Fate of The force: Book 2 teaser/And gift for someone.

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Fate of The force: Book 2 teaser/And gift for someone.

Post by Fated Xtasy on Sun Mar 08, 2015 11:51 pm

The Force moved around him, feeding him its power, healing him. It was as it always was, alive and powerful. He held the hilt of his blade close to his body, at vertical angle across his body. His blade radiated a pale translucent color, shining bright against the darkness. His eyebrows furrowed, his muscles tensed; He felt his heartbeat begin beat rapidly. This was the fight that all Jedi had trained for.

Sith against Jedi. Dark against Light.

Fate observed his opponent; he was a humanoid male, perhaps the same age as Fate. His hair was short and disheveled. His eyes were a dark shade of brown, complimenting his midnight hair. The Boy-Sith wore the armor and robes of what Fate assumed were apprentices, the armament went beyond the normal shade of black, it was as if Fate was staring into an endless dark abyss.

Like Fate, the Sith held a hilt, as black as the depths of space, in his hands. The blade was marked with several intricate designs, it would have been beautiful were it not for the blood-crimson light it gave off. The Sith held his blade high, his was slightly turned to his right, his right legged moved forward while his left stayed somewhat behind his other one. Fate let out a whisper of a gasp. It was the fifth form of lightsaber combat, it was Djem So.

“Recognize the form?” The Sith boy chuckled. “You should, you’d be a fool not to given who your master is, but even your training under that fool, Gar Thorin, won’t save you from me, Apprentice.” The boy sneered and lunged at Fate. The Sith unleashed a series of powerful overhead chops that sent shudders through Fate’s body as he just barely blocked them. Fate felt his arms bend with each blow the fearsome Sith landed, his strength was absurd. Fate felt as though he was ten men instead of one.

The Sith was relentless, he continued his onslaught and struck Fate with a sequence of crosscuts, jabs and overhead chops, brutally smashing his scarlet blade into Fate’s own lightsaber with the force of a speeder. Fate kept up his defense, blocking and parrying when he could, but try as he might, he could neither counter nor muster up a good enough offense to turn the tide in his favor, his opponent was simply too fast, too strong. He was simply better than Fate was.

There was a pause in the fight, the Sith eyed Fate like a hunter playing with its prey. The sith walked slowly around an invisible circumference, trying to intimidate the young Padawan.

“I expected more from the Apprentice of the legendary, Gar Thorin.” The Sith jeered “But all you are, is a weakling, a coward. Your vaunted Jedi code will not save you now, Padawan. Use the Dark side, draw on your passion, your hatred and use them to attack me, free yourself of those worthless restrictions!”

Fate shook his head and said. “Free myself of restrictions by joining the Dark side? You are a fool if you believe the darkness is without its restrictions Sith. I can draw on the Force to heal myself, to cleanse myself of poisons, completely and utterly. Can you do the same? Your Dark side restricts you by placing a code on you, a code that speaks of freedom, but in reality, there is no such thing as freedom amongst the Sith.”

“And with the Jedi there is? You restrict yourself of emotions, of hate, of anger.” The Sith paused for a moment and then continued. “ Of love… You will never feel the touch of a woman, the sweet smell of her hair. Her gentle lips on yours. You Jedi will never know love because like hate and anger, you fear it. You are not protectors of the galaxy; you are manipulators and hypocrites who fear power!”

On his last word, the Sith charged at Fate, he leapt high and struck down at Fate. Instead of meeting his attack, Fate rolled out of the way and as the Sith came slicing down at air, Fate twisted his body and attacked with a backwards swing of his blade. The Sith parried the blade and retaliated with an overhead slash. Fate quickly turned around and met the blade, entering a deadlock with the Sith.

“Is that so?” Fate said through his teeth. “That’s quite the accusation Sith! We were not the ones who murdered younglings, we were not the ones who thought we could use a being of unspeakable power to bring the galaxy to its knees, and we were certainly not the ones whose teachings created beings capable of destroying planets!” Drawing on the Force, Fate soothed his aching arms and pressed forward. “We have saved the galaxy a thousand times over from you Sith and we will do so again!”

Fate stepped back, the Sith stumbled forward with an awkward downward strike. Fate twirled around the Sith and unleashed a sharp kick to the Sith’s back. The Sith fell to the floor, quickly rolled out of the way and was on his feat in less than a second.

The two stood motionless for a time, staring into one another’s eyes. Their blades held before them. Only one would come out of this alive.

They charged at the same time.

Suddenly, the ship lurched hard; a nearby ship fell from its supports and crashed into the ground. The two warriors toppled over and crashed hard into the durasteel floor. Their Lightsabers went flying out of their hands and into the rubble around them. They scurried to their feet and observed one another.

Fate assumed a fighting stance, he clenched his fists tightly as he watched the Sith assume a similar stance, smiling as he did so.

“Come on, Apprentice, let’s see just how good you fare against me, Nalyd, Darth Wrynn of the Sith!”
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Re: Fate of The force: Book 2 teaser/And gift for someone.

Post by Emperordmb on Mon Mar 09, 2015 12:21 am

This was amazing Xtasy! Fated Xtasy I cannot overstate how grateful I am that you would do something like this for me. I really wish that I could come up with more words that made sense and seemed fitting right now, but I guess two words perfectly cover it:


You are a wonderful writer, and even if you aren't overly confident in your fight scene writing abilities, this was a great fight scene. Keep up the amazing work my nice droogie Fated Xtasy Hug

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