Tragedy turned Opportunity turned into Closure.

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Tragedy turned Opportunity turned into Closure.

Post by Fated Xtasy on Sun May 31, 2015 11:06 pm

Michelle Lavoreu stared at her sibling, Mariah Michaels nee Lavoreu. Michelle smiled tauntingly at her sister; she showed nothing but contempt to her older sister. Michelle gestured for her junior to take a seat with a wave of her hand.

“I assume you know why you’re here?” Michelle began, choosing her words carefully, she had always been the “wordsmith” of her family, people, both in business and in casual situations had come to praise Michelle for her sharp and silver, snake tongue.

“I’m here because you called me here Michelle.” Came the reply. Indeed, Michelle had called her sister here. Mariah had awoken at midnight when she received the call and she had driven all the way from the High class areas of California to the small modest home where their father, the famous and beloved business man and world entrepreneur, Joseph Lavoreu, had spent his last moments.

Michelle scoffed as she poured herself some Jack Daniel’s Brandy. “So you’re not here because father’s dead?” She questioned callously.

“You know what I meant, Michelle!”

“Oh but do I?” She sneered, losing her usually cold, cool and collected temper for the briefest of moments, then, Michelle composed herself and seated herself on the lavender colored chair where her father had been found dead. “You and that bitch for a mother you had always hated dear, old father. for all I know this could be a minor inconvenience on my poor, little sister and her new little arm candy.”

“Michelle!” Mariah rose from her chair and stared furiously at her older sister. “Don’t you dare talk about my mother that way you fucking hag!”

“Or else what, little sister?” Michelle rose from her seat, her eyes filled with a fire that Mariah was just all too familiar with. “Are you going to hurt me?” Michelle asked tauntingly. “Oh dear sister, you must know that against me you wouldn’t stand a chance. We both know what kind of person you’re whore mother was.” Michelle took several steps towards her half-sister, towering over the petite woman. “Or don’t you remember how that bitch tried to kill me?” Mariah looked away; she didn’t dare revisit those memories of her dead and misguided mother. Michelle’s beautiful, fully cherry red lips curled upwards in a triumphant smile. “Of course you remember, don’t you little sister? You remember my screams don’t you? You remember Richie don’t you?!” She shrieked, tears pouring from her eyes. “You remember how my dear baby brother tried to stop that cunt for a mother that you had? DON’T YOU!?”

Mariah placed her head in her hands and sobbed, she remembered it all. Her mother holding a large kitchen knife, Michelle screaming, their brother, little Charlie “Richie” Lavoreu-an eleven year old at the time, jumping into the fray and attempting to separate an eighteen year old Michelle and Mariah’s mother. In her zeal, Natasha, Mariah’s mother, had swung the knife wildly and cut the young eleven year old boy’s throat.

“I remember” She said through sobs.

Michelle leaned forward in front of her half-sister and whispered. “I sleep with it, I dream of it, I wake up with it. His death appears before my eyes every time I close my eyes.” Mariah’s sobs became louder. “Your mother was a bitch and let me tell you something else, Mariah.”

Mariah raised her head from her palms and looked Michelle directly in her bright green orbs.

“I don’t hate you for being her child. No, no, no. I don’t blame you for Richie’s death; you were a child being manipulated by her parent, so how could I fault you?” Michelle placed a hand on her half-sister’s shoulder and smiled kindly. “I hate you because you think I was born yesterday.”


Michelle laughed amusedly. Michelle lifted her hand up from her sister’s shoulder and towards a beautifully adorned doors, the twin doors flew open, almost as if the very winds had bended to her older-half-sister’s will and when they opened, Mariah saw something horrific.

A body hung from a chandelier, bloodied and mangled by what Mariah could only assume was a monster of sorts. It was Michelle’s fiancé, a young business major and former cop by the name of, Joshua Martens. His body rained blood on the beautiful and sleek piano that he’d always play. The Piano was once black, but now, it seemed to have taken on a sickening blood red scheme. Mariah looked around the room, on the walls she saw blood and holes as is something had tossed Joshua around like a ragdoll in a fit of rage. She dared a glance at Joshua’s mangled body; his bones were at odd angles, bones protruded from his elbows, knees and neck. Mariah cried out in horror.

Michelle rolled her eyes and sipped on her Jack Daniels Brandy. “Oh shut the hell up!” The closed to the piano room close. Mariah turned to her sister, her hands covering her mouth. “Good god, your family is so dramatic.”

“What did you do, Michelle? Did you hire people to kill Joshua? Your own fiancé?”

Michelle laughed indifferently. “Do you take me for a mentally challenged child, Mariah?” Michelle gulped the last 4 ounces of her Brandy. “I already you that useless nice piece of ass were in cahoots to kill me and inherit the money father was going to leave me.”

Mariah gasped. How could she know? Only two people knew, Joshua and herself.

