Fate of the Force: The Dark Resurgence: Chapter 5.

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Fate of the Force:  The Dark Resurgence: Chapter 5. Empty Fate of the Force: The Dark Resurgence: Chapter 5.

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Gar’s gaze fell on the lush green forests of Yavin IV, the former base of the Rebel Alliance, the system where the greatest Jedi to have ever lived, single-handedly destroyed the fearsome Death Star, the chosen location of the final battle between the great, Kyle Katarn and the fearsome, Desann. Here the Jedi had been attacked, betrayed. Here they had mourned the loss of loved ones. The planet had seen a great deal of battles. It —like all planets—had its scars. Despite this, it was home.

Gar planned a course for the hangar of the northeastern temple, a temple said to have once housed a mighty Sith spirit. Yet thanks to the efforts of the celebrated Jedi Master, Jaden Korr. The Jedi had wiped the area clean of Dark side energy using a rare ability known only to Korr himself called, ‘Cleanse.’

Perhaps it would have benefited the Council to learn this Technique from Master Korr, instead of allowing it die with him. . Gar shook his head and pushed the thought away from his mind. He focused and gracefully landed the cruiser inside the temple hangar. Despite how many times he had been here, Gar couldn’t help but marvel at the power within this place. After months of being away, of being alone. He was finally home.

The temple came into view, it was surrounded by vegetation. Though not in the way many believed, no. the temple was surrounded by beautiful and lush plant life. Gar couldn’t help but smile. It was as he had remembered. A sound shuffling of robes came from behind.

“After all these years it’s still breath taking.” Sum-Baki marveled at the beautiful temple. Gar could only agree. He had been away for years since the death of Maia. Since then, he had changed, but the temple remained the same, Beautiful, filled with the residual Force power of the greatest Jedi Masters to have ever lived.

“I need to transmit our docking codes. In the mean time, I suggest you prepare our passenger for his meeting with the Council.” Gar said.

“Okay, I’ll prepare the boy for interrogation.” Sum-Baki said with a roll of her eyes.

“The Council needs to see the boy, Sum-Baki. He is an anomaly to us, with his powers he could prove to be dangerous if left without guidance.” Gar countered. Though he was the last person to agree with the Jedi Council on anything, he knew the dangers that an untrained Force sensitive could bring to the galaxy. History has shown that even without training, another-wise clueless Force sensitive could become a terrible force to be reckoned with, like the Sith Lord, Darth Cognus, a being who had fought with the mighty Darth Bane and survived.

“I know, I know.” The Nautolan sighed “I’ll go get him ready.”


He awoke normally. The voices no longer screamed, his head no longer felt as though it was being pierced by a thousand tiny needles, no longer did he feel the urge to cry, to scream, to destroy.

It felt strange.

For years he had perceived things through a third eye, he had felt things dully, bit of emotions and feelings. Never before had he felt a rush of such alien feelings so strongly.

He looked around the room. It was small, cramped and smelled of a strange and dizzying liquid. He tried to move but a jab of pain stopped before he could even sit up. He had been hit; a burning pain had struck him when he had tried to escape the Red and Black monsters. He carefully traced his finger near the area where he had been hit and found only his smooth skin.

No scar, no blood. Nothing.

Had it all been a dream? He shook his head as in to answer himself. His wound had been healed. He remembered feeling the gentle and warm power around him; the soft and smooth hands touch his skin. The woman.
She had been in his dreams; he knew it had to be her. It was the same bright blue aura he had seen her emit within his mind. She had helped him shut the voices out and she had healed him.  He was sure of it.

The door to his room opened.

“You’re up.”  The woman from his dreams smirked at him. He gawked at her. Was he dreaming again? The female chuckled slightly and sat in the chair beside his bed. “No, you’re not dreaming.”

He gasped; his furrowed his eye brows and spoke in Selkath. “How did you know what I was thinking?”

