MOTF Book I: BOTE Chapter 25

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MOTF Book I: BOTE Chapter 25

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The entire room erupted into chaos. Shadikill guards sprung into action, Lightor elite combat droids suddenly materialized out of thin air, as they diverted power from their cloaking devices to their arm cannons. There was even a lightsaber blade or two, as Barrus had heard the Jedi Grand Master call them.

Never before had King Barrus of the Lightor dreamed he could sneak into the Shadikill castle undetected, though, before she died, he never could’ve imagined life without his wife either. But that infernal Shadikill Prince had made him live it for the past two months, and those were the most depressing days of his life. Nothing could’ve made Barrus feel better than the look of horror and agony on the Shadikill brat’s face as he watched his mother die right before his eyes, helpless to do anything, as Barrus had been when he saw his wife’s mangled and mutilated corpse.

Sneaking a force of this size into the Shadikill castle was seemingly almost impossible, though he and his son had managed to pull it off. Whenever Barrus hadn’t been negotiating with Mongooku, or learning about the outside world, he and Arthur had been planning and plotting, putting every waking moment to good use. Between both of their intellects, and the passion with which they sought to avenge his wife’s death, they had come up with a plan, and now it was working beautifully. Of course, it couldn’t have been accomplished without the help of the Shadikill traitor, Herndon. It was Barrus’s understanding that she had been a member of Prince Dylan’s squad. She had secretly been working with the Lightor for a long time. That was, in fact, how she had survived the assault on the Shadikill coastal base, and how the Lightor had known to attack it in the first place.

Before, this spy had been beneath his notice. Just a Shadikill seeking glory by using the Lightor to destroy her rivals. That all changed when she became a part of Dylan’s squad. Barrus’s son, Arthur, had taken a particular interest in her, using her to acquire Shadikill intel, and even to plot an ambush against Dylan’s squad. After Dylan had murdered Barrus’s wife, Herndon had been instrumental to seeking their revenge. With her skills as a communication officer, she hacked the Shadikill mainframe, sending Barrus and Arthur the schematics of Shadikill Castle, schedules of the events there. Every event of Dylan’s birthday party, every aspect of the guard detail, had been known to Barrus a week in advance. And now, he, his son, and several Elite Combat Droids had sprung an ambush, right in the heart of Shadikill Castle. His time of vengeance was upon him. King Barrus’s wife would be avenged.

Standing on the second floor balcony, Barrus watched as Dylan sprung into action, pulling a black sword from a sheath on his back, and charging at Arthur. Barrus pulled out a laser cannon. He could’ve killed Dylan there and then, but that wouldn’t be enough for him. He had to make this boy suffer more, as he had made him and his son suffer. Quickly, he turned his attention to the Shadikill King and head of the Council of Alliance, Mogarius. The Shadikill man cried out in grief as his wife exploded into a million pieces next to him, the explosion throwing his body to the ground. Two Elite Combat Droids raced over to him to end his life.

Mogarius was not finished however. Though Mogarius was unarmed, he was far from helpless. He jumped back up to his feet, and tore the two droids apart with his bare hands, ripping off one of their heads, and all but obliterating the armored chassis of the other with his fists. As more droids approached him, Mogarius rolled over to where his wife’s cane rested on the ground. Picking it up, Mogarius pulled a concealed blade from it and began to mercilessly hack apart droid after droid that came his way, carving a swath of destruction through their numbers. In only a few seconds, the remains of fifteen droids were scattered around him.

Barrus snarled with contempt, and took aim. This man’s son had destroyed his life, now he was going to take his. A blazing red streak split the air as a single, concentrated beam of energy shot out at Mogarius at the speed of light, and ripped through his left calf. Surprised, the Shadikill fell to his knees, but no cry of anguish escaped his mouth. Barrus wasted no time in putting another shot through the Shadikill’s right shoulder, causing him to drop his wife’s sword, and collapse to the ground on all fours.

