Darth Bane Trilogy Minirespect Threads

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Darth Bane Trilogy Minirespect Threads

Post by Emperordmb on Sun Sep 07, 2014 12:16 am

Here are some of my mini respect threads for characters from the Darth Bane Trilogy.

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Re: Darth Bane Trilogy Minirespect Threads

Post by Emperordmb on Sun Sep 07, 2014 12:17 am


The Sith Council was impressed with Githany
“At his side Kaan whispered, "Remarkable, isn't she?”-POD

The Dark Side was strong in Githany
“The dark side is strong in her.”-POD

Kopecz considers Githany dangerous.
“I think she's dangerous.”-POD

Githany’s power drew the attention of all of the apprentices, particularly the top one, turned towards her.
“The Zabrak's attention, like the attention of nearly all the apprentices, had turned to the young human female who had come to join them shortly after the battle on Ruusan.”-POD

The force was exceptionally strong in Githany.
“The Force was exceptionally strong in her.”-POD

Githany was capable of crushing her rivals at the academy.
“In only a few weeks she'd already developed a reputation for crushing those who got in her way.”-POD

The ways of the Dark Side came naturally to Githany.
“Even though she'd been with the Sith only a short time, the ways of the dark side came naturally to her.”-POD

Githany’s whip gives her a big advantage in combat.
"Like Githany's whip!" Bane exclaimed. Githany eschewed traditional weaponry in favor of the very rare energy whip: just one of the many traits that made her stand out from the other apprentices. It operated on the same basic principles as a lightsaber, but instead of a steady beam, the energy of the crystals was projected in a flexible ribbon that would twist, turn, and snap in response to both Githany's physical motions and her use of the Force. "Exactly. The energy whip is far less efficient than any of the lightsaber blades. However, nobody ever practices against the whip. Githany knows that her enemies' confusion at being confronted with the whip gives her an edge.”-POD

Githany was among the top apprentices.
“Only the top apprentices had been present when Qordis had taught them to use the dark side to corrupt the Force into a deadly storm.”-POD

Githany fucked up a bloodlusted Llokay
“But Githany's whip was snapping and cracking at Llokay's eyes and face, and his blade was busy frantically warding off the blows. Bane turned his attention back to Sirak, who hesitated. At that moment there was a scream from Llokay: he had misjudged the erratic path of Githany's energy whip and lost an eye. A second scream would have followed, but she gashed open his throat, the burning tip of her weapon searing his vocal cords so he died in agonized silence.”-POD

Githany fucked up her former lover Kiel Charny in a duel, a Jedi with a strong connection to the Force whom Hoth had put in charge of coordinating Jedi defenses on Ruusan, a Jedi General, a man with an impressive physical build, and a man who, given his history with Githany, would be quite familiar with her lightwhip and was armored. He was also stated to be a true warrior who epitomized the Jedi ideal in the Complete SW Encyclopedia.
"A student of master Handa, in many ways, he was a true warrior who epitomized the Jedi ideal."-TCSWE

-Jedi vs. Sith

Githany catches and crushes a bat with her bare hand.

-Jedi vs. Sith

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Re: Darth Bane Trilogy Minirespect Threads

Post by Emperordmb on Sun Sep 07, 2014 12:19 am

Sirak was the top apprentice at the academy.
“He half expected to see Lord Kas'im, but instead of the Blademaster he found himself staring into the orange eyes of Sirak, another apprentice at the Academy. Or rather, the top apprentice at the Academy.”-POD

Sirak was the embodiment of Zabrak characteristics of ambition, determination, arrogant, and strong in the force.
“Zabrak tended to be ambitious, driven, and arrogant-perhaps it was these traits that made the Force-sensitives of the race so strong in the ways of the dark side-and Sirak was the perfect embodiment of those characteristics.”-POD

Sirak was stronger than his allies by far.
“He was far and away the strongest of the three. Wherever Sirak went, the other two usually followed, trailing at his heel like obedient servants.”-POD

Sirak was both powerful and dangerous.
“The Iridonian Zabrak was both powerful and dangerous.”-POD

Sirak impressed Qordis with his understanding of the dark side.
"Sirak understands the power of the dark side," he said with a smile. "Passion fuels the dark side.”-POD

Some of the apprentices think Sirak could be the Sith’ari.
"I ... I've heard some of the other students use it. About Sirak. They say he could be the Sith'ari.""Some of the old texts speak of the Sith'ari," Qordis answered slowly, gesturing with a ring-laden claw at the books scattered about the room. "They say the Sith will one day be led by a perfect being, one who embodies the dark side and all we stand for.”-POD

The seemingly hyperbolically good statements about Sirak’s skill were accurate.
“But he'd heard other students talk of Sirak's prowess in the dueling ring, telling wild tales of his unbeatable skills. Ever since the Zabrak had approached him on the stairs, Bane had watched his opponent during training sessions in preparation for this confrontation. And from what he'd seen, the seemingly exaggerated accounts of his prowess were all too accurate.”-POD

Sirak was capable of seemlessly switching forms in combat and demonstrated great power in Djem So. And this was without even showing his true level of skill
“At one moment Sirak seemed to be using the jabs and thrusts of Vaapad, the most aggressive and direct of the seven traditional forms. But in the middle of a sequence he would suddenly shift to the power attacks of Djem So, generating such force that even a blocked strike caused Bane to stagger back.”-POD

Sirak’s true level of skill involved him using sequences that blended several forms at once and switched rapidly between them.
“Sirak had been toying with him in the first few passes, dragging the fight out so his victory would seem more impressive. Now he was showing his true skill, using sequences that blended several forms at once, switching rapidly among different styles in complex patterns Bane had never seen before.”-POD

The power behind Sirak’s blows was impressive.
“Then he moved in close to finish the job with his blades. The first blow hit with the impact of a landspeeder slamming into an irax, breaking Bane's right wrist.”-POD

Sirak would destroy Githany if they ever fought.
"Tomorrow morning I'm going to challenge him in the dueling ring." "What?" Bane shook his head. "Don't be stupid, Githany! He'll destroy you!" Perfect, she thought. "I have no choice, Bane," she said gravely. "I've already told you I don't believe in the legend of the Sith'ari. Sirak may be the top student in the school, but he's not invincible.” "He may not be the Sith'ari, but he's still too strong for you. You can't face him in the dueling ring, Githany. I've studied him; I know how good he is. You can't beat him.”-POD
For more information on Githany click here: http://dmbempire.forumotion.com/t32-darth-bane-trilogy-minirespect-threads#98

Before Bane surpassed him, Sirak had been the most powerful apprentice in every respect.
“He had been invincible, untouchable-the top apprentice in every discipline. He'd heard the rumors and the whispers. They called him the Sith'ari, the perfect being.”-POD

Sirak had never been defeated before Bane.
"No one ever beat me in the dueling ring before Bane!”-POD

Sirak’s lightning had lethal intensity.
“Bane was almost too distracted to see Sirak unleashing a bolt of crackling blue lightning at him. At the last second he twisted and caught the potentially lethal blast with the blade of his lightsaber, absorbing its energy.”-POD

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Re: Darth Bane Trilogy Minirespect Threads

Post by Emperordmb on Sun Sep 07, 2014 12:22 am


Kas'im moves far faster than a blur of motion.
"There was a hiss as the downstroke of his blade carved through the air in the first move, a blur of motion ... but far too slow. Kas'im responded by slipping to the side and bringing his own double-bladed weapon around in a long, swift arc that struck Bane hard in the ribs."-POD

Kas’im fought with perfect form.
“Kas'im's form and technique were flawless.”-POD

Before his prime, Kas’im defeated his master Na’daz, who was a powerful Sith Lord and a very skilled duelist in his own right.
"My Master was a great Sith Lord," Kas'im continued. "He was particularly adept in the arts of lightsaber combat-a skill he passed on to me. He taught me how to use the double-bladed lightsaber, though as you can see he preferred a more traditional design for himself. Except for the handle, of course.”

“I took it when I killed him." Bane was so stunned that he couldn't cover his reaction. The Blademaster saw it and smiled slightly. "I had learned everything I could from Master Na'daz. As strong as he was in the dark side, I was stronger. As skilled as he was with the lightsaber, I became better.”