Sum-Baki giggled and whipped her lekku behind her head. “Remember what I taught you?” The boy nodded. “Well, it’s kind of like that. Since I entered your mind, it’s easier for to read your mind and if you train and study hard enough, one day you’ll be able to read my mind.” She finished with a grin.

“Really? How?!”

Sum-Baki gently placed her hand on the boy’s head. “In time, you’ll learn, little guy.” The boy giggled.
“Now, let’s get you out of that suit and into something less constricting, yeah?”

The boy followed her to the crew quarters; he stepped inside and turned around to face her. She held out a pair of loose pants and a simple brown shirt. She turned away to give him some privacy as he changed.

“So, kid.” She cleared her throat. “How did you learn Selkath? I’ve never heard a human speak it.” She turned her head to the side and caught a glimpse of his back as he began to unzip his suit, black markings covered him in intricate patterns; they trailed from his neck all the way down to his waist and below. What do they mean? She quickly jerked her head away as the rustle of clothing hitting the ground reached her ears.

“What do you mean?” He asked. “This is my native tongue; doesn’t all of my kind speak it?”

So, he doesn’t know about Basic? interesting.

“No kid, not all of your kind.” There was a long and uncomfortable pause. Sum-Baki cleared her throat and spoke. “How’s it goin—“The boy gently poked her on back.

“I’m done.”

“Okay, good now let’s—‘” her com-link beeped. She opened the channel and said. “What is it, Gar?”

“We’ve landed, I hope you’ve prepared the child for the Council, they are waiting for you both.”

“Us both?” What the blazes do they want with me? She thought to herself.

“Yes, Master Severin has asked for you specifically.”

Sum-Baki groaned aloud, she felt ready to hit her head repeatedly on a transpirasteel wall. “Did you—“

“No, I did not. But you and I both know that there is little that escapes, Severin. There is a high probability that she knows.”

“Of course.” She said with a sigh. “I’ll be head there immediately. Sum-Baki out.” She turned to child and eyed him. They had been several planets away from the reach of Yavin, there was no way that Severin could have sensed the melding.  The Grandmaster was powerful, perhaps the most powerful Grandmaster to have ever lived. But even she couldn’t have sensed the joining. It was impossible.

“Is something wrong?” the boy asked innocently, but Sum-Baki knew that the boy could feel her worry.

“No, nothing’s wrong. We just have to speak to someone, alright?” The boy nodded slowly, still skeptical. Not even a day of training and he’s already seeing through me like I’m a window, great, just great.” Sum-Baki grabbed him by the hand and led him down the cruiser’s ramp.

Two young Padawans, stood side by side. One was a young human male with curly black hair and the other a young Nautolan boy. They both bowed respectfully.

“Master, Sum-Baki, Master Severin ordered us to lead you and your companion to the Council Chambers.” The young human boy smiled at her.

“If you’ll follow us Master.” The Nautolan gestured for her to follow.

She sends two of the initiates I’m considering for Padawanhood great, just great.


Gar felt his sweat dampen his tunic, his palms were just as sweaty. His opponent had been forced him on the defensive with a series of lightning fast jabs and cuts, he had barely parried them.

His opponent stood still, her face completely expressionless.  Her lightsaber lay to her side, unlike Gar; she used a relaxed, single-handed grip.  She charged him, struck high and met his amethyst blade with her own; the strike slammed into him with tremendous force, a lesser opponent would have stumbled backward. But he was no novice.

Gar pulled back from the powerful blow, twirled behind his foe and jabbed at her exposed back. His blade met air and his back acquainted with a boot, the kick sent Gar tumbling, but his lightning fast reactions saved him, he quickly turned his tumble into a roll and was already on his feet, his lightsaber held high, poised to attack.

“That was a good move.” The Torguta female said. Gar would have been happy to receive a compliment from the order’s most esteemed Lightsaber duelist, were it not for the fact that she was trying hard to hurt him.

“It was not good enough.” Gar lunged at the Togruta, bringing his blade down to meet her blade, instead he met nothing. He had been out-maneuvered again, Kilai Visir was too fast, too strong; her blade was a dazzling sight to behold.