Eager to finish things face to face, Barrus holstered his laser canon on his back, and leaped off of the balcony towards his opponent, using several thrusters built into his armor to slow his descent enough for him to stick a graceful landing a few meters from his target. Now brandishing a vibrolance, as those in the outside Galaxy called it, Barrus slowly approached Mogarius, savoring his victory as the battle between the guards and the droids raged around him.

The Shadikill warrior was still not finished however. With an outcry of rage and determination, Mogarius took up his wife’s blade in his left hand, and sprang forward at Barrus. Barrus jabbed the tip of his lance at Mogarius, but the warrior slapped it to the side with his wife’s blade before unleashing a barrage of quick and vicious thrusts and slashes at him. Barrus staggered backwards, falling into a defensive stance. Were Mogarius in shape to do battle, Barrus suspected he would’ve been cut to ribbons then and there under the Shadikill’s fury, but as it was, Mogarius was injured, unarmored, and wielding a weapon different from the one he was used to. Barrus pressed his advantage, utilizing heavy power blows coming in from the Shadikill’s right, and moves designed to drive him back onto his left foot. On the defense, Barrus deflected Mogarius’s blows just enough so that they glanced harmlessly off of his power armor.

Watching as his opponent tired, Barrus decided that it was time to end this. He took a step back, and swung his lance to the right, and began to spin his body, swinging the large lance in a circle, coming back around on Mogarius’s right side, lifting the lance up, and bringing all of its weight and momentum down upon the Shadikill warrior. Mogarius tried to block it, but the force of the blow knocked his blade to the left side of his body. His chest now exposed and in front of the tip of Barrus’s lance, Barrus savored the moment as he drove his lance forward, stabbing it straight through the Shadikill’s heart. Mogarius’s blade dropped to his side, his face contorted in an expression of agony as Barrus drove the lance deeper and deeper into his chest until his hand was but a few inches away from his open chest cavity.

Turning his attention towards his son and the Shadikill prince, Barrus saw Dylan hacking away at Arthur’s defenses mercilessly. Barrus watched as Dylan’s knee flew forward to meet Arthur’s stomach. Dylan did not let up however. He slashed again at Arthur’s face, which he was able to block, but then Dylan threw his elbow forward, cracking the green visor of Arthur’s helmet, and drastically reducing his visibility. The young Shadikill threw all of his weight into Arthur, slamming him back before driving his foot hard into his stomach, sending him skidding across the floor.

Barrus saw Dylan prepare to pounce. NO! a voice cried out in his head. This boy had already taken his wife from him. Barrus wasn’t about to let him take his son too. Desperately, Barrus held onto the lance now imbedded in Mogarius’s chest with one hand, and propelled himself towards Dylan with his armor’s built in thrusters, outstretching his free hand towards the young prince.


Dylan was filled with grief, agony, terror, and fury as the battle raged on around him. He had just lost his mother, on what he thought was shaping up to be the best day of his life. His face was now streaked with tears, but he hardly noticed. As his grief and pain threatened to crush him, there was only one emotion that kept him going. Blinding, unadulterated, hatred. And it was all directed at one person. Arthur. Lying helpless a few meters in front of him. As soon as the fury had filled his mind, the Blaze Blossom and alcohol in his system had seemingly been burned away, somehow, leaving him once again sober.

Dylan snarled with fury as he prepared to pounce, but just before he could push himself off of the ground, he was pulled off of the ground by a hand wrapped around his weapon arm. He felt his body yanked into the air, soaring upwards past the second floor balcony, and what remained of the third floor balcony. When he glanced down, he saw Shorya’s body beneath him, a few feet away from the destroyed third floor balcony. In the brief moment that he saw her for, he saw her chest rise and fall, sending a wave of relief throughout Dylan’s entire being. Among all the chaos and death, at least Shorya had survived.

Dylan’s body struck the ground with a loud crack as the hand released him, and his body rolled across the floor, his katana skittering off into the distance. On instinct, Dylan rolled back onto his feet and did a quick scan of the room. He quickly realized that this was the room that he and Shorya had gone through to get to the balcony overlooking the lava fountain. When he turned towards the other people in the room, his heart stopped.

