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It had been two months since Dylan returned home from his mission to rescue Shorya. In that time something of great significance had happened. Dylan remembered looking into the night sky with Shorya, staring up at the stars of the galaxy. That was before Shorya had been taken from him by the Lightor Prince Arthur. Little did Dylan know that after he rescued Shorya, someone from the stars would reach back. It was less than a week after he had returned to his kingdom when the first of them had touched down on the planet. They were strangers, cloaked in black, carrying swords, the crimson blades of which seemed to be made of pure energy. They called themselves Sith.

Contact had been made, and like all other Innamortans, Dylan was very excited and curious. In the two months since he had returned, his parents had forbidden him to go off on any missions. So when Dylan wasn’t training and keeping his skills sharp, or hanging out with his friends doing questionably legal things, he was studying. He was peering into the vast history of the outside Galaxy. Never before had the Innamortans known a time in which the great barrier was not completely separating them from the rest of the Galaxy. Now however, it had seemingly dissipated, opening Innamorta up to the outside Galaxy, and opening the rest of the Galaxy to Innamorta. Now that the Galaxy was open to them, Dylan intended to learn as much as possible about it, and while the sheer magnitude of information was staggering, Dylan had always been incredibly smart for his age. He devoured the information like he did food in a Blaze Blossom induced hunger.

Though there was still much about the Galaxy for him to learn, Dylan had acquired an impressive amount of knowledge in the past two months. He had learned of various different planets, such as Coruscant, Corellia, Korriban, Nal Hutta, Yavin IV Tatooine, Bespin, Muunilist, Telos IV, and Onderon. It astounded Dylan just how many inhabited planets were out there, and how different each of them could be. But more interesting to Dylan than the planets of the Galaxy, was the different people. The Galaxy was inhabited by various different species, ranging from the furry Wookiees of Kashyyyk, the head-tailed Twi’leks of Ryloth, the Muun bankers of the Intergalactic Banking Clan, the morbidly obese Hutt crime lords, and the horned Zabraks of Irodonia. The most prominent species in the Galaxy however, seemed to be a race of bipeds called Humans. The Humans in fact did not look very different from Innamortans, though Dylan learned of a few crucial differences, such as the fact that Humans are, on average, ten times physically weaker than Innamortans. Initially, Dylan had judged them as weak, but he quickly learned that Humans were generally treated as the standard, and that the vast majority of sentient species in the Galaxy maintained around the same physiological level of strength. Quickly, Dylan realized that it was not Humans who were weak, but Innamortans who were strong, far stronger than the vast majority of sentient beings in the Galaxy. He would have to keep that in mind when he was king.

Of the many peoples in the Galaxy, one group intrigued him. The Sith. The first group to make contact with the Shadikill, the Sith Order was a group of beings of various different species who believed in the superiority of the strong over the weak, in ways that seemed almost cultish. They were drastically opposed to the Jedi, an Order of beings who believed in respecting all life and civilizations, though it seemed to Dylan that the Sith were excluded from this rule. Unlike the Sith, the Jedi believed it was the duty of the strong to protect the weak, and took this role upon themselves. The Sith seemed to value war and power, and the Jedi seemed to value peace and knowledge. In his study of Galactic history, it quickly became apparent to Dylan that the Sith and Jedi have been at war, ever since the two Orders first met over seven thousand years ago, and since then, their conflict had shaped Galactic history. In fact, the Galaxy right at that moment was in the middle of a war between the Jedi and the Sith that had been raging for several centuries, with the Sith Collective, what the current order of Sith was called, being at war with the Galactic Federation Triumvirate, with the Jedi Order serving as one of the thirds of this federation.

There was one thing about the Jedi and the Sith that intrigued Dylan. Central to both of their philosophies was something called “The Force.” From the information Dylan had managed to gather, the Force was an energy or power that bound the entire Galaxy together, controlled fate, and bestowed upon the Jedi and Sith mystical powers that allowed them to perform seemingly impossible feats. Like many others, Dylan had been skeptical at first, until a Sith Lord by the name of Darth Vanquil gave a demonstration, conjuring bolts of lightning from the tips of his fingers.

