Star Wars: Empathy pre-production

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Star Wars: Empathy pre-production

Post by Wildbantha88 on Mon Feb 16, 2015 6:47 pm

Jedi Master Krinta Fro
Species: Iktachi
Age: 49
Lightsaber and style: She wields a yellow bladed lightsaber with a crome hilt and beautiful engravings. She was given the hilt as a gift from a primitive species who she saved from slavers. She wields Niman and generally dislikes serious lightsaber combat, though she does enjoy the occasional sparring match with her fellow Jedi.

Traits and skills: she is a member of the high council and one of the greatest Jedi of the era. She is kind and compationate. A highly respected and a great example for a Jedi, she is known for her extremely high developed telepathic skills

Jedi Master T'b Rolus

Species: Gamorian

Age: 56

Lightsaber and style: He wields a fairly standard  blue lightsaber, though its hilt is longer and thicker than normal to fit into his large hands. But for him it is standard. He is the greatest practitioner of Form 5 and is equelly proficient with both varrients. He has studied the other forms but has mastered none of them.

Personality and skills: He is a member of the high council and is highly respected amongst the order. He is a physical brute and his strength is unmatched. He is one of the orders greatest warriors and teachers and he loves spending time with younglings.

Jedi Battle Master Rustle Quinto

Species: Weequay

Age: 57

Lightsaber and style: he has a pair of attachable wooden lightsabers, both green blades. He is a master of all seven lightsaber forms and is one of, if not, the greatest lightsaber masters o the order

Traits and Skills: He is the battle master and a member of the high council. He is responsible and wise. There are very few in the order that can match him in a lightsaber duel.

Jedi Master Ray Sebastian

Species: Human


Lightsaber and style: His lightsaber is a standard silver blade with a black hilt. He is a Master of the first 6 lightsaber forms and is one of the greatest of duelists of the era. But master Quinto has refrained him from learning Juyo for the time being.

Traits and Skills: He is the youngest master of the high council. He is a prodigy in both lightsaber and Force and has the highest potential ever seen to date. As such his skills advanced quickly. He is quirky and extremely over confident. It is because of this over confidents that Master Quinto has refused to teach him Juyo, stating that he is unready

Jedi GrandMaster Aigus T'barra

Species: Cathar


Lightsaber and style: Aigus wields a green curve hilted lightsaber. He is a master of all seven forms and is one of the greatest duelist of the era.

Traits and Skills: Aigus T'barra is renowned as one of the most powerful and wise Masters in the orders existence. One of his most visible feats is that, through a deep connection to the lightside, he has slowed his aging to a near halt. Even though he is over 100 his body is that of a being in their 50's. Though he hasn't completely stopped aging. He is beloved and respected by the Jedi and has been the GrandMaster of the order for nearly a century.

Jedi Master Ki-Omin-Bos

Species: Kushiban


Lightsaber and style: Ki-Omin-Bos does own a lightsaber but he keeps it locked away in a box in his chambers and hasn't used it in many years.

Straits and Skills: Master Bo's is a member of the high council and is a very powerful member of the order.He spends his time studying the Force and as such has a wide array of powers. He is one of the orders for most teachers in force powers. And is generally respected throughout the order

Jedi Knight Jon Hagan

Species Human

Age 28

Lightsaber and style: He wields a standard blue lightsaber. He is highly skilled in Ataru and Shien.

Straits and Skills: He is the former padawan of Jedi Master Krinta Fro, but unlike her he took an interest in lightsaber combat and has become a formidable duelist

Jedi Master George Ferrus



Lightsaber and style: He wields a standard green lightsaber and he is a master of the Ataru style

Traits and Skills: He is a member of the high council and is respected for his wisdom amongst the order. He is a great master of the lightsaber and the Force but his greatest talent lays in writing

Jedi Knight Chenka Laro



She wields a standard purple lightsaber and is an extremely skilled wielder of the Ataru Form

She is attractive and kind. Her true passions lie in dancing and all of her skills have been to enhance her dancing act.
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