Standing right in front of him, was the Lightor King Barrus, and his father. His father was on his knees with a vibrolance stabbed through his chest, barely clinging to life, and Barrus standing right behind him, with a laser canon pointed at the back of his head.

“NO!” Dylan screamed as he looked into his father’s eyes one last time, before a blinding streak of red light tore through his face. He watched with horror as his father’s lifeless body collapsed to the ground. Dylan fell to his knees, his heart aching as Barrus stood over him laughing in triumph.

“Now we’re even,” Barrus said, as a single tear escaped Dylan’s eye and struck the floor below him. Dylan felt the grip of grief squeezing his heart mercilessly as all of the fight left his body.

He stared down at that tear in disbelief as Barrus continued to speak. “Prepare to join him.” Dylan’s gaze of disbelief changed into a glare of contempt as he pulled his head up to face King Barrus. That contempt quickly transformed and grew, changing into a blinding white-hot hatred. Dylan’s heart began to beat with a fury to match his own.

He stared Barrus dead in the cold emotionless visor of his helmet and said, “No.”

Dylan immediately flew into a furious frenzy. He leapt forward in a blinding fast motion, thrusting both arms out as Barrus raised his laser cannon to kill him. Dylan wrapped both of his arms around Barrus’s weapon arm, and twisted his body, wrenching Barrus’s arm to the side, and tearing the laser cannon from his grasp and sending it skittering across the floor. Immediately, Dylan followed up by spinning his body back around to face Barrus, and punching him in the side with all of his might. Dylan felt Barrus’s armor plating crack beneath his fist.

Not letting up, Dylan struck Barrus in the chest with his other fist, again feeling his armor crack. Dylan never knew his punches could be so strong, but as enveloped as he was in his own fury, he hardly cared. He threw another punch at Barrus, but this one Barrus dodged by twisting his body to the side.

Before Dylan could do anything, he felt a knee strike him in the stomach. Then a fist struck his face, and a foot slammed into his chest. Dylan rolled back with the motion, feeling himself flip through the air and land on his feet a couple of meters away.

As soon as Dylan’s feet hit the ground, Barrus was on him. The Lightor king charged at him and unleashed a series of blinding fast punches, and Dylan, moving with a speed he never knew he had somehow managed to dodge every single one of them before responding in kind. Unlike Barrus’s punches, every one of Dylan’s found their mark. Dylan’s fists were nothing but a blur as he threw one punch after the other. the first punch caught Barrus’s helmet, denting the top of it. The second struck him in the chest, severely cracking and damaging his chest plate. The third struck Barrus in the right shoulder, sending him staggering backwards as he attempted to regain his balance.

Barrus attempted to move with the momentum, swinging the left side of his body around to swing at Dylan, but Dylan merely ducked under his arm and unleashed four lightning quick punches into the left side of his body, his every move fueled by his anger, his hatred, and his fury. With the first three punches, he felt armor shattering beneath his fists, and with the fourth, he felt Barrus’s bones crack.

Panicking, Barrus thrust out both of his arms, pushing Dylan’s shoulders back in an attempt to keep him at a distance. In response, Dylan snarled and punched him in the stomach, knocking him back a few feet. This was the man who killed his father, and Dylan was going to tear him apart!

Dylan raced forward, and swung wildly at Barrus’s head, and though Barrus was able to duck under the punch, he was not able to move fast enough to avoid Dylan’s leg sweep. Dylan swung his left leg right into Barrus’s legs, taking them out from under him and rotating his body into the air sideways. Yelling in rage, Dylan threw his fist in front of him with all of his might, and struck Barrus in the chest as hard as possible.

The Lightor King’s already airborne body flew back into a wall, hitting it with enough force to leave large cracks in it. Dylan charged forward as Barrus jumped back up to his feet, and swung his right fist into the side of his helmet, cracking it. Without wasting any time, Dylan followed up with a punch from his left hand, denting the helmet on the other side, and a third punch aimed right at the visor. He felt the visor shatter under his fist and milliseconds later felt the sickening crunch of cartilage as his fist crushed Barrus’s nose. The sound was music to his ears. The hatred he felt for this man and his son was beyond measure, and at that moment, it was all he could feel.

