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Story Time With Yusannis Zeilon Empty Story Time With Yusannis Zeilon

Post by Emperordmb on Mon Sep 01, 2014 10:54 pm

[04:44:26] Yusannis Zeilon : Listening to this song has my mind elsewhere
[04:44:51] Emperordmb : I thought you mind was on the 4th dimension or some shit lol
[04:45:27] Yusannis Zeilon : No, it's on my wife. I'm thinking about the day i'll finally be able to astral project, then get her out of that dark place.
[04:45:40] Emperordmb : that dark place?
[04:45:51] Emperordmb : you mean some other guy's bedroom?
[04:46:09] Yusannis Zeilon : I'm serious when i say this. So i want you to drop your opinion of me and just hear me out for once
[04:46:20] Emperordmb : ok
[04:46:21] Yusannis Zeilon : If you can do that?
[04:46:24] Yusannis Zeilon : KK
[04:46:25] Emperordmb : go ahead
[04:46:46] Emperordmb : ...
[04:47:09] Yusannis Zeilon : Alright....
[04:48:11] Yusannis Zeilon : When i was asleep, my dazed consciousness was drew to a place. It's better if i explain it like this (i can still remember it as clear as day, unlike my other experiences).
[04:48:31] Yusannis Zeilon : Dream 2
[04:48:41] Yusannis Zeilon : I was in a small parking lot where the time setting was mid-day, after looking around i noticed that i was within a city surrounded by the biggest forest trees i had ever seen. After adapting to the unknown atmosphere i was in, i found a tall woman whom i have never seen before. Her length in height exceeded my own, she had a Cyan iris, her hair was jet-black long going to the waist down, with a skin complexion lighter then mine, but not too light of being comparable to an albino individual. As i approached her, she didn't speak to me but rather remained vigilant of the surrounding areas. I reached for something in her back pocket but couldn't find it, so i kept searching and while i was searching... these things started coming out of the forest area and began killing the human inhabitants of the city. There was misery and despair in the air, they didn't look like any fictitious image i had seen in cinema, anime, or cartoon, but something more malevolent.
[04:49:22] Yusannis Zeilon : I picked up the woman whom i didn't know and carried her through the forest area, dodging the malevolent beings chasing me, eventually reaching a road that lead somewhere unknown but safe. Then i had put her down and we ran Hand-in-hand down the road: with her to my left side, while i was on the right, as we ran... the malevolent beings started herding up by the hundreds on the sides of the road and later the thousands. And before we knew it.. there was something extremely massive chasing us from behind, i didn't turn around to see what it was, but by the time we almost made it to our destination, i was caught and the dream ended.
[04:50:04] Emperordmb : ok
[04:50:16] Emperordmb : I don't see what this has to do with a wife in a dark place
[04:50:27] Yusannis Zeilon : Later on, with the help of my friends.. her identity was discovered partially.
[04:50:41] Yusannis Zeilon : I'm getting to that
[04:50:57] Emperordmb : k
[04:51:08] Emperordmb : I'm listening (or reading technically)
[04:52:14] Yusannis Zeilon : Now remember what i'v posted concerning the origin and meaning of dreams? "The word "Dead" is a misnomer. These people are not dead and are very much alive like us (as we already know). The only difference between them and us is that they don't have a physical body to return to. Many of us had dreams of deceased relatives. In such dreams, the dreamer and the deceased are both in the astral plane and attracted by to each other by strong emotional ties"?
[04:53:25] Yusannis Zeilon : When a body goes to sleep, the untrained consciousness enters a daze, either pulled by the astral currents or the strong emotional ties from individuals who have known you prior to your current life.
[04:54:25] Emperordmb : ok...
[04:55:15] Yusannis Zeilon : She drew my dazed consciousness to that place, and after putting the piece together... i realized she's trapped by a dark and very powerful entity. (the one that was chasing me). All that was triggered after i touched her.
[04:55:28] Yusannis Zeilon : *pieces i mean
[04:56:02] Yusannis Zeilon : I was pulled there by a strong emotional tie she once held for me in our first lifetime.
[04:56:32] Yusannis Zeilon : From what my friend researched on this he said.....
[04:58:28] Yusannis Zeilon : "There are 5 angels trapped within different realms, the one you described was the first one. The only thing that was archived on her by another projector who attempted to gain access to that place is... she was known as 'Mother""
[04:59:21] Yusannis Zeilon : Mother what is yet to be confirmed, though i'v determined she's Mother Nature from her appearance, character, and attire.
[04:59:31] Emperordmb : ...
[05:00:15] Yusannis Zeilon : Then there was another alluring female individual i'v been pulled to. But this one is worse
[05:00:28] Yusannis Zeilon : The situation that is
[05:01:06] Yusannis Zeilon : Dream 3.
[05:01:28] Yusannis Zeilon : It was sun-set on the streets of Normandy. There i was in my auntie's house viewing myself in 3rd person sitting on the floor in the west corner of the house, normally behind where the couches would usually be. Eventually i switched to 1st person and saw another alluring woman whom i have never met in this lifetime coming from the hallway of the house walking towards the door. Her hair was flowing long down her back: with a dark brown color to it. Her skin tone was a bit more of a brighter tanned melon then mine: while possessing a height that was of the same length. She also had dark hazel brown eyes; i noticed her hands were being bound by something i couldn't see while i was observing her. Then unbeknownst to me was a mysterious man walking to her left side wearing a black attire, his face was something blacked out or chopped off as i could not identify his appearance so that it could be put into explanation.
