The Dark Abyss Chapter 3

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The Dark Abyss Chapter 3 Empty The Dark Abyss Chapter 3

Post by Wildbantha88 on Wed Sep 03, 2014 11:19 pm

Darth Abyss and HK-13 walked among the scum of Nar Shaddaa. A black hood masked Abyss's features. This place radiated with fear, anger, and betrayal. A place he felt he would enjoy indulging if time allowed it. He and HK-13 moved in silence brought upon by the anticipation of bloodshed.

They finally came to a cantina named The Beaten Carthage. In the front it was a regular cantina, but it was also the entrance to Kachunta the Hutts palace. It was his way of drawing business to his cantina, anyone who wanted into his palace would have to wait there, and he made sure people waited a very long time.

Abyss and HK-13 walked through the cantina with all the drunk patrons and criminals watching the scantily clad dancers. At the back of the cantina were two Gamorrian bouncers with sharp axes, a line of people waiting to enter the palace. Abyss walked past all of them, straight up to the Gamorrian bouncers. One of the bouncers stopped him with a stubby fingered hand.

"No one gets into the palace without Kachunta the Hutts careful consideration." The Gamorrian lied with recited snorts and grunts."This may take some time so please have seat and enjoy a delicious drink." The Gamorrian was obviously reciting a prewritten script but he made no attempt to cover it up.

"You will let me in." Abyss didn't even bother waving his hand.

Both the Gamorrians snapped to attention and recited it back to him, then moved aside to let him pass. Abyss looked back at the long line, many of the people looked amazed, others just looked angry.

"Kill everyone in the cantina." Abyss said to HK-13.

"Exclamation: It would be my pleasure, Master!"

By the time the droid turned to begin fulfilling his master's orders many of the people who had been close enough to hear Abyss give the order either drew their own blasters or began running. Abyss entered the palace unopposed as the cantina behind him erupted into blaster fire and screams of death.

As Abyss walked through the palace towards the throne room, guards, bounty hunters. and assassins ran past him to take care of the problem in the cantina. He knew none of them would come back alive. He probe with the Force as each one ran past him, none of them were the undercover Jedi.

Abyss finally entered the throne room. Sitting on a large platform was an angry looking, brown poki-doted Hutt. He was of no concern to him. Abyss began probing all the bounty hunters, guards, smugglers, and every other form of low-life crowded into the throne room.

"You must be the one responsible for destroying my cantina! Everyone kill him!" Kachunta the Hutt bellowed in his native tongue.

Abyss found who he was looking for as a hundred blasters were aimed in his direction. He held up his hand next to his head in a fist, then quickly opened his hand. Katchunta was flung onto his back, his tail flopping, his arms grasping desperately in the air as everyone else in the room was hurled backwards, smashing into tables, one another, and even the walls. Everyone save for one.

A human female in the far left corner, she was covered from head to toe in light brown armor remained standing perfectly still as the room exploded. She had a beautiful face of a woman in her thirties. A blaster pistol was latched to her left hip, but as Abyss focused he could see that it was just an illusion, it was really a lightsaber.

"You must be Alara Keth." Abyss said lowering his hood and reaching for his lightsaber. "Your have the honor of being my first Jedi kill." His red blade burned to life.

"And I will have the honor of riding the Empire of an assassin." Alara said while activating her blue blade.

"You are a fool to think that I am a mere assassin. For I am Darth Abyss, The Emperor's newest apprentice!"

Alara's eyes widened in surprise and Abyss seized the moment. He lunged forward slashing wide. Alara jumped over the blade and stabbed at his head. Abyss twisted out of the way and brought his blade in a slash back towards her feet. Alara dropped her lightsaber straight down and blocked the attack, then flicked her blade upwards, she nearly ripped Abyss's lightsaber out of his hand.

She then stabbed at his midsection. Abyss flipped backwards and as he landed he released another Force wave along the floor, flinging everyone in the room back to the ground.

Abyss then jumped high through the air arching blade at her heart, but Alara blocked. Then when he landed he dropped low and slashed at her ankles. Alara jumped over the blade. Abyss twisted and pushed off the floor with his hands, driving his feet into her stomach. She was hit with so much strength that she was flung through the air, landing on top of Kachunta the Hutt on the other side of the room. Kachunta grabbed at her desperately, grouping and squirming, trying to flip himself up right. This bought Abyss some time.

Kachunta's goons were finally getting to their feet. Abyss put his hands straight up into the air. Dark crackling energy coursed through the air, engulfing everyone in the room.

Alara was on her feet, running through the room of crackling energy with her blade raised before her to absorbing the energy. She brought her blade down where Abyss was standing, forcing him to break off the attack to dodge. But it was too late, everyone, including Kachunta, had died almost instantly.

Abyss activated his blade again and blocked a slash at his neck, then pressed his blade against Alaras, initiating a blade lock.

"You..." Alara said, her voice trailing off.

"You are truly a worthy opponent." Abyss said.

"I-I recognize your face." Alara said from behind the crackling blades.

"I see that you have stared into the face of death before, but this time you will not escape its grasp."

Abyss unleashed the dark side with a thought and sent Alara flying. She hit the wall behind her with a thud.

Before she could regain her feet Abyss was standing over her, his lightsaber held beside his head in both hands, ready to strike her down. Don't kill her! The voice from earlier shouted in his head.

"Now you die." Abyss said.

Don't! Abyss swung his hands down and Alara's body crumpled to the ground. But there was no gash in her body. Subconsciously Abyss had hit her with the hilt of his lightsaber. Now she lay on the floor unconscious. Abyss grabbed her by the collar and began dragging her out of Kachunta the Hutt's palace.

In the cantina HK-13 stood in the middle of flames and piles of bodies. Near the entrance someone screamed and HK-13 snapped, and fired one blaster. One more body added to the piles.

"Query: Were you not supposed to kill her, master?" HK-13 asked curiously, when he saw the unconscious jedi.

"There has been a change of plans. We will talk about it on the ship. Is everything finished up here?"

"Answer: Yes it is. I thoroughly enjoyed the slaughter of so many flesh things. The spilling of their inner organic matter makes my processors tingle, Master."

"I'm glad to hear ir, help me get her onto the ship. We will interrogate her when she comes too, then decide what to do after that."

"As you wish, Master."

HK-13 followed Abyss out of the cantina, who was pulling Alara along the ground.
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