Dylan unleashed two more blindingly quick punches, one into Barrus’s throat, and the other through the now shattered visor and into his right eye. This was unlike any other fight Dylan had ever had. Aside from his drastically heightened physical capabilities, something was different. He could somehow feel Barrus in his mind. He could somehow sense his emotions. Dylan felt pain, fear, anger, and hatred emanating from the Lightor, and it invigorated him.

Fueled by passion and emotion, Dylan leapt into the air, and started to spin. He thrusted his left leg out, swinging it with the momentum of his body and throwing his foot into the side of Barrus’s now badly damaged helmet. The helmet finally gave in, and shattered into several pieces under the force of Dylan’s kick.

Still spinning through the air, Dylan twisted his body again and thrusted out his other leg, catching Barrus in the chest with his right foot, and sending him flying several feet back. Barrus’s body struck the ground with a loud crack and continued to slide a few more feet as Dylan’s feet hit the ground with a thud. He turned around just in time to see Barrus spit a glob of yellow blood onto the floor to his side.

Dylan studied Barrus’s face as he scrambled back up to his feet. Barrus had the same yellow blond hair that Arthur had, and the same piercing green eyes that seemed to stare through his very soul. That only made Dylan hate him even more. The rest of Barrus’s face was a complete bloody and swollen mess.

Barrus got back up to his feet and glared at Dylan. Dylan could feel him thinking about something. His wife! Barrus unleashed a loud outcry of fury and charged towards Dylan, almost pouncing on him with an animalistic fury.

Somehow, Dylan saw each of Barrus’s attacks a few seconds before they actually happened. Barrus threw two punches at Dylan’s head, both of which Dylan blocked almost casually. Then, Barrus tried to kick Dylan in the side, buy Dylan’s arm was there to block his kick a second before it reached him. Barrus threw yet another punch at his head, but this time, Dylan stepped back and pulled his body out of the way instead of blocking.

Barrus threw another punch, and Dylan caught it in his left hand. Drawing heavily on his anger, Dylan threw a punch of his own with his right arm, striking Barrus square in the chest, and completely shattering his chest plate beneath his fist. At the same time, he threw his left hand forward and released Barrus’s wrist. Barrus flew backwards a few feet and landed crouched on his hands and feet.

Dylan stared into Barrus’s eyes with a hateful glare, and Barrus glared back, his green eyes seemingly staring through Dylan’s soul with contempt and hatred. Dylan could feel the hate rolling off of him, and knew that he felt the exact same way.

Barrus snarled and charged at Dylan yet again, and swung wildly at Dylan’s head with his left arm. Dylan ducked down, avoiding it, only to be struck on the jaw by Barrus’s right fist. Barrus swung upwards in an uppercut, catching Dylan beneath the jaw. Dylan felt his jawbone crack and his head snap back as his body was propelled through the air.

Time seemed to slow to a crawl as Dylan’s body almost floated through the air, and Barrus reached down to grab something. Dylan’s eyes widened in horror. Barrus was holding his laser cannon in his right arm, and aiming it straight at Dylan. Dylan barely had time to scream before a red streak of light tore through his chest, less than a few centimeters away from his heart.

As the agony spread through his body, time snapped back into motion and he fell to the ground with a loud thud, clutching at his wound as Barrus approached him. He watched as Barrus holstered the laser cannon on his back before extending an arm. Suddenly, Dylan felt Barrus’s iron tight grip on his throat. The Lightor hoisted him into the air with one arm, and slammed him into a nearby wall. Dylan felt the wall crack behind him as his back struck it violently.

Barrus did not show mercy. Immediately afterwards, Barrus struck Dylan in the stomach as hard as physically possible. Dylan felt the carapace of bone beneath his flesh crack under the force of Barrus’s punch. Dylan’s body fell to the ground, contorted in agony. His entire body felt like there was a fire within his flesh, gnawing away at him from the inside.

