Fifth Brother Rising: Part One

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Fifth Brother Rising: Part One

Post by Shadeslayer on Wed Mar 23, 2016 12:09 am

A special gift to KJ27, for being awesome. Wink

Fifth Brother Rising

We weren't expecting you...but Lord Vader will be pleased...." As his partner spoke, the Fifth Brother sighed, quite agitated. The Sister always had to start every fight they had like this, offering some kind of monologue instead of jumping straight into the action. Normally, he would just sit there and listen, let her have her fun. However, also normally, he would be drunk off his ass by this point, but it still wasn't 5 o'clock, and Vader had a strange rule about drinking before 5 o'clock. So he had to listen to it sober. Something that he wasn't planning to do, especially with the attempted verbal abuse from earlier (which he cut off with a swift backhand).

He looked at his recently assigned partner, and gestured at the Sister, a slight flick of his wrist, sending a ripple of the Force slamming into her head, easily bypassing her instinctive Force-barrier. The Sister's Force-barrier was always weak, especially when she wasn't paying attention. The Miridian seized up, before collapsing, her legs losing the ability to support her. The Brother sighed once again, this time in relief.

It wasn't anything major, or anything that would cause major damage, just a few ruptured blood-vessels in the brain. It would keep her down until the Brother decided to heal her. The Brother turned his attention back to the Jedi, who was staring at the downed Sister, her horror at his actions apparent in the Force. He snorted. She should try spending hours on end with the Sister while sober.

Either she sensed the fact that he was now looking at her, or heard the snort, but either way, the Tortuga snapped her gaze to the Fifth Brother. Horror turned into outrage in a nanosecond, her eyes narrowed. "What did you do to her?" She asked, her tone sharp enough to cut through Beskar.

In response, the Brother shrugged. He summoned his ringed lightsaber to his with a twitch of the Force, and pressed the activation button with his middle-finger. Crimson fire surged forth. He wasn't going to waste time with words, that was the Sister's shit.

The Jedi, probably sensing that she would be getting no answer out of him, summoned her twin lightsabers to her hands, and activated them. The Fifth Brother felt battle-lust welling up inside of him, it had been so long since he had a good duel, and even longer since he had been sober enough to actually enjoy one.

The Jedi engaged first, using the Force to augment her speed, she rocketed forward like a torpedo, crossing ten meters in an instant. Her blades came low, in an x-pattern towards his waist, to bisect him. The Fifth Brother didn't bother moving to intercept the attack with his blade, instead he merely thrust outward with his hand, sending a Force-blast that sent her rocketing backwards, tumbling across the ground. She righted herself a moment later with a touch of the Force, fifteen meters now separated them.

A surge of the Force carried the Brother over the distance in a millisecond, a movement so fast that Ahsoka only saw a blur. His blade came down in an overhead slash so fast that Ahsoka was barely able to get her blades up in time to catch it. The impact sent shudders through her arms. The Fifth Brother proceeded to plant a stomp kick square into her chest, sending her sailing. She came down five meters away, struggling to draw breath.

The Fifth Brother shook his head, disappointed. He had gotten his hopes up. Disappointment gave way to anger, how dare the Jedi women make him excited, and then go down like a bitch. Such an action demanded revenge. He extended a meaty hand, and reached out with the Force. In her injury, her Force-barrier fell. It was child's play for the Brother to grab her up in the Force, lift her skywards, then slam her into the ground. He repeated the process three more times, lifting her up and slamming her down, until he finally released his hold on her. She laid on the ground in a heap, barely aware of where she was.

A casual stroll brought him to her side, and an overhand slash took her head. The Brother deactivated his saber, and clipped it back onto his belt, before turning on a heel and walking away from the now dead Jedi. He passed by the Sister who was still on the ground, stopped, looked at her, and considered her for a moment. Should he heal her now, or wait till he was drunk enough to deal with her shit?

The problem solved itself a nanosecond later.

He snapped his gaze forward, and went to find to the nearest bar.

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Re: Fifth Brother Rising: Part One

Post by King Joker on Mon Mar 28, 2016 11:09 pm

If only, if only.
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