She changed her tactics and charged, she attacked with a spinning sweep kick, as she finished her spin she feinted a slash at Gar’s abdomen and then flipped into the and struck at his hands.

Gar’s lightsaber flew across the room.

“Your strength is impeccable, your agility magnificent, your speed incredible.” Kilai Visir called Gar’s lightsaber to her hand. Her blank expression suddenly turned into a disapproving frown.  She deactivated her blade and clipped it on to her utility belt alongside several other Lightsabers.

“Your mind was not focused on the battle, you’re distracted by something.”

Gar sighed and caught the lightsaber that shot at him like a bullet. “A recent mission plagues my mind, nothing more. “

“If it were truly ‘nothing’ you would not have been stumbling like a Padawan, Gar.” She said serenely. No hint of contempt or aggravation. “You cannot hide it from me, Gar. What troubles you?”

Gar walked over to her and sat cross-legged on the floor. “A recent mission to an unexplored part of the galaxy has me troubled.” He felt Kilai join him on the floor, her back to his.

“And what troubled you about this mission? The outcome or what is to come?”

“Both. We discovered something along the way, something ancient and potentially dangerous.” He chose his words carefully, the Council had prohibited him from speaking of the child until they assessed the situation, and despite that, he was sure Kilai Visir knew that he was being careful.

Kilai stood up abruptly and said. “If it is intelligent and cooperative, then it will have nothing to fear.” Gar looked up to her, something in her eyes changed. “And if it is dangerous, if it puts innocents in danger, then it will die. It will be as the Force dictates.”

Gar watched her walk away; she was a terrible force in battle. But what frighten him more was her casual nature when speaking about death, to her, the ends justified the means. Gar couldn’t help but wonder if her way was the correct path.  She was harsh, remorseless, yet no one could question her dedication to the Order and her students. She was an unfeeling and powerful Jedi.

Gar remained there, in deep thought. Could I bring myself to kill the child?


Sum-Baki held the boy close as the two prospective Padawans lead her to the Council chambers. She had been there many times before, all Jedi have at one point or another. What’s your game old woman? Sum-Baki had always been close to the venerable Grandmaster; often she came to Severin for counsel regarding the outcome of missions or her path and place within the Force.

Sum-Baki had never been fond of the Council’s riddles and indirect answers, not as a Padawan and even less as a fully trained jedi Master, even as she passed through the halls of the Temple, Sum-Baki felt her impatience grow and—

The boy tugged at her bodysuit. His dark green orbs stared deeply into her eyes. “Are you okay?” He asked softly. I guess the mind-meld worked a bit too well. She thought to herself.

Aloud she said. “I’m just nervous, it’s fine. Let’s just keep walking.”  The boy nodded hesitantly and followed closely. He marveled at the various beings and ornaments around the halls, his eyes gleamed with fascination and wonder.

The Nautolan boy noticed his excitement and chuckled; he slowed his pace and walked along side, Sum-Baki and the boy, he turned to the boy and grinned. “It’s amazing isn’t it?”

The young boy nodded a quick yes. His eyes taking in every little detail of the Grand Halls.

The Nautolan boy smiled slightly and said. “I’ve lived here since I was a baby and I’m still amazed by our Temples beauty. It’s modest on to all normal beings, but to me, it’s as beautiful as the moonlight.”

“Everthing’s ‘beautiful as the moonlight’ to you, Sora!” The human Padawan teased playfully.

“Everything except you, Malik!” The Nautolan boy, Sora, countered and then stiffened as he realized that they were escorting a Jedi Master. Sora began to apologize when, but stopped when Sum-Baki began to chuckle slightly.

“Its fine kid, just be more formal around other Masters, they won’t be as… easygoing as me.”  

“Of course, Master.” Sora bowed respectfully.

“We’re here.” Malik said as he turned to face the Master and boy. He didn’t need to tell her that they had arrived; she had felt the Force surge from behind the doors, it was amazing, the Force felt controlled here, it was as if she was entering the heart of the Force.