Soon after the Sith and Jedi had first touched down on Innamorta, the Sith Collective had allied itself with the Innamortan Warrior Kingdoms, and the Jedi and their Triumvirate had allied themselves with the Lightor. Something about the Sith and the Force intrigued Dylan. Though he had never seen or heard of either of them before, they somehow felt… familiar. Dylan had often pondered the alliance between the Sith and the Innamortan Warrior Kingdoms. Dylan was already a great warrior, and he was destined to be the most politically powerful person ever a part of the Innamortan Warrior Kingdoms. With the Innamortans’ physical advantages over most species and the Sith’s respect for strength and power over weakness, Dylan often pondered how, when he assumed the positions of both of his parents, he could lead his people into an age of prosperity and spread their influence throughout the Galaxy. As a small boy, he dreamed of ruling a world, now he was faced with the possibility of ruling many.

At the moment however, Dylan had more immediate concerns, such as his thirteenth birthday. Today was that day, and he had been celebrating with his friends for several hours already. It was around evening time, and the party had been going on for hours. They had already eaten a lot of candy and drank a lot of soda, though they had not yet experienced the mind altering effects of Blaze Blossom, and Innamortan 7X alcohol. Now was the time however.

Dressed in a black shirt and pants, and wearing his specially designed light armored jacket with his Katana concealed on his back, Dylan approached one of his friends Fernin and his half-brother Terro. Just a minute ago, Tormax had told him to go find Fernin so they could blaze up, though Dylan had found him seemingly in a heated discussion with Terro.

“Don’t you see Terro?” Fernin said. “The Sith are so powerful, that they can do whatever they want, and nobody can stop them. We should be honored to have them as allies.”

“The Sith treat those who aren’t as strong as them like trash! The Sith don’t care about anybody but themselves!” Terro replied.

“I don’t see what your problem is Terro!” Fernin said, taken aback. “The Sith are the greatest warriors and badasses in the entire Galaxy, and instead of respecting them, you speak of our new allies as if they are some abomination.”

“They’re evil Fernin!!!” Terro cried out.

“Shut up Terro!” Fernin shouted back, obviously irritated. This was not the first time Dylan had seen them have this discussion, and it appeared Fernin was getting rather sick of it. “You’re just saying that because you’re the type of person the Sith would treat like trash. You are weak and stupid, and you can’t accept the fact that you are inferior!”

“Sooooo…” Dylan said as he stepped forward, feeling the awkwardness palpitating from them. “Hey guys…” He had seen them argue before, but never like this. Some part of him thought that Fernin had crossed a line, though he too understood how annoying Terro could be at times. “Yo Fernin, Thomas says it’s time.”

Fernin glanced over at Terro then back at Dylan. The nonverbal question he was asking was obvious. Should they bring Terro? “You’re choice,” Dylan said. Part of him felt bad for Terro, and wanted to invite him to help him feel better. The other part of him however, didn’t want to deal with the awkwardness between Terro and Fernin. So, he turned the decision over to Fernin.


As Fernin and Dylan turned to walk away in Tormax’s direction, Dylan glanced back at Terro, who was now crying, and gave him an apologetic shrug. As Dylan and Fernin started to walk away, Dylan said “That’s actually a pretty amusing idea.”

“What is?” Fernin asked.

“The thought that blaze blossom is actually sentient, and that every time we look at a nugget of it, it knows that we’ve been smoking it’s people, and that it’s life is about to end,” Dylan replied. The two started laughing immediately.

“Dude!” Fernin continued. “Could you imagine of there was some sort of revolt where the Blaze Blossom nuggets took up tiny little spears and tried to smoke US out of a centriblaze?!” Dylan and Fernin immediately started laughing harder.

“Okay, we need to tell Tormax about this,” Dylan said, still laughing. “You know, if Blaze Blossom was actually sentient, then between me, you, and Tormax, we are the perpetrators of the biggest genocide ever!”

“You know,” Dylan began. “You should probably be a little nicer to your brother.”

“Half-brother,” Fernin responded.

“Whatever,” Dylan continued. “He was kinda, you know, crying back there. You probably shouldn’t hurt his feelings that badly.”

Fernin rolled his eyes. “I’m so tired of him whining about the Sith! That’s all he’s been doing ever since they got here. You’ve seen how he is Dylan! You could poke him and he’d start crying.”

Normally, Dylan might have pressed the subject, but today was his birthday, and he really wasn’t feeling up to it. Instead he decided to change the subject. “Check this out,” Dylan said as he pulled a bottle out of one of the inner pockets of his jacket. It was full of a black liquid.

