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kei VokarxxxFate: fate of the Jedi short novels excerpt  Empty kei VokarxxxFate: fate of the Jedi short novels excerpt

Post by Fated Xtasy on Thu Sep 03, 2015 11:14 pm

Fate caught Kei Vokar, sparkling ocean eyes, and raised his eyebrow, incredulous. The small framed and slightly muscular Togruta smiled at him.

“What…?” Fate asked after a brief moment.

“Nothing…” Came the reply.

Fate lifted his shirt up, exposing his flat stomach, which had been slightly hardened from his brief stint as a farmer. His skin was a darker caramel color now, as Kei had come to expect. As Fate discarded the shirt, he blushed furiously and said. “Would you turn around and let me change?”

Kei Vokar smirked and placed his hand on his hip. “It’s nothing I haven’t already seen, Fatey boy.” The Togruta’s eyes took note of the near-human’s strange markings.

Fate scoffed and then smiled back, playfully. “Show yours and I’ll show you mine.”

Kei stiffened, and flushed a bright pink shade. “You might find that your starship doesn’t compare to my star cruiser… Fatey.”

There was an awkward pause that seemed to have lasted for hours, then, the two Jedi burst out laughing.

Fate smiled at the Togruta and tossed him the dancers’ suit that they had been chosen to wear for the mission. Fate slipped his trousers off, and he heard the Togruta do the same. They Changed into their suits, and as they finished they spun around and stared at one another wide eyed.

It was like looking into a mirror.

Save for the species difference.

Fate saw the suit, it covered barely anything. their backs were exposed, tremendously, and their chests were covered by a thin ceremonial cloth and rustled with the wind. Fate’s jaw dropped as his eyes went lower; Kei’s lower body was just as exposed he could see the young togruta’s bare legs and hips. The only thing that covered the areas that marked them both as males was a cloth wrapped around their waist, yet even that barely made it to their hip, at the hip, the clothe slanted so that their other hip would be exposed for the viewing pleasure of the Hutt’s guests. Fate had suspected that the outfits were revealing… but upon looking at Kei his minds instantly thought to the bars the soldiers he had fought side with had described.

Just then, Kilai Visir, the revered Lightsaber master, walked in, wearing her dark Jedi robes. The master stopped in her tracks as she laid her eyes on the two apprentices.

“When I said get ready for the night of your lives, I did not mean for you both to take it as me giving you both my consent to fornicate.” Kilai Visir turned on her heel as the two Padawans shouted excuses and explanations to her, yet neither was aware of the rare, and menacing smirk she bore…
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