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Post by Wildbantha88 on Sun May 10, 2015 1:56 am

Shatterjaw looked at the shipment of blasters and then up at the smug little Zabrak making the delivery. Surprisingly the zabrak didn’t seem to be intimidated by Shatterjaw, which was a rare occurrence indeed, and Shatterjaw didn’t like it. “Shatterjaw” was his nick name. His real name was Deagus Ron but he had earned the nickname because of his reputation of making it difficult for people to bad-mouth him. Shatterjaw was a Houk - a giant frog-looking alien with the strength of a wookie - but he was a particularly big Houk, and he had cybernetics graphed to his entire bone structure which nearly doubled his already supernatural physical strength.

Shatterjaw looked up from the blasters to the four wookies flanking the little smug zabrak, and then to the zabrak himself. “There's a half a dozen blasters missing.” Shatterjaw growled.

The smug looking zabrak somehow sounded even more smug than he looked, “And your half a dozen days late on your payment. Zelta the Hutt won't be pleased.”

“I payed you for a full shipment of blasters and I expect a full shipment of blasters!” Shatterjaw growled.

The smug looking zabrak didn’t even flinch at the giant reptile losing his cool. He just stood there with his arms crossed and a smirk covering his face. “Just give me the interest and we will give you the rest of the blasters.”

Shatterjaw took a step forward, and, simultaneously, the four wookies did also, clearly they were ready to step in if Shatterjaw got out of control. Shatterjaw didn’t care. He reached out and wrapped a massive hand around the zabraks torso. All he could think about was removing that smug look from the zabrak’s face, which he did when he removed the zabraks face entirely by planting his fist into the zabraks face as hard as he could.

The four wookies charged at him with angry growls and flashing claw. Surprisingly, none of them were carrying blasters, they must have wanted to test their strength against the fabled strength of Shatterjaw: a fool's errand.

Shatterjaw used the smashed looking zabrak’s limp body as a weapon. He swung it over his head and brought it around to smash one of the wookie’s in the head. The wookie stumbled sideways and tripped over one of his charging comrades. The two wookies clattered to the floor into a pile or angry barks and growls. Shatterjaw turned to the other two wookies just into to block a powerful punch from one of them. Shatterjaw counter-attacking by driving  his fist into that wookie’s stomach. The wookie roared and keeled over forwards from the force of the punch. Shatterjaw grabbed the wookie by the hair on the back of his head and drove the wookies head downward onto his solid kneecap. There was a sickening crunch as the wookie’s jaw fragmented against Shatterjaw’s knee.

The other wookie landed a scratch on the side of Shatterjaws neck as the giant Houk let go of the now bloody fur of the first wookie. The Houk looked up at him angrily, and in that moment Shatterjaw realized that he was one of only a few people in the galaxy to have ever seen a scared wookie. Shatterjaw threw a left hook, then a right hook, then another left hook. The wookie held its furry arms over its face to protect itself as best it could but the wookie simply couldn’t take the physical strength that Shatterjaw possessed. The wookie fell backwards and Shatterjaw jumped on top of him and began bashing the wookie’s face with his massive fists. With every punch he felt a satisfying crunch until after seven or eight punches he realized that the wookie had no more brains to bash in.

Shatterjaw stood up and turned to the last two wookies. They were gathering up the wookie who’s jaw Shatterjaw had just shattered and were preparing to flee. Shatterjaw crunched his bloody knuckles menacingly. “Tell Zelta the Hutt that his jaws going to be next if he tries to rip me off again!.”

“I was hoping you could tell us about Zelta.” A voice said from behind Shatterjaw. He turned around to see a humanoid dressed in all black armor and a black mask and wearing a crimson colored cape. The Nexu! Shatterjaw thought, instantly recognizing the infamous vigilante of Corruscant, Tonight just got interesting.
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