Crossover Battle: Spiderman vs General Grievous

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Crossover Battle: Spiderman vs General Grievous  Empty Crossover Battle: Spiderman vs General Grievous

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General Grievous

Location: New York City

General Grievous walked down the streets of New York City, his hands clasped behind his back, his cape flapping behind him. Behind him a tank followed him, blasting randomly at the giant skyscrapers. Suddenly an electric whirl could be heard behind him and the tank stopped firing. General Grievous turned around. Spiderman was crouched on top of the tank and the droid that was operating it lay disabled in the street.

"Hey! Shooting up New York is so not cool, and also very cliché. The names Spiderman by the way. I like introducing myself to the baddies so that they know who it was that kicked their butt." Spiderman said.

"Count Dooku warned me of you Spiderman. It will be my pleasure to dismember you." General Grivous said and let loose a metallic laugh as he grabbed two lightsabers from his belt and activated them, one green, one blue.

"Woah! Laser swords? I have got to get me one of those!" Spiderman exclaimed.

"I would be glad to give you one," General Grievous said slowly twirling the blades in his hands. "Straight through the heart."

General Grievous charged and brought his lightsabers down right where spiderman was a second ago. He glanced over and saw him clinging to a wall.

"Is that the best you got? Are those laser swords or glow sticks?" Spiderman mocked.

"Its called a lightsaber!" General Grievous snarled and charged again.

Spiderman swung from a web and kicked Grievous in the face, knocking him to the ground. General Grievous dug his feet into the ground and swung himself back up in a flash and swung one blade after the other at Spiderman. Spiderman ducked backwards under one then back flipped over the other landing a few meter away. As soon as he landed he shot his webs, sticking Grievous on his shoulders, and yanked him forward. General Grievous dug his feet into the ground and leaned back against Spidermans strain. He buzzed his lightsabers and cut the webs. Then charged again.

"You never did tell me your name." Spiderman said cartwheeling sideways out of the way. Spiderman swung from another web straight at Grievous's face for a second time but this time was met by a metal foot that grabbed him by the shoulder and pinned him to the street.

"I am General Grievous." He said holding the two lightsabers up ready to pierce them through his pinned opponent.

Then Grievous plunged his lightsabers downwards but Spiderman was too fast. He shot his webs straight out and pulled, yanking himself free of Grievous's foot and tripping him in the process. Then he webbed a lamp post and swung around and over it, coming back and hitting Grievous in the chest so hard that he went flying into a car on the other side of the road.

"Really? Because you look just like The Tinman. How did you escape the land of Oz, by the way?" Spiderman teased.

"Gah!" General Grievous shouted in frustration. "I have had enough of you!" He shouted and his arms parted in two. He grabbed two more lightsabers from his belt and activated them. Then he began spinning them.

"That's not good." Spiderman said as a flurry of blades began swinging his direction.

He twisted and turned, leaping backwards and flipping to stay away from the blades, but he couldn't fight back. His back was against a wall. He shot a web straight over the generals head but a blade cut it before Spiderman could swing to safety. Two blades swung simultaneously and opened up gashes in Spidermans chest. Spiderman shot a web sideways and caught the hood of a car and yanked it towards the generals head before Grievous could finish him off. This only bought Spiderman a second as the General ripped through the hood like it was cheap paper. Spiderman planted his hands on the wall behind him and cartwheeled up the wall, barely escaping the deadly glowing blades.

"What's wrong? Did you run out of bad jokes?" Grievous said with renewed confidence.

"No, I just couldn't breath with all of your bad breath. Seriously don't you robot types have any form of dental?" Spiderman shot back.

"I am not a robot!" The General shouted and put away two of his lightsabers. He began spinning his two blades in front of him and dug his claws into the wall, scurrying upwards after Spiderman.

"Doubly not good!" Spiderman said leaping and jumping up the wall to escape the blur of blue and green death.

Spiderman leapt backwards off the wall, flipping past Grievous who's enhanced reflexes allowed him to get a quick cut on Spiderman's thigh as he flipped past. Spiderman shot a web into Grievous's back and yanked him off the wall and flung him into the street below with one swift movement. Spiderman landed on Grievous's chest and punched him in the face, denting his metal faceplate. Grievous kicked Spiderman across the street and into a wall. Grievous reached for his lightsabers again but in his left hand only grabbed air. He looked up to see Spiderman holding the silver cylinder.

"Look, I finally have a laser sword!" Spiderman said excitedly.

" Lightsaber!" Grievous snarled and charged Spiderman with his three blades.

Spiderman threw the hilt and shot a web after it, pinning it high up on the side of a building, then with both his web shooters he struck Grievous's feet to the ground. A web to the face blinded Grievous but the General recovered quickly, ripping his feet from the ground and scraping the web off of his face. When he could see again he saw Spiderman holding another lightsaber.

"I got another one! Fury has totally got to let me join the Avengers when he sees these babies." Spiderman said.

"I will cut you apart!" Grievous said aggravated.

Grievous let loose, swinging each blade as fast as he could at Spiderman, burning ten strikes per second at where Spiderman was. But Spiderman slid between his legs and popped up behind him. Grievous turned in a flash and brought both arms down simultaneously. Spiderman grabbed each by the forearm and squeezed until the metal bent. Then Grievous dropped the lightsabers and staggered backwards. He regained himself and assaulted Spiderman with his fists and claws. Spiderman fought back, denting his metal where ever he struck. Spiderman grabbed Grievous's chest plate and began prying it open. Grievous kicked Spiderman in the chest and sent him flying. Spiderman slowly got up. His chest and leg throbbed and his whole body ached,

"Its time to die little bug." Grievous said, scooping up his lightsabers and slowly advancing on Spiderman.

Grievous spun his lightsabers again, sending spanks and melted gravel flying. Spiderman lifted his hand and shot one last web. Grievous's eyes went wide. Spiderman pulled and out of Grievous's chest flew his heart. Grievous stood completely still for a second, as if more stunned then wounded, then fell over backwards. Dead.

Spiderman looked up at the camera he had hidden under a lamp post for the duration of the battle.

"And one more for the Daily Bugle." He said and took a heroic pose before the camera flashed.


Spiderman wins by ripping out Grievous's heart.
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