Empathy Chapter 4 "Perfect Embrace"

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Empathy Chapter 4 "Perfect Embrace"

Post by Wildbantha88 on Sun Mar 01, 2015 4:55 pm

Avaola Veil walked briskly to Mother June's hut. She had been summoned by Mother June and she dared not be late. She didn't know the nature of the summon but she would soon find out. She stopped outside of Mother Junes massive hut and took a deep breath. She always got a-a feeling- when ever she was close to Mother June, it was a feeling she never felt before but it made her uncomfortable.

Avaola gathered herself and stepped inside. What she saw caught her off guard to say the least. Mother June was scarcely clothed. She only wore a cloth wrapped around her waist and another around her chest. Avaola could see all of her, or nearly all of her, and she found herself unable to look away. Mother June was stunning. She was lean and her pale white body did not bare a single flaw. The tattoos from her face traveled down her neck and traced jagged lines that outlined the shape of her ribs. She bore the body of a woman at the height of her beauty. Her hair flowed down to the small of her back like a pitch black river, her legs were long, pale, and smooth, her waist was lean and Avaola could make out the faint outline of muscles in her gut, and her... Avaola stopped herself. I shouldn't be looking at Mother June in such a way. She told herself.

"You called for me?" Avaola stood tall and asked.

Because she was so busy looking at Mother June earlier Avaola had missed the three Nightbrothers standing around the hut. One stood near the bed at the back of the room, the other two stood on either side of the door. Avaola could see their chests heaving heavy and more rapidly than normal. She also noticed that their bodies were all shiny with sweat. Avaola understood what this meant, Mother June had just finished mating with the three of them. The fact that, like Mother June, the three Nightbrothers only wore a small cloth to cover up their private parts only confirmed her deduction.

Mother June stopped whatever she was doing, Avaola was too distracted to notice, and turned around with a big smile. "Avaola." She said cheerfully. At least I won't have to worry about her being in a bad mood. Avaola thought. Mother June walked over to her bed with gracefully hip swinging perfection that although Avaola tried to stop herself from noticing, she couldn't. Mother June ran her fingers across the broad chest of the red skinned Nightbrother that stood next to the bed as she passed him. She sat down on the bed elegantly. "Please, remove your hood." Mother June requested pleasantly.

Avaola removed her hood as requested and shook her hair so that it fell straight to her shoulders, instead of sticking to her head in a jumbled mess.

Mother June smiled and bit her bottom lip. She racked her lip along her teeth until it popped back into place. "You know why we attacked the Jedi." she stated rather than asked, still, the way she paused made Avaola compelled to answer.

"Because we are going to go to war with the Jedi."

"Yes. And soon." Mother June leaned forward. Avaola saw the cloth fall slightly away which revealed the top of Mother June's breasts, and she kicked herself for not having the will power to keep her eyes from adventuring. "I have yet to appoint a sister as my second in command." Mother June let her voice trail off. The implication was enough to shake Avaola temporarily out of her trance.

"Are you offering me the position." Avaola asked, completely stunned and dumbfounded. Being the second in command would be the greatest honor that a Nightsister could ever receive.

"I have my conditions." Mother June said smiling.

"Conditions?" Avaola asked curiously.

Mother June stood up from her bed and walked ever so gracefully up to one of her Nightbrothers. She looked up into the Nightbrothers eyes and rested her fingers gently on his green tattooed chest. "Do you know why I take on multiple mates at once?" Mother June asked looking the Nightbrother in the eyes but directing the question at Avaola.

"I'm sorry but no I don't." Avaola answered completely baffled.

"It's because I never met anyone worth fully giving myself to." Mother June answered, affectionately cupping the Nightbrother's cheek. "I find primitive pleasure while laying with the males, nothing more." Mother June turned and began walking towards Avaola, while chewing on her bottom lip. Before Avaola knew what had happened Mother June had her hands on the back of her head and her for head pressed gently against Avaola's own. Mother Junes face was just a breath away, not even a centimeter. Avaola's heart fluttered uncontrollably. That feeling she always had in Mother Junes presence was stronger than ever before, it was overwhelming. Avaola closed her eyes and when she heard Mother Junes voice again it was no more than a whisper. "But nothing would give me greater pleasure than to embrace you, my sister."