The young initiates bowed their heads respectfully and left, from the corner of her eye, Sum Baki saw the young Nautolan boy wink playfully at the boy and then run after his friend.

Sum-Baki inhaled deeply and then exhaled, her grip on the boy tightened. He looked at her with concern, he tighten his own grip on her hand and smiled at her. “Everything is going to be fine right?”

Sum-Baki kept her gaze on the door to the Council chambers and said. “I hope so kid. Now, come on.”

The boy followed her inside the chambers; the Council was already seated on their chairs, all of their eyes on the child. Sum-Baki felt several different emotions around her, confusion, interest, worry and caution. This is not going to go well. She thought to herself

“Greetings, Sum-Baki.” Severin, the Grandmaster of the Order started. Her face was pale as the moons of Coruscant, her blond hair rested behind her shoulders; her bangs were tightened around the sides of her forehead in beautiful, intricate braids. She wore a loose dark crimson robe over a brown tunic that complimented her nicely. The Grandmaster was more than a century old, yet she did not look a day over thirty. She smiled warmly at the Sum-Baki and the child. “And hello to you, youngling.”

“Sum-Baki.” Antan Ar’ech, the unofficial Master of The Order spoke, his hands intertwined inches away from his face. The Bothan Master was known for his severity and no-none-sense approach to nearly every single problem the Order faced. Antan rested his gaze on the child and then glanced at Sum-Baki, his brows furrowing in disapproval.  “You are no doubt aware as to why we have called you here.”

Sum-Baki nodded. She knew exactly why she was here, she had used a forbidden technique on the young boy to help mend his mind and they—to her surprise—had sensed it.

Sometimes I wonder if the will of the Force is the will of the Council.

“Master, Ar’ech. This is not the time to speak of these things.” The Miralian Jedi Councilor, Dera Manoi interjected. She gestured with her hand at the boy. “We have other matters to discuss.” The masters around Dara murmured in agreement.

“Very well, we will deal with one problem at a time. Let us continue.” Antan Ar’ech conceded.

The Masters all turned their attention to Severin, who had kept her smile and stared intently at the two figures in the middle of the chambers.  “Tell me, youngling.” Severin began her voice gentle and welcoming “what is your name?”

The boy looked at her perplexedly. “Name?” He uttered the word in Selkath, It seemed so foreign to him. “I-I do not think I have a name.” he said shyly.

The Council exchanged a look of confusion with one another, murmurs of worry followed closely.

“Master, the boy was found alone within the Rakatan space station, there was no designation or nickname, he...” Sum-Baki glanced down at the boy and hesitated. It didn’t feel right to speak of these things in front of him. “He has no name, Masters.” She said slowly.

“Yes, we all read the report from Master, Gar Thorin.” She said kindly. “I am merely trying to jog the young one’s mind. A report—no matter how trustworthy—is not the same as experiencing something for one’s self, Master, Sum-Baki.” Severin turned her attention back to the boy. “How are you feeling?”

“Strange.” The boy answered quickly.

Severin arched her eyebrow and said. “How so?”

“I used to hear and feel … things very loudly, but now, everything feels weird, I feel something, but it isn’t feelings or voices, it’s-it’s… “The boy stammered, struggling to find the right words.

“It is the Force.” She finished for him. It was not what the boy would have said, but it was the truth. The child looked at her, perplexed.

“The Force?”

“Yes, the Living Force is a power that flows through every living being, a power that connects us and guides us.” Sum-Baki had heard that saying before as a Padawan, Severin had repeated those words to nearly all of the Academy students, at the time it felt like she was merely reading off a holo-transcript. But now, Sum-Baki felt the truth resonate in her words.  

“But tell me about what you felt, child.” Severin said with a smile.