“Is that-”

“Innamortan Seven X Alcohol?” Dylan cut Fernin off. “Hell yeah!” He put the bottle back in his jacket pocket as they saw Tormax in the distance with a few members of Dylan’s squad. “But first,” Dylan continued. “Let’s go get me a birthday blaze! Then we can slam that seven X!”


Pain and misery, those were the past few months of Arthur’s life. Though the entire Galaxy was now open to them, and Arthur was very interested, like all Lightor, in learning more about it, his mother’s death hung over him like a shadow. A veil of pain covering a more exquisite agony. Though he had spent a lot of time studying the Galaxy’s history, planets, technology, and species, Arthur had not interacted much with any of the Jedi who were on Innamorta as their new allies. Even his father seemed withdrawn. Frankly, Arthur was surprised his father was capable of meeting with this “Grand Master Mongooku” as often as he did.

Neither Arthur or his father intended on just wallowing in their misery. They had a plan, and they were going to do something about it. For the past two months, they comforted each other, and observed the pain the other person was forced to go through. They both resolved to do something about it. They weren’t going to let Dylan get away with this. Something was going to happen, something soon, and Arthur and his father were waiting for it.

Arthur’s comlink began to beep, and when he picked it up, he heard a female voice. “Everything is going as planned Arthur. I have the data now.”

“And nobody suspects a thing?” Arthur asked.

“Nobody,” the voice responded.

“Excellent job. Send the data now,” Arthur said, almost happy for the first time in two months.

“When are you planning on pulling this off?” the voice asked.

“As soon as possible,” Arthur vaguely responded.

“I have to go now,” she said abruptly.

“Alright,” Arthur replied. “Thank you again for your help… Herndon.”


“That. Was. Awesome!” Tormax cried out as he thrusted his fist into the air triumphantly.

“Yeah,” Fernin began. “This is seriously the-“

“The most high I’ve ever been dude, I’m not even kidding!” Dylan interrupted. The three friends immediately started laughing, the joke made even funnier by the effects of the Blaze Blossom and alcohol. “Seriously Fernin,” Dylan said as soon as he was able to speak again without bursting into laughter. “You should stop getting so high, or else an angry bag of Blaze Blossom might try and kill you for smoking his people!” Immediately, they all started laughing again.

Dylan felt like he was shifting through reality, the world contracting and expanding around him, the world moving up and down and side to side at the same time. It almost felt like he was flying. This was one of the best birthdays he had ever had. But something was about to make it better.

When he glanced over, he saw a familiar face; Shorya’s. She was wearing a stunning red and black dress, and Dylan couldn’t take his eyes off her. Suddenly he felt a hand on his shoulder. “Go on Dylan,” Tormax said as Fernin almost staggered over. “Go talk to her.”

“Thanks guys,” Dylan said as he turned back towards Tormax and Fernin. “For everything. For getting me completely messed up tonight, for being there for me, and for being my friend. You two are some of the best friends a guy could ask for.”

“Happy Birthday Dylan,” Fernin replied drunkenly.

“I’ll catch up with you guys later,” Dylan said as he turned towards Shorya, smiling eagerly.

“I’m glad you could make it!” Dylan said as he staggered over towards her with a lopsided grin.

“Hey Dylan,” Shorya said as she smiled back. Dylan felt his heart do a flip in his chest. “I’m glad I could make it too.”

“Yeah, and I’m also glad you could make it!” Dylan exclaimed before realizing he had already said that. You damn idiot! he said to himself. You already said that!

She gave him an odd glance before saying, “Dylan, don’t take this the wrong way… but are you drunk?”

Damn it! Dylan screamed inside of his head. “Tha- that’s not important,” Dylan said grinning.

“Riigghht…” Shorya said slowly nodding.

“Okay fine!” Dylan exclaimed. “I’m completely smashed right now and I loveit!”

“Relax,” Shorya began. “Take a deep breath. Clear your mind.”

“I’m fine Shorya,” Dylan said grinning. “I’d actually like to go outside if you wouldn’t mind joining me.”

She grinned back. “I’d be happy to.”

They stepped outside onto a balcony overlooking the city. But it wasn’t the city they were looking at. It was the sky. By now it was night time, and they could see the stars of the galaxy. Dylan thought they were beautiful, but he didn’t think any of them were as beautiful as Shorya.

