The Last Acolyte: Chapter 4(I'M BAAAAAAAAAAAACK!)

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The Last Acolyte: Chapter 4(I'M BAAAAAAAAAAAACK!)

Post by Fated Xtasy on Mon Apr 20, 2015 12:56 am

Guess who's back, back, back, back again, gain gain!

Very Happy Sakali bitches!!!

What’s taking those Hounds so blasted long?” Aurra said as she smashed her fist on the table, making one of Jabba’s mercenaries jump in his seat, Jango and Aurra -or Alpha- as she was known here, had been waiting for the shipment to arrive for nearly three hours, but it had yet to show its face.

“Why are you so worried about it Alpha? Not like you’re going with Jedi Hunter here”

“Yeah! I’m not, but I don’t like this huttspawn taking away my bounties!” She lied, her voice taking a tone Jango found a bit too convincing. “Now, why don’t you leave before I show you why I’m called Alpha!” The mercenary seemed genuinely scared of Aurra, Jango stifled a laugh as the mercenary left them alone.

“That was a bit harsh don’t you think?

“Going soft are we?” Jango barked out a loud laugh and brought the mug filled with the watered down Ale to his mouth and drank. “Bet, you’re wishing I had stolen more of those bottles of Tarisian Ale now”

“What do you think happened to the transport?” Jango asked as he moved to the viewport of the command center and placed his hand on transparisteel, his eyes searching- waitng- for the transport to appear out of nowhere, but no such thing happened. He flinched as Aurra brought her sleek and long hand on to his shoulder.

“It’s probably just having some issues, come on” Aurra nudged him and gestured to the table that had a pack of cards sitting on it. “How about we have ourselves a game?” She suggested.

“I don’t think so”

Aurra brought her hands to her hips and pouted. “Aw, is the little baby afraid he’s gonna lose?” Jango simply smiled and walked towards the table and fell comfortably into the chair.

“I hope you’re ready to back those words ‘Alpha’” He sneered, drawing an eyebrow raise from Aurra. “Take a seat, lass” he gestured at the chair adjacent to him. “Or is the little baby afraid to lose?” He gave her a smug smile, something Aurra had come to hate.

“You’re on Fett!” Jango smiled, he had recently picked the young girl from a group of slavers and she had nearly killed him for it, but after the slavers-her teachers-revealed their real plot she agreed to leave with him and since then they had taken a liking to each other. She had saved more times than he could count; though he hated working with people he was grateful to have the young girl as his comrade and
protégé. “Hey! huttspawn!” Aurra drew him out of his thoughts. “Are you dealing or what?”


Though he could do without the constant insults


The airspeeder rode through the harsh winds of Tatooine, Sakali felt the air pass through her, though it was freezing she enjoyed it. That, however, was short lived. Her minded returned to the recent event. She had let out a unholy blast of energy, the way it cackled as it moved with amazing speed to her-long dead- opponent, it amazed her. Never before had she seen something so raw and unadulterated power. She couldn’t help but gaze at her hands, curiosity filled her, how had she done that? Could she do that again? She shook the thought out of her mind and focused on flying the speeder.

“Sakali!” Gre’vir called after her, his speeder only a few paces behind. “We’re nearing the hidden base! We ought to stop a few meters away from it just to be safe!”

As much as she wanted to go in and kill the murderer, Grevir was right. The base was filled with bounty hunters and mercenaries; they would be overwhelmed in minutes. Sakali slowed her speeder and spoke. “Well what do you suggest? “

“A surprise attack.” He replied.

“No, I’m done waiting, we have to go in now!”

“No, Saka.” Gre’vir placed a hand on Sakali’s shoulder and gazed into the young girl’s eyes. “Be smart about this. We can’t go in guns and lightsaber blazing, we’d be killed in seconds and we’d lose any chance of finding your bounty hunter.”

“Then what do we do?” She asked. “I’m done waiting for someone else to do what needs to be done!”

“I’m not asking you to let them go, Saka, I’m asking you to be smart because…” The old Ithorian hesitated. “Because I don’t want to lose you like that old annoying friend of yours.” He finished.

Sakali’s face softened. “I’m…I’m… sorry.” She slumped into her seat and gazed at the stars above. “What’s the plan then?”

“Well.” He began. “If I’m going to be of any help to you, I need to be at a high vantage point. There!” Gre’vir pointed at a watch tower within the facility.

“Alright, I can get you in.” Sakali said confidently.

“How?” Sakali gestured at her lighsaber. “Oh… I see.”


Aurra stood in the center of the Sand fortress, watching as Jango Fett barked out orders to some useless bunch. They feared him, a man thought to be incredibly dangerous, even amongst other Hunters. Jango was a deadly man, Aurra had to admit, but such renown came at a price. Becoming a legend was not something anyone should crave, for no matter how many perks such status earns you, in the end you are just a man with a colossal target on your back.

That was what bothered Aurra Sing, even though she hated the Jedi with every microfiber of her being, she still felt their Force around her and it did not feel natural. The world felt dark, winds shifted in unnatural patterns, lights dimmed, even the Bantha herd that so often made its way towards the Sand Fortress avoided this route. “I have a bad feeling about this...” She murmured.

“Alpha-Nine.” Jango called her using her alias. He made his way over towards her; his features soften, as if he could sense her unease. Jango’s brows furrowed. “What’s wrong?” he asked in a hushed voice.

“It’s nothing.” She replied hastily. Aurra didn’t want Jango to worry, not when they were so close to leaving the planet.

“Aurra.” Jango looked around him, unsure if he should continue. “This doesn’t sound like nothing.”

“Jango, not here—“Suddenly, the all too familiar sound of blaster fire filled the air, but there was another noise, a noise Aurra had not heard in years.

“What in the name of Mandalore are they screaming?” Jango said irately.

Aurra felt her chest tighten, her beat accelerated, beating furiously. Her breath came out in rapid bursts and finally, drawing on all of her strength, she managed to gasp out a single word that made Jango shudder, his eyes widen and her heart nearly stop. “Jedi.”


A/N So from the jango part to the part where Gre'vir says " a surprise attack" has been done since last year, anything after that was done recently. hope you enjoy. Very Happy
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