Did Kreia surpass Plagueis and all of those who came before him?

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Did Kreia surpass Plagueis and all of those who came before him?

Post by Fated Xtasy on Mon Mar 16, 2015 12:12 am

So, at the moment, i'm alone, no one is on chat and I have been thinking about this for a while now. So instead of writing something though out and coherent i'm going to #YOLO . This shit. With that out of the way let's start this.

So, I haven't read the novel for Plagueis and I am, admittedly, undereducated in regards to some of his Sith predecessors, that said, I know enough. Plagueis, like all who came before him, searched for a way to become immortal, to bring back people, animals, beings. Basically any living thing from the dead, right?

So did all other Sith like Vitiate and Bane.

All of these Sith wanted to become immortal.

So my question is. Could Kreia have surpassed them if given more time?

Think about it. Kreia has done what Sidious considered a mere legend, something to draw the attention of Anakin and Ferus and all his other acolytes. Kreia has brought people back from the dead. Literally. Hanharr, General Tobin and to some degree the Jedi Exile after she was left unconscious by the Masters on Dantooine.

She's done something similiar to what Plagueis is presumed to be capable of and something that Palpatine never really accomplished. So did she surpass them? not in power, but in knowledge. She obviously has a great amount of knowledge to be able to revive people back from the literal brink of death.

Could she, if given more time and resources, have surpassed Plagueis? is her knowledge on par or superior to his?

Again, I am bored and am resting after a long day so. yeah. enjoy
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Re: Did Kreia surpass Plagueis and all of those who came before him?

Post by Sinious on Thu May 07, 2015 6:17 am

Meetra didn't die on Dantooine and iirc, Tobin was just wounded by the beast. Any source says he was actually dead? And I have no idea what you mean by Hanharr so do share the details.

As for the comparison, Plagueis had a far superior understanding of the force imo. He also had better resources and unlike Kreia, he devoted himself to this cause more than anything else(Sidious even criticizes him for being too obsessed with immortality). On the contrary, if Plagueis was given more time, I think he would've accomplished wonders. The way he pushed midi-chloarians to their limits was amazing. Given more time, he would surely learn how to manipulate them to a point where he could keep himself immortal and create life as he wishes.
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