“I’d like to go there one day Shorya,” Dylan said, staring into the night sky. “Up into the stars. I want to see the Galaxy. I want to explore the Galaxy I might one day rule a substantial portion of one day. And I’d love to show you the Galaxy as well.”

Shorya started laughing. “You are so drunk right now Dylan.

“Maybe,” Dylan began to respond. “But I am being completely serious right now. There’s the whole Galaxy out there, and with our alliance with the Sith, I might one day be one of the most influential people in the Galaxy. I’d love to give some of that back to the people who helped make me who I am. It’s my way of saying thank you to you, my friends, and my people for being there for me, and helping me become the man I am or will be.”

“I’d love to see the Galaxy with you Dylan,” Shorya replied. “You’re my best friend.”

A few seconds later, an explosion filled the sky. Then another, and another. These were not explosions of flame and death, but explosions of color. The entire sky was soon illuminated by fireworks of various colors. The fireworks were red, gold, green, blue, white, even a few rainbow ones here and there.

Dylan watched in awe as the entire night sky was lit up, just for him. He wasn’t expecting this at all. His parents must’ve done this for him without him knowing. A tear came to his eye. He loved them so much, and sometimes he under appreciated them. They were always there for him, even when they disagreed, and he wished he could be there for them more often. Though Dylan knew it didn’t make statistical sense to assume, he still believed at that moment that he had the best parents on Innamorta.

Glancing down over the balcony, Dylan saw an elaborate fountain made of dark stone, but instead of water, it was filled with searing hot lava. Dylan’s parents had that made for him on his birthday six years ago because he thought it would look cool. Just one more thing they did for him.

“Well I’m glad I could share this experience with you,” Dylan said turning towards Shorya. He was shocked when he felt her hand clasp his.

“Happy Birthday Dylan,” she said as she wrapped her arms around him and hugged him. They stayed embraced for a few seconds before they let go of each other.

After the fireworks ended in a spectacular finale, Dylan and Shorya walked back inside, or staggered in Dylan’s case, stepping up to a balcony inside of the Shadikill castle, overlooking the main chamber in which all of the party guests were gathered. They were about three floors up, staring down at the guests. It was then that Dylan saw his mother stepping up to a podium in the center of the chamber. She was holding a ceremonial cane in her right hand, which Dylan knew held a concealed blade forged by the best Bladewrath forgers. It had been a gift to her from Tormax’s parents years ago. Suddenly, the back wall of the chamber transformed into a video feed of his mother’s face, and the entire room went silent as she opened her mouth to speak.

“Thank you all for being here today,” Queen Suzanne of the Shadikill began. “We are here today because my son, Dylan, just turned thirteen.”

There was an onset of applause as soon as she finished the sentence. Dylan even thought he heard Tormax or Fernin cheering, though that may have just been him being completely crossfaded.

“My son is destined to inherit both my throne, and my husband’s seat as the Head of the Council of Alliance. As such, there was extra pressure on us both to raise him to be the best person he could be. It’s not always easy being a parent, though it is very rewarding. Over the past thirteen years, I have gotten to watch my son grow up right before my eyes, and in the past few years, I’ve even learned something from him every once in a while.”

Dylan could feel his eyes tearing up. Shorya placed a hand on his shoulder. He had never felt so lucky in his life to have friends and family like this.

“As a mother, I am saying that getting to watch Dylan grow into an extraordinary person has been a joy beyond what I could describe in words. Whenever he leaves to go on a mission, I am filled with both pride and fear. I am proud of the things he does for his people at such a young age, but I am also scared. I’m scared of the possibility of losing him. I’m scared of never seeing him finish growing up, because if he’s this great as a thirteen year old, I can’t wait to see what he accomplishes by the time he’s 25.”

Though he was completely high and drunk, his emotions allowed him to focus and understand every word his mother was saying. He understood every word perfectly, and each one tugged on his heartstrings in a different way.

“Whenever I’m around him, I see a little bit of myself, and I see some of the qualities in him that makes my husband such a great man. But I also see a unique passion within him that makes him a unique individual, and it is this passion that will one day lead him to transform the lives of billions, perhaps trillions. I just hope I live long enough to see it.”

I hope so too, Dylan thought to himself. I hope so too.

“Dylan,” his mother said, turning her head to face him directly. “Happy Birthday!”