His agony only intensified when Barrus kicked him, his foot digging into the hole burned by his laser cannon. Dylan shrieked in pain as his wound tore open even more, his shirt now completely filled with dark blood. Barrus leaned down, staring hatefully into his eyes. Again, Dylan felt a hand grab his throat and pull his head up, only for his face to be met by the strike of Barrus’s fist, the force slamming the back of his head into the floor hard enough to crack it. Dylan’s vision faded out for a moment and when it returned everything was a blur. His head felt like there was something inside of it trying to tear its way out. Barrus mercilessly struck him four more times in the head with his fist as he held him down with his other hand.

Dylan couldn’t tell whether or not he was screaming, or if the sound he was hearing was his own head splitting open. Barrus hoisted him up into the air again, held his throat with one hand, and grunted as he punched him in the face one last time. Dylan’s body soared through the air and struck the ground hard, but he was now numb to pain. All he could feel was the cool nighttime air. Glancing around, Dylan realized he was now outside on the balcony.

He turned back towards Barrus whose armor was practically damaged beyond repair. His helmet was completely shattered, his chest plate was shattered, the armoring on his sides was shattered and cracked, and his stomach plating was full of holes. But his face was in far worse shape. The flesh around his right eye was cracked and swollen. His nose was flattened and smashed against his face. The entire bottom half of his face was covered in a thick mat of his own yellow blood.

Barrus bared his teeth at Dylan, now stained yellow with blood. He grinned as he pulled his laser cannon back out. “I’m glad you got to see both of your parents die before I killed you,” he said. “Go ahead, take one last look at your father’s body before you die.”

Dylan turned to look at his father’s body. It was almost beyond recognition. There was a hole burned through his left leg, a hole burned through his right shoulder, a lance stabbed through his chest, and his face had been scorched and blasted apart by Barrus’s laser. Dylan’s body began to quiver and shake with fury.

“Goodbye Dylan,” Barrus said as he raised his laser cannon and took aim, savoring the moment.

Suddenly, the deaths of Dylan’s parents flashed before his eyes. Feelings of pain and loss surged through him. The feeling of helplessness as he watched them die right in front of him, unable to do anything but watch and cry.

Then Dylan looked up at Barrus. His bloodstained grin towering over him. When Dylan looked into his triumphant emerald eyes, he saw those of Arthur as well. He saw the lives of the two people who had just taken his parents from him. He felt a storm raging beneath his flesh. A storm of raw emotion. At the center of the storm was a shadow, black as the night. Quickly that shadow expanded through him, permeating his every thought and feeling.

Without warning, Dylan unleashed a cry of pure rage and thrust out both of his arms. As Dylan stared in front of him, still crying out, Barrus’s weapon was torn from his hands by an unseen force, and Barrus’s hands flew up to his neck, clasping at an invisible hand wrapped around his throat.

Dylan should’ve been surprised at what was happening, but there were no words and logic in the thoughts going through his head. There was only pure hatred, fueled by pain, spilling out into fury. Dylan felt an unseen power lashing out from his body like a divine wind, hoisting Barrus into the air by his neck.

Dylan rose to his feet, his body still shaking and trembling with rage, his mind swimming in fury, his eyes glaring with hate. Normally when Dylan felt emotions this strongly, he let them run their natural course and die out. Not this time however. This time, Dylan drew more heavily on them, feeding them with his own willpower. He wanted this man to suffer.

He extended both of his hands further, feeling his power wrap around Barrus’s entire body. He began to push as he unleashed another outcry of raw fury. Barrus writhed and squirmed, but it was no use. His legs began to twist unnaturally, the bones in his legs snapping and contorting at unnatural angles. Then his arms snapped and twisted. As Barrus screamed in agony, his chest began to cave in, the plated bones beneath his flesh cracking and crumbling into dust.

With the rest of his body broken, Dylan’s attention now turned to Barrus’s head. He felt his invisible grasp incircle and encompass Barrus’s entire skull and once again began to push inwards, letting out a third and final rage filled scream as he pushed inwards with all of his might. Barrus’s screams were completely silenced as his entire skull caved in on itself, squeezing into a tiny ball in one loud sickening crunch. Then, with one last burst of power, Dylan blasted that ball apart, scattering chunks of skull and brain mixed with blood all over the room in one large gory explosion.

