Recommended Fanfictions?

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Recommended Fanfictions?  Empty Recommended Fanfictions?

Post by King Joker on Mon Aug 17, 2015 3:28 am

This is the thread where you post fanfics you're reading or have read that you recommend and think others would enjoy or find interesting.

The one I'm currently reading is written by Tumblr user Bedlamsbard, and it's called On the Edge of the Devil's Backbone.

Summary: Ten years after she vanished during an Imperial raid on a Twi'lek colony, Cham Syndulla sees his daughter Hera for the first time in a hologram -- now wearing the uniform of an Imperial agent and apparently working closely with a human Inquisitor. All Cham wants to do is to bring his long-missing child home to what remains of her family, but he soon finds that Hera Syndulla is only interested in two things: her duty to the Empire and her loyalty to her crew, a mismatched collection of outcasts brought together by Hera and her pet Inquisitor.

With Cham and the Rebel agent known as Fulcrum in pursuit, a new mission takes Hera and the crew of the Ghost to the planet Lothal, where a chance meeting with a Force-sensitive teenager awakens something long buried in the Inquisitor once known as Kanan Jarrus...and has dire consequences for Hera, their crew, the Empire, and the fledgling Rebel Alliance.

I just finished chapter 1 and HOLY SHIT IS IT FANTASTIC. But yeah, post any recommended fanfics here, peeps!  Very Happy

You can read On the Edge of the Devil's Backbone here:
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Recommended Fanfictions?  Empty Re: Recommended Fanfictions?

Post by Emperordmb on Mon Aug 17, 2015 8:53 pm

Recommended Fanfictions?  Dmb10
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