The next thing Avaola knew Mother Junes lips were pressed firmly against her own. Avaola felt terrified, and incredibly free at the same time. At first she didn't know if she should pull back and run, but her heart told her that she wanted this; that she had wanted this for a long time. Avaola fell into the kiss, feeling more alive than ever, but then, all too soon, it was over.

Avaola stood their with her eyes closed for an eternity. She tried to steady the beating of her heart but found that she would have a better chance at moving the sun. She barely heard Mother June tell the Nightbrothers to leave them, and barely noticed as the slipped past her. When she opened her eyes again Mother June was sitting on the foot of her bed again, only this time the cloth was no longer concealing anything.

"What do you say, my sister?" Mother June asked.

Avaola didn't answer with words. She walked over to the bed and she gave herself into Mother June's embrace. Over the course of the next hour Avaola felt feelings that she did not know were possible. She gave herself fully to Mother June in a way she had never given herself to anyone ever before. Her heart did not slow down, nor did the tingling in her chest disappear. She didn't want them too, She realized that she had wanted this for a very long time but was too afraid to admit it. That is why she couldn't take her eyes off of Mother June. So their they lay, an hour latter. Nothing between them but the skin on their flesh. Their arms and legs wrapped around each others body. Avaola looked Mother June in her beautiful eyes and said what she had been feeling the whole time. "I love you." And Avaola knew she would never fully embrace anyone other than Mother June ever again.

Mother June smiled, "I love you too." She kissed Avaola once more. Avaola snuggled her head into Mother June's chest and there, together, they slept.


The entire High Council sat in complete silence. Master T'B Rollus was the first to speak.

"This is disturbing news." The Gamorrean said, leaning forward and placing his thick green chin in a powerful hand.

Although he was a Gamorrean he did not fall under the typical stereotype for his species. Instead of being a stupid, fat, and smelly low life, T'b Rolus was a wise, clean, and physically imposing battle hardened warrior. His entire body was covered in huge rippling muscles. His chest was broad and his hands made him look like he could crush the skull of a Hutt in his grip. Fitting for his strength, he was the single greatest master of Form five in the order, even Masters Rustle Quinto and Ray Sebastian paled in comparison to him.

"Indeed it is." Krinto Fro said, "When I visited Dathomir their leader spoke of preparing for war. I had hoped that the war would not be with us."

Aigus T'bara let the Nightsister amulet drop to the floor. They had found the amulet on Dantooine on the corpses of several Jedi. Above the dead Jedi was a message from the Nightsisters declaring that they would slaughter innocents if the Jedi did not come out to fight. Using Telemetry Master Aigus T'bara had confirmed it to be true.

"What are we to do?" Master Ki-Omin-Baas asked, the Kushibans black eyes were round and wide. "We can't just let them kill innocents. Are we really going to answer their call to war?"

"I am afraid, my friend, that we have little choice." Aigus' T'bara pinched his brow between two claws. "All to often being a keeper of peace and justice involves violence."

"If we are going to war I would like to volunteer as the leader. I alone have seen more combat than any of you, and while I do not enjoy fighting in wars, I alone am the best qualified to take on this responsibility." T'B Rolus said.

"I would like to fight beside you." Master Ray Sebastian volunteered.

"As would I." Said Master Rustle Quinto.

"I would like to go too." Said Ki-Omin-Bass. Everyone turned their eyes to him. Of everyone on the council he was the least violent of them all, of their surprise to his volunteering was justified. "If innocents are in danger I would like to go to help ease their pain and give healing. War is not all about warriors, healers are needed as well."

"Then its decided." T'b Rolus said. " I will gather up more volunteers and we will head to Dantooine as soon as possible."

"May the Force be with you. All of you." George Ferrus said, gravely.
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