. Not only did it take the most powerful force wielder to even attempt, but it often ripped apart the users mind. Darth Necros mind went numb, his eyes rolled back into his head just like Darth Batus's had. Darth Batus's will clashed with Darth Necros, who ever proved weaker than the other would surely be defeated. Darth Necros pushed hard, the stone amplifying his power into overwhelming Force energy. At first Darth Batus stood firm, but soon his resolve crumbled and his fate was sealed. The Terentatek Stone changed its role in the assault, it now acted like a giant mental vacuum that was sucking Batus dry. Darth Necros head felt like it was about to explode, as his old masters mind was being absorbed into his own. Darth Necro didn't stop until Batus mind was sucked completely dry. When it finally was he released.

Darth Batus eyes rolled back into place and he fell forward to the ground. Drool seeped from his mouth and his eyes look questioningly around in fear. He still breathed and physically he was fine, but mentally he was like a new born baby. Everything he knew, ever skill he had, every memory he had experience, no longer existed in his mind. His mind was like a sponge that was left out in the hot sun. Darth Necros had taken everything. Darth Batus didn't even remember how to talk.

On the contrary Darth Necros's mind bristled with foreign knowledge. His brain was still in antagonizing pain. It threatened to rip itself apart from the new influx of knowledge.

Chapter 9

Darth Necros sat in the middle of the room, staring down at the Terentatek Stone in his palm. It had fine cracks in it from the overwhelming energy that had coursed through it. Three days had past since he had absorbed his masters mind into his own. His mind was still on fire with pain, but the knowledge had finally begun to settle into place. For two days had been rolling on the floor screaming in agony as he struggled with every fiber of his being to keep his mind from imploding. The effort had payed off though, and his old masters knowledge was now melding into his mind. The pain began to recede and Necros began unraveling the mysteries of his old master.

Darth Batus, had been a secretive and cunning Sith Lord. He had an endless network of spies and bounty hunter. Many of them were renowned as the best of the best and all of them were on his payroll. Necros now knew who each and every single one of them was. He would not hesitate to take advantage of them.

Darth Batus had also had extensive knowledge in powerful force abilities. He was a far more practiced hand in force lightning that Necros and he had also dabbled a bit into the areas of sith sorcery, although most of what his old master had learned Necros already knew. His lightsaber skills were another story entirely. Although Necros Force abilities had increased exponentially, his skill with the lightsaber was still pitiful. His old master was skilled in many forms of lightsaber combat. Necros recognized all of them. Djemn so, Necros preferred form was one that Batus had mastered. Niman, was what appeared to be Batus's preferred form. Juyo and Ataru were also within Batus's arsenal of skills. Necros would take advantage of all this new knowledge and would work at incorporating it into his own skill set.

But most importantly to Necros, Batus knew exactly where Darth Inimicus was. And that gave Necros purpose. His time in this tomb had taught him much but it was soon time to leave, he only had a few things left to do before he did.

Darth Necros knelt down next to Darth Scalvas corpse, still laying on the floor next to the door, where Necros had killed her. Her body was sick with decay. Her once plush cheeks were now sunken and ghastly. Her eyes were now clouded and white. Her skin was no longer a bright vibrant blue, but a sickly grey color. The wounds that were present at the time of her death were now festered and raw. Much of her heavy armor had fallen off from the damage dealt to it, so Necros removed it entirely. Underneath she wore a tight grey form fitting jumpsuit. Her form was once lean but now most of her muscles had decayed, leaving only a bony structure. Her skin was tightening around her body as she began to mummify. The Terrentatek Stone again clouded black in his palm. He pressed it against her bony chest and began to chant.

Darth Necros began by empowering her body. He enhanced her few remaining muscles with sith spells, pushing them far beyond the conceivable limits. She would now be exponentially faster and stronger than any other humanoid. He closed all of the mounds on her face but left it still ghastly and corpse like, he wanted her to be frightening.