Even after curb stomping Sirak, Bane considered the notion that he could take Kas’im on in a real fight a preposterous one.
"You are not ready to challenge me, young apprentice. I have taught you everything you know, but I haven't taught you everything I know." Bane couldn't help but smile. The notion of facing Kas'im in a real fight was preposterous. He knew he was no match for the Blademaster. Not yet. "I will keep that in mind, Master.”-POD
For more information on Sirak click here: http://dmbempire.forumotion.com/t32-darth-bane-trilogy-minirespect-threads#99

Kaan recognized Kas’im as the greatest swordsmen in the order.
“Kaan could ill afford to lose the loyalty of the greatest swordsman of his camp.”-POD

Kas'im's offense was unstoppable.
"His weapon became an extension of the Force, and he responded to the Twilek's unstoppable attack with an impenetrable defense."-POD

Kas’im struck at a speed of ten strikes per second against Bane with his saber staff.
“Kas'im lunged in again, and the room was filled with the hiss and hum of lightsabers striking each other half a dozen times within the space of two heartbeats.”-POD

Kas'im blasted open a heavy door with a force blast.
“Recognizing what was happening, Kas'im blew open the heavy door of the side room with the Force and dived inside.”-POD

Kas’im mastered and perfected every form of lightsaber combat to the point at which he was possibly the greatest duelist who ever lived up until his time.
“Kas'im had trained his entire life for this moment. After years of study, he'd mastered all seven forms of the lightsaber. Then he'd honed his skill for decades, perfecting every move and sequence until he had become the perfect weapon and the greatest living swordsman in the galaxy. Maybe the greatest swordsman ever.”-POD

Kas’im’s speed improves even more when he switches to Jar’kai, to the point at which he appears to be wielding three times as many blades as he has.
“The Blademaster was unrelenting in his pressure. He seemed to wield six blades rather than two.”-POD

Kas'im used the force to push Darth Bane.
"Kas'im responded by using the Force to knock Bane backward, sending him tumbling down the great stone staircase, away from the Blademaster."-POD

He was blocked the impact of a force wave strong enough to crumble a temple.
“The concussive blast had enough power to shatter every bone in Kas'im's body and pulverize his flesh into a mass of pulpy liquid. But at the last possible instant he threw up a shield to protect himself from the attack.”-POD

Githany does not think anyone else in the entire order would stand a chance against Bane if Kas’im failed to kill him.
“She laughed. "If he could handle Kas'im, then I doubt anyone else will stand a chance against him.”-POD

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Re: Darth Bane Trilogy Minirespect Threads

Post by Emperordmb on Sun Sep 07, 2014 3:33 am

Banes own achievements prior to receiving training, were insignificant compared to the power of a master, like Qordis.
“You have touched the Force in the past, but your abilities are an insignificant speck beside the power of a true Sith Master.”-POD

Qordis was privy to the secrets of the ancient Sith.
“He was more impressed with the manuscripts and tomes that lined the bookshelves along the wall, each a magnificent volume clad in leather embossed with gold leaf. Many of the volumes were thousands of years old, and he knew they contained the secrets of the ancient Sith.”-POD

Qordis was more powerful than Sirak.
"Sirak is the strongest student at the Academy. For now. Perhaps in time he will surpass Kas'im and me and all the other Sith Lords. Perhaps not.”-POD
For more information on Sirak click here: http://dmbempire.forumotion.com/t32-darth-bane-trilogy-minirespect-threads#99

Qordis was one of the most powerful Sith Lords in the Brotherhood:
"Lord Qordis was one of the more powerful Sith Lords to serve in Kaan's brotherhood of Darkness"-Jedi vs Sith: The Essential Guide to the Force

Qordis had knowledge of tremendous value.
“If he had carried this manuscript with him all the way from the Academy, Bane realized, it must contain knowledge of tremendous value.”-ROT

Qordis was powerful enough to manifest as a Sith Spirit after his death.
“The spirit of Lord Qordis was the first to manifest.”-POD

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Re: Darth Bane Trilogy Minirespect Threads

Post by Emperordmb on Sun Sep 07, 2014 3:34 am

Skere Kaan

Kaan slew the worst of the Sith Warlords and made the rest beg for peace.
"Within months, Kaan had slain the worst of the Sith warlords and forced the rest to beg for peace."-The Essential Guide to Warfare

Kaan could summon the entire Brotherhood of Darkness telepathically from across the Galaxy.
"He could sense his Master's summons in the Force, and he could not resist the beckoning much longer. Lord Kaan was calling them all, the entire Brotherhood."-Darkness Shared

Kaan could sense every move made in a battle with his perception, often seeing the future.
"The Dark Lord, however, never even glanced at the screens. His perception extended far beyond the meditation sphere, far beyond the data spit out by the electronic readouts. He knew the location of each vessel engaged in the conflict: his own and those of the enemy. He could sense every volley fired, every evasive turn and roll, every move and countermove made by every ship. Often he could sense them even before they happened."-POD

The power Kaan radiated made him seem like the very embodiment of the Dark Side.
“He radiated confidence and strength. He seemed to glow with a violet aura, as if he were the very embodiment of the dark side.”-POD

He was far more powerful than Githany.
“Now it was she who felt fear. Lord Kaan radiated power: he could crush her as easily as she crushed the small beetles that sometimes scuttled across the floor of her tent.”-POD

Kaan could change the entire course of a war with his battle meditation, and he could use the force to manipulate the other Sith.
“He could change the course of a war with his battle meditation. He could inspire loyalty in the other Lords through subtle manipulations of their emotions.”-POD

Kaan manipulated over a thousand highly mentally trained Sith Lords with mind tricks.
"He had promised them victory, as he had done so many times before. And, as they had always done in the past, the Brotherhood had followed him once again. Followed him here to this cave, though Githany wasn't sure if it was more accurate to say they had been led-or lured. She had followed him along with everyone else, compelled by the passion of his words and the sheer magnitude of his personality and presence. All thoughts that he might be unstable or unfit to lead them had been forgotten in the heady pilgrimage through the night to the shelter of this cave."-POD
"More than a thousand highly trained minds were focused on a single task."-Dark Forces: Jedi Knight

Kaan's strength was such that his grip was as unyielding as durasteel.
"The fingers of his right hand wrapped around her left, seizing it in a grip cold as ice and unyielding as durasteel."-POD

Bane acknowledged Kaan’s power, even if he did completely hate him and his Order.
“Kaan had been many things- ambitious, charismatic, stubborn, and in the end a fool-but he had never been weak.”-ROT

Kaan was powerful enough to not only manifest as a Sith Spirit after death, but to escape the thought bomb as well.
“This time the image seemed to sustain itself for nearly a full second. Tall, broad-shouldered, and clad in the robes of the Sith, it was a figure Bane recognized-Lord Kaan! And then, as before, it vanished, Is this real? Was it possible that the leader of the Brotherhood of Darkness had, in some form, survived the thought bomb? Was it possible his spirit now haunted the world of his death?”-ROT
Now for a little description on what the thought bomb does to spirits.
“The vacuum at the center of the blast could suck in the disembodied spirits of Sith and Jedi alike, trapping them side by side for all eternity in an unbreakable state of equilibrium at the heart of a frozen sphere of pure energy.”-POD

Kaan radiated power. (It refers to Kaan as a Jedi because the term Sith wasn't coined until a year after the creation of this source)
"Power radiated away from the Jedi like heat off a sun-baked rock. - It caused the air to shimmer, sent static through pocket comms, and hurt unprotected minds. His eyes were filled with hatred and probed the beings in front of him."-Dark Forces: Jedi Knight

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Re: Darth Bane Trilogy Minirespect Threads

Post by Emperordmb on Tue Dec 30, 2014 4:03 am

Raskta Lsu

Raskta Lsu had an amazing physicality, and was an Echani, driven to excel in the ways of her people.
"Master Raskta Lsu, an Echani, sat at the controls of her ship. She had the alabaster skin, pure white hair, and silver eyes common to all her species. She was almost as tall as Johun, with the muscles and physique one would expect in a species that valued physical combat as the highest form of art and personal expression. Named in honor of the legendary Echani warrior Raskta Fenni, acclaimed by many to be the greatest duelist of her time, Master Raskta had spent her life honing her martial skills so that she could one day equal, and even surpass, her namesake."-ROT

Raskta Lsu became a Jedi Weapons Master and transformed herself into a living weapon.
"She had achieved the rare and prestigious rank of Jedi Weapons Master. Eschewing all other fields of study and forsaking the development of her other Force talents to focus exclusively on the lightsaber and combat, she had transformed herself into a living weapon."-ROT

Raskta Lsu killed as many sith as the thought bomb with her saber mastery, a saber feat made more impressive by the fact that she was able to achieve it with her underdeveloped force abilities hindering her.
“Raskta had been part of the campaign on Ruusan. Wielding a blue-bladed lightsaber in each hand, and shunning any form of armor, she was a terrifying figure to behold on the battlefield. Johun vividly remembered her carving great swaths of destruction through the heart of the enemy ranks, leaving a litter of bodies in her wake. It was said that, by the end of the war, as many Sith Lords had fallen under her twin blades as had been killed by the thought bomb.”-ROT

Raskta’s skill as a duelist was considered unparalleled.
“Raskta's mastery of her blades was unparalleled”-ROT

Raskta Lsu was the Jedi Order’s most skilled martial artist.
"Raskta Lsu was named in honor of Raskta Fenni, a noted Echani duelist, and lived up to her name by becoming the Jedi Order's most skilled martial artist. She was one of the few who ever attained the title of Jedi Weapons Master. She spent her life studying ways in which The Force could be used to hone her skills.”-CSWE

