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Post by Wildbantha88 on Fri Sep 26, 2014 12:04 am

It was midnight. Two cloaked figures walked through a dark alley-one a short man with dark brown hair, and the other a man of average height with golden hair and stubble-their cloaks draw close to their bodies to ward off the chill of the night. The blonde one-his name Dylan-grumbled as he stepped into a deep puddle that had been conjured by the recent rainfall.

Ahead of them: at the end of the alley: was a garage door to a loading dock. Yellow light escaped from around the edges of the door.

“Are you ready for this, Jack?” Dylan inquired, just before they reached the loading dock door. “I heard this guy can be an ass hole.”

“As ready as I will ever be.” Jack answered, “Lets just hope he’s in a good mood.”

They both reached the door and Jack knocked.

“Password.” A muffled voice called from behind the door.

“Bane of Justice.” Jack replied.

The garage door was quickly lifted up, blinding the men with a sudden influx of light. When their eyes adjusted they beheld a man in a white beater holding a gun casually towards the ceiling. His arms and chest were covered in tattoos.

“I was beginning to think you weren't coming.” He said with a quick smile, then he leaned down and helped them into the loading dock.

Jack and Dylan lowered their hoods and took a look around. They were in the back room to an abandoned warehouse, and the tattooed man-Ruben, hed been informed that was this mans name prior to coming- wasn't alone. There were three other men in the room. Each looked as rough as Ruben. Each one of them was armed.

“The boss struck a deal and he has no reason to go back on it now.” Jack said. “My names Jack and this is Dylan.” He thrust out his hand in greeting. Ruben just looked at his outstretched hand and cocked an eyebrow.

“We got you these babies just as we promised.” Ruben said, turning from Jack and picking up an assault rifle. “I hope,..” He aimed down the sights past Dylan and Jack, then moving the sight onto Jacks head. “ that you have brought the payment.” He said and eased the rifle down.

“We would like to see the shipment first, just to make sure everything is in order.” Dylan said.

“Of course.” Ruben smiled, then gestured to two of his men who each grabbed a crowbar and cranked open a wooden crate at the back of the room. Dylan walked over and glanced casually into crate

Inside each box were a dozen more rifles just like the one previously aimed at Jacks head.

“Good, everything seems to be in order.” Dylan said. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a large stack of one hundred dollar bills and offered it to Ruben.

“This isn’t enough.” Ruben burst out laughing. Ruben men each raised their weapons hurriedly.

“Thats because we arent buying the whole batch. Our boss only wants one of the guns.” Dylan explained calmly.

“That wasn’t the deal!”

“The deal has changed.” Jack replied. “Beside you are going to need those guns, because as of now, our boss is yours as well.”

“And why do you think I would ever agree to something like that?” He asked.

“Because that money is for the gun.” Dylan said reaching into his coat and pulling out two more stacks of one hundred dollar bills. “ But this is your first month's pay.” Daylan smiled holding the money out towards Ruben.

Ruben looked at the money for a few seconds, one eyebrow raised, considering. Then his face split into a wide smile. “You have a deal.” He said.

“Excellent.” Jack said, scooping up the gun. “We will be in contact with you soon enough. Our boss will be pleased.” Then he and Jack turned to leave.

As Jack and Dylan turned around they saw a shadowy figure standing in the doorway. It was the figure of a woman with long flowing hair, and a magnum in her right hand. Although her entirety was encased by shadow, the shape of light metal plating and a belt containing an empty sidearm holster and magazines was more than apparent.

A metal mask covered her face. A glowing red curving line ran from the top of her mask to the bottom. At eye level a slit crossed through the line. It ran straight and came to a point at either end of the mask face, to serve as the eye hole.

“Archangel.” Jack whispered in fear and surprise. Her recognized her only by reputation. Many people in the organization in which he belonged had been killed by her hand, but those who had been lucky enough to survive came back with awe and fear inspiring tales of battle prowess. She had earned the name Archangel because she: whoever she truly was: fought with an almost holy grace. That and because she often said that she was the hand of justice and fate come enact holy justice on the evil doers.

There were a few that truly did believe her to be an angel, mostly those who had faced her and lived. Such an encounter often broke the victim entirely.

Jack knew that she wasn't truly other worldly, but that didn't mean he wasn't frightened of her capabilities.

“You shouldn’t have accepted the money. Now you must pay with your life.” Archangel said to Ruben. Her voice sounded robotic. Hidden by a sound modifier to hide her true voice.

“Kill her!” Ruben shouted to everyone, and the bullets started flying.

Ruben and his thugs were the first to fire, lighting up the night with handgun and machine gun fire. Archangel was already in motion, somersaulting half way accross the room before the bullets even reached where she had started.

She landed behind one of the other men and kicked him in the back of the neck. She flung her arm out to the right and fired a shot then swung it under her left arm and fired again. Ruben’s goons all hit the floor at once, none of them knew what had happened.

But now Jack and Dylan were in the fight, each drawing sidearms they had concealed within their cloaks.

A bullet was flying straight at Rubens head, but Archangel wasn't the only person in the room with supernatural speed. Dylan jumped in front of Ruben and the bullet bounced off a shimmering blue wall.

“Warlocks! Your magic won’t help you.” Archangel spat, even as her gun began to glow orange.

She fired again, this time at Jack. The bullets came out of the gun with greater speed and followed by a trail of orange flames. Jack threw up a similar shield to that of Dylans but the enhanced bullets penetrated through and hit him in the shoulder, albeit with less than full force.

She pointed her gun at Jacks head and squeezed the trigger but the gun exploded in her hand, hit by a bolt of electricity. Bits of shrapnel from the gun penetrated her entire right arm and side, but she moved as though nothing had happened.

Dylan thrust out both hands and unleashed a glowing blue ball at Archangel. She leapt agily over it and it disintegrated a perfect circle in the wall behind her. Before she landed she lifted a combat knife from her hip; encased in a shimmering orange glow; and flung it at Dylan without ever physically touching it.

The knife struck Dylan dead the forehead. Dylan tumbled to the ground like a loose rock falling down the side of a cliff.

Jack was on his feet again, holding his shoulder and running away as fast as he could. Ruben, finally catching up to the blur of motion was aiming his gun at Archangels head. Archangel raised both her hands.

Ruben fired his gun. Fire sprung from Archangels hand and melted the bullet while it was still in the air, then continued on and engulfed Ruben’s entire head, melting all of the flesh to a liquid down to his skull.

In the other direction Archangels knife flew from Dylans dead face into the back of the fleeing Jacks knee. Jack crumbled to the ground screaming in agony. Archangel walked slowly towards him, fire rising up in the loading dock behind her, red blood running and splattered all over her pure black armor. She looked more like a being of nightmare than an angel.

“No, please don't kill me.” Jack pleaded.

“I don’t intend to.” Archangel said, bending down on one knee and yanking the knife from out of Jack’s knee. “Give your boss my best wishes.”
Then Archangel vanished, jumping up the side of the building to the left a disappearing into the night, leaving Jack laying in the alley way with blood flowing from his wounds and sirens sounding in the distance.
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Re: The thingy :)

Post by Nalaniel on Fri Sep 26, 2014 2:52 pm

That's awesome! ^-^
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