[05:01:52] Yusannis Zeilon : He was taking the bound female individual somewhere, and my first instinct told me to put on my footwear and stop it from happening, it felt almost as if i would fall through the concrete had i not. So after putting on my footwear, i was unknowingly viewing myself in 3rd person again before pursuing the captor of the bound woman that was being taken away, and right when i was within arm's reach of him and her switching back to 1st person.. everything went dark and the dream ended.
[05:02:47] Yusannis Zeilon : "These dreams are starting to feel like experiences but simultaneously memories of my past life and distress signals shaping themselves into something key but different." That's how i felt about these bizzarre chain of events
[05:05:02] Yusannis Zeilon : That's 2 out of the 5 angels, 3 of them are bound by an entity with the appearance of something too dark to give an exterior report on. Though one thing was made clear
[05:05:25] Yusannis Zeilon : His eyes are white when you look at him from a distance.
[05:05:34] Emperordmb : ...
[05:05:45] Yusannis Zeilon : The other 2 are bound by darker forces.
[05:06:39] Yusannis Zeilon : I know you don't believe in darkness and light. But my experiences already pre-determined what course of action i'm going to take. Especially with the information that keeps coming from other directions.
[05:07:15] Emperordmb : how does this relate to "your wife"
[05:08:24] Emperordmb : ?
[05:08:29] Yusannis Zeilon : That woman with the Cyan iris was my wife. When i approached her, i felt very familiar with her, and she didn't mind what i was doing (walking with her with my hand in her back pocket).
[05:09:08] Yusannis Zeilon : Otherwise i would've never went to that place
[05:09:15] Yusannis Zeilon : She pulled me there
[05:10:07] Emperordmb : is that the whole story?
[05:11:32] Emperordmb : ????
[05:12:13] Yusannis Zeilon : That was my first wife in my first lifetime, over 8,000 years ago when i had the identity of "Byyong Yahweh" There was another dream, but this somehow synchronized my friend into what's going on.
[05:12:37] Yusannis Zeilon : .........
[05:12:58] Yusannis Zeilon : Dream 4.
[05:13:25] Yusannis Zeilon : Dream 4. Me and this unidentified female were in a mansion, standing in the main hall. While we were there, i went into an unfamiliar area of the mansion with the female hand-in-hand. And when we arrived.. there was a dead body on the floor, laying next to a message written into one of the walls, saying "I know you, was you". I can't remember the first word to that message solely because i purposely forgot the first word to it, to act as a countermeasure to who i had later saw.
[05:13:54] Yusannis Zeilon : After seeing that, me and this unknown woman ran out towards the surrounding neighborhood to alert the other unidentified residing residents. When they photographically sensed my spiritual disturbance, they all joined us as we headed back to the mansion. When we got there.. in no less then 3 seconds, 3 people had disappeared right on the spot. After witnessing that, i instinctively knew right away what or who was causing the events to transpire the way they did, and so i took the angel by her right hand and went forth to the mansion's bathroom area to engage the enemy. As we arrived, there was a man standing in a demonic bathroom, wearing a black robe, one with grey skin, yellow eyes, seemingly rotten teeth, and a middle aged face. As he turned to me, he gave me one of the most sinister smiles i had yet to witness with light sight, the way he did it sent fear into the core of my spirit as well as my heart, so much.. that my heart felt like it was skipping beats from the speeds it was reaching in that short ti
[05:14:34] Yusannis Zeilon : short time, i swooped back, and the dream ended.
[05:15:14] Yusannis Zeilon : Later i had realized after talking with Remy Ferrara , the man i had saw within my dream was none other then Lucifer Satan
[05:15:47] Yusannis Zeilon : Now... this is what happened to my friend on the night i told him about this, confirming my determination.
[05:16:04] Emperordmb : ...
[05:17:53] Emperordmb : yes?
[05:18:58] Yusannis Zeilon : He was in the same mansion i was in, but a different area of it. He said there was a very long dark hallway that looked like it didn't have an end. Before he moved, he noticed there was a pool of blood to the right of his foot, the blood looked like a trail going somewhere as he looked further. He later noticed there was a name written in one of the walls "Normindy Rhombus"
[05:20:27] Emperordmb : how much more of your story do you have left?
[05:20:54] Yusannis Zeilon : After looking at the name and moving on, he noticed there was a elderly looking man accross the way looking in the opposite direction. He called out to the man to see if he needed help, but when he turned to him.... he gave my friend the exact same smile he gave me, making his heart reach high speeds
[05:22:13] Yusannis Zeilon : He felt fear overwhelm him, and instinct told him to run the other direction, but as he ran... he tripped over a corpse, and right as he was about to hit the floor. His body was woken up.
[05:23:01] Yusannis Zeilon : That man had the exact same appearance from what DarthShitdious said
[05:23:11] Emperordmb : how much more of your story is left? cause I need to go to bed soon
[05:23:16] Yusannis Zeilon : And no, i'm not trolling. That's his forum name
[05:23:39] Yusannis Zeilon : It's not a story, it's something that's happened to more then just me.
[05:23:53] Yusannis Zeilon : My wife trapped somewhere
[05:23:57] Emperordmb : well then recollection
[05:24:01] Emperordmb : how much is left
[05:25:03] Yusannis Zeilon : How much is left? There wasn't none to begin with. I was simply answering the question as best as i could
[05:25:20] Yusannis Zeilon : Now, you gonna make fun of me ?
[05:25:28] Yusannis Zeilon : ....
[05:25:42] Emperordmb : Is your recollection of said events done?
[05:26:10] Yusannis Zeilon : Yes
[05:26:23] Emperordmb : you know what...
[05:26:33] Emperordmb : No I'm not going to make fun of you
[05:26:42] Emperordmb : something similar happened to me
[05:26:46] Emperordmb : I believe you
[05:27:13] Yusannis Zeilon : What happened? I'm curious. Tell me about it when you have time alright?

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