“When I awoke, I-I heard voices speaking, screaming all at the same time.” Severin’s smile dropped. The Grandmaster exchanged a look with the Bothan. “I felt angry, sad, alone and … pain. There were men in red and black, they scared me and threw burning rocks at me.  One burning rock struck me, I was scared so I jumped out of a glass wall and hid.” The boy’s expression went from hurt to one of joy. “But then Ahis protected me from them and healed me!” Severin chuckled at the boy’s sudden change of mood and waited for him to continue. “She went inside my mind, she made it quiet. I felt … peaceful.”

The Council looked torn. Sum-Baki could feel their confliction through the Force. She had done the Jedi thing, saved a person, but she had violated the will of the Council. Wouldn’t be the first time I violated the Jedi rules. Sum-Baki thought to herself.

“She said that one day, with training; I could do what she did.” The boy said

Oh kriff! Kill me now.

Sum-Baki expected the Council to look at her with disapproval, but all she saw was bewilderment in their eyes and amusement in the eyes of the Grandmaster.

“Is that so?” Severin asked with a hint of amusement in her tone.  The boy nodded.

Severin regarded him for a moment, her eyes stared deeply into his, but Sum-Baki knew she was feeling his Force signature and aura. After a moment, she smiled cordially and said. “Sum-Baki, youngling, please wait outside the Council chambers. The Council must speak privately.”

Sum-Baki nodded, bowed respectfully and left with the boy.

“I do not approve.” The Bothan Master, Antan Ar’ech, said brusquely.

“I agree with Master, Ar’ech. The boy is too much of an anomaly to undergo training.” The Trandoshan Jedi master, Barroon Ja’ciuss said. “Not to mention that the boy is far too old to train to be a Jedi.”

“Need I remind the Council of the age that Luke Skywalker was when he underwent training under Obi-wan Kenobi?” Ol-Ac, a young chiss, barely thirty standard years old, countered.

“That was a different time, when the Order was in rubble and the Sith ruled.” The veteran warrior, Ki-Lan said dismissively. “We must adhere to the rules of our Order, if not then what example are we setting for our peers?”

“This too, is a different time, Master Ki-Lan.” Dera Manoi said softly.

“The child is simply too much of a variable.” Antan Ar’ech retorted. “He is a risk the Council cannot afford to take, if we train him, we could bring about a new Darth Caedus or Darth Vader to the galaxy!”

“We cannot hesitate on any specific issue based on the hasty actions of our predecessors.” The Grandmaster finally said. Antan began to speak but upon seeing Severin race her hand he silenced himself. “That said, we must not forget the mistakes of our ancestors. History has taught us much; we’d do well to remember that.” Antan inclined his head in agreement.

“So you are against the child being trained as a Jedi, Master?” Ol-Ac asked.

Severin gazed into the eyes of the six Council members, men and women who relied on her and looked to her for wisdom. She felt their anxiety, their worry, and their impatience. It was a heavy burden that came with the title of Grandmaster; she was for all intents and purposes the quintessential Jedi, the greatest Jedi of their order. During these types of decisions, Severin felt the world weigh down on her.

She cleared her throat and spoke. “Enter.” She commanded. In mere seconds, Sum-Baki and the boy entered the room.

“Young one.” She rose from her chair and stood, she smiled down at the boy, who returned her smile with his own toothy grin. “Do you want to learn the ways of the Jedi? And by extension, the ways of the Force?” The boy thought for a moment.

“What is a ‘Jedi’?”

Sum-Baki answered. “A Jedi is a Guardian of peace, a protector of the innocent and a follower of the Force. To join us, is a privilege, to serve the Force is an honor.” Severin smiled.

“Well said.” She turned her attention to the boy and said. “Join us, youngling. We will teach you of the Force and guide you.” She extended her slim hand towards him.

He looked from Severin to Sum-Baki, his eyes asking for her advice. She merely smiled and inclined her head, urging him to make a decision.

He didn’t take the Grandmaster’s hand.

He bowed instead.

Gar took long purposeful strides as he walked along the Great Hall of the Jedi Temple, he had gotten bored of training exercises, he was unable to focus, his entire footwork had been sloppy, his lack of concentration had earned a number of burns and scars that would no doubt have healed in mere days.