He then moved onto her mind, it was a blank canvas for Necros to color in. He implanted in her mind anger, and hate. He then pulled from the extensive knowledge of his old master and gave her knowledge of Juyo. He also allowed her knowledge of a few force powers. He implanted her with an unending desire to obey and serve him. Then he cast the reanimation spell. This spell would be permanent, he would have no need to continually focus to keep her alive, she would be the closest thing he had to an apprentice. An agent who would do what ever he commanded. Darth Scalva would be his slave.

The stone returned from black to its original red color, more cracks were evident on its surface. Darth Scalvas fingers began to twitch. Her head slowly turned to look at her new master.

"Welcome back Darth Scalva." Darth Necros smiled

Darth Necros ordered Darth Scalva to stand outside in the hallway. He then knelt down beside the now dead Darth Batus. He picked up his wrist and activated the comlink.

"This is Darth Batus. I need a speeder to be sent to pick me up outside of the mystery tomb." Darth Necros said disguising his voice to sound like Darth Batus.

"Right away sir." The voice on the other end replied.

Darth Necros dropped his old masters wrist. With that done he only had one more thing to do. Darth Necros positioned himself in the center of the room. He lifted his arms, extending them straight out on either side. Lightning shot out from his finger tips filling the room with crackling energy. The books and texts Darth Ferox wrote ignited with fire. The spirit of Darth Ferox came clashing into the room, his face contorted with malice.

"You impudent little degenerate! How dare you destroy my teachings!" Darth Ferox seethed, while he knocked Necros against the wall with a force wave.

The Terentatek Stone grew black as Necro channeled force energy through it. He sent a wave of powerful sith magic at the sith spirit.

"No one else will ever learn your teachings. They will never be used against me." Necros explained.

Darth Necros sent currents of red lightning blasting into the sith spirit. Darth Ferox counter attacked by shattering the floor beneath his feet. Darth Necros lost his footing and fell. The Terentatek Stone returned to its red color, its surface was rifled with large cracks. Darth Ferox picked Necros up and smashed him into the ground.

"I will break every bone in your body! I will crush you until your very soul breaks! I will crush you until you plead for mercy, but I will show you none because you dared to cross me!" Darth Ferox snarled in a bloodlust as he hurled Darth Necros against the wall again.

Darth Necros desperately sent red lightning into the air as Darth Ferox tossed him around like a rage doll. Some of the lightning struck Darth Ferox and he roared in pain, releasing Necros. Necros didn't let up, he channeled as much energy as he could possibly muster through the Terentatek Stone. Darth Feroxs spirit fell to the ground, screaming in anger and pain. The spirit began to fade as Necros unleashed unimaginably powerful lightning.

"No Master. No one will ever crush me again." Necros said calmly.

The Terentatek Stone shattered in Necros palm and the spirit of Darth Ferox was vanquished. Darth Necros stood in the destroyed library for a few minutes. The air around him seemed to whirl from the battle that had just taken place. Darth Necros body ached from the battle but he ignored it and exited the door, forever leaving the tomb behind.

Darth Necros and Darth Scalva walked through the canyon filled with Tuk'ata. Darth Necros had shrouded himself and Scalva the same way Batus had. When they reached the end of the canyon the speeder was waiting for them. As well as three sith and four academy guards.

"The Dark Counsel sensed Darth Batus's death yesterday." One of the sith spoke. "And yet somehow he was able to request a speeder today. You have been branded a traitor to the sith for directly disobeying the Dark Counsel. Traitors must be executed."

"The Dark Counsel should have sent more sith." Necros smiled insidiously at the ambushers who stood before him. He then turned his gaze to Darth Scalva. "Kill them."

Her lightsaber was activated in an instant as she charged towards them with in a blurr of motion. The guards barely fired off a single shot before they were cut down by Scalva. The sith had there blades active and rush in at her. Scalva leap through the air, swinging the blade around over her head then bringing it around in a side ways slashing motion as she landed in front of one of the sith. The sith attempted to block the blow with his blade but she hit with so much ferocity that his lightsaber was sent flying from his hands. A second later his head was rolling on the ground. One of the sith brought his blade down onto her head, she block the blow and sent the sith flying with a force push. She unleashed into a spuratic assault on the third sith who was quickly over whelmed, and killed. The last sith was back on his feet. Scalva lunged and slashed at him, but he deflected and evaded. Scalvas style was overwhelming yet careless, she left herself wide open as she attempted to overpower her opponent. The sith deflect her blade and ran his blade through her chest. Scalva stopped. She dropped her lightsaber and looked the sith dead in his eyes with an angry stare.