Raskta Lsu was a Weapon Master, a rank attributed to only the greatest of the Jedi Warriors.
"Is it battle that stirs you, to meet an enemy blade upon blade? Such is the way of the greatest of the Jedi warriors…the Weapon Masters.”-KOTOR II
"Only a handful were ever elevated to the rank of Jedi Weapons Master, and these were revered for their skills.-CSWE

Raskta as an Echani is capable of reading her opponents to attain tactical foresight and an intimate connection with the fight.
"It is the way of the Echani to be able to read their opponents - to know where an opponent is going to strike before it connects, anticipate it, and then strike against them. Echani battles are fought several minutes in advance - in many ways, it is much like the game of dejarik played in the core systems. The most advanced among the Echani are able to predict the course of battles by months, and the most revered are said to be able to predict the path of wars.”-KOTOR II

Raskta Lsu when amped by battle meditation was capable of neutralizing Bane’s offense and responding with half a dozen counterattacks.
“Raskta’s blue blades flickered too quickly for the eye to see, neutralizing her enemy's initial, wild attack then landing half a dozen lethal blows to his chest and abdomen.”-ROT

Raskta Lsu was capable of sticking a landing after being hurled backward by a powerful force wave.
“Even so her muscular body was plucked from the air and hurtled backward, though she twisted and turned so she landed on her feet.”-ROT

While invigorated by battle meditation, Lsu seamlessly switched styles and blocked Bane’s barrage of lightning.
“Fueled by Worror's battle meditation, she switched styles seamlessly, and her arms and blades became a blur as they carved figure eights in the air to catch and absorb the bolts of dark side energy.”-ROT

Raskta Lsu recognized Bane’s handle and the threat it posed.
“The handle!" Raskta gasped as she scrambled to her feet.”-ROT

Raskta Lsu kicked Bane’s legs out from under him.
“Knowing that her lightsabers couldn't penetrate Bane's armor, she slid in from behind and scissor-kicked his legs out from under him.”-ROT

Lsu was fast and skilled enough to force Bane to give ground when amped by battle meditation.
“He spun back to the fight to see that the Echani Weapons Master had taken the offensive, sending quick flicks of her blue blades toward Bane's unprotected face-the only spot on his body seemingly not covered by the impenetrable shells. Remarkably, Bane was giving ground.”-ROT

Lsu when amped by battle meditation was exceeding the speed of ROT Bane who was being detrimented by said battle meditation.
“She seemed to be everywhere at once-in front of Bane, beside him, behind him, circling low, leaping to come in high, deflecting his blade with one of her own then stabbing three quick times in succession at his eyes.”-ROT

Lsu was capable of responding to her allies moves, using even a clumsy duelist’s efforts to greatly supplement her own.
“The young Jedi marveled at the speed and savagery of Raskta's blades. And while Johun's own clumsy efforts had actually seemed to impede Sarro when they fought side by side, Raskta appeared to thrive off his presence. When he went high, she went low. If he came from the left, she came from the right. It was partly a function of her choice of weapon: individually each of her lightsabers was more precise and accurate than Sarro's giant double blades. But it was more than that. Her reactions were so fast, her combat instincts so pure, that she was able to sense and anticipate what he was going to do even as it happened, then use his attacks to her own advantage.”-ROT

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Re: Darth Bane Trilogy Minirespect Threads

Post by Emperordmb on Tue Dec 30, 2014 4:05 am

Valenthyne Farfalla

Valenthyne Farfalla was among the greatest of the Jedi Lords.
"The core of this army consisted of seven legions led by the greatest Jedi Lords, who followed Hoth directly into battle."-Essential Guide to Warfare

Valenthyne Farfalla was a brave and excellent fighter.
"But Lord Kiel Charny, whom he had saved from certain death twice, knew he was a brave and excellent fighter."-Complete Star Wars Encyclopedia

Farfalla's absence in the Ruusan campaign was considered by Pernicar to be a significant loss.
"As soon as he was out of earshot, Pernicar spoke again. "Is that wise, my lord? Our numbers are already thin. How long do you think we can survive without him?""-POD

Kiel Charny considered Farfalla one of the truest Jedi he knew, stating that he wouldn't want to incur his wrath.

-Jedi vs. Sith

Farfalla defeated a wounded Kopecz.
"Master Farfalla nodded grimly, igniting his own weapon. Lord Kopecz fought valiantly despite his wounds, though he was no match for a fresh and uninjured Jedi Master. In the end, Farfalla fulfilled his promise."-POD

Farfalla earned the respect of the soldiers for his prowess in combat.
“Yet in battle after battle against the Brotherhood of Darkness, Farfalla and his followers had proved their worth. Slowly, almost grudgingly, Johun and the rest of Hoth's troops had come to admire and even respect the man they once had scoffed at.”-ROT

Farfalla was an exceptionally skilled combatant.
“To her surprise, both of Bane's opponents were still standing; proof they were exceptionally skilled combatants.”-ROT

Farfalla was capable of shielding somebody else from a telekinetic blast that would’ve otherwise destroyed them when amped with battle meditation.
“The impact of the wave would have plastered her against the wall and crushed her had Farfalla not thrown up a shield to protect the Echani.”-ROT

Farfalla was capable of receiving, processing, and responding to vital information in a fraction of a second.
“Valenthyne recognized, processed, and reacted to this information in a fraction of a second, allowing him to adjust his own weapon's course just enough to block a strike that otherwise would have slipped along the edge of his blade and taken his arm off at the elbow.”-ROT

Farfalla was capable of conjuring a very powerful stasis field with prep and battle meditation.
“Farfalla released the power he'd been gathering in a single concentrated burst. Bane was suddenly encased in a shimmering stasis field of light-side energy, freezing him where he stood.”-ROT

Valenthyne Farfalla was a very elegant and precise duelist with perfect form.
“On her opposite side Farfalla struck with clean, elegant blows, his form perfect as he harried Bane's right flank.”-ROT

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Re: Darth Bane Trilogy Minirespect Threads

Post by Emperordmb on Tue Dec 30, 2014 4:07 am

Johun Othone

Johun Othone passed the Jedi trials many times over at the end of the New Sith Wars.
"What about the trials?" Johun asked, trying to contain himself. "I must still pass the final tests of the Council."  "I have spoken with them about this, too, and they agree that you have already proven yourself many times over during your service on Ruusan.”-ROT

Johun Othone was a formidable foe.
“Yet he was still a Jedi, and a formidable foe for anyone to face.”-ROT

Johun Othone sensed the imminent assassination attempt with great clarity in the blink of an eye.
“They were only a few meters away from the platform's edge when Johun was hit with a powerful premonition, an undeniable disturbance in the Force that warned him something terrible was about to happen. To this point his attention had been focused on Valorum's progress across the treacherous walkway. Now he opened up his awareness and allowed the Force to flow through him, painting a perfect picture of their entire surroundings. The four figures waiting for them on the platform were armed with blasters and vibro-weapons. The two by the landspeeder-a short, heavyset man whose arms and neck were covered in green and purple tattoos and a Chiss female-were also armed. More alarmingly, the Chiss seemed to be concealing something in her hand. Even without turning around, his heightened awareness allowed him to see the New Dawn resting on the landing pad behind him. Around the circumference of the pillar, just below the edge and carefully hidden from view, he sensed something explosive. He guessed that what the Chiss held in her hand was a remote detonator. Johun took in every detail of the scene in the blink of an eye.”-ROT

Johun Othone lifted the Valorum with one hand.
“Empowered by the Force, Johun leapt forward and landed on his stomach, his arm shooting out over the edge to catch Valorum by the corner of his cape an instant before he plunged to his death. The Chancellor dangled there for a second before Johun heaved him up with one hand, swinging him by the cape so he dropped safely on the listing walkway behind the Jedi.”-ROT

Othone’s blade moved too quickly for the eye to follow.
“His blade danced and sizzled, moving too swiftly for the eye to follow.”-ROT

Johun Othone used unarmed combat to kill an assassin.
“He reached out with his left hand and seized her wrist as he rolled onto his back, using the momentum of her own charge against her. Pulling hard on her wrist, he tumbled backward and brought both feet up, planting them in the middle of her stomach. He completed the move by kicking out with both legs, sending her flying up and over the platform's edge. She screamed all the way down, her cries ending abruptly when she struck the water and rocks below.”-ROT

Othone used the force to survive a massive fall.
“It took Johun several seconds to realize he wasn't dead. Even missing the rocks, a fall from that height should have been lethal. Yet somehow he had survived, though he was now sinking quickly into the ocean's angry depths. The Force, he thought in amazement.”-ROT

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Re: Darth Bane Trilogy Minirespect Threads

