The Dark Abyss Chapter 2

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The Dark Abyss Chapter 2 Empty The Dark Abyss Chapter 2

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Darth Abyss stood in the center of his training facilities which was positioned on some long forgotten moon. To the rest of the galaxy this moon was nothing but to him it was home. The walls, floor, and roof would be completely white, were they not marred black by the thousands upon thousands of training droids he had destroyed in order to master his martial skill. This was the room for martial arts training. There were many other rooms, his bed room, the dining hall, and his meditation room were among his favorites.

He stood just a little under two meters tall with dark skin and rows of black hair, braided and pulled tightly along his skull. His eyes were a deep dark brown. They still remained uncorrupted, unlike the eyes of his master, which were yellow and blood shot, just one of the many evidences of the destructive power of the darkside.

He had the body of a fit martial artist. Across his chest he wore a pitch black chest plate, its metal reinforced by the infinate Force. His arms were completely exposed, showing off his lean, toned muscles, even up to his shoulders, until they finally met the edge of his chest plate. His legs were wrapped in saggy black cloth, and his feet were enclosed in black boots. Yet, seemingly contradictory to his entire attire, was the shiny chrome hilt of his lightsaber gangling from his belt. It was small but its glow stood out even amongst the black.

Suddenly a door slide open and in walked tall, old looking, brown droid. Abyss smiled at the sight of it.

While being kept a secrete from the rest of the galaxy, Abyss still had access to the endless resources of The Empire and could make certain discreet purchases or requests from time to time. The Empire would deliver and the officers would make sure it would never go on record or else risk execution.

This droid was one such purchase. It was an old model droid that was prominent during the age of Revan. Its model was renowned as being the best killers in the galaxy. And now he had one for his very own.

"Statement: I am HK-13. I assume you are my new master. Or perhaps you are someone my new master left me to kill as a display of my combative efficiency." The droid said.

"I am your new master, but a display of combative ability sounds like a superb idea." Abyss replied.

"Query: What did you have in mind, Master?"

"I want you to try and kill me." Abyss said smiling from ear to ear.

"Statement: I can tell we are going to get along well, Master. I only hope you enjoy combat as much as I do." HK-13 said while drawing two blaster pistols.

Abyss ignited his lightsaber and HK-13 responded instantaneously, sending hundreds of blaster bolts searing through the air with spot on precision. Abyss's arms became a blur of motion as he deflected each and every shot.

Then HK-13 held out an arm and the air was seared not by blaster fire but by liquid flame. Abyss ducked under the flame and rolled forward along the floor, closing the distance. The droid reacted with amazing programmed combat speed, thrusting a foot out towards his face as he came out of his roll.

Abyss reacted with the superior combat speed of a being empowered by the Force, grabbing the droids foot with his free hand before it made contact with his face, and yanking upwards. The droid lost its balance and fell onto its back, Abyss jumped on top and positioned the blade of his lightsaber right next to the droids neck.

"Query: Are you going to disassemble me already, Master?"

"No. But I am glad to see that you are a capable fighter."

"Statement: Your praise is much appreciated, Master."

A door slid open to the left and a shiny silver maintenance droid strode into the room.

"You are receiving a transition from his holy Emperor. I have patched it through to the communications room."


Abyss knelt before the giant blue image of Darth Sidious.

"What do you require, Master?"

"It is time to put your training to the test. There is a Jedi Knight that survived the Order 66. She is currently hiding in the palace of Kachunta the Hutt on Nar Shaddaa. Execute her and any other pestilances."

"What is this Jedi's name, Master."

"Alara Keth. Find her and prove to me that your training has not been a waist of time." The Emperor paused before adding. "And remember, your existence must not be made known. Leave no witnesses."

"I will not disappoint." Abyss bowed his head and the image of the Emperor disintegrated.

Abyss stood up, his mind bustling with activity. Alara Keth. He repeated her name over in his mind. She was soon to be his first true kill. His entire body was tense with excitement, save for a small insignificant thought in his head that was screaming Noooo! He shook his head, suppressing the thought and walked out of the communications room where HK-13 was waiting.

"Observation: You appear to be extremely excited, Master."

"Reload your guns HK, we are going to Nar Shaddaa with orders to execute a Jedi."
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