"What the hell are you?" The sith screamed fearfully.

Scalva grabbed the siths neck with both hands and began to squeeze. Necros heard his neck snap after a few second. Scalva turned to her master and casually plucked the lightsaber from her chest. The wound didn't even phase her

Chapter 11

The speeder zoomed over the desserts of Korriban. Darth Scalva sat in the passenger seat with her eyes closes. She was using the force to mend her wounds. The hole that had been pierced through her heart was now surrounded by a green smoke as she put her body back together again. Darth Necros knew it didn't matter, her heart wasn't needed, neither were her lungs or any other internal organ. She was being kept alive by magic. The only thing vital to her survival was her brain. Anything else meant nothing to her, and to capitalize on this Necro had implanted her with the knowledge of how to fix nearly any wound her body could sustain. That is why she showed so much reckless abandon in her fighting form. Her brain was all that mattered, so that the only thing she protected.

She finished healing a few minutes before they reached there destination. The speeder had originally come from the academy but that is not where they were going now. They needed a ship, and while the academy did house ships, they would never survive long enough to steal one. But thankfully Darth Batus knowledge had provided an alternative option. The sith named Darth Pheenom had a personal hanger for his very own ship. Although the hanger was heavily guarded by sith troopers and Darth Pheenom himself, it was at least an achievable goal.

The speeder landed in front of the open hanger. Dozens of guards turned there heads and Darth Pheenom himself, a muscularly built human with blond hair and wearing heavy armor, stopped what he was doing to investigate who had arrived at his private hanger.

"Im sorry are you lost?" Darth Pheenom questioned, "This is a Private Hanger."

"That's a very beautiful ship you've got there." Necros said nodding at the ship, completely ignoring Darth Pheenoms remark.

"Ah yes. Its an Interceptor Class ship. Very luxurious and powerful at the same time." Darth Pheenom boasted proudly.

"You really do love your ship." Darth Necros chuckled slyly. "It would be a shame if two strangers were to randomly show up, kill all your guards, and steal your ship now wouldn't it?"

Darth Pheenoms eyes widened with surprise. Darth Necros nodded at Darth Scalve, who immediately activated her lightsaber and leaped into the middle of the guards to begin her massacre. Darth Pheenom activated his lightsaber.

"You wont get away with this!" He shouted and lounged at Necros.

Necros parried the attack and began battering powerfully away at Pheenom. Pulling from the knowledge from Darth Batus, Darth Necros was a much better duelist. His offensive was a never ending succession of precise power blows. Darth Pheenom was forced into a retreat. The two fought across the hangers floor until they were right in front of the lowered ramp leading up into the ship. Darth Pheenom was actually a fairly skilled duelist, his defense was solid and well executed, but it wasn't perfect. Finally it caved. Darth Pheenom was struck across the chest with a powerful slash. Although his armor absorbed most of the blow, he still fell to the ground, gravely injured. Darth Necros began unleashing force lightning into the man, who lay on the ground screaming in pain.

"Oh, my!" The mechanical voice surprised Necros. He looked up and saw a droid carrying a tray of food, standing on the exit ramp. Necros pointed his lightsaber at the droid.

"Get back on that ship" He barked.

The droid scurried back up the ramp mumbling to itself. Darth Scalva walked over to her master, all the guards were dead. Her legs, arms, and torso were covered in blaster holes and burns. Darth Necros kicked Pheenom in the stomach.

"Im not going to kill you." Necros stated "I want you to deliver a message to the Dark Counsel for me."

"What message?" Darth Pheenom moaned.

"My name is Darth Necros. The Dark Lord of the Sith!"

With that said he boarded his new ship.
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