Post by Emperordmb on Tue Dec 30, 2014 4:10 am

Sarro Xaj

Sarro Xaj was very impressive physically.
“He was also the largest human Johun had ever encountered. Over two meters tall and 150 kilos of raw muscle, he could easily be mistaken for a hairless Wookiee rather than a man. Yet despite his mass, he was still quick enough to snatch a zess-fly out of the air.”-ROT

Johun Othone believed that few could stand against Sarro’s offensive technique.
“Johun imagined there were few beings in the galaxy who could stand up under the ferocious assault of his weapon's blue blades.”-ROT

Sarro struck at least three times as fast as Johun Othone did.
“In the time it took for the smaller man to strike at her twice with his green blade, she had batted aside half a dozen attacks from the other.”-ROT

Sarro’s technique was highly effective and advanced.
“In contrast, the big man attacked her from creative and unexpected angles, the massive blue blades changing course midthrust. Each offensive was a model of lethal efficiency-quick and powerful strikes and counterstrikes that kept an opponent guessing.”-ROT

Sara Xaj seized the advantage against Zannah when she was distracted for only a fraction of a second.
“The glance in her Master's direction had lasted only a fraction of a second, but in the brief interval of her distraction the larger man had sprung forward, jabbing the tip of one of his blades toward her eye like a spear. Zannah snapped her head to the side at the last possible instant, hearing the hiss as the blade sheared off a lock of her hair. The sudden movement threw off her timing and balance, and as her spinning lightsaber slapped away the blow she had earlier anticipated from the smaller man's green blade, it lost its centripetal momentum and faltered. In the split second it took to roll her wrists and start the intricate, whirling patterns of her blades again, she was vulnerable. The big man sliced high at her head, forcing her to duck, then chopped in low at her feet on the backstroke, causing her to jump before she could properly set herself. She avoided the swipe, but landed clumsily on her feet. Another blow rained down on her. With her body out of position, she was forced to block its path rather than deflect it to the side. The power of the impact sent her reeling, and she fell to the floor.”-ROT

Sarro Xaj had elevated combat to its purest and highest form.
“Grimly, she realized that she'd never understood the true meaning of the term martial arts until now. The warrior assailing her had elevated the act of combat to its purest and highest form. He moved with the fluid grace of a dancer, his monstrous blade singing the deadly song of battle. He executed his moves with a perfect elegance born of obsession.”-ROT

A battle meditation amped Sarro Xaj demonstrated immensely impressive speed, as well as dominating his fight with Zannah.
“He came at her again, his blade changing directions so quickly in midstroke that it seemed to bend and curve. Zannah repelled the assault with a furious defensive flurry, breathing hard. Her style was meant to prolong combat, exhausting her opponents as they tried to penetrate her defenses. But each time she clashed with the olive-skinned giant, she was the one forced to expend desperate, frantic energy. Slowly, he was wearing her down.”-ROT

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Re: Darth Bane Trilogy Minirespect Threads

Post by Emperordmb on Tue Dec 30, 2014 4:11 am

Worror Dowmat

Worror was the key to many Jedi victories in battle.
“He had been one of General Hoth's advisers on Ruusan, and a key to victory in many battles, even though he didn't even carry a light-saber. The Ithorian's role was not to engage the enemy but rather to provide support through both his healing abilities and the rare art of battle meditation.”-ROT

Worror was skilled in battle meditation.
“Worror could draw upon the Force to give strength to the bodies, minds, and spirits of those around him, enhancing the skills and abilities of his allies.”-ROT

Worror’s battle meditation was impressive.
“He had forgotten how much quicker and stronger the Ithorian's amazing talent made him feel. The Force flowed through him with greater power, filling him with its might.”-ROT

As his dying act, Worror trapped himself and Bane in a shimmering blue globe which caught Bane’s lightning and reflected it throughout the globe.
“Zannah felt the gathering dark side power of her Master, but in the instant before he unleashed the storm of deadly purple lightning, the Ithorian reached up from the floor and clutched him by his ankle. A shimmering blue globe surrounded them both as the mortally wounded Jedi released his own power in his final, dying act. Instead of arcing across the room to destroy the one-armed Jedi, the lightning that flew from Bane's fingers reflected off the inside of the shimmering blue globe encasing him.”-ROT

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Re: Darth Bane Trilogy Minirespect Threads

Post by Emperordmb on Wed Dec 31, 2014 11:38 pm

Set Harth

Shortly after the battle of Ruusan, Set Harth defeated a powerful Dark Side warrior in a duel for possession of a Sith artifact.
“He tracked down rumors of a Sith artifact from the battlefields of Ruusan, eventually dueling for its possession with a powerful dark side warrior in an abandoned Sith armory. During this combat, Set Harth gave in to his anger, opening himself to the dark side and completing a journey he began years before when he battled one of Sith Lord Kaan's warriors. Winning the artifact, Harth began to explore its uses, little realizing that its evil was infecting him and drawing him even farther down the dark path.”-The Dark Side Sourcebook

Set Harth was considered the most dangerous man in the Galaxy by a member of the Jedi Council of First Knowledge.
"Now that the Sith are extinct," Obba proclaimed, "Set Harth may be the most dangerous individual in the galaxy.”-DOE

Set Harth was wiry (synonymous for athletic, strong and lean).
“Set was thin and wiry, with long, silver hair flowing down over his shoulders.”-DOE

Set Harth had muscular arms.
“A fashionable violet band of woven veda cloth encircled each ripped bicep, and his boots, belt, and fingerless gloves were made from the finest Corellian leather.”-DOE

Set Harth carried a disruptor pistol with him.
“Typically he also carried a GSI-24D disruptor pistol holstered on his right thigh and a conventional blaster strapped to his left.”-DOE

Set Harth could’ve easily stomped the two bouncers in the bar in several different ways if he wanted.
“Set could have stopped them any number of ways: He could have used the Force to yank their weapons from their grasp, or unleashed a wave that would send the guards flying across the room. Given how long it was taking them; he could have leapt forward and sliced them both in half with his lightsaber before they ever fired a shot.”-DOE

Set casually deflected blasterfire from the two bouncers before deflecting their shots back into them, killing them instantly, a practice he was quite adept in.
“Set easily caught the first round of bolts with his shimmering blade, sending them ricocheting harmlessly away. At this point a smart opponent would have made a break for the door. Quano's two thugs, on the other hand, simply kept firing, too dumb to realize the sheer futility of their attacks. Set picked off a few more shots before growing bored with the game. Using the Force to anticipate the precise location of the next two incoming bolts, he angled his lightsaber so that they deflected straight back toward their point of origin. The first miner was hit in the chest, the other in the stomach. Both died instantly. Killing his enemies with their own blaster bolts was a longstanding tradition for Set.”-DOE

Set Harth casually dominated a bartender with telekinesis.
“With a flick of his wrist, Set used the Force to slap the pistol from Quano's hand. Another gesture lifted the helpless bartender off the ground and yanked him across the room, where he landed in a crumpled ball at Set's feet.”-DOE

Set Harth easily shot down four armed guards with precision, before easily picking off two more.
“Leaping from his hiding place, he charged into the cavern with guns blazing. He dropped all four of the rifle-carrying guards before anyone had a chance to react. With the Force guiding his hand, he easily picked them off with four clean shots as he sprinted toward the cover of a large stalagmite on the far side of the cavern.”-DOE

Set Harth dodges blasterfire from half a dozen shooters.
“Blasterfire opened up again, but Set was already on his feet. Darting and weaving erratically, he managed to sidestep the shots as he made a mad dash for cover behind another of the prominent rock formations.”-DOE

Set Harth fully mastered the art of the lightsaber throw, using it to easily kill five miners at once. His mastery of the lightsaber throw was also described as “virtually unstoppable.”
“Leaning out from behind his rock, igniting his lightsaber, he hurled it with a sidearm throw, sending it spinning horizontally on a wide, looping trajectory. It circled the room once, easily slicing through stalactites and miners before returning to Set's waiting grasp. It had taken Set years to fully master the devastating power of the lightsaber throw, but the attack was virtually unstoppable. Five of his remaining opponents had been caught in the lethal arc it traced around the room. Only Draado had been quick enough to duck out of the way, saved by the power of the talismans he wore. But even with these artifacts, he was no match for a former Jedi Knight.”-DOE

Set Harth was precise enough to casually wound Quano without cutting off his head, which impressed Zannah.
“And he was skilled enough to wound Quano without accidentally slicing off half his head.”-DOE

Set Harth caught Zannah off guard with a sudden and masterful display of saber throw where he threw his saber towards her faster than the speed of thought.
“The attack came the instant Zannah opened her mouth to reply. It came without any warning, Set moving with the preternatural speed of the Force. The Dark Jedi's lightsaber materialized in his hand, igniting and spiraling across the room toward her faster than thought itself. Zannah barely managed to duck out of the way, the lightsaber's blade slicing off a section of her cape as she threw herself to the floor.”-DOE

