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Abeloth Rape Attempt Empty Abeloth Rape Attempt

Post by Emperordmb on Mon Sep 01, 2014 7:16 pm

But the eyes were familiar-and shocking. They were the same icy blue irises that had stared at Tahiri from the witness stand as Pagorski testified-as she lied about the death of Admiral Pellaeon. But the pupils weren't Pagorski's. They were huge, and they seemed dark and bottomless, with no light except a pair of tiny silver points that seemed to be receding even as Tahiri looked into them, to be drawing her down into a cold and soulless Void from which there could be no escape.

Inside Tahiri's mind, Abeloth's wispy voice said, There is no need for explosives, child.

The tentacle squeezed Tahiri's wrist until her hand opened and the thermal detonator dropped to the floor-still unarmed.

We are going to be together a long time, you and I.

Tahiri jammed the emitter nozzle of her lightsaber into the pit of Abeloth's stomach. "Not if I can help it."

She thumbed the switch and saw the tip of her sapphire lightsaber shoot out through Abeloth's back. Guessing it would take more than a single penetrating wound to kill a Force entity, Tahiri immediately whipped her hand down, dragging the blade down through her captor's body at an angleˇ...ˇor so she had intended.

When the blade failed to move, Tahiri looked down and saw that this hand, too, was wrapped in a tentacle. She tried to pull free and found that not only was she unable to move the hand, she could no longer even feel it.

That is the thing, my child, Abeloth said. You can't help it.

A tentacle rose between them, then bent forward and began to slither up Tahiri's chin.

"What?" Tahiri gasped. A cold terror was rising inside her, and she had to fight to avoid panicking. "What are you doing?"

Did I not say? Abeloth replied. We are going to be together.

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