Then, as inexplicably as it began, the passion fueled power that had filled Dylan a second ago ended, the shadow receding back into the depths of his soul, and the mangled headless body of Barrus dropping to the ground in a bloody heap. The blinding and infinite rage and fury that had filled him a second ago began to subside. He fell to his knees, exhausted and wounded from his fight with the Lightor king.

As coherence and logic returned to his thoughts, Dylan glanced around the room, and realized what had just happened. Somehow, he had torn Barrus apart with his rage without even touching him. How was that possible?!

Dylan barely had time to ponder what had just happened before Arthur burst into the room. He wasn’t wearing a helmet. Dylan figured he had discarded it because of the cracked visor reducing his visibility. In his hands, he held his broadsword, glowing green with energy.

Arthur’s sword dropped to the ground as he saw his father’s body, and he cried out in horror. Then, he turned to Dylan, his eyes focusing on him. Dylan frantically scurried back up to his feet, but almost collapsed immediately, his legs unsure of their own strength. His vision hazy from his injuries and loss of blood. He was in no shape to do battle.

Arthur’s eyes focused on him, and he extended his arms out towards him. Dylan felt his body ripped off of the ground by an unseen force and thrown backward onto the balcony. The entire balcony shattered beneath him under the same unseen force, and Dylan began to fall.

Twisting his body through the air, Dylan looked down to see the ebony fountain filled with blazing hot magma racing towards him. Dylan felt the heat of the magma as he drew closer and closer to the pool of magma beneath the fountain. He stared into the orange searing hot liquid racing up to meet him, and then his world went black.


Arthur charged into the room in front of him, desperately searching for his father and Dylan, and when he gazed upon the mangled and bloody heap of twisted bone and muscle that was once his father’s body, he dropped his sword and fell to his hands and knees in terror. NO NO NO!!! Arthur cried out in his head. This can’t be happening!

Suddenly his head snapped up, and he glanced out upon the balcony to see a familiar person. It was Dylan, scrambling to his feet. Acting on instinct, Arthur threw both of his hands in front of him, splaying his fingers wide as a strange focus overcame him. He felt a great power surge through him and felt it unleash itself against Dylan. The wave of invisible energy threw him into the balcony, then blasted the balcony into a shower of stone.

He raced to the edge of the room and watched as Dylan’s body plummeted towards an ebony fountain filled with magma. Dylan’s body twisted threw the air as he fell, and finally, it met the surface of the pool beneath the fountain in a loud splash. Arthur watched as Dylan’s body caught flame and slipped beneath the surface of the pool. He smiled inwardly, knowing that his hated enemy’s body would be incinerated by the magma.

It was then that Arthur realized that there was somebody else in the room. He didn’t see anything or hear anything. He just somehow felt a presence, warm and comforting. He spun around to face it. Standing before him was an elderly looking man with a gray beard clad in brown robes. He knew that this man was Mongooku, Grand Master of the Jedi Order.

“You are strong in the force!” he cried out in astonishment. “But you are not safe here! We have to leave quickly, before they find you!”

“Before who finds me?” Arthur asked, his voice shaking with grief at the loss of his father.

“The Sith!” Mongooku replied. “We must leave before they discover your power. I wish I could explain everything now, but there is no time! You have to trust me!” The Grand Master ran towards the edge of the room, the door leading out to where the balcony used to be. “Take my hand and leap!”

Arthur took one last look at his father’s corpse as a tear rolled down his cheek. Then, he took the old man’s hand. As soon as his hand closed around Mongooku’s, they both leapt out of the doorway, and fell through the air. Arthur felt his body plummet through the air, falling towards a patch of ground a few feet in front of the magma fountain, but still he held onto Mongooku’s hand.

Instead of striking the ground hard, all of their momentum suddenly disappeared a few inches above the ground, and their feet landed softly against the pavement of the courtyard.