“Thanks mom,” he said softly under his breath. He was going to be sure to give her a great big hug the next time he had the chance.

When she stepped down, Dylan saw another person step up; his father, King Mogarius, descendent of Mogar, and head of the council of the Great Treaty.

“My lovely wife was right,” he began. “It has been a great pleasure watching Dylan grow up. Though being his father wasn’t always easy, it is one of the greatest things I have ever done in my life.”

Dylan gasped to himself. His father, one of the greatest Shadikill warriors and head of the Council of Alliance considered raising him to be one of the greatest things he had ever done in his life. Such a statement brought more tears to Dylan’s eyes. As the day went on and on, Dylan felt himself moved emotionally more and more. And not only by his parents, but by his friends as well, and Shorya, who he considered to be more than a friend. He never knew that they all loved him so much, and in some ways he felt guilty for not realizing it sooner.

“Two months ago, my son risked his life to rescue a fellow soldier who had been captured by the Lightor Royal family and been held in one of their most secure prisons,” Dylan’s father continued. “By pulling off such a mission, not only did Dylan prove himself as a warrior, he proved himself as a person.”

This caught Dylan off guard. He thought his parents were mad at him about that.

“When I first heard of his squad being ambushed, I sent several soldiers to bring them back home safely, and tried to stop him from doing something like that. But when Dylan makes up his mind, he can be as stubborn as his mother. Nevertheless, when I heard about his successful rescue, it was one of the proudest moments in my entire life. His actions that day were not those of a boy, but those of a man. And on today of all days, I say, happy birthday Dylan! We love you!”

Dylan continued to tear up some. He never knew his parents were that proud of him, and to hear them say it in front of several people meant the world to him.

“Thanks again for rescuing me Dylan,” Shorya said as she clasped his hand in hers.

It was Dylan’s birthday, and he was high and drunk and surrounded by the people he loved most in the world. This was quite possibly the happiest moment in his entire life. He wished this moment would never e-

Something was wrong, very wrong. Dylan didn’t know how he knew it, he just felt a prickling in the back of his mind. A loud outcry from within his very thoughts. Suddenly, a surge of adrenaline raced through him, and giving himself over to his instincts, he acted on impulse.

Suddenly and without warning, Dylan placed a hand on each of Shorya’s shoulders, and pushed as hard as he could, throwing her backwards several feet onto the ground. Then he leaped backwards, backflipping over the rail of the balcony.

As his body flipped through the air, he felt a searing heat running across his back. Only the shield generator in his jacket prevented it from bursting into flame.

As he fell, everything seemed to move in slow motion, and when he looked up, he saw the balcony upon which he and Shorya had been standing be immediately engulfed in a flash of green. An explosion of emerald fire tore the balcony apart, blasting it into pieces in one of the most violent explosions of its size Dylan had ever seen.

He had seen that type of explosion before. He had felt it before. He had felt the green pulsating ball of energy strike his body and consume him in a blast of green flame, burning away at him from all angles and depths. Fear and hatred consumed Dylan as the realization dawned on him. There was only one person who carried a weapon like that. Arthur!

Dylan glanced down as time seemed to suddenly snap back into a normal pace. The ground raced up towards him, accelerating quickly as it seemingly rushed up to meet him.

Snarling, Dylan threw his feet out below him and braced himself for a landing. His feet struck the ground with great force, sending ripples through every muscle in his body. Somehow however, he managed to land on both of his feet, and crouched down where he landed with his back facing the direction of the podium his parents were standing at.

After a second, the realization of what had just happened dawned upon Dylan. He had just backflipped off of a third story balcony, while completely drunk and high, and somehow, miraculously, he was not hurt in the slightest.

He was not dead, he was not injured, he was not wounded, he wasn’t even sore on any part of his body. On the contrary, he had never felt more alive. Though that was about to change if Arthur succeeded in killing him. That was when a second realization dawned on him. A sense of danger as alarming as the one that made him jump off the balcony struck him again, but this time, he didn't know what to do. All he knew was where to look. The podium!

Dylan leaped up to his feet, and turned around to face the podium. What he saw tore his heart in half. As his mother was reaching for her concealed blade, her form was consumed by a green explosion, and all that was left behind were ashes, black blood, and scattered limbs and organs.

Suzanne, Queen of the Shadikill, wife of Mogarius, mother of Dylan, was dead.

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