MOTF Book I: BOTE Exposition/Prologue

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MOTF Book I: BOTE Exposition/Prologue Empty MOTF Book I: BOTE Exposition/Prologue

Post by Emperordmb on Sat Sep 27, 2014 6:04 am

Star Wars: Masters of the Force Book I- Beginning of the End

Far out in the darkness of space sat the Chrelythiumn system. It was a long forgotten system on the frontier of Wild Space. Uncharted and unvisited by anyone in two thousand years the system sat there, seemingly unimportant, but in fact one of the most important systems in the entire Universe.

Undisturbed by external forces for thousands of years sat a lone planet in the middle of that system, Innamorta. Innamorta was far different from the other planets in the Galaxy. Like most planets, Innamorta experienced day and night cycles as well as different seasons throughout the year. Unlike most planets however, Innamorta had no sun in its vicinity, but despite that Innamorta still experienced the undisturbed cycles commonly associated with a planet’s relation to its sun.

Perhaps the most peculiar thing about the planet was the barrier. A strange shell surrounded the planet that disrupted time and space itself. Nothing could enter the planet’s atmosphere and nothing could escape it. What was a couple thousand years outside of the planet’s atmosphere was a few million within. It was almost like an entirely different realm.

From the outside Innamorta might seem calm and peaceful, due to it being completely undisturbed by any external forces, and not being exposed to the rest of the Galaxy. But on the surface of Innamorta, it was anything but peaceful, for as war raged on the surface of the planet, this place was about to give birth to momentous forces that would shake and tear the very fabric of time, space, the galaxy, the universe, and the Force itself...

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MOTF Book I: BOTE Exposition/Prologue Empty Re: MOTF Book I: BOTE Exposition/Prologue

Post by King Joker on Sun Sep 28, 2014 6:49 pm

Ooh. Interesting!
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