But Kilai Visir’s had insisted that he leave the Training room and go to the Medical room. So he did. He found that several Padawans and Knights glanced at him with admiration, others whispered things to their friends. They spoke of him as if he were a thing of legend, a mythical beast.

He tried his best to ignore them and continued to the Medical Center, there, he saw Sum-Baki and the Grandmaster talking. Gar approached them.

“Master, Severin.” He bowed respectfully to the Grandmaster and greeted Sum-Baki with a nod. “Sum-Baki. What are you two doing here?”

“Master, Severin has allowed the child to train as a Jedi.” Sum-Baki said, a small smile forming on her lips. “We’re waiting for the Healers to finish taking the blood sample. Once that’s done, we’re going to test his affinity with the Force.”

“Interesting … “Was all he said. He did not know if he would have made the same choice, the child was an anomaly, a potential danger. If he trained and fell to the dark side, there is no telling of what he might do.

“You don’t agree.” Severin said.

“I do not know what I feel.” He said as he rubbed his chin. “The child is anomaly; he could either be very dangerous or incredibly helpful to the Order and the galaxy. There so many variables, I do not believe that there is a clear choice”

“But a choice was made none-the-less.” Severin said with a sigh. “If the boy is left alone, he could become a danger to the galaxy, with us; he will be able to train as a Jedi and use what he learns here for the greater good of the galaxy.”

Suddenly the door to Medical Center hissed open and out came the young boy, followed by a Jedi Healer, dressed in the garbs of a Doctor.

“Masters, the results will take some time to process.” The Medical Jedi said nervously, his eyes bouncing from Gar, to Sum-Baki, to the Grandmaster herself. “I will personally bring the blood test results as soon as possible.” He added hastily and turned to leave.

“What is next?” The boy asked after a long moment of silence

“Another test.” Severin placed her soft and gentle hand on the child. “Come; let’s go to the training room.”  Severin lead the child away, leaving Gar and Sum-Baki alone.

“You wanted to talk to me?” Gar questioned.

“Yeah…” Sum-Baki chuckled. “She never was subtle.” Sum-Baki exhaled loudly and bit down on her lip. “Gar, do you know why Severin asked for the child and myself?”

“No, I already told you, I do not know why she—“

“No, you don’t, but I just found out why.” She rubbed her hands on her arms, a rare sign of anxiety from Gar’s friend. “She wants me to join the Council.”


“I know right! That was my reaction, but apparently, they think I’m ready and I-I don’t know what to do.” She sighed and whipped her green lekku behind her shoulder.

“Have you given them an answer?”

“I’d told them I’d think about it, but I’m not sure. I wanted to come to you; I just wanted your advice.” Gar started talking, but she raised her hand and spoke. “If you say ‘follow your heart’ or ‘let the Force guide you’ I will seriously bite you.”

Gar chuckled slightly. “You’re not a Togruta, Sum-Baki. And I wasn’t going to say that. All I was going to was that you should make sure that being on the Council is something that you want, the Council may request for you to join them, but you are not obligated to join. Trust yourself and your feelings.”

“By the Force, Gar, you are going to drive me mad with your Jedi wisdom.” Sum-Baki said with an exasperated sigh.

“That is not ‘Jedi” wisdom, it is life advice from a friend.” He placed a clawed hand on her shoulder to reassure her. “I want you to know, that I am here for you if you need me.”

Sum-Baki placed her hand on top of his. “I know, Gar.” She smiled playfully at him and nudged him away. “Come on, let’s go, Severin’s waiting for us.”

The Jedi made for the training room, where they found Severin and the boy sitting on the floor cross-legged and facing one another. The two Jedi Masters hung back and observed. The test had just started.

“So, what is the Force?’ The boy asked.

“The Force is a power that fills the galaxy; it flows through living beings, planets, plants, animals, everything. It guides all beings, jedi and those not sensitive to the Force; it unites us, regardless of whether or not we know it. Even the most insignificant of creatures is guided by the Force. All life bends to the will of Living Force. It is like a river with no end. And it pours itself into everyone and everything.”

“I do not think I understand.” Severin smiled affectionately at the boy. Most youngling would have pretended to understand or have merely nodded their heads without truly hearing the wisdom of their instructors.

“That is expected. You are a youngling; you are not likely to grasp the true nature of the Force at such a young age. But it is good, that you admit that you do not understand, acknowledging one’s weakness is the first step in overcoming it.”

Severin extended her hand and called forth two inactive training remotes, the remotes flew through the air and landed in front of her and the child. He gawked at her.

“Close your eyes.” She instructed. “I want you to relax, clear your mind. Feel the Force around you, the vibration of life that comes from both in and outside of the Temple, the whirring of the droids, the rustle of leaves blowing in the wind, stretch your senses outward and feel the Force.”

The boy did as he was told; he stretched his senses outward and felt the Force around him, it was powerful, the Boy had only ever felt Sum-Baki’s signature, but here, it paled in comparison to the power that was all around the temple.

“What do you feel?” She asked after a long moment of silence.

“I feel-I feel… a lot of people within the Temple, it is like rushing river of energy, it is incredible.”  Severin smiled, she had expected the boy to merely feel her presence and that of the two Jedi Masters that observed them silently from behind two large pillars, but the boy had surprised her, His senses were sharper than she had expected, more advanced than those of a Initiate.

“Well done, open your eyes.” The boy did as she asked. “You have a question.”

The boy nodded and spoke softly “The Force flows through us, right?” Severin nodded. “But how? Is it just there? How is everything that we do possible?”

“You continue to surprise me, young one. Most younglings wouldn’t ask these questions.”  Severin gently patted the boy’s head. “Everything that we do is possible because of the Force, however, what connects us to it, what allows us to draw on the Living Force are the Midi-Chlorians , who are-in every sense of the word-alive, these life forms live inside of us, they—like the force, flow through us. Midi-Chlorians are part of all life; they exist inside of every living being, sentient or otherwise. They reside in our blood stream, joining our blood cells and working alongside them, empowering them and healing them. The Midi-Chlorians and the Force are one; they work collectively, providing both guidance and protection. The Force is our map and the Midi-Chlorians are our guides.”

“So, one cannot exist without the other?” The boy seemed to know the right questions to ask.

“That is a good question; however that is lesson for another time.” Severin said with a smile. She of course knew that there had been exceptions to rule of life without Midi-Chlorians, but the boy was young and such secrets were reserved for her and the Council along with whomever they deemed worthy.

Severin put aside her thoughts and gestured at the training remotes that lay on the floor, inactive.

“What am I supposed to do Master?” The boy asked in confusion.

“What you accomplished moments ago was merely the first test, now we’ll move on to something that will truly test you.” The remotes suddenly rose from the ground, grasped by the Force. “The Force grants us Jedi many abilities, we can jump higher than the average being, run as fast as a speeder, react faster than any could imagine, but those pale in comparison to the gift of Telekinesis, using the Force we can move objects and beings of various different sizes, a basic power, but one that few have ever truly mastered.” The remotes fell gently on to the floor. “Focus on the remotes, levitate them.”

The boy extended his hand towards the remote, his brows furrowing in concentration, his teeth grinding against one another as he tried to levitate the remotes. He sighed in frustration.

“Don’t focus with your eyes, focus with your mind.” The child nodded, extended his hand and repeated the entire process; he closed his eyes, his mind clear of all distractions. Severin felt the Force fill the room, it was pure and gentle. The remotes ascended into the air.

Severin couldn’t help but smile at the boy, many younglings spent hours trying to accomplish the same feat, yet he had done in two tries. It was impressive for an untrained being.

The remotes landed softly on the floor as the boy opened his eyes. He gazed at the Grandmaster for a brief moment and then bowed his head. “Well done, young one. Well done indeed.”
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