Set Harth managed to deceive Zannah into lowering her guard.
“She realized Set's initial greeting had all been an act. He had been waiting with his lightsaber up his sleeve the whole time, just looking for Zannah to lower her guard. Maybe there was hope for him yet.”-DOE

Set Harth made crafty use of telekinesis and his lightsaber abilities in conjunction while dueling Zannah
“Set came in low to start, slashing at her legs. When she parried his incoming blade he spun away quickly, moving out of range before she could retaliate. With the Force he picked up a bronze bust on the side of the room and hurled it toward her left flank. At the same time, he dived forward into a somersault that brought him close enough to strike at her right side as he tumbled past her.”-DOE

Set Harth was a very good duelist by Zannah’s standards.
“This training allowed her to realize within the first few passes that Set was using a modified variation of Ataru, a style defined by quick, aggressive strikes. In only the first few moments of battle she had already evaluated her opponent, noting his speed, agility, and technique. Set was good. Very good.”-DOE

Set Harth’s anger allowed him to become an even more dangerous opponent than he was when Zannah initially judged him, his assault coming from every conceivable angle.
“Her kick had had the desired effect: when he came at her the next time his face was twisted with snarling rage. His fury allowed him to call upon the dark side, making him even more dangerous as he unleashed his next series of attacks. Leaping high in the air, crouching low to the ground, lunging forward, springing back, spinning, twisting, and twirling, he came at her from every conceivable angle in a relentless barrage meant to overwhelm her defenses”-DOE

Set Harth’s dueling prowess and strength in the force impressed Zannah enough for her to take him on as an apprentice.
“He didn't have to beat her to succeed in Zannah's eyes; he only had to show potential. Despite his inability to penetrate her defenses, she had seen enough to satisfy her. He may have been reckless and wild with the lightsaber, but he was also imaginative and even, at times, a little unpredictable. He had shown enough cunning when they first met to make Zannah underestimate him. And, most importantly, she could feel the power of the dark side raging within him as he grew more and more determined to take her out, futile though his efforts might be.”-DOE

Set Harth’s will was strong enough to allow him to regain consciousness after Zannah knocked him into a coma.
“If Set was strong, however, his will would fight back against the horror. Little by little it would tear away at the emptiness, refusing to die, clawing its way back to the surface until consciousness finally returned. If Set was truly worthy of being her apprentice, he would recover from his current condition in a day or two.

Consciousness returned slowly to Set Harth. It was as if his mind were swimming through a swamp, struggling to escape the murky depths of his own subconscious. Pushing up through the sludge he finally broke the surface, though the lingering memories of strange dreams and nightmares still prowled the dark corners of his mind. On some level he was aware the nightmares had nearly driven him mad. They had been on the verge of destroying him, but Set had refused to succumb. Bit by bit he had managed to shove them back down into the hidden recesses of his mind where they belonged, separating fantasy from reality one small piece at a time.”-DOE

Set Harth’s force push would’ve hurled the Huntress back twenty meters if it weren’t for her force suppression ability.
“A wave of raw energy rippled out toward his enemy, but Set knew instantly something was very wrong. Instead of the exhilarating rush of power he normally felt, there was a cramping ache in the pit of his stomach that caused him to double over. The concussive wave that should have sent the Iktotchi flying twenty meters was reduced to nothing more than a hard shove. It hit her full in the chest, but she simply absorbed the impact by falling into a backward roll that ended with her still on her feet.”-DOE

Set Harth’s lightsaber throw came within a centimeter of killing the Huntress, despite her suppressing his Force abilities and despite her precognitive talents.
“Chewing the ground up with long, effortless strides she raced around the side of the ship, hoping to flank her unsuspecting opponent. Instead she came within a centimeter of being decapitated as his lightsaber came hurtling through the air toward her. She let herself collapse to the ground, falling awkwardly back and to the side as her legs shot out from under her. The maneuver was ungainly, but it saved her life. The deadly energy blade whistled by her ear, slicing a thumb-sized chunk out of one of her horns before circling back on a tight arc and returning to her opponent's hand.”-DOE

Set Harth shielded himself from the explosion of a ship's fuel cells while the Huntress was suppressing his Force abilities.
"The third chop brought the lightsaber deep enough to sever one of the shuttle's fuel lines. Her opponent flung himself backward and she threw herself to the floor as a stray spark ignited the flammable liquid. Hundreds of tiny metal shards that had once been a fuel cell were sent hurtling through the air. The shuttle bucked once, its tail leaping a full meter off the ground from the force of the blast. A thick cloud of greasy black smoke curled up from the gash the lightsaber had left in the hull. "Amazing weapons, aren't they?" the man noted as she picked herself up from the ground. "Cut through almost anything." His face was cut and scraped from flying debris, but somehow-probably through shielding himself with the Force-he had managed to avoid the worst of the explosion."-DOE

Set Harth had a powerful connection to the Dark Side.
“For an instant he thought the princess might be on board. However, when he reached out he felt a very different presence piloting the craft, someone with a powerful connection to the dark side.”-DOE

Set Harth learned the ritual of essence transfer, and with the use of clone bodies managed to extend his life indefinitely.
“Before he died, Harth learned to transfer his consciousness into other bodies-but the dark energy required to possess the other body consumed and destroyed his original form. Over the centuries, he eventually made contact with cloning specialists to reproduce his original form, thus ensuring he could live on forever.”-Ultimate Adversaries

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Re: Darth Bane Trilogy Minirespect Threads

Post by Emperordmb on Wed Dec 31, 2014 11:54 pm

IMPORTANT: The Huntress/Darth Cognus had no training in the force for any of her feats presented here.

The Huntress shot down three miners with pinpoint accuracy.
“Gelba's words were cut off by the unmistakable sound of a blaster's retort. She staggered back and fell to the ground, a smoking hole in her chest. With cries of alarm the other miners scattered, scrambling for cover behind the rock formations that filled the cavern. Two of them didn't make it, felled by deadly accurate shots that took them right between the shoulder blades.”-DOE

The Huntress was capable of suppressing the force in a Jedi knight to the extent that it felt like a punch in the gut, and when he did manage to fight back against this power, the force came to him only in a slight trickle.
“Normally, the Force washed over him like a warm bath of white light, strengthening him, centering him. This time, however, it struck him like a frozen fist in the gut. Another blaster bolt whistled by his ear. Dropping to his knees, Medd crawled to cover behind the nearest rock formation, bewildered and confused. As a Jedi, he had trained his entire life to transform himself into a servant of the Force. He had learned to let the light side flow through him, empowering him, enhancing his physical senses, guiding his thoughts and actions. Now the very source of his power had seemingly betrayed him. He could hear blaster bolts ricocheting throughout the chamber as the miners returned fire against their unseen opponent, but he shut out the sounds of battle. He didn't understand what had happened to him; he only knew he had to find some way to fight it. Panting, the Jedi silently recited the first lines of the Jedi Code, struggling to regain his composure. There is no emotion; there is peace. The mantra of his Order allowed him to bring his breathing under control. A few seconds later he felt composed enough to reach out carefully to try to touch the Force once more. Instead of peace and serenity, he felt only anger and hatred. Instinctively, his mind recoiled, and Medd realized what had happened. Somehow the power he was drawing on had been tainted by the dark side, corrupted and poisoned. He still couldn't explain it, but now he at least knew how to try to resist the effects. Blocking out his fear, the Jedi allowed the Force to flow through him once more in the faintest, guarded trickle. As he did so, he focused his mind on cleansing it of the impurities that had overwhelmed his senses. Slowly, he felt the power of the light side washing over him:though it was far less than what he was used to.”-DOE

When a Jedi Knight died to The Huntress, he finally understood the true horror of the Dark Side.
“With his last thought he tried to call upon the Force to shield him from the blast, but he was unable to pierce the debilitating fog that clouded his mind. He felt nothing but fear, anger, and hatred. As the explosion ended his life, Medd finally understood the true horror of the dark side.”-DOE

The Huntress was highly attuned to the force, even with no training.
“Though she had received no formal training, she was highly attuned to the Force, allowing her to feel it rising up from the sun-baked dirt as her ship skimmed across the surface.”-DOE

The Huntress knew the history of Ambria even though she hadn’t studied it, achieving this knowledge through looking into the planet’s past.
“The Iktotchi knew all this not because she had studied the planet's history, however. Her connection to the Force allowed her to see things; it gave her glimpses of the past, present, and even possible futures.