“Like I said, little sister, I wasn’t born yesterday.” Amused by her sister’s shocked expression, Michelle began to explain. “You were a sloppy little bitch, witch. Like mother, like daughter. Mariah, I’ve got eyes everywhere, for forty long years I’ve watched you plan, make deals, charm men and women and I must admit, you are far craftier and more intelligent than your mother could ever hope to be.” Michelle grimaced. “But your planned failed didn’t it? Joshua was supposed to meet you at midnight last Friday but he missed your little meeting. I’ve suspected his dumb, fine ass was probably cheating on me with some little harlot. But…” Her voice trailed off and then she smiled. “I must say, I didn’t expect the two of you to take advantage of father’s death and attempt to kill me, I should have, but in my mourning for dear father I allowed myself to become fragile. Never in a million years did I think that Joshua’s cheating and your plots were the same.” Michelle dug into her purse and pulled out a cigar and placed it in her mouth. As she inhaled, Mariah saw that the Cigar had somehow been lit. “Until, Friday night when the little bastard was drunk and dared to hit me, as you could imagine I was furious and well as he begged for his life, Joshua told me everything and then I snapped his neck.”

“You did that?”

“Oh yes and believe it or not, I was being merciful. I’ve squashed people into little balls of meat, Some times I’ve had their minds fried and for those who really piss me off, like racists and homophobic assholes, well they I torture slowly.” Michelle smiled sadistically. “With Joshua though… well those thirteen years still meant something to me and his family was always very nice… actually, just a moment little sister.” Michelle drew her phone, dialed a number and then spoke. “Jeeves, make sure to remind me to set aside some money for Martens family oh and buy some flowers while you’re there.” She was about to hang up when she held her index finger and then said. “Oh and we need some milk for little cake I plan to send them, that will be all. Drive safely, Jeeves.” With that she hung up and smiled at her sister.

“You’re a monster!”

“All humans are monsters, sister dearest. I’m just a naturally gifted monster.” Michelle replied

“What happens next?” Mariah dared to ask, her body trembling.

Michelle shrugged and said. “Under normal circumstances I’d kill you, but you’re, rather fortunately I might add, related to me so there circumstances are somewhat blurry. You’re cunning Mariah, you deserve a place among us. You’re not like these normal fools; you’re something greater and more powerful, Mariah.” Sensing her sister’s hesitancy Michelle decided to continue. “Mariah, this was a test. Joshua was an obstacle, just like your mother was an obstacle, you’re strong enough! Join me sister; let’s show this world what we are!” Michelle smiled tenderly and open her arms so as to embrace her younger sister.

Mariah nodded. She could become stronger and more powerful than any other human being. She could rule as a queen with her sister, together the two would be unstoppable and perhaps, they could finally be a family.

Mariah took a few steps towards her sister so as to accept her embrace.

Faster than light, faster than thought and faster than the human eye, Mariah caught a silver blur from the corner of her eye, but by then it was already too late.

Blood oozed from her throat, trickling down through her shirt. Mariah caught her sister’s gaze; it was full of satisfaction and fury. Gathering her last bits of strength, Mariah managed to ask a single question. “Why?”

Michelle shrugged. Mariah fell backwards and onto the carpet floor.

Michelle kneeled and looked Mariah directly in the eyes. “I’ve told you before, Mariah. My eyes are everywhere, they see everything, the only reason you got this far is due to my mourning if it wasn’t for that both you and Joshua would have been fried. Remember this little sister.” With that, Michelle rose and then sat on her comfortable, designer chair, smoking her cigar.

Suddenly, the door to the living room opened and a voice called. “You’re not supposed to be smoking in here…” The voice of a little boy said. “It’s against the rules and it hurts you.” He said with a serious expression that Michelle couldn’t help but love.

“Of course, darling. I just needed a little stress reliever.” Michelle waved her cigar around dismissively and watched it disappear. “Come here, Richie, give me a hug.” She said, almost begged the boy. Richie complied, the little boy ran towards Michelle with such zeal that he nearly toppled the couch over when he jumped into her arms. Michelle and the boy giggled. “Richie, I missed you so much while I was at work you know?”

“Really?” The boy asked timidly. “I…I... Missed you too Ms. Michelle.” He said happily.

Michelle smiled. “Now, what did I tell you about calling me Ms? I am Michelle to you young man!” She said as she jabbed his sleek, boyish chest teasingly.

The boy smiled and then grimaced; he wrinkled his nose and asked. “What’s that smell?”

Richie turned around and saw two cats standing in the middle of the room, meowing and hissing. “Oh my gosh!”

Michelle slowly brought her hand down and ruffled the boy hair. Still smiling as the boy went on about potential names they could call the cats. Michelle turned her gaze to the white cat and smiled. “How about Mariah for the white one and…” She caught the gaze of the sun colored cat, his eyes held a certain hatred for her and she reveled in it. “And the orange one we can call… Joshy, sound good?”

“Awesome! I like this names Michelle!” The boy said happily, with beautiful green, beaming eyes.

“I’m glad.” She said with a smile. The two cats were, of course, her cheating fiancé and her murderous sister. The two heathens would spend their remaining days as playthings for Michelle’s young boy, the man she had claimed as her own when he comes of age. They would serve him until he died, they would serve her without question and if they dared to attack her once more, they would spend eternity in hell.

“Come Richie, you can play with them later, alright?” She glanced back at the caught. “They need to gather their bearings at the moment; after all they are very new to this.” She smiled at her little joke. She would set the free…. eventually. But for now, she will enjoy every, single millisecond of this.


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