Several elite Shadikill guards raced towards them, blasters and blades drawn in tandem. Every guard in the courtyard started to fire upon them, but before the first shot reached them, the grand master drew a metal cylinder from his belt and pressed a button on it. There was a snap-hiss, and suddenly a blue glowing blade made of energy materialized out of the end of the cylinder, springing forth to a meter in length. Arthur recognized the weapon from his studies as a lightsaber, the legendary weapon of the Jedi and Sith. Almost casually, the Grand Master whipped his blade back and forth, deflecting blasterfire left and right, and protecting Arthur as well. Arthur stared in astonishment as the Grand Master carved a sphere of oblate blue light around them both. Several explosives were also fired at them, but those exploded in the air a couple of feet in front of them, and the blasts flattened against an invisible barrier, never reaching Arthur or Mongooku.

It was then that there were a few more snap-hisses, and Arthur began to notice red blades of energy spring forth in the crowd. Several figures clad in black robes that Arthur immediately recognized from his studies as Sith began to race towards them. Half of the sith charged at them, and the other half stayed a few meters behind them and thrust out their hands, releasing blasts of invisible energy and streams of force lightning at Mongooku. There were about two dozen of them in total. Mongooku batted their batted their strikes aside with his blade, even cutting a few of them to ribbons, all the while continuing to deflect volleys of blasterfire. The lightning and blasts of invisible energy were both halted by the same barrier that was concurrently shielding them from the explosives of the Shadikill.

After half of the dozen charging Sith lords had been cut down, Mongooku extended his free hand and Arthur watched as every Sith and Shadikill in the courtyard when flying backwards, toppling over and skidding across the ground. Just as they were scrambling back up to their feet, Mongooku deactivated his lightsaber, fastened it to his belt, and extended both of his arms towards the fountain of magma.

To Arthur’s astonishment, a massive cresting wave of magma began to spring forth from the fountain, growing and looming over the courtyard as Mongooku lifted his hands up. Then, in a swift motion, Mongooku lowered his hands, and the tsunami of magma collapsed upon dozens of screaming Sith and Shadikill. Arthur and Mongooku were safe however, standing behind whatever protective barrier Mongooku had erected with his mysterious Jedi powers.

Then, without warning, Arthur felt Mongooku grab onto his arm again, crouch down, place his other hand on the ground, and leap upwards. Arthur felt a surge of power propel him and Mongooku into the air, the invisible force thrusting them upwards further and further.

Suddenly and inexplicably, a shuttle materialized out of thin air. Probably a cloaking device, Arthur thought to himself. Then, a set of doors on the shuttle slid open, and Arthur and Mongooku soared through them, landing on their feet on the floor of the ship.

“I’m honestly surprised you need a ship to fly,” a voice from the cockpit of the ship said.

“Even with a ship, I could hardly fly as well as you Master Skyna,” Mongooku replied.

Mongooku then turned to Arthur. “Arthur,” Mongooku began. “This is Jedi Master Avar Skyna.” Arthur glanced at the pilot’s seat to see a middle aged human with dark hair and brown robes. “He is a Jedi Ace, and quite possibly the best pilot in the entire Jedi Order.”

“Pleased to meet you,” Arthur replied, his voice still carrying a tone of great sadness. “I’m Arthur.”

“Nice to meet you,” Master Skyna said pleasantly before spinning his seat back around to face the set of controls.

Arthur turned towards Mongooku. “Why did you risk your life to save me?” Arthur asked.

“At first, I thought I was trying to rescue you and your father, the last members of the Lightor royal family, the leaders of the people who had graciously allied themselves with us,” Mongooku began. “But when I saw you, I realized you were so much more than that.” He paused for a few moments. “All will be explained when we return to the Lightor Castle.”

Arthur glanced down and began to think about his parents. Both dead, both murdered by Dylan. Though he had killed Dylan, his parents were still gone, and nothing he could do would bring them back. He started to weep quietly. He felt a wave of soothing energy roll through his mind as Master Mongooku placed a single hand on his shoulder. “I am truly sorry about your loss,” he said as the shuttle flew off into the distance.

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