She had meditated for several hours in preparation for her journey to Ambria, calling on the Force while thinking about her destination. In return, she had witnessed scenes plucked from the planet's history: the Sith sorceress as she was consumed by her failed spell; the Jedi Master's struggle to trap the dark side in Lake Natth.”-DOE

The Huntress’s talent in seeing the past present and future far exceeded that of other Iktotchi, and she was even capable of directing and controlling this power with no training to call upon visions at will.
“Her connection to the Force allowed her to see things; it gave her glimpses of the past, present, and even possible futures. The ability was common to all Iktotchi in varying degrees, but the Huntress's talent went far beyond that of the rest of her species. Most Iktotchi would get nothing more than a subtle sense of danger when an impending threat was coming, or a general feeling of whether a new acquaintance might be friend or foe. On occasion they would be granted precognitive dreams, but even these were little more than random images that meant little without content. With her, however, it was different. Over the years she had developed her skills so that she could control and direct the visions that flashed through her mind. When she concentrated on a specific person or place, she would get a rush of visual and emotional stimuli that she could often assemble into something useful and coherent.”-DOE

The Huntress never failed a mission.
"I have never failed a mission.”-DOE

The Huntress summoned visions at will to see Serra’s history on Ambria.
“Serra smiled. "There was a man here. Many years ago. I don't know his name. I don't know where he is now. But I want you to find him. Can you do this?" She didn't answer right away. Instead, she closed her eyes and reached out with her mind. She felt the Force gathering; it swirled around her like a rising storm, carrying the dust of memory imprinted on the campsite. The captured memories encircled her; images flooded her mind. She saw a child, dressed in a frayed and tattered tunic; she saw the child blossom into a young woman; she saw the woman leave Ambria, only to return many years later as a princess. "You grew up here," she whispered as she continued to probe even deeper. Sometimes the history of a place was faint, washed away by the passage of mundane events and insignificant people. Here the memories were strong, preserved by isolation and trapped in the currents of the Force that permeated the camp. "I see a man. Tall and thin. Dark hair. Brown skin." "My father," Serra explained. "His name was Caleb." "He was a healer. Wise. Strong. A man who commanded respect.”-DOE

The Huntress continued her visions to look for Bane.
“Instead she pushed deeper into the well of memories, submersing herself in them in search of the man Serra had described. Hundreds of faces flashed before her. Male. Female. Human, Twi'lek, Cerean, Ithorian. Soldiers serving the Jedi, and even those serving the Sith. Caleb had healed them all. The only ones he turned away were the leaders of the armies. He saw himself a servant of the common folk. The Jedi Masters and the Sith Lords he always refused to help, with one notable exception. The Huntress could see him now: a Sith Lord in black armor; the curved hilt of a lightsaber clipped to his belt as he towered over the healer. They were locked in a battle of wills, the big man dying from some illness she couldn't discern. Even though they were decades removed from the encounter, the Iktotchi sensed the raw power of the dark side emanating from him. It was like nothing she had seen or felt before, both terrifying and exhilarating. "I see him," she told the princess. I see what he did to you. "My father always said he would return. That was why he sent me away. Made me change my name." "Your father was right." Now that she had seen him in her visions, it was easy to skim the passing years looking for the imprint of the Sith Lord. Through the maelstrom of images, she easily picked out his next visit to the camp. Yet again, he arrived in need of the healer's aid. This time, however, he did not come alone. "There are others with him. A young woman. A young man." "What happened?" the princess asked, her voice trembling slightly. A series of shocking and violent images assailed the Iktotchi's senses. She saw the healer's decapitated body, his limbs hacked from his torso and arranged in a gruesome display near the fire pit. Inside the cabin the young man crouched in a corner, a babbling idiot driven mad by the horrors that had been visited upon him. The other two-the young woman and the Sith Lord-were harder to see, though she sensed they were still there. Something concealed them; some power or spell cloaked their presence.”-DOE

The Huntress was capable of using her visions to track her prey every single time.
“She knew she would dream about the Sith Lord tonight, and for many nights to come. Her sleep would be filled with pictures and images from his daily life. She would see how many suns rose in the sky each morning on whatever world he called home; she would see their color and their size. Whatever moons and stars marked the night sky would be revealed to her. Familiar landmarks would bubble up from her sleeping subconscious night after night. She would cross-reference these with a database containing descriptions of all the systems and worlds in the known galaxy, narrowing her search down until she had his exact location. It might take days, or possibly even weeks, but in the end she always found her prey. This time, however, she wasn't certain what the outcome would be.”-DOE

The Huntress foresaw the guard captain’s death.
"Can you really see the future?" the captain asked after passing on her instructions to the team. "Sometimes. The future is always in motion. It's not always clear." "Are we going to get out of this alive?" "Some of us might," she replied, not mentioning the vision she had of Jedder's broken body lying lifeless on the mansion's marble floor.”-DOE

The Huntress’s force suppression power weakened Bane’s force barrier enough for some electricity to bypass it.
“Bane-still reeling from the sonic detonators-barely had enough time throw up a protective barrier to shield him from the assault. As he did so, he felt something fighting him. Some power was trying to block his ability to call upon the Force to shield himself. It wasn't strong enough to stop him, but it did hinder his efforts just enough so that a flicker of energy passed through the barrier.”-DOE

The Huntress’s force suppression prevented Bane’s lightning from incinerating four targets.
“He didn't stay down, however. He sprang back to his feet, simultaneously drawing his lightsaber with his right hand as he sent a blast of lightning out from the fingertips of his left. The violet bolts should have incinerated all four of his targets on the balcony, yet again the strange power interfering with his ability to draw upon the Force hindered his efforts.”-DOE

The Huntress managed to kick Darth Bane off of a balcony, albeit a Bane who had his powers suppressed, was exhausted, and had just had two flash grenades explode in his face.
“They exploded with a burst of intense light and chemical smoke that blinded Bane. Disoriented, he fell back against the balcony's railing. An instant later he felt the sole of the Iktotchi's boots strike him hard in the chest, sending him tumbling backward over the banister to the marble floor four meters below.”-DOE

The Huntress managed to score a glancing cut on Bane’s arm as he was regaining his composure.
“She dropped to one knee and tried to stab her knives into him as he lay on the floor, but through the Force Bane saw her coming. He managed to roll aside, escaping with only a long, deep cut along one of his forearms as he scrambled back to his feet.”-DOE

The Huntress was faster than Bane expected.
“She was quicker than Bane expected, coming in low and fast. He didn't have time to simply chop her down; instead he had to spin out of the way.”-DOE

The Huntress dodged one of Bane’s strikes thanks to her precognition.
“He tried to take one of her arms with his lightsaber on a counterthrust as she slipped past, but the Iktotchi anticipated his move and managed to contort her body so that his blade caught nothing but air.”-DOE

The Huntress managed to land on her feet after Bane hurled her off of a balcony with a telekinetic strike.
“Somehow the Iktotchi managed to turn in the air so that she landed on her feet. Because of this, she was able to spring to safety when Bane sent a blast of lightning hurtling down toward her.”-DOE

The Huntress could mask her presence in a way that would be undetectable to another force sensitive.
"If I was sneaking, you wouldn't have heard me," the Huntress replied with her implacable calm. "I was following you, but I made no effort to mask my presence.”-DOE

With her foresight, the Huntress foresaw the destruction of the Stone Prison, and the death of Lucia.
“The Huntress watched the princess's bodyguard rush off down the hall. She knew what lay at the end; in her visions she had seen the walls of this prison come crashing down in a series of explosions. For an instant she had thought the bodyguard was going to try to kill her. She was somewhat disappointed when it didn't happen. Yet she knew Lucia's end was inevitable: she had seen it.”-DOE

The Huntress masked her presence to sneak up on Set Harth.
“It was practically impossible to sneak up on a Jedi, yet Set hadn't felt her presence until she'd spoken.”-DOE

The Huntress’s force suppression weakened Set Harth’s force push,
“A wave of raw energy rippled out toward his enemy, but Set knew instantly something was very wrong. Instead of the exhilarating rush of power he normally felt, there was a cramping ache in the pit of his stomach that caused him to double over. The concussive wave that should have sent the Iktotchi flying twenty meters was reduced to nothing more than a hard shove. It hit her full in the chest, but she simply absorbed the impact by falling into a backward roll that ended with her still on her feet.”-DOE

The Huntress seemingly moved faster than anyone Set Harth had ever faced.
“She moved faster than any opponent he had ever faced. Or maybe her ability to interfere with the Force was just making him slower than he'd ever been.”-DOE

Before Set Harth nobody the Huntress had wanted to kill had ever gotten away.
“For the first time in the Huntress's life, someone she had wanted to kill had gotten away.”-DOE

Darth Bane speculates that the Huntress’s visions might actually grow more powerful to the point where she could alter the future with a thought.
“And there was an even greater possibility. Bane knew fate was not preordained. There were many possible futures, and the Force allowed her to see only examples of what might be. If she could learn to sort through her visions, separating out the various divergent time lines, was it possible she could actually control them, too? Could she one day have the power to alter the future simply by thinking about it? Could she use the power of the Force to shape the very fabric of existence and make her chosen visions become reality?”-DOE

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Re: Darth Bane Trilogy Minirespect Threads

Post by Emperordmb on Tue Mar 03, 2015 8:45 pm

Lord Hoth
Rohlan (Hoth as a teenager) won renown as "The Knight of Hoth," the Jedi hero who freed the Corellian Trade spine from the Sith.
"Rohlan of Kaal was heir to a minor line of Jedi Lords from Vushan sector, but still in his teens when he left the citadel of his ancestors to win renown as the Knight of Hoth—the Jedi hero who freed the Corellian Trade Spine from Sith pirates."-The Essential Guide to Warfare

Hoth became the Jedi Battlemaster, and thus a master of all seven forms of lightsaber combat.
"In his mid-twenties, after the Republic committed troops to consolidate his gains, he traveled to to Coruscant and became Master Hoth, the respected battlemaster of the Jedi Temple- a warrior grown weary of battle, training a new generation of apprentices how to fight with a lightsaber."-The Essential Guide to Warfare

Hoth's skill and physical stature made him a hero for his Apprentices.
"Hoth's imposing physical presence and skill with a blade made him a hero for his trainees."-The Essential Guide to Warfare

Pernicar, Jedi Master and Jedi General who fought in the Ruusan campaign and possessed the ability to manifest as a Force ghost after death, declared Hoth the greatest Jedi he had ever met while they were discussing combative prowess.

-Jedi vs. Sith

Lord Hoth cut down hordes of Sith and soldiers as they attempted to swarm him, being described as unstoppable.
"They came from everywhere: warriors wielding lightsabers, soldiers armed with blasters and vibroblades. The clash of durasteel and the hiss of crossing energy blades mingled with the screams of the living and the dying: screams of rage and triumph; of agony and despair. A volley of blasterfire ripped through his lines, taking down those Padawans too inexperienced to deflect the shots. A second volley tore through the melee. The bolts ricocheted wildly as Sith and Jedi alike batted them aside, doing little real harm but adding to the chaos. Lord Hoth stood in the thickest of the fighting, hewing down foes foolish enough to come in range of his fierce weapon. His nostrils were filled with the greasy-sweet stench of charred flesh, and a wall of bodies was mounting around him. And still they kept coming, swarming over him like carrion beetles on a fresh kill, seeking to drag him down by sheer numbers. Pernicar vanished beneath the sea of enemies, and Hoth redoubled his efforts to reach his fallen friend. He was unstoppable in his fury, like the devastating storms of the Maw itself."-POD

Hoth casually imprisoned someone in a stasis field.
"An explosion on the edge of the battle briefly drew his attention skyward. One eager minion of the Sith lunged forward, seeking glory beyond her wildest expectations by trying to kill the mighty general while he was distracted. Hoth never even turned his gaze, but merely cast out with the Force, imprisoning her in a stasis field. She stood helpless, frozen in place until struck down by the careless follow-through from a vibroblade wielded by one of her own side. Her death barely even registered in Hoth's conscious thoughts."-POD

Hoth and a few of his allies were fighting back against a relentless sea of Sith, forcing them to break upon them.
"Then at last he saw him: General Hoth, standing in the very center of the fray, surrounded by a bulwark of valiant allies and a relentless sea of Sith foes that broke against them again and again and again."-POD

Hoth was a giant of a man.
"A man sat across from him: a giant of a man with shoulder-length blond hair, a lantern-shaped jaw, and ice-blue eyes."-Dark Forces: Jedi Knight

Hoth was a great Jedi.
"Hoth might be a Jedi, and a great one at that, but many voices vied for his attention."-Dark Forces: Jedi Knight

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Re: Darth Bane Trilogy Minirespect Threads

Post by Emperordmb on Sat Jun 06, 2015 12:06 pm

Kaox Krul
(Not technically in the Darth Bane Trilogy, but part of Kaan's order in 1002 BBY. Because he doesn't have enough exposure for a more extensive respect thread, I'll just stick this guy in here.)

Kaox Krul was one of the strongest warriors to serve Lord Kaan.
"One of the strongest warriors to serve Sith Lord Kaan and the Brotherhood of Darkness, Krul died in one of the skirmishes that led up to the battle between the forces of light and darkness."-Dark Side Sourcebook

Kaox Krul slaughtered an entire Duros colony.
"The transport shuddered, and with a sudden shift in the stars, the journey through hyperspace came to an end, Crian tried to block out the images of Harpori. Slaughtered Duros adorned with the unmistakable wounds of a lightsaber. Men, women, and children massacred to appease the dark hunger and churning anger of the Marauder. The Madman. The Dark Killer."-Darkness Shared

Krul could sense the amount of life on a planet, as well as the lack of intelligent life, from outside the atmosphere.
"Kaox didn't bother to check his nav computer; the Force told him that the unnamed planet teemed with life, none of it more advanced than a womp rat."-Darkness Shared

Krul's approaching presence made a Padawan convulse.
"No, wait. There was something. Dree had a sense of impending doom. Death. The dark side. It made her convulse."-Darkness Shared

Krul's senses made him aware of every individual plant and animal in his vicinity in a forest teaming with life.
"Kaox Krul skulked through the forest like a stealthful prowler. His senses stretched before him, making him aware of every insect, plant and flower, every small creature that cowered in its burrow or fled as he approached."-Darkness Shared

Krul could use the force to hide his presence from Jedi.
"He let the dark side swell inside him, using it to mask his own presence while simultaneously enhancing his senses to stay alert."-Darkness Shared

Krul moves in a blur.
"Dree caught movement out of the corner of her eye. It was as though a shadow had disengaged itself from the forest and was moving toward her at lightspeed. She turned toward the dark blur, reacting with Jedi reflexes but still feeling like she was standing still. There was a loud hum as the shadow's lightsaber flared to life."-Darkness Shared

Krul moves fast, like black lightning, before increasing his speed even further.
"Gathering the Force around him, the Marauder ran. Like a stroke of black lightning, he dashed across the clearing and into the depths of the forest, following the speeder's path. The Force-powered burst of speed might not catch the Jedi's vehicle, but it would keep him close. He opened himself to the dark side, impossibly increasing his speed even more."-Darkness Shared

Krul used the Force to augment his speed enough to catch up to two Jedi on a speeder with it's thrusters pushed to full, while simultaneously completely cloaking his presence from them, despite them knowing he was following them beforehand.
"The Marauder was right behind them! He must have cloaked himself in the dark side, because Crian didn't seem to have noticed his proximity. He was moving with Force-boosted speed and was almost upon them."-Darkness Shared

After Crian increased the speed of the speeder even further, Krul augmented his speed even more to the point at which he was able to close the distance between them enough to cut a power cable on the speeder.
"She pressed the footpads that regulated the thrusters until they wouldn't move any further, and the speeder shot forward. That had to be enough, Dree thought. There just wasn't any more for the speeder to give. The Marauder's face twisted with rage as he summoned even deeper reserves of dark-side energy to bring himself within a few scant meters of the bike's mortified passenger. Even with the Force, could he really keep up with them? His lightsaber flared to life and he swung at the speeder. The stroke made him lose his balance, and he tumbled feet over head and hit the ground hard. The Marauder had struck his mark, the tip of his lightsaber blades sliced into one of the bike's power cables."-Darkness Shared

Krul was powerful and full of the Dark Side.
"Their survival would almost certainly fall to Crian, but she held secret doubts as to whether she was ready to face Kaox Krul. He was insane, powerful, full of the dark side, hungry for the kill. Rage had made him strong, fearless."-Darkness Shared

Krul was able to sense the location of two Jedi actively cloaking their presences from a rather lengthy distance.
"When he was ready to move out again, he became a tireless predator, a relentless stalker. He paused, sniffed the air, and opened himself to the Force. There it was. A tingle, a subtle vibration. It wasn't much, but he had found his quarry. With a smile that was both disturbing and hateful, the Marauder moved in for the kill."-Darkness Shared

As Krul duels with Crian, time seems to flow in slow motion for them, and every moment is filled with complex lightsaber maneuvers.
"For the Sith and the Jedi, time seemed to ebb and flow, each moment a complex clash of Force-enhanced attacks and blocks that played out in a kind of slow motion."-Darkness Shared

Krul dueled Crian, while simultaneously deflecting strikes at his back from her Padawan.
"The young Rodian leaped into the fray then, striking at Kaox Krul from behind. He countered this attack, but now he bore an enemy on each side. He let his anger build. This gave him strength, allowed the dark side to blossom within him. His lightsaber twirled from one side to the other, blocking a strike from the Jedi here, parrying a swipe from the apprentice there."-Darkness Shared

Krul hurled Crian into a lake with a Force wave.
"He balled his free hand into a fist, squeezing tight and imagining all of his anger slipping down his arm to pool there. He imagined it was a tightly wound spring. Then, when the Jedi's weapon bounced away from his parry, turning her slightly to one side, he opened his hand and unleashed the power that was concentrated therein. The Force spread out like a wave, striking the Jedi and knocking her backward, into the lake."-Darkness Shared

Krul was fast enough to easily evade a Padawan's strike, flip behind her, and skewer her from behind.
"He called the Force to him again, let it surround him, and then he leaped. He was gone before the apprentice's weapon had barely begun its arc. By the time the energy blade passed through the place he had been, he landed softly behind her. His blood surged with triumph. The apprentice was off balance, just barely, but it was enough. He lashed out, the burning blade of his own weapon skewering the young Rodian."-Darkness Shared

Krul was able to duel a rage amped Crian for hours.
"Hours later, the Marauder and the Jedi were still locked in battle. They were too evenly matched for either to gain more than a temporary advantage. They hurled rocks and sticks on tendrils of Force. They sliced and slashed and hacked with lightsabers that hummed angrily at the continued exertion. They taunted each other when they could spare a breath. Punches, kicks, knees, and elbows, they pounded on each other with every weapon at their disposal. Battered and bruised, covered in cuts and scratches, they both looked ready to drop. Even Kaox's dark armor had fallen apart in places. Whenever Crian felt her muscles weaken, she remembered her beloved student and found the strength to carry on. Where Kaox found such stamina, she had no clue."-Darkness Shared

Between Krul and a pissed off Crian drawing on the Dark Side, the entire area around lake filled with emanations of the Dark Side.
"Crian gave into her rage then, unleashing her hatred of the man who stood across from her. She let it sing inside her, a melody of unbridled fury that renewed her strength and determination. The clearing around the lake filled with the emanations of the dark side of the Force. Kaox roared, giving himself completely to the dark side."-Darkness Shared

After hours of dueling, Krul and Crian push themselves even further, their battle growing even more devastating and intense, seemingly affecting the weather.
"The bloated clouds splattered the ground and the lake with huge drops of greasy rain. In the downpour, Crian and Kaox each called upon the dark side. Invigorated by its power, they launched themselves, one at the other, and their struggle became even more devastating. Thunder boomed around the two opponents with each punch and kick and lightsaber clash. Lightning danced over the surface of the lake and lanced into the ground around the warriors. Crian slashed, her anger amplifying the force of her attack. Kaox dodged, whirled, and returned with a deft counterstroke. Lightsaber blades cracked and sparkled, bouncing off each other again and again, and still black rain fell from the sky."-Darkness Shared

Krul levitates over the lake with the Force after hours of dueling.
"The Marauder, hoping to find a moment's respite, wrapped himself in the Force and hovered over the center of the lake."-Darkness Shared

Krul, while levitating, shrugs off a telekinetic attack from Crian.
""You don't understand, do you?" Crian called back, hurling her anger at him through the Force, thrusting him down toward the churning water below. He shrugged off the attack and fortified himself with the power of the dark side. Crian did the same."-Darkness Shared

Krul flies at Crian with the Force.
"Sith and Jedi flew at each other, converging above the roiling cauldron of water. Kaox's lightsaber aimed high. Crian's blade thrust low. A lightning panorama bathed them in harsh light for an instant as each was felled by the other's killing blow."-Darkness Shared

The aftermath of Krul and Crian's battle leaves the entire area tainted with the Dark Side.
"Salen Toth, a Jedi Knight, stood on the shore of a stagnant lake. It was more swamp than lake, actually The trees around it were twisted and black, with barren branches that reached like skeletal limbs toward the dark, muddy center. The whole place felt ill, deformed. Haunted. "I found the Padawan," Salen said, speaking into his comlink. "She was killed by a single lightsaber strike. I haven't found any sign of Crian Maru or the Marauder, but I'm sure there was a battle here." He looked out over the bleak lake, trying to make sense of what happened. All he found in the Force, though, was darkness and despair. "I'm done here," he said, switching off the comlink. This was a dead place. It was time for him to return to the living. He turned, lifted the body of the Padawan, and started back for his ship. Behind him the dank wind whistled through the twisted trees, and the shadows grew deeper. For a moment, he thought he heard the hum of lightsabers. He turned back, but there was nothing to see."-Darkness Shared

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Re: Darth Bane Trilogy Minirespect Threads

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Kopecz's presence filled the air with a power an untrained Bane could feel.
"He felt a chill, though the room was far from cold. The air itself was electric, filled with a power he could actually feel."-POD

Kopecz was physically imposing as the largest Twi'lek Bane had ever met.
"As Des moved deeper into the room the features of the shrouded figure became clear, revealing himself to be a Twi'lek. Even under the loose-fitting robe he wore, Des could see he was thick and heavyset. He stood nearly two meters tall, easily the largest Twi'lek Des had ever met... though not quite as large as Des himself. His lekku wound down his broad chest and wrapped back up around his muscular neck and shoulders; his eyes glowed orange beneath his brow, mirroring the flickering torches. He smiled, revealing the sharp, pointed teeth common to his species."-POD

Kopecz flipped out of his interceptor and drew his lightsaber in one swift motion, catching the blasterfire of two soldiers before closing the six meter gap between them with another flip and cutting them both down with one strike.
"As the ship slowed to a halt, he popped open the hatch and flipped out of his seat. Nimbly landing on his feet, he drew and ignited his lightsaber in one smooth motion. The first sweeping arc of the crimson blade caught the blasterfire of the two troopers who had survived the initial assault, deflecting it harmlessly away. Another flip closed the six-meter distance between the Twi'lek and his attackers; another arc of the blade ended their lives."-POD

Kopecz easily dispatched a group of the best soldiers the republic had to offer, with only one of them being able to fire twice, using only his lightsaber skills. A unit in that time seemed to number at least a dozen soldiers.
"A security team intercepted him in one of the hallways. The red badges on their sleeves marked them as an elite squad of specially trained soldiers: the best bodyguards the Republic military had to offer. Kopecz knew they must have been good . . . one actually managed to fire her weapon twice before the entire unit fell to his lightsaber."-POD

Kopecz's lightsaber skill was such that he considered engaging two Padawans in a duel to be beneath him.
"Kopecz didn't even bother engaging them in lightsaber combat: it would have been beneath him."-POD

Kopecz hurled two Padawans across the room with the Force.
"Instead he thrust a meaty fist forward and used the Force to hurl them across the room. The first Padawan was stunned by the impact."-POD

Kopecz choked the life out of a Padawan with the Force.
"By the time he struggled uncertainly to his feet, his companion was already dead, the life choked out of her by the power of the dark side."-POD

Kopecz was capable of unleashing a Force storm that ripped through the flesh of a Padawan and killed him.
"He unleashed it in a storm of electricity, bolts of blue-violet lightning ripping through the flesh of his unfortunate victim. The Selkath's body danced in convulsions of agony until his smoking corpse finally collapsed to the floor."-POD

Despite being a Sith, Kopecz was well regarded by some of the Jedi.
"He was even well regarded by the Jedi of that period- men such as Lords Hoth and Farfalla."-Star Wars Fact File 92

Prior to Bane, Kopecz was the only Sith Lord capable of partially resisting Kaan's mental manipulation.
"The assembled generals and strategists of the Brotherhood of Darkness nodded in agreement. Several raised their voices in roars of triumph and congratulations. Only Kopecz refused to join in the celebrations."-POD

Kaan considered Kopecz dangerous.
"The timing is fortunate," Kopecz noted. "Maybe a little too fortunate. It may be a trap. Are you sure we can trust her? I think she's dangerous." Kaan dismissed the warning with a soft laugh. "So are you, Lord Kopecz. That's what makes you so useful to the Brotherhood."-POD

Many of Kaan's advisors feared stepping to close to Kopecz.
"When Kopecz entered, Lord Kaan took one look at him and dismissed his other advisers with a sharp wave of his hand. They filed out, none of them daring to come too close."-POD

Kopecz was one of the most difficult for Kaan to influence and control.
"Unfortunately, he was also one of the most difficult to influence and control."-POD

Kopecz broke free of Kaan's mind control and fled the caverns of Ruusan.
"The rest of the Sith pressed forward in response to Kaan's command, but Kopecz fought against the momentum of the crowd and moved in the opposite direction. None of the others seemed to notice."-POD

When heavily wounded (the dude had a fuck ton of arrows piercing his back and the back of his neck, and one or two spears skewered through his chest), Kopecz managed to put up a valiant fight against Lord Valenthyne Farfalla. Quite frankly, it's insanely impressive that he was even able to stand, given the extent of his injuries.

-Jedi vs. Sith
"When Kopecz had finished he bowed his head and took a deep breath to gather his strength, then activated his lightsaber. "You promised me death," he said. "I wish to fall in combat. If you hold back at all, you will be the one who dies here today. Do you understand?" Master Farfalla nodded grimly, igniting his own weapon. Lord Kopecz fought valiantly despite his wounds, though he was no match for a fresh and uninjured Jedi Master. In the end, Farfalla fulfilled his promise."-POD

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Re: Darth Bane Trilogy Minirespect Threads

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