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Post by Wildbantha88 on Wed Feb 25, 2015 5:58 pm

Jay Falrent squinted his eyes against the rays of the sun. He shone brightly in his Mandalorian Armor, like an iron giant, he recalled a woman refer to him. He was bread for war, he lived and breathed fighting, but the recent civil war on his planet had destroyed his spirit. He lived to fight, but not his own kin, his own brothers. But the war had ended and here he was, a killer with the blood of his own people on his hands. He knew why the war began, and it made him feel ashamed.

The war was over a simple domestic dispute between two of Mandalores senators, though they spun it to be a fight over freedom. Jay was not an idiot, he knew that the senator's were all jehaatir. Hundreds of his aliit died over their leaders corruption and lies. But Jay say through the lies, and he was not going to stand for it.

Jay saw another warrior approaching. Where ever any man dressed in Mandolorian iron walked the crowds parted in respect, and this Mando was no exception. He wore armor nearly completely identical to Jay's, but Jay would recognize him anywhere. Half of his helmet was dented and scraped from a thermol detonator that had exploded next to his face, and his armor carried the scrapes and scars of anything that had partaken in battle. But the most distinguishing feature, to Jay at least, was the verpine sniper riffle saddled across his back. Jay only knew one man who used such a weapon.

"Skirat" Jay said and thrust out his hand in greeting.

The other Mando took Jay's hand in his own and shook it firmly and respectfully. "Firm grip." Skirat said.

"Sorry, I forget that I'm wearing crush gauntlets sometimes." Jay apologized, "How are you, burc'ya?"

"Better, now that I'm no longer killing brothers." Skirat said. Jay was glad he wasn't the only person who felt negatively about the war. "It's always good to see you, Jay, but something tells me this isn't a formal meeting."

"You always were extremely perceptive." Jay said in a matter of fact manner. "Your right, of course. I wanted to ask you a favor."

"Anything. I owe you my life more times than I can count."

"I want you to round up an akaata for me. Brothers and sister who are equally as disgusted at fighting the war as me and you." Jay said.

"Sure, but, what are you planning?" Skirat asked.

"I plan on fixing the problem." Jay said.


It was dark outside now, the insects at night were chirping and the fat politicians were snoring. But Jay was awake, and so were several other brothers and sisters. Jay counted twenty-two, including Skirat, more than he had expected. Skirat had pulled through for him, just as he had countless time on the battlefield, and now he gave Jay a nod that told him everyone that was coming had come.

Jay found a high place to stand, he wondered what he must look like wearing his armor in such low light. "Aliit, agol, burc'ya." He had his helmet tucked under his arm and his eyes darted from each and every Mandalorian in the room. He recognized many of them: brothers and sisters that he had fought beside in battle, and sadly, against. "I remember a day when Mandalorian's knew honor, and respect. I remember a day when Mandalorian's were feared as warrior by everyone in the stars. But sadly, those days have past." Jay stopped, his eyes met head on with a sister sporting short blonde hair, she seemed to be listening intently. "In stead," He continued," Mandalore knows no honor, and deserves no respect, for we have been reduced to fighting against out own kin like savage barbarians! We have been reduced to spilling the blood of our fellow aliit, agol, and burc'ya." The audience was silent, all nodding their heads in agreement. Stone faced, battle hardened, and angry. "The stars no longer fear us, and they no longer respect us. And why should they? Why should they respect us when we spill our own blood? That is why today I am asking you to harken back to our warrior ways, to leave Mandalore with me so we can fight amongst the stars as true Mandalorians, as Mandalorians who know honor!" Several of the brothers and sisters shouted in agreement." We will take to the stars and show the galaxy that not all Mandalorians are barbarians and scum, and we will do it by whipping out those who are known to be barbarians and scum! Pirates! Thieves! Hutts!" Each one he listed elicited a shout in reply, the crowd was excited." We will meet them as true Mandalorians! We will meet them as warriors! We will meet them with honor and they will fear the name Mandalore once more!" Jay fell silent suddenly, gauging the crowd with his eyes. Focus had now been replaced by excitement and purpose in most of their eyes, but even then he saw three brothers walk out. "Aliit, agol, burc'ya. Will you take to the stars with me to restore honor to Mandalore? Will you take to the stars with me as Mandalorian Knights?" Jay raised his helmet high in the air and his brothers and sisters shouted in excitement and agreement. They were clapping, and shouting. Eighteen soldiers, Mandalorian Knights, and Jay was their leader.

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Post by Fated Xtasy on Sun Mar 01, 2015 3:30 am

Sera Bantani, dodged the energy arrows that her sisters shot at her, where their numbers lower, Sera was sure she would be able to kill them, but that was not the case. Her sisters were unrelenting in their assault. They were aiming to kill.

Sera found herself at a dead-end, she had spent over 2 hours running through the forests of Dathomir, running from her her sisters and certain death. And now, she had no choice but to face her sisters head on.

Fine! Sera drew her cool, black hilt and ignited it. A long sleek line fell to the ground, searing the grass and ground. Sera felt her sisters draw near, twenty of them, all trained in the same arts as she. all of them powerful and deadly. The best of the Nightsisters.

Suddenly, the sky lit up, amethyst energy bolts shot from the forests and fell towards Sera's lone figure. Sera brought her whip up and slashed at the air, swatting the energy arrows aside as if they were a mere nuisance. The whip snapped and crackled, it was a mere blur of motion, a cyclone of light. it was as if Sera had created a barrier with her whip in order to defend herself.

It had worked.

The volley of arrows stopped, giving Sera some time to recuperate, but she knew what was coming, the energy she felt cackle, her sisters were powerful indeed.

Sera drew a black cylinder with her free hand and pressed a small button. An orange light appeared. It was just then, that twenty of her sisters charged at her, armed with Lightwhips, Lightsabers, icho Swords and Energy Bows. A normal person would be afraid, she wasn't, the battle and thought of death were exhilarating to her.

Sera smiled maliciously